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  1. Bismark, Hitler, Usmanov, Putin. All bluenoses. It's them that should be paying the rest of the world compensation.
  2. His head's not right - he was ponderous and failed to move the ball on quickly (the way we'd been doing earlier with success). He killed every attack and then Darwin started playing erratically as well, and Elliot also started to overthink things and choose the wrong option. At that point we were royally fucked. As someone said earlier, Danns is more of a fighter, and seems mentally more robust. We may have signed a skillful player in Gakpo but one who could prove to just be a shrinking violet.
  3. My old boss was a fairly pc social worker but, when it came to Italians, she always said "why do they always wear fucking puffa jackets". I was a bit nonplussed - so was my wife when I told her - but fuck, my boss was right. Working in central London, if I saw a gaggle of puffa jackets the group was always Italian. Moral of the story - don't wear club colours, wear puffa jackets when in Italy.
  4. If financial fair play keeps being enforced then I am afraid that it is unlikely that those oil nations will see the benefits of challenging for honours, that is, without being able to buy success. The downside of this is that the status quo will be preserved. It would be such a shame if ambitious clubs are prevented from challenging the Sky 6 and overcoming the tv cartel, as any hopes clubs have of ambition and growth will disappear. It makes you sad. It really does.
  5. The Spartans had 300 men and couldn't win. We had only had 11 men and boys and fucking won!
  6. Told you you wouldn't like working at Knowsley Safari Park.
  7. First Merseyside club to have an asterix next to their name on the league table?
  8. Brighton is crammed with English language ESOL schools. The majority of students are SE Asian, and some are Japanese, but lots are Chinese as well. They're not there for the football. But spend the money you don't have on Japanese players, Everton.
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