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  1. I thought we were good this evening, had the chances. With fans, maybe a different game. Damage was done in that horror show first half in the first leg
  2. etho

    Other football - 2020/21

    I wouldn't have minded a spurs win, be good to have them to have something to play for last game of the season v Leicester. I think we've pretty much got to win 6 games out of the remaining 7 otherwise
  3. etho

    Other football - 2020/21

    Looking at the fixtures, we could be 4 points off with 3 games to play, going on the fact we have Leeds and away at mancs. Leicester have spurs Chelsea and United last three games... West ham have Chelsea in 2 weeks and I still think they'll come up short, and Spurs are Spurs. So it's in our hands if we can just be slightly less shit than the rest
  4. Mane has to have long covid surely? Looks like daniel Sturridge on the turn at the moment, and I'm pretty sure he was rapid 6 months ago, is in his twenties and hasn't sustained a serious injury. Doesn't look right
  5. etho

    Other football - 2020/21

    West Ham playing Leicester and Chelsea over the next few weeks at home, and Leicester v Chelsea is penultimate game of the season. Leicester play United as well so, all to play for
  6. etho

    Ibrahima Konate

    Absolutely superb, spending money on top young talent, hopefully we see it continue into the summer and give Klopp the players he wants
  7. If Klopp changed us from doubters to believers, I'm not about to go back there. We've obviously got alot of problems and this is pretty unprecedented, but I don't have any doubts we have the right man to fix it, and he will, as long as he wants to be here to do it. Be nice if someone could untie his hands behind his back to make some squad changes if he sees fit to do so.
  8. Goes to show there's alot of games for us still to play and all the teams have to play each other. If we could win a few games we could still qualify for CL. But we're utter crap so we won't
  9. Can we just delete the thread please? Should delete it, probably
  10. etho

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I still think with the players we have coming back we only need minor squad changes. An attacking option for ox, Shaq and origi and the squad has a whole new perspective. I reckon if you go through the best 11 in the prem it's still mostly our players. Alisson Trent Dias Van Dijk Robbo Fabinho De Bruyne Cm debatable Salah Kane Mane So we're still not too bad a team, really
  11. I think unfortunately it's been offset by how much of a miss he has been in midfield for us during this tough time, but I think he's been excellent as a left sided centre back. Go as far as to say I think he's better there than Fabinho. Also looking at Upamacano last night, how many centre halves are there out there who we could buy right now who are better? I acknowledge of course we need a centre back so we can play him in midfield
  12. etho

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Regardless of where we finish this season, surely, surely FSG now have to actually back Klopp with money for players he might want to address any issues with the squad he identifies. They haven't given him any transfer budget since we bought Keita, I think?
  13. etho

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Ismaila Sarrs agent reckons we pulled the plug on signing him in Jan
  14. etho

    Counter Press vs Control Possession

    Just think we look like what we are. A team with an extremely high intensity style with loads of injuries and the players are all knackered. Result is a huge drop off in quality in the final 3rd. As Klopp said we're mentally tired. No doubt get the injuries back and we'll be good again. And the squad needs freshening up, I don't think anyone would be gutted about seeing ox, Shaq and origi all replaced next year for one good attacking option
  15. etho

    Joel Matip

    Klopp highlighting the unlucky nature of his injuries and the fact he had a good record at schalke. Sounds like we were trying to patch him up and get him through the season. Hopefully now we can allow him to rest and recover properly before he plays again. Superb player, absolutely class