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  1. take the 0-0 before this game gets out of hand
  2. *waits for salah to throw his bib*
  3. when was the last time we had a world class back up keeper
  4. andyj

    Man City - the new bitters?

    oh thats made my day !!
  5. andyj

    Emre Can

    just think if they had kept there mouths shut and not been dicks and left they would have had a champions league medal .....gotta love karma
  6. andyj

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    how the hell did we get to 300 pages
  7. andyj


    well that shit on Shearer's parade abit
  8. andyj

    Champions League - 2019/20

    really chuffed for big Virg well deserved
  9. andyj

    Champions League - 2019/20

    20000 is a full house for them including away fans
  10. andyj

    Champions League - 2019/20

    pep is shagging someone at UEFA
  11. andyj

    Champions League - 2019/20

    fucking messi the cunt again mane was way better than him bias wankers
  12. andyj

    Champions League - 2019/20

    group F is looking a tough bitch
  13. andyj

    Champions League - 2019/20

    yeah dont think anyone can argue to much about that