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  1. Keita is the closing in on the worst signing in our history. Fucking useless waster
  2. Going full blue and blaming the mid season Covid debacle and the powers that be.
  3. Can't those fucking shamans make it the league aswell for the Oil cheats
  4. If You were a neutral that was an absolutely banger of a game I'd say. Much better performance in the second half from us. Lucky not being down and out after the 1st. Earned it in the second, That Mahrez miss in the end was unreal.
  5. Mølby have lost it. He wants Keita on now. Well maybe he's not with the ones playing right now.
  6. Johnlj

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Daily Fail keep poking the bear about spending etc. They'll get done by overspending rules. If they don't get relegated by themselves I think a few lawsuits will follow from whomever finished 18th at least. Will probably take forever though, aren't the powers that be still having an investigation into City that have been going on for ages now still ?.
  7. Johnlj

    Torres To Chelsea

    I'll never forget that. Fuck me that stung. We were in Thailand and had bought a couple of new shirts for my nephew who absolutely adored Torres. Left with all the leaving rumors and landed with him gone. Yeh he downed tools, and yes he turned to shit after he left. But fuck me. What him and Gerrard developed at that time was pure poetry. Boss song aswell.
  8. Johnlj

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Remember Klopp refering to young Curtis about outside influences or something like that a couple of years back or so. maybe more.
  9. Johnlj

    Thiago Alcantara

    He lost some of the explosiveness he had to burst past players on short distances. I'm still 100% convinced it was Covid related. Seems to have gained that back. He always had that bouncy of the legs thing, also a part of what makes him unpredictable. But he never gave up working hard all game. Maybe also the "beef" him and Salah obviously had was a factor. He seems to have come to terms with the fact that Salah is just better. Also you can see that now setting up eachother is not eating away at both of them.