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  1. These results mean that England won't get the 5th Champions league spot now either which will fuck Spurs over.
  2. If its Bayern vs City at least Bayern will be solely focused on the two semi final matches.
  3. If it suited me even slightly I'd happily shave it all off! I don't even gel or style my hair these days so I'm not overly vain about it. If it stays as it is for a long time then I'll just leave it until I'm too old and fat to care anymore!
  4. I'm starting to receed front and back now. I'd love to just shave it all off but I haven't got the right shaped head for it. I did it once on a lads holiday and I looked like a crack addict. I know some lads that have had those modern wigs, but they look fucking terrible. They've made both lads look like butch lesbians! I've found some decent sprays and powders that cover it up well enough for now but long term I'm going to have to start saving for something more drastic!
  5. It sounds like Nagelsmann is going back to Bayern so we can rule him out.
  6. Do you expect him to be imperious in every game for the whole season?
  7. Actor Vincent Friell has gone only 64. Played Diane's Dad in Trainspotting. BREAKING: Trainspotting star and Scottish icon Vincent Friell dies age 64 - Mirror Online
  8. I actually think it will make teams more likely to cheat. If Newcastle spend a billion this summer then worst case scenario they will get a six point fine in a few years time.
  9. Yeah he's done as a top level player. It makes no sense not to sell him in the summer, as we are likely to be in a transition period under a new manager anyway. £100m plus 350k a week off the wage bill clears a lot of space to completely refresh the forward line.
  10. Agree. Arsenal and the cheats are playing better than we are. The cheats will win all six games now. It's so frustrating that either a win last week or a win today and it's in our hands, but one point against a shite United team and Palace at home has thrown it all away. We've got too many players badly out of form. Not one of our attackers is playing well.
  11. They only just got rid of him, why would they want him back?
  12. The Premier League will tell them that they can go in the summer!
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