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  1. Total Longo

    Rate the last film you watched...

    "Beavis & Butthead do the Universe" is exactly what you would expect, and all the better for it. I haven't laughed as hard at a movie in a long time. Uhuhuhuhuh...."hard" 8/10
  2. Total Longo

    Funniest TV Scene Tournament - Group L

    Rik Mayall at his finest, that Bottom scene. "I'm sorry i've forgotten how to talk" is just genius.
  3. Total Longo

    Le Tour 2022!

    Pogacar will win this by a mile.
  4. Total Longo

    Best goal ever scored at Anfield?

    Big Jan against the Mancs, 1985.
  5. ahahahahaha, incredible. He should never have written anything again, after that. Impossible to top.
  6. Total Longo

    BBC Glastonbury Coverage

    Bravo, adding more fuel to the "thieving Scousers" stereotype. Well done, lads.
  7. Total Longo


    A mate of mine's niece has just been diagnosed with brain cancer. She's four years old. And all the while the religious types will tell you that god, in his infinite wisdom, has a reason, and all that nonsense.
  8. Total Longo

    Lewis Hamilton Racial Abuse

    Piquet has always been a detestable, arrogant whopper. It also comes as no surprise that his daughter is Verstappen's partner. he's probably getting loads more pointers in the "how unikeable do you want me to be?" stakes, from his prospective father in law.
  9. Total Longo

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Big Dunc will be crying into his pigeon soup.
  10. Total Longo

    Not boozing

    Is that good? I honestly don't know
  11. Total Longo

    Not boozing

    What's your blood pressure like now though, surely that's the important thing here?
  12. Total Longo

    Not boozing

    I did exactly the same, playing FM til 3 in the morning after necking over half of a bottle of Absolut on a Friday night. Pointless and ended up ruining the Saturday.
  13. Total Longo

    Not boozing

    You've lasted that long, the "end" is in sight. Just keep going.
  14. Total Longo

    Not boozing

    Curious now, did you say you were a Tory?