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  1. Pete

    Barcelona Arrests

    Apparently after they won in the C/L last week Pep was asked how do they do it and he replied 'we have a lot of money'. At least he's being honest now!
  2. Pete

    Our CB situation.

    Oops. I misread Waking...
  3. Well I'd already watched 1 & 2! But yeah, KK3.
  4. Surely it's still H****y? Or has time healed old wounds? Great report again. Like you season's been written off and any defeats are a shrug of the shoulders and move onto something else. Hell I didn't even watch last night. Watched Karate Kid Part III instead and waited for the dreaded buzz on my phone to say we'd conceded. Thankfully any buzz was welcomed which given the last few weeks made for a refreshing change.
  5. Pete

    Other football - 2020/21

    Nailed on the get a dodgy penalty against us when we play them at Old Trafford. Probably have a few of the local Orks in their singing their songs that aren't related to Liverpool in any way shape or form, no sireeee too.
  6. Pete

    Other football - 2020/21

    Lacks, the warmth, depth and appeal of a cunt. He's a sad bitter little man out of his depth being helped by referees and a governing body that don't like seeing the Mancs fail. I hope they start to plummet like a stone and end up 5th as we steal second from them.
  7. Pete

    Signs that you're behind the times.

    I don't walk around everywhere with my face glued to my phone screen annoying other pedestrians as I'm too fucking ignorant to maybe look up occasionally.
  8. Highway to Hell. Rock in Peace Bon. And Sgt Pepper’s.
  9. If FSG consider us a top tier team then they need to start shopping at Harrod’s and not fucking Primark.
  10. Pete

    As low as it got for you?

    I get where you're coming from and the hodgepodge days were indeed dark (when he was announced & my red manc neighbour gleefully told me we had a decent manager in I knew we were fucked) but I can also see why people may pick this season. For me I have never known a season where we suffered so many long term injuries. I would hop that we're over the hump now and next season no one will get an injury that keeps them out long term.
  11. So could I. I can hear Page's solo in my head. Bluesy but with a cat like sound to it. Oh and that's Pudsey in my avatar before his eye fucked up, He only had one when we came to us & the daft cunt lost the other too.
  12. Nah. He loved it all. Dopey bastard.
  13. Our cat the late Pudsey used to LOVE Led Zeppelin III after he went totally blind. He'd sit next to the speakers and absorb the vibrations produced as the record played. So that gets my vote as it brought joy and happiness to a stricken animal. Oh and it's a fucking great record too.