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  1. Gone a bit under the radar and possibly it was an emotional response to a question but he’s apparently said he’s going on holiday, doesn’t know what the future holds and is going to consider his club and international future https://www.espn.co.uk/football/story/_/id/40538752/euro-2024-virgil-van-dijk-unsure-liverpool-dutch-future
  2. Yes that utterly tedious and obvious point has been made by literally everyone 10000 times over the past 314 pages of this thread. Unless you want to repeat yourself a few more times? This particular discussion was initiated on the basis of a specific event, and it was that specific event I was commenting on, in isolation. I wasn’t reopening the same tedious conversation to repeat my pro/anti Darwin Biases.
  3. Cool story but this particular conversation wasn’t a general one about the general perception of Darwin and whether you think he’s good or not, which clearly is quite a polarised discussion. It was initiated specifically on the basis of last nights game, and those 2 shots. So that was what I was commenting on
  4. I think you thought you were saying something intelligent there but, you weren’t. He’s being criticised for missing 2 ‘easy chances’ on multiple posts in the thread. My point was they weren’t easy chances aka ‘sitters’.
  5. I’ve just re-watched and neither of those are sitters? Especially deserving of the level of responses. First was a great run first touch and unlucky, second one is 23 yards out?! It’s like trying to reason with a brexit or reform voter
  6. I didn’t look at either of those shots from Darwin and think he’s missed 2 sitters tbh. Both from the edge of the box. Narrative around him as usual and from our own fans as well. Disappointing
  7. Calafiore is a very good signing for Arsenal. With him and Timber back from ACL that’s some defence Arteta has assembled
  8. On paper he’s going to at the very least be an exceptional coach
  9. I thought that was an absolutely exceptional start. I really like him
  10. Don’t think we will need to replace Van Dijk soon. He’s quick at 33, and as a late starter has less miles on the clock than most of his peers. I think he’ll be playing top level footy somewhere at 40 plus, and hopefully with us for a good few more years
  11. Jose Fonte, ex Southampton
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