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  1. RobbieOR

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    The fella who wrote the McGinn article was in the athletic and Pearce's name was on it
  2. RobbieOR

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    He'll do nothing of note and they'll hate him. It's baffling.
  3. RobbieOR

    Other football - 2020/21

    This season was absolutely terrible until those cunts got that game called off. We've been perfect since and they've gone to pieces. You love to see it.
  4. RobbieOR

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    We've gotten more right than not in the past 5 years. I'll go with them on this one.
  5. RobbieOR

    Nathaniel Phillips

    If you think that he's better than Lovren is not a better centre back than him then I don't really know where to go with this. Lovren wasn't good enough for us but they are miles apart. Phlllips is rash, does dive in at times and his lack of pace has been shown up a few times. My point about Spearing (Spearing had a decent start to his Liverpool career and ultimately tailed off) and players like him is that mistakes by seasoned internationals are more likely to be highlighted and scrutinised. Nobody expected Phillips to do as well as he has done and everyone likes an underdog or someone.coming through the academy. Someone like Lovren who cost a bit of money at the time is expected to better than he was. The bar of expectation is way lower for Phillips.
  6. RobbieOR

    Nathaniel Phillips

    I don't think Van Dijk is going to solve his massive lack of pace. We need defenders that can defend high up the pitch. Like I have said he has done well but he isn't the answer. It's why we're about to drop 40m on someone who hopefully is.
  7. RobbieOR

    Nathaniel Phillips

    He's not better than Lovren was. He won't have a third of the career Lovren has had in the game. You're just proving my point about Spearing when some believed he was better than Lucas.
  8. RobbieOR

    Nathaniel Phillips

    15m is probably ambitious and even 10m might be in a Covid market but we are very good at selling players. I wouldn't put it past us at all to get a good fee for him.
  9. RobbieOR

    Nathaniel Phillips

    I agree but my point was when they got into the team it was assumed they would be good enough long term to be squad players but ultimately it's rarely the case. Players that come through the ranks generally end up either being really good (like Trent) or end up playing a few games and leaving because they need the game time. It's pointless keeping him if he isnt going to play regularly next season, which he shouldn't be if we have any ambitions of winning the league or Champions League again. If Dejan Lovren wasn't good enough to be 4th choice then neither is Nat Phillips.
  10. RobbieOR

    Nathaniel Phillips

    A lot of the discussion around him is the same when Flanagan (and Spearing to a lesser extent) came into the team a few years ago and did well for a bit. Ultimately they never going to make it for a good team and what happens is the quality tells after a run of games. It happened against Real Madrid, they knew he was the weak link in the first leg and targeted him. Stacks is right too about him probably wanting more game time. No point in him sitting on our bench not improving because if were to use to him he'd be completely rusty.
  11. RobbieOR

    Nathaniel Phillips

    He has done his best but we should still sell while his stock his high. He isnt good enough to be part of a squad that wins things.
  12. RobbieOR

    The Snooker

    Yeah i watched it the other day and was very impressed. Directed by Louis Theroux which i didnt know.
  13. RobbieOR


    It isnt dishonest, there is a complete lack of understanding about why people end up at them. The people who organise them are clearly cunts but the people who end up are brainwashed by them as they've been failed by governments for over a year. Calling them selfish cunts only reaffirms to some of them that they've been left behind. Its always the reason why a Trump gets elected or why something like Brexit happens.
  14. RobbieOR


    Grow up, you're one of the worst on here for this strawman shite. You claim to be a leftie yet you constantly come on here and spout the exact 'selfish cunts' angle that a tory would spout.
  15. RobbieOR


    I dont think you are personally, any lockdowns in the UK and Ireland especially have been far more tough and longer than most other places. I'm not trying to make this personal but I've been living in lockdown with the exception of two weeks at Christmas since the start of October. To dumb it down to people being 'unhappy about not going to the pub for a couple of months' at this stage of the pandemic is completely wrong.