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  1. Total Longo

    Songs that mention other bands

    I'm pretty sure there are loads of songs where Can get a mention. Like "Can i get a witness?"
  2. Total Longo

    Actors that put you off watching a film

    Why?? Seems like such a happy fella to me....
  3. Total Longo

    Actors that put you off watching a film

    Clearly she was giving any out.
  4. The album ELH did with Daniel Lanois (Wrecking Ball) is absolutely brilliant and i'm no country fan. Lanois just makes most things more listenable due to his production skills.
  5. Jesus wept, has anyone ever been more consistently wrong?
  6. Total Longo

    Curtis Jones - What are you?

    He should be already.
  7. Total Longo

    Lewis Hamilton - where do you stand ?

    I pretty much agree with all of this. Excellent post.
  8. Total Longo

    Annoying Americanisms

    My brother went to the States last year and came back with a massive bag of Hershey Kisses. They tasted like human vomit with a hint of cocoa.
  9. Total Longo

    Lewis Hamilton - where do you stand ?

    Battered them all, despite it being a damp track when he went out. To be fair the track was only damp as it was in awe of his driving, nothing to do with the weather.
  10. Total Longo

    Lewis Hamilton - where do you stand ?

    Nonsense, as i pointed out on an earlier post.
  11. Did we actually buy Thiago? Or did i dream it?
  12. Total Longo

    Ruddock interview in the Grauniad

    To be fair Ruddock counts as two men. In size, at least. EDIT - ah balls, should have read Vlad's post above first.
  13. Total Longo

    Annoying Americanisms

    He should be able to do the math.
  14. Total Longo

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    This was my point, they were turning up everywhere on twitter and i just didn't get it. His reaction was very bizarre, to put it mildly.