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  1. The seasons will all complete in all the major league. Football can't start again without that happening. It's just a question of how and when, and nobody knows the answer clearly. I think Euro 2020 will be postponed/cancelled, and the season will run later
  2. How is this not 4 or 5 nil I don't know. We've been brilliant.
  3. I can't remember a player for us whos form fell off a cliff as much as Fabinho. Gone from giving you absolute calm knowing he's on the pitch, to wondering which pass he's going to misplace next
  4. I'm ready to kick some fucking heads in here. Absolute foul. Var is a fucking joke. Clearest foul you'll ever see. Steve mcmanaman is a cunt
  5. etho

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Having seen the FA cup draw I'm a bit pissed off again, greedy I know. We could have won that thing too
  6. etho

    Chelsea 2 Liverpool 0 (Mar 3 2020)

    In a way, if teams have figured out how to play against us a bit, I'd rather it was now, when Klopp sees it and can evolve the squad in the summer to counter it, than the start of next season when we've not signed the players we need
  7. etho

    Chelsea (A) FA Cup. 3/3/2020 - 19:75

    Surreal feeling seeing this. We'll pick up obviously, but does have a feeling of teams working out how to play us a bit, coupled with some suddenly very out of form players at the same time. Think we need to play the first team to pick up the rythm we've lost. And I don't think we'll see another summer with no signings. Beauty of it is we're seeing these problems when we're 22 points clear in the league
  8. etho

    Watford 3 Liverpool 0 (Feb 29 2020)

    I've read quite a bit about how teams have set up against us in the last few weeks, with a back 4 effectively becoming a back 6, to nullify the full backs. Nothing that new, other than we've found ways to overcome it. We've really struggled to create chances though for quite a few games consecutively. I was saying the same in the Athletico game, and we've managed by just fine without one till now, but someone who can pick the lock in the middle could be a real difference maker to ensuring teams can't do this, and I hope we get one in the summer. I think part of the reason Hendo is missed at the moment is he drops into the pockets where Trent is, and either frees him up or creates a bit of space for him to manoeuvre in
  9. 4, and no recollection of it
  10. etho

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Been a revelation for me on Football Manager has Jonathan David, so must be good
  11. etho

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Man City won't win the champions League. Real Madrid are crap.
  12. etho

    Other Football - 2019/20

    I think managers tactically are as good as what they've experienced/learned as a player and critically, who they've learned from. They can build on that with their own learnings but they have to be obsessive students of the game and analytical thinkers. That's why Jürgen and Guardiola are the best tactically, because they've learned from people acknowledged as being innovators tactically, plus they've dedicated to their craft. I'd question whether many of the top English players really have that level of dedication to the analytical element of honing tactics at the top level. It's why as much as Id love it, I'd harbour doubts about Gerrard ever managing us. I'm completely ignoring the man management aspect here, which is innate to the individual. If Jürgen wasn't manager of us, he could be a leader in any field because he's a born leader/inspirer of men and he's also an incredible, inspirational one in a million human.
  13. Fabinho is just slowing everything down constantly. Looks out of form since his return
  14. Alot of revisionism about the about the abilities of Lallana. When we first bought him he looked like a Rodgers vanity buy, was playing in the front 3 in a team which had fuck all pace and just wasn't what we needed. When Klopp first came in he absolutely loved him, which should end any arguments about his ability really. Moved him into the midfield 3 and he was excellent, was arguably one of the first names on the team sheet, led the press and was also England best player at the time. Technically he's absolutely excellent. Who knows if the team would have outgrown him without all the injuries, but it did. Good player though, would still get in most prem teams when fit.