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  1. Johnlj

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I'd lay a golden goose at the moment. Sick and tired of looking at the wife, playing FIFA and pretty much everything else. I want to fucking watch some football. When you return to pornhub, youporn, xhamster, redtube, xxxvideos and refresh every five minuttes to see if something new popped up, you just know your brain have turned to walking dead mode.
  2. Johnlj

    Tory Liverpool fans

    looking forward from the eightees. I'd say being a Tory Liverpool supporter would be impossible, but then again Football and politics should never be mixed. Somehow it always does though. Weird thing, but tory Liverpool supporters must be bandwagon jumpers, like all the gloryhunter ones City have got from Chelsea these past few years. Feels weird.
  3. Lawsuits left, right and centre if the season is not completed. All the way from the lowest tier to the highest. The PL and football leagues will be left in ruin. Norwich for one would probably take it all the way to the Swiss if needed be. Those within a chance mathematically of qualifying for the CL would probably do the same. Same goes for the rest of promotion chasing and relegation battling teams all the way down. Promotion chasing championships team likely to be the most aggressive. At least Neville is talking some sense and wanting it completed even if it means Liverpool winning it. Biased as he ofcourse is, his mindset is what if it was his team. What would he want. Hats off for that comment to the little inbred bastard.
  4. Both are excellent. Flowery twats just edges it for me.
  5. Johnlj

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I wish them all a case of bad shithouse aids. Excluding any sound relatives from people on here.
  6. Same here in Denmark, and have been for a few days now. People are going crazy in the shops. Yesterday was the biggest trade day for supermarkets in the entire history. Complete bonckers idiots all supermarkets will and have steady supllies of groceries, but retards have gone into full post nuclear war mode. It's like an episode of the walking dead here.
  7. I'd take Karius back. Horrendous keeper. Absolutely attrocious.
  8. It will, but right now It's fucking shit. Especially when We've created so much just to be let down by a grade A disaster
  9. I'll personally send Actherberg a congratulatory letter thanking him for recommendind a keeper that is so shit that he couldn't get a contract with a fourth tier spanish side. Fucking retard.
  10. Only place the fucker could shoot and Adrian just let him place it there. I'll fucking personally pay up your contract and drive you to a nice fish market somewhere in east asia.
  11. Nice goalkeeping Adrian. Now fuck off you fucktard cunt of the highest order
  12. Momentum Well and truly gone. Needs the switchover bad so Klopp can get in their ears.
  13. Should be fucking released from his contract straight after the fucking game. Unforgiveable that shit. Passing it straight out and then a grobelaaresque attempt to save the shoot.
  14. Fucking turd from Adrian, fuck off. Jesus fucking wept.