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  1. andyj

    Mohamed Salah

    i dont think we can wait or let him go on a free. Set a deadline and if its not moved forward or contract signed then sell him on in the summer. Harsh? maybe but in reality if we let him go an a free after letting Wijnaldum do the same i can see the fans getting pissed with the club
  2. andyj

    Steven Gerrard - Aston Villa Manager

    2 managers id keep an eye on are not the most obvious, Graham Potter at Brighton and Thomas Frank at Brentford. Not the biggest names but with players of a better quality the way they set teams up i think they both have a bright future plus both have PL experience. Im really not convinced Gerrard will become Liverpool manager and to be honest id rather him stay a club legend and not tarnish his reputation should he become manager and fail
  3. first half not bothered its only a mickey mouse cup...... half way though the second half this has got penalties written all over it penalty shootout we won't win this shouting a huge YESSSS!! as Jota scores .....but of course i don't care about the carabo cup
  4. andyj


    agreed atleast a new 5 year unbreakable contract
  5. its games like these that really do show the cracks that have been papered over
  6. andyj

    Geordie Arabia

    Bruce will be out on his ear within a couple of weeks if he lasts that long
  7. this game has a draw written all over it neither side will want to lose
  8. andyj

    Curtis Jones

    Stevie G 2.0
  9. from what ive seen of AM we should beat them they are playing poorly at the moment
  10. have a feeling Gomez wil be on the right at the weekend