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  1. Hans Gruber may be my favourite. It's hard not to secretly root for him.
  2. Logo looks like something a div from The Apprentice would design.
  3. You could always get an appointment with Harold Shipman.
  4. None of us have anything better to do.
  5. We can't go from Klopp to an oddball from The Hills Have Eyes. We just can't.
  6. If it is Amorim, it'll be a far bigger gamble than De Zerbi or Emery.
  7. Well said. Now, what are your thoughts on Hitler?
  8. Is Emery the new Benitez? Ten reasons why - number seven will shock you!
  9. Imagine being the GCHQ operative that draws that straw. "We're taking you off the Libyan sleeper cell Terry, we need you to read this Countdown girl thread. We're getting pings for Hitler and the IRA."
  10. Hmmm, maybe. I reckon a few of those kids ran faster than the Krypton Factor contestants anyway.
  11. Yep. We're even on nodding and calling each other "mate" terms. Living the dream.
  12. Yeah, that's the one. Young lad works in the family morgue, thinks he's going to kill someone, then a bunch of murders happen and he gets intrigued.
  13. I Am Not A Serial Killer Lo-fi retro looking indie psychological horror type thing. I'd heard Kermode quite liked it. Nice premise, but it tips its hand too early, and the reveal lacks impact. All a bit meh really. Needed more time grounding the characters and building tension. Good turn from the - now adult - kid from Where The Wild Things Are though, and nice to see a protagonist on a BMX. 5/10
  14. Well the joke's on you Pidge, 'cos they were actually bicycle parts. A one piece crank and some MKS BM-7 pedals. Building an old-school klunker.
  15. When the postie delivers two parcels at once. A little taste of Christmas in April.
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