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  1. They're allowed to throw in a stinker every now and then. It's not the players fault that the whole premise of trying to win a league title has been skewed by City's cheating. This sort of result or performance was standard for a team in normal times.
  2. I'm not sure how Emery gets mentioned at all. He's a good manager for a certain level but the two big jobs he's had it has been a disaster.
  3. It's not really about whether someone has a proven record it's more about whether they have the greatness in them to succeed. That's generally how you have to approach appointing a manager unless someone like a Klopp is on the market. De Zerbi fits that bill for me because his career has been on a constant upward trajectory for a few years. Wouldn't be so sure about him but that's how it should be looked at.
  4. Anytime we qualify for the Champions League we do well in it its not like we turn up and go out in the group stages. We've been in 5 finals in the past 18 years and countless quarter final and semi finals. At the start of the season it was the aim to get back in it. It's where we need to be. Might be an unpopular opinion but the cup runs two years ago absolutely killed the squad because everyone started dropping like flies the week after the cup final which is why Fabinho, Van Dijk and Thiago weren't fully fit for the CL final amd in my opinion it cost us that game.
  5. I'm fairly lucky in that I have a great group of mates since i left school 13/14 years ago, we all still see each other regularly despite some people emigrating. A few of us have had some tough news to deal recently with and all been there for each other. Been at 3 weddings in the last 18 months and despite the fact we're all in relationships it's as strong as ever. I'm blessed to have it and it won't be like that forever but to have it still in your 30's is pretty cool.
  6. This + Klopp very rarely putting out weakened teams even when we've had Champions League groups won is my reasoning. I'm not too unhappy at us taking this seriously, it used to be an absolute chore watching us try navigate this competition with mish-mash teams in the early part of the 2010's (albeit we were shite in those days). If we don't treat it that way it won't have to be a chore on the pitch either. It's not like they're travelling to Eastern Europe either.
  7. Yeah I think we'll go as close to full strength as possible with maybe only Robertson missing out. Diaz, Van Dijk, Konate, Trent etc didn't start on Saturday. 3 of those will come in with maybe not Trent being fit enough. Maybe 7/8 of what you'd see in a league game. We have a league cup game next week which is where I think he'll make a load of changes.
  8. Think people are going to be surprised how strong we go in this. Based on who didn't play on Saturday and that winning the group early means it can be put on the backburner until the spring. We've also never been great under Klopp with a weeks rest, it disrupts the rhythm.
  9. We're not signing nobody else unless they're English. We sign another non home grown player after Gravenberch and someone cant be registered.
  10. He said this during the rainbow laces campaign a few years ago Those words are a lot more than just towing the line of the latest campaign. At best, he's throwing his principles out the window for cash or at worst he didnt mean these words in the first place and he's a phoney. There are people who follow this club who would have felt solace in the words he said and it's shameful for him to do this.
  11. That's all well and good but you can't position yourself as being an ally to people who are being oppressed then decide to abandon those principles whenever someone dangles a load of money in front of you. There is a reason nobody is arsed that Fabinho is going there and not Henderson.
  12. All in all that might be the funniest result in our history. I can't stop laughing.
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