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  1. 1892-LFCWasBorn

    Other football - 2020/21

    Won some money on that Rashford goal as had over 2.5 goals. I feel dirty for cheering a Manc cunts goal.
  2. 1892-LFCWasBorn

    Other football - 2020/21

    Lovren with another banger.
  3. 1892-LFCWasBorn

    New European super league?

    From the way said it goodbye Premier League. EDIT. Scrap that. To be played midweek.
  4. 1892-LFCWasBorn

    New European super league?

  5. 1892-LFCWasBorn

    New European super league?

    Watching Sky Sports news at the moment and the guy on who broke the story is on there. 34 games a season with a tournament at the end.
  6. 1892-LFCWasBorn

    New European super league?

  7. 1892-LFCWasBorn

    New European super league?

    Breaking news on Sky News. More to follow Lead by Florentino Perez, funded by the banks, approved by FIFA. 18 teams. Us and Mancs have been in talks and from what the business editor at Sky News was saying, at advanced stages.
  8. 1892-LFCWasBorn

    VAR Thoughts?

  9. 1892-LFCWasBorn

    VAR Thoughts?

    Sums it all up. Watch the Aussie clip first and then watch the cunt refs in our country.
  10. 1892-LFCWasBorn

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Yup fucked himself by saying it was today and also means he's sharing someone else's vids.