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  1. gkmacca

    Barry Cryer RIP

    He was a great friend. You always knew it was Barry calling because it was the landline ringing. But, in spite of his technophobia, he never got fixated on the past, he was always alert to new things and new people, and he couldn't have been more encouraging of new talents. If you did a show with him, the most entertaining part was when he was taking a break outside for a ciggie - that's when the funniest stories got told. He was a really genuine, nice person.
  2. gkmacca

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    Initially he'd be a bit like Rosenthal as an impact signing. When Kenny bought Rosenthal the team was lacking a bit of dynamism. Ronny was very effective because (a) he was fast and (b) not even he seemed to know what the hell he was doing. We benfitted from the confusion he caused. That's probably the best we could hope from Traore in the short term. After that, with decent coaching, who knows? If you added a proper sense of tactical purpose to his pace and build he could be a terrifying player to play against.
  3. What a strange world in which we live.
  4. I don't know. That could work both ways - some could have grown up as fellow travellers. Besides which, it's a fairly young man's game - Winter and Samuel are in their fifties, but most of the hacks are in their late twenties/early thirties, so ignorance of our glory era is more of a problem (which is one reason why Paisley doesn't seem to exist to many of them when they try to list great managers).
  5. Well, what about whenever City turn up at Anfield? When it's not the team coach, it's someone spitting at Pep, someone shouting at Pep, someone looking in a slightly strange way at Pep, someone sighing audibly in Pep's presence - it always gets reported, and then, usually, no evidence is found and only the Echo acknowledge that fact. I wouldn't be surprised if it's done deliberately, because they know the growing list will be kept on file without any record of the debunking, so they can perpetuate this idea of our 'terrible' fans. For example: Guardian, 4 Oct 21: Liverpool gather ‘substantial’ evidence on alleged spitting at Guardiola’s bench Echo, 9 November 21: Liverpool have found no evidence to suggest a supporter spat at Manchester City's backroom staff during last month's 2-2 Premier League draw at Anfield. So someone will remember that first headline and miss the second. Result. It's what keeps happening.
  6. Pity the great Fred Willard can't be summoned back to sit next to Piddock for all Palace games, like when they were together in Best in Show. Willard saying 'Wha-happen' repeatedly and laughing in an irritatingly carefree manner after our third goal until Piddock either breaks down and cries or storms off - that would have been perfect.
  7. A third of them must be working for Chorley FM or some such, then. Maybe back in the 1990s but not these days. What strikes me are the number of pundits who quite blatantly dislike, or even hate, the club. Danny Mills, for example. He never has tried to hide how much he loathes LFC. Then there's Agbonlahor, Cundy, Sherwood, Hasselbaink, Crooks, Alan Smith, Jamie O'Hara. Thankfully TalkSport is a magnet for them these days, so I can avoid them easily, but they're all pretty shameless in their eagerness to slag us off.
  8. gkmacca


    Mix bicarb with flour and sugar and you can kill off most vermin because the gas builds up and does them in.
  9. I think we can all be guilty of selective hearing when it comes to the coverage. I just don't care about the other games so I don't notice stuff that's probably there that I only pick up on during our games. I agree about the failure to call out some of the chanting. They're supposed to straining to seem woke, so there's no reason why they should pretend not to notice abuse about poverty etc. They should have been condemning it years ago, let alone now. To be fair to a lot of pundits, they were ready enough to say we should have had a pen when Jota 'stopped' in the area a few games ago. What irks is the extra passion invested in the Palace complaint. The denial of a pen for us was even more outrageous, and yet it just got some mild tut-tutting, whereas several pundits yesterday seemed happy to slide into conspiracy theories. As for Lineker, who used to magically get penalties whenever Engerlund needed them, no matter how 'soft' the decisions were, he can STFU. With 'friends' like Cascarino, however, who needs enemies? He was at it again this morning, making the amazing observation that our high line is risky. Why do pundits keep stating the obvious as if they've uncovered an astonishing tactical error? We play like that because it helps us to be such a fast, intense, pressing, attacking side that wins the ball a lot and creates loads of chances. It's great. Yes, the downside is that we can get caught, but so what? It's given us some of the best seasons of football we've ever had. If we ditched it, we'd merely have a different weakness. The benefits of playing the way we do, with the players we have, far, far, outweighs the negatives. A decent pundit would listen to this drivel about 'ooh, their high line, ooh, loads of space, long balls, possible danger, ooh' and say, 'so what?'
  10. I just SAID it was correct!! Starting it again by giving the ball to Palace's keeper, on the other hand, was not.
  11. I wish Carra was kept away from our games. He just irritates if you're a fan. God knows what he does if you're not. I don't get what Sky is aiming for with all these ex-pros commentating on their own old clubs. Research shows that the audience for these games is usually about one third fans of one team, one third fans of the other and one third neutrals. So why wind up at least a third of your audience with Carra or Neville, or all of it with Alan Smith? Is it supposed to be generating 'bantz'?
  12. The pen made up for Jota being denied one for 'stopping' a few weeks ago. A strange game. We played some beautiful stuff in the first twenty mnutes or so, and then obviously lost a biit of energy. I had to turn the sound down after their goal, the commentator screamed like some kind of orgasmic banshee. Absolutely ridiculous. A minor point, but late on, when that player did a bizarre salmon-like leap high over Curtis Jones, nowhere near the ball, and then lost all control on the way back down, crashing into Jones's back and then landing on his head - it really pisses me off how an attack just gets cancelled like that because an opponent basically just clobbers himself! Yes, stop the game if he seems in trouble, but then drop the ball then and there and get on with it. What exactly has Jones done wrong, just by standing near him and being hit by HIM as he fell??? They stopped our attack, treated the player and then gave the ball back to Palace! Refs just lose all logic in those situations.
  13. Shit. I knew it. It' going to be like Planet of the Apes everywhere soon. Bloody animals wiill be everywhere.
  14. He's not autistic, he's just a cunt. There's a difference and it usually gets ignored.
  15. I'd have to disagree about Virge, I thought he had some alarmingly dozy moments in the first half, made worse by the fact Matip was having even dozier moments. Otherwise, I agree!