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  1. Babb'sBurstNad


    Just found one starting to build a nest in my shed. Not exactly Arnie vs. the Predator, but our short-lived battle ended with me calling it an ugly motherfucker.
  2. Babb'sBurstNad

    Cardiff (A) Premier League 21/4/19

    Have I missed the news that Alisson's arms have fallen off?
  3. Babb'sBurstNad

    Jordan henderson: Captain

  4. Babb'sBurstNad

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    I was going to join in on the hashtag fun, but I can't be bothered googling where it is on a Mac keyboard.
  5. Babb'sBurstNad

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Not sure whether I want Spurs or City to reach the semis tonight. Normally, I'd want City to lose, but part of me thinks that if City go through, Spurs would be that much more pumped up for revenge in the league. If Spurs go through, I'd expect City to batter them in the league. Ideally, Spurs put them out, then do them again in the league. Can't see it though, so I'd take City squeaking through, then Spurs using the league game as a do-over.
  6. Babb'sBurstNad

    Rate the last film you watched...

    You had me at Johnny Greenwood soundtrack. I'll check that out.
  7. Babb'sBurstNad

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    I pick up those elastic bands, as apparently hedgehogs eat them and die. I won't let postie murder Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, not on my watch!
  8. Babb'sBurstNad

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    Pogba's one of those players who comes alive when his team are three-nil up, but goes missing when they're three-nil down.
  9. Babb'sBurstNad

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    More people, but not a higher turnout.
  10. Babb'sBurstNad

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    Has Lucas' baby got pierced ears? *shudders
  11. Babb'sBurstNad

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Julian Assange: Risk Documentary film, on the beeb last night. Quite possibly the dullest documentary I've ever seen; half an hour of content stretched out over 90 minutes, filmed on a potato and with one uni-directional mic inserted into Assange's anus. Lots of long shots, that seem to intimate some intense moment of self reflection or indicating a personality complex, but then you realise it's just a fella getting his hair cut, or lying on the beach. There were some interesting points lying beneath the surface, but they were never explored in depth. Really disappointing from a film-maker who's supposedly decent in this field. 3/10
  12. Babb'sBurstNad

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Blokes who make an exaggerated sniff or snort as they pass you, to somehow prove they're all manly and dead hard.
  13. Babb'sBurstNad

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    Harry Winks, in a list of top class midfielders.
  14. Babb'sBurstNad

    Any interest in a new boxing prediction league?

    Crawford KO Garcia Pts Figueroa KO Allen KO Chisora Pts Cordina Pts Kelly KO