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  1. gkmacca

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Phone-ins find loons like magnets find iron filings. And yet people are still surprised.
  2. gkmacca

    Irritating celebrity fans

    Ah, thanks. I think I may have seen her a while ago on LFCTV.
  3. gkmacca

    Irritating celebrity fans

    Dire. Utterly dire. There's no beginning to his talent.
  4. gkmacca

    Irritating celebrity fans

    None the wiser.
  5. gkmacca

    Youth Team/Cup

    He's also on his third agent. He's 18 and he's already gone through three agents. And will probably be actively seeking a fourth at this very moment.
  6. gkmacca

    Norwich (H) 9/8 Premier League

    "And they won the second half!" Shut the fuck up Tyler.
  7. gkmacca

    The Athletic

    Many thanks for the explanation as to how the world works. You left out boneheaded pedants who misunderstand posts but intervene anyway, but otherwise a most comprehensive job. I like the idea of 'going on twitter' for inside information. That sounds excellent, and so much better than seeking out professionals with bona fide contacts at a club. I hear there's this group called 'The Firm' who are meant to be excellent. And I also like the thought of 'detailed stories'. I feared that most of these would turn out to be set up as major attractions for subscribers, to be followed by the more mundane stuff the same writers churned out in their old jobs, but apparently not. Thanks for the insight!
  8. gkmacca

    The Athletic

    I don't see it succeeding. How many genuinely good writers are there covering football? Very few, and none, IMHO, who really are outstandingly stylish and thoughtful writers. What people would pay for are reporters who are capable of breaking big news stories on a regular basis, and hardly any of the people they've hired will do that.
  9. gkmacca

    FSG are not shit

    Yes, and anyone who thinks he has full control of the budget also needs their head tested.
  10. gkmacca

    FSG are not shit

    When John Henry made these comments a month ago - 'We need to get healthy. We need Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain back, we need a healthy Lallana. And I would guess we will see more of Divock next year' - I was surprised more wasn't made of it, because it struck me that he'd pretty much already decided that Klopp was going to have to make the best of what we have. FSG have learnt a lot since they've been here, but they seem to need to learn it the hard way.
  11. gkmacca

    Naby Keita

    Ginsoak's cunning plan always gets dredged back up, but the truth is FIFA changed the rules to stop managers like him simply saying a player can't join up with his national team. If a player is now called up he has to go, and if a club say he's injured it's down to the national team's medical staff to assess his condition and either agree with or overrule the club.
  12. gkmacca

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Xherdan Shaqiri

    You can't high five Shaq, you have to low five him, but otherwise I agree with all in the OP. I can't quite figure out how he didn't play more often, aside from injury, because he knew the kind of game he'd have to play when he signed, and he's a smart enough player to appreciate how he needed to adapt. His attitude, contrary to Charlie Adam's gossip machine, seems fine, so I just hope he and Klopp work out a better, clearer, role, or roles, for him this time around. He's a very handy player to have in the squad.
  13. gkmacca

    Cover at Left-Back

    Gerrard rated Lewis as one of the best prospects he'd seen at that age. And defensively he's no worse than Trent looked before he got his chance.
  14. gkmacca

    Cover at Left-Back

    Everything that's being said about Adam Lewis at the moment - 'Very promising but he hasn't any experience and can't be trusted as back up' - could have been said about Trent before he got his chance. Where would Trent now be in Clyne and Gomez hadn't got injured? It's a real sliding doors moment - do we give another highly rated Academy player a chance, or do we buy a more experienced player who'll probably block his progress at this club? In my view, Lewis is really talented, and intelligent and quick to learn, who merits the chance to understudy Robertson.