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  1. Total Longo


    I'm sure Ricky Gervais put "people making annoying noises" into Room 101. Which was ironic.
  2. Pet Sounds and Leftism, both superb albums. London Calling (like so many double albums) would have benefitted from a bit of editing down to a brilliant single album, and I honestly think the Arctic Monkeys are the most overrated band in history.
  3. Total Longo

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    It certainly maded me laugh.
  4. Abbey Road and Meat is Murder for me, two pretty much flawless albums (apart from Octopuses Garden, obv)
  5. Total Longo


    I've fallen down a wormhole here....
  6. Total Longo


    Mate, i think you may have misophonia. My Mrs gets murderous when me and our Thom inadverently eat noisily. She reckons its because of misophonia.
  7. Total Longo

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Continuing on in my current vein of watching films that i never got around to when i was younger... The Hills Have Eyes (1977) 5/10 I'm afraid the curly wigs and fake teeth just made me laugh. And don't get me started on the Wile E Coyote-esque booby traps. Absolutely howling laughing at that, and i honestly don't think that was Wes Craven's intention.
  8. The only Elton John album i've ever owned (an ex had it and used to play it a lot and i ended up loving it) and the best Beasties album (it has some healthy competiton though) win the day for me.
  9. Total Longo

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Watched the original Poltergeist for the first time last night. I wish i'd watched this in the actual 80's instead of now, as it kind of fell flat on it's face effects wise. I feel the same way about The Goonies, I would have probably loved it as a kid, but never got around it. Watched it as a cynical 40 year old and felt nothing at all apart from hoping that it ended soon.
  10. Stone Roses, no idea why they are getting a bit of a pasting on here so far, that debut album is easily in my top 10 of all time and every single second on that album is absolutely glorious. Alright, replace Elizabeth My Dear with Where Angels Play and you've got the perfect album. We know Ian Brown was always a bit of a creature, but he was on top form on that album and Fool;s Gold apart, he never reached that form again. Going with Graceland as my second pick because it's just a great, feelgood album. I don't mind Nirvana and AC/DC but i much prefer Nevermind to In Utero and the Bon Scott era AC/DC to the screaming horror of Brian Johnson.
  11. I'll let that one pass though, as it's boss at the start of Apocalypse Now.
  12. Riders on the Storm definitely isn't one of them though. When the Music's Over is the most misleading title ever, on the other hand.
  13. Total Longo

    The New Cricket Thread

    I know, right? Its almost like most home sides don't tailor pitches to suit their own conditions and India didn't learn from the first test...