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  1. RobbieOR

    Personal news

    So sorry for your loss Dave.
  2. RobbieOR


    Fingers crossed for both of them Mark.
  3. RobbieOR

    FA Cup draw

    No way Sunderland or Newcastle's grounds are even big enough to hold it though. There are probably two that are. It would seem a bit counter intuitive to move the game from a place where loads of people cant get to to somewhere where loads wont get a ticket for.
  4. RobbieOR


    He was last on twitter yesterday. So deffo not him.
  5. RobbieOR

    Happy birthday Lee 909

    Happy birthday Lee
  6. RobbieOR

    How long have you ben riding the

    A lot of guinness was consumed thats all I'll say
  7. RobbieOR

    How long have you ben riding the

    It will be 14 years this year. Pretty ridiculous.
  8. RobbieOR

    Simon Green - Who Am I?

    Would pay to see this
  9. RobbieOR

    Playstation 5

    Bought one the other day and it's just arrived. It's some piece of kit. Loads very fast.
  10. RobbieOR


    My dad caught it Christmas week and proceeded to give it to everyone else in the house. Except me. I must be invincible.
  11. RobbieOR


    Best of luck Stouff, really sorry to hear.