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  1. If the Div don't fit, you must acquit. That's what she said and loads of them allegedly.
  2. Unelievable if we walk away with less than 3 points. Fucking slackers up front today.
  3. Johnlj

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    To be fair, if this was true. We'd all be speaking German now.
  4. Them short arms just can't reach it. You really hate to see it.
  5. Please do one of those things where the round thing goes in that fish net thing,
  6. Should be like 5-1 us. They go in on a high instead of being booed off
  7. Completely idiotic. Mucking about and letting them in.
  8. He is good at building clubs. He did oversee the Red bull structure. Good coach but his best work is behind the scenes.
  9. Pelanty will soon be turning out for United again. Can't have them doing badly. It's not good for the PL brand.
  10. Romano says Ole Gunnar sacked straight after the meeting. Don't have twatter but what they said on the telly. So Zidane or Rodgers ?