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  1. Now thats a handball Tyler you cunt. Now go cry to your other manc friends.
  2. Marlo on. Someone call the wire.
  3. Mané is just pure sex today.
  4. Which one is Magic Johnson, and does said person had sex with over a thousand women ?
  5. Was Trent slacking, all the rest were spot on.
  6. Holy fucking shit. That would have been horrible
  7. Watching Salah tonight is an absolute joy. The way he stretches their line and his inbetweens is a sight to behold. Genious.
  8. The man is an absolute disgrace.
  9. Suck on that you LEGO headed Tony Pulis wannabe fucking cunt.
  10. Ohh fuck of Robbo you moron
  11. Fucking George Graham wannabe team. Fucking loathe the cunts.
  12. Have no idea why I'm shitting bricks like I do right now. Probably because of their nine men behind the ball and Aubu up front.
  13. Johnlj

    Chelsea (A) 20/9/20 - Premier League

    What the fuck..... Thats a red. Fuck off.