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  1. Special K


    Fuck those booing Yank cunts. They are hating a damn commie winning their championship
  2. Special K

    Leeds (A) - Sun 12th Sep 2021 (4:30pm)

    Fuck's sake. Poor lad. Hope he gets back ok.
  3. Special K


    What I mean is, there's a lot of 'one or two hit wonders' in the women's game. I'm not taking anything away from these winners, but there's not been anyone since the Williams sisters who've truly dominated the game in the last 20 years despite being hailed as a player who could. Everyone talking about how Raducanu and Fernandez will contest many more finals. They could easily burn out like so many before them.
  4. Special K


    Stick a fork in this final. It's done. Radacanu is untouchable
  5. Special K


    Every serve seems to make the 'nick' sound. It's weird
  6. Special K


    Women's tennis always seems to throw up one hit wonder teenage sensations who have no longevity. Other than the Williams sisters, and maybe Martina Hingis, there's no one else. Maybe these two can prove me wrong.
  7. Special K

    Upcoming Films

    I am cautiously optimistic but that Matrix trailer has got me very excited
  8. Special K

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    To be fair, it went shit as soon as the "I'm drunk which makes me a superhero" stuff started.
  9. Special K

    The Wire - Season 5

    Just found out. Fucking hell, he was brilliant.
  10. Special K

    Boxing 2021

    Any streams I can report?
  11. Special K


    Best not to mention Terry Mac's 'tackle' either!!!!