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  1. I actually love this team, so many likeable players, obviously Milner, Firmino, Sadio, Trent, Allison. I love Gini too, often underrated. I think Keita is going to be an absolute beast. But for me it's Robertson - Van Dijk Joe Gomez - frightening how good he is at his age and how good he could be. Him and Van Dijk may be one of the best pairings ever.
  2. etho

    Naby Keita

    Now he's fit, I think it's time to just play him. We know he has the attributes our midfield has missed without Ox, so go back to 4-3-3 and play him. One of Henderson or Fabinho plays at the base, and Milner and Wijnaldum take it in turns to play alongside him.
  3. etho

    Burnley (A) 5/12/18

    What formation are we playing?
  4. etho

    PSG (A) Champions League 28/11/2018

    We shouldn't be behind here
  5. etho

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I actually think this England team are quite good and enjoy watching them play
  6. It's been coming. It's a combination of raised expectations, and teams knowing us and how to play us, but mad as it sounds given the points we have on the board in the league, we look a worse team this season because the front three are marked men, and we don't have a Coutinho or an Oxlade-Chamberlain to break through the lines either with technique or pace from the midfield. We want Shaq to be given a chance, but Klopp either doesn't think he's good enough or doesn't trust him enough to play that role. We need Keita to step up and fill that role in the coming months. ASAP really. I think we all went into the season with one slight question mark over the attacking midfield threat, and Klopp did too given he wanted Fekir and we didn't get him. We're partly a victim of our own success, but at the moment we look a bit short of the level I think people think we're at.
  7. Absolutely dogshit. No quality in midfield. Get lallana off. Get Keita on. Put Salah and Mane and Firmino back in their positions. It's clearly not working.
  8. Lallana looks like he needs to go play football somewhere else. No room to play players back from long absences when you're trying to compete. And we lack that person in midfield who says give me the ball. I know what to do with it
  9. I don't normally judge players early on and I hope he comes good, but I have this slight feeling Fabinho might be a bit Averaginho
  10. I think the reality is that teams we thought were miles behind us, arsenal and Chelsea, have made changes and aren't far at all behind. Transfer windows become all the more important now. We look a bit short on the midfield player who can put his foot on the ball front.
  11. etho

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    The fuck. The Leicester owner helicopter just crashed in the club car park
  12. etho

    All time Prem 11 - 442

    De Gea Azpilicueta Ferdinand Adams Cole Ronaldo Scholes Gerrard Giggs Shearer Henry
  13. etho

    Naby Keita

    Thought he was alright in the first couple of games tbh. Clearly playing within himself and adjusting, obviously quality. We need him to step up yeah, but only because we lack someone to open the game up from midfield right now, which isn't his fault
  14. etho

    Mohamed Salah

    I remember years ago, Mcmanaman was our main creative outlet, and struggled for a bit when teams started turning up with a game plan to stop him. He found a way, the very good players always do