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  1. We're not the only club in the world, he has a fanbase and club to say goodbye to as well as Jurgen. The Rodgers comparisons are just lazy.
  2. The coverage on Monday Night Football that Carragher does is as good as any coverage as you'll get for analysis. The problem is the other shit that him and Neville which is the complete opposite. Especially when they're on Liverpool and United games.
  3. Stuff about the club in this time has always fascinated me to the extent that when I was in Glasgow last summer I got the missus to drive to Glenbuck to see where Shanks was born. Absolutely nothing there now bar a couple of plaques and statues to him and the miners. To say it is an eerie, desolate place is an understatement but it was worth going to see.
  4. Why not, it's been 14 years since he was crawling over broken glass to manage us. Those hands must have healed by now.
  5. They got the last appointment right which led to our most successful period in decades so I'm inclined to think it might be ok
  6. I would probably still go for Amorim. He's going to have won two league titles if/when he takes it. He doesn't really fit my criteria of having a good record in the Champions League though but it's slim pickings.
  7. It doesn't make Klopp a bad manager no but he's already done it at the highest level. Emery has done really well at the level below at what we have been since 2018 but never excelled above it including whenever he has been in the Champions League. All the evidence points to him flopping at another top job. If you're looking to win the Europa League then he is your man but we're plainly not.
  8. Arsenal absolutely choked 4th when he was there, they had it in their grasp and they choked at home to Crystal Palace if i remember rightly. He was underwhelming at PSG. So that's two jobs where he's been expected to do something and ended up being sacked. Not a good record in the Champions League either. He's a good manager but he isn't top level.
  9. Yep. There is literally no point in moaning and saying 'well he isn't Klopp'. It's gutting, he was never going to stay forever but life moves on.
  10. Signing Brantwaithe is the equivalent of Everton signing Michael Keane a few years ago. You are absolutely mental Usher.
  11. I think it's a bit idealistic to think that any manager is going to come in and think all the players are great. That's not how it works at all, Klopp clearly loves the bones of all of them but even if it was going to be Alonso, he was going to bin off a few players. You can't really expect any manager to work with another man's team. It doesn't work like that, any manager will tell you that.
  12. I'm not mad on a manager that plays three at the back but if we're going down the road of 'well Jurgen did this and anything else is wrong' then it isn't going to work either. I'm not talking about ripping the whole thing up but its a dangerous mindset for the club to be in. Its going to be a bumpy enough transition without harking back to the previous incumbent.
  13. And all the other examples in recent years of teams appointing former players with no qualifications that haven't gone well? One example in our history from 40 years ago doesn't make it worthwhile. I get that Klopp is Klopp and nobody can replace him but we need a good manager to follow him not a stab in the dark.
  14. Thought some of the shouts like Emery were mental but then see this. There are risks but giving the job to people who have managed before is way less of one than someone who hasn't.
  15. Or Bayern. The players there didn't like going from the intenseness of Guardiola to him.
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