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  1. Mcmanaman is an absolute clown. Our midfield is a little bit lacking in quality, unfortunately
  2. etho

    Geordie Arabia

    Probably unpopular opinion but I actually wouldn't mind Stevie going there. Not convinced he'd be ready to follow Klopp, and if he's a roaring success he'd happily leave them for us
  3. etho

    Other Football 2021/22

    Actually don't mind 36 year old Ronaldo scoring tap ins and them winning the odd game, the buzz distracts them from the fact they're shit and keeps Ole at the wheel
  4. I'd play a few of these in the week. They could do with some momentum and getting that game out of the system
  5. etho

    Three at the back

    Klopp doesn't like the 3, and as said we can already fulfil that shape tactically with Fabinho dropping in. We almost play 2-3-5 alot of the time anyway. It does seem to be working for Chelsea at the minute, but, fuck them
  6. This article reminds me of some of the ones the likes of Smicer used to come out with now and again during the Houllier days. I like Ox and hope it happens for him but the talking happens on the pitch
  7. etho

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I haven't seen that anywhere, I thought all clubs had unanimously said they wouldn't release players. Not seen anything on bans
  8. etho

    Other Football 2021/22

    Last season I think Kelleher surprised everyone with how capably he stepped in for Allison and his composure. Happy to have him as backup but can't help but think, seeing a man city keeper on loan at Pompey, and the number of keepers who had loans early in their careers (villa keeper for example), that he'd benefit from a year at a prem/championship club
  9. etho

    Mohamed Salah

    Doesn't that Athletic article mention a ECA European club association position that no player will be released if they have to quarantine??
  10. etho

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I'm not saying we need to buy loads of players, but, I just saw that we've increased our revenue and commercial revenue to such an extent that last year, in the pandemic, we earned 20 million less than Utd? Let's hope when the day comes we do need to replace Salah Mane and Firmino they've just been keeping their powder dry
  11. etho

    Managerial Sack Race 2021-2022

    Vieira by November, big Sam in
  12. etho

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Arsenal should have signed Nat Phillips