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  1. gkmacca

    Villa (A) Premier League - 4/10/20 - 19:15

    I hope Klopp just does a quick, 'Well done to Villa, we were a disgrace, I'm furious' and then fucks off until the next game. I don't want to hear a single word from any of those shit arses until they've next played like they can play at their best. That was an utter disgrace. They've certainly written themselves into the history books again - that must be the worst top flight performance we've given as champions.
  2. gkmacca

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Lots of hacks suggest there will be lots of selling but not much buying, which suggests they don't understand how the market works. Who are these mysterious clubs that will be buying what we're selling even though they're not buying? Every season since Jurgen came in we've had multiple CB injury crises - which is a bit odd, given the intensity elsewhere in the team - so we surely need a CB who will be competent and fit. Nat Phillips and Hoever are coming through but they've hardly been used yet and that's not really good enough for next season. We (still) urgently need cover at LB for Robertson. We need fresh legs and some creativity in midfield. And we need a better option than Origi in attack. If FSG are really just hoping that Klopp will 'work some magic' to compensate for us not bringing in new players then they're smoking something more potent than they have down at the Emirates.
  3. gkmacca

    Manchester City 4 Liverpool 0 (Jul 2 2020)

    Why send the bill to the BBC when you're watching Sky? That's like complaining to the NHS about BUPA.
  4. It didn't hurt them at all, because they made a point of not being arsed about it. Several players had already jogged off before our last players had reached the end of it. What was the damn point? It's just a pity more wasn't made about their idiotic anti-LFC songs after they won last year. It would have shown what a charmless bunch of cock heads they are.
  5. Outsiders can react how they like, but internally I'd hope that there's always an over-reaction rather than an under-reaction to that kind of result. That's how top teams stay at the top - they explain away success and take failure ultra seriously.
  6. Shreeves is an absolute shit of an interviewer. Do you remember when he was interviewing Kenny about the Suarez non-handshake at OT, and Kenny tried to walk away, only for Shreeves to stick his arm out and block him? No one else would have dared to have done that. He's a poster boy for Sky's arrogant sense of entitlement. He knows however he behaves with managers or players, the whole of Sky's massed media will back him and slag off the other one, so he knows he can be as obnoxious as he likes.
  7. You must trust politicians implicitly. It's crazy isn't it that some don't think they're always being candid. I'm sure Klopp always says exactly what he thinks about the owners. But I'm gonna go with no.
  8. gkmacca

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    All the local hacks are acting like forelock-tugging spin doctors for the club. It's the classic 'turn a negative into a positive' sleight of hand: take the plan to bring on youth AND buy top players, turn that into an either/or policy, and then say that instead of buying top players we'll be bringing on youth. The truth is we were always going to bring on Elliott and Jones etc. There's only a negative: we can't afford, as champions, to strengthen our team via the transfer market. Decent, honest, independent hacks would be noting that rather than spinning this as some 'refreshing' move to bring on young players. It's patronising crap.
  9. If we had signed him then Barnes would have said it was a shrewd move. He seems to just say whatever it suits the club for him to say these days. Too many people around the club are acting like spin doctors at present, including all of those lazy-arsed Echo hacks like Ian Bloody Doyle. The whole transfer market will be affected by recent events, so prices in and out will be down, but the idea that a club that is about to win the league after decades of misery and frustration isn't going to strengthen this summer seems madness to me. Unless there's been appalling mismanagement, we should be one of the few clubs that can and should invest in strengthening the squad ths summer. You don't win a title and then sit back and snooze - not if you want to win it again.
  10. gkmacca

    Irritating celebrity fans

    You just mentioned Jesus in the hope of getting a rise.
  11. gkmacca

    Irritating celebrity fans

    Paul Hollywood is a red born and bread.
  12. Among his many stupidities, he clearly doesn't understand what a deodorant actually does.
  13. Chris Sutton has done what seemed like the impossible and out-cynicled Karren Brady about this. He wants the Scottish premier league stopped right now, with Celtic being made champions because they're 13 points ahead, but he wants the English premier league cancelled with no team made chhampions even though we're 25 points ahead. Spectacular fuckwittery, Chris!
  14. I doubt the media, or most of the media, would accept that. Commercially, they're already taking a hit because of so many sporting cancellations (and the debates have already started about the possibility of partial refunds for subscribers during this period), so I doubt they'd agree to limitations that would affect their output. It would certainly be a three figure number even if they did, and there's a lot more who would need to be working in the stadium. At the highest level I don't think it would be anywhere near as simple as some have made out.