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  1. Yeah he's done as a top level player. It makes no sense not to sell him in the summer, as we are likely to be in a transition period under a new manager anyway. £100m plus 350k a week off the wage bill clears a lot of space to completely refresh the forward line.
  2. Agree. Arsenal and the cheats are playing better than we are. The cheats will win all six games now. It's so frustrating that either a win last week or a win today and it's in our hands, but one point against a shite United team and Palace at home has thrown it all away. We've got too many players badly out of form. Not one of our attackers is playing well.
  3. They only just got rid of him, why would they want him back?
  4. The Premier League will tell them that they can go in the summer!
  5. We won six out of seven. The only loss was away at Arsenal.
  6. We won virtually every game without him this season.
  7. I'd try and get £100 million for Salah and let him go. I think next season might be a season too far. It sort of makes sense to go now with a new manager coming in with new ideas.
  8. I tried to woo a girl at school with a free parker pen on Valentines day. When she rejected me I decided never to try anything that romantic ever again.
  9. A girl I went to school with organised a ten year anniversary, eleven years after we'd left, which is a pretty good summary of the level of education at our school.
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