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  1. Think the difference between those is that the qualifying for those two events especially the Olympics have to be completed. If given the go ahead football could start in almost a heartbeat.
  2. That is probably too early but i wouldn't be surprised if its back by late May. I think the government would allow it too.
  3. RobbieOR

    Tory Liverpool fans

    Football (sport in most cases) go hand in hand with politics. It always has done throughout time. It baffles me when people not from Liverpool who support us have views that ultimately fuck over the city and people who also follow the club. Especially when the most iconic figure associated with the club was as left as you can get. It does effect my opinion on them to be honest.
  4. I tend to agree with this. We're the easy decision out of everything.
  5. I don't think there should be any worry about this, nearly anyone covering the game is saying the all the top leagues will be completed one way or another whenever that may be. There is always that nagging doubt though.
  6. The difference is TV money, those clubs don't have any contractual obligations to Sky or BT and all their money paying players comes from gate receipts. It's completely different higher up the chain.
  7. RobbieOR

    Joe Cole and Coronavirus

    Self preservation. Cole and Ferdinand don't want West Ham in the Championship. Ferdinand also doesn't want us winning the league.
  8. David Ornstein wrote something in the Athletic with quotes from the deputy chief executive of the PFA saying the opposite. I don't think anybody really knows.
  9. RobbieOR

    Site plans during the lockdown

    If you want to see how fast paced the game is now compared to the last time we were European Champions, watch a game from 04/05. It's like a different sport.
  10. RobbieOR

    Site plans during the lockdown

    https://footballia.net/teams/liverpool-fc Loads of full games pre TLW up on that website
  11. There are only 3 English clubs left in Europe too, you could easily play 9 games over a month even with the FA Cup.
  12. I'd love to see how they're going to police that no pubs thing.
  13. Surely cancelling the season doesn't work either because who plays in the Champions League and Europa League next season? They wouldn't take the title off us because we're so far ahead either I don't think. What about all the people who have paid money for season tickets, how can they just erase a season when people have essentially forked out loads of money for dead rubbers if they cancelled it?