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  1. Jarvinja Ilnow

    Bournemouth (A) 8/12/18

  2. Jarvinja Ilnow

    Bournemouth (A) 8/12/18

  3. Jarvinja Ilnow

    Bournemouth (A) 8/12/18

  4. Jarvinja Ilnow

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    Henderson might've reined in what he can do on the ball but, off it, he's become a bit of a beast. He's fast, he's strong, he's aggressive and he doesn't stop. He might not chalk up as many tackles as the best holding midfielders in the world and he might be on down the rankings in terms of interceptions and what have you, but his imposing presence has become a pest to opposition players who'd rather turn around and go somewhere else rather than thread a ball through what seems like an ever-present brick wall of an anchor tied to the Liverpool ship. He'll never be considered as one of the best and he might never be fully embraced by everyone. He might never really do anything on the pitch but, somehow, for some abstract reason, he'll make teams better on the pitch. Gerrard's slip has masked over the fact that he was the one who was missing that day - having been red-carded in injury time in the win against City. It might be mere coincidence but this man is making a fine career now out of what some people are still trying to write off as coincidence. Listen, you won't win any league titles with 10 Jordan Hendersons - you won't get anywhere near it. But maybe, just maybe, you couldn't win one without him either. To sum up that article then: Jordan Henderson is just:
  5. Jarvinja Ilnow

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    This is probably how the GF will end up:
  6. Jarvinja Ilnow

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The fingers you have used to type are too fat. To obtain a special dialling wand, please mash the keyboard with your palm now.
  7. Jarvinja Ilnow

    Everton (H) 2/12/18 Premier League

    The match thread is in the Everton forum and open access. Right about that stuff though.
  8. Jarvinja Ilnow

    Everton (H) 2/12/18 Premier League

    Does Jordan and his little T Rex arms get the assist, or Virgil?
  9. Jarvinja Ilnow

    PSG (A) Champions League 28/11/2018

    If Klopp can resist playing Lovren and Henderson, I think we can go quite deep in the Europa League.
  10. Jarvinja Ilnow


    Of course I'm joking. You're clearly a Pink Wafer.
  11. Jarvinja Ilnow

    Watford (A) - Saturday 24 Nov 18 at 3pm

    Salah AKHBAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Jarvinja Ilnow

    Watford (A) - Saturday 24 Nov 18 at 3pm

    Firmino picking up the ball from the centre halves? Whats that about?
  13. Jarvinja Ilnow


    What the fuck? Negged, you contrary, custard cream cunt. aRdja is the biggest fucking troll on this forum. He fucking buys shit breakfasts, at prices none of us could afford, and then posts the results to show us he can piss away his disposable income. Absolute blert.
  14. Jarvinja Ilnow

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR THE CITY TOURISM Once complete, the stadium will attract more than 1.5million extra visitors to the city. It will also provide an additional £94million gross value added (GVA) to the local economy through retail, tourism and hotel occupancy. Operating throughout the year, the stadium could host a variety of non-football events which can offer even further benefits to the city. Got to be a hoax - Koppite behaviour, that.