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Sheffield Utd (A) - Wed 6th Dec 2023 (7:30pm)


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12 hours ago, Captain Turdseye said:

New manager bounce. First one in the league all season. Marvellous. 

Probably not actually a thing because we just notice it more with ourselves than we do other teams - but i'd swear we cop for more games against teams with new managers than anyone else.

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19 hours ago, Pidge said:

What was so bad about the goals last game?


The first came through very quick. He could maybe be a little faster to step off his line and get down at Wilson's feet, but the shot at the pace of that move was hard to react to in time. 


The second looked the worst but probably the easiest to excuse. Header, deflection, shot in about half a second. Turned a routine save into a near post collection and then a shot on his other side. Really hard to change direction that quick and he still nearly had it.


The third he could have got across his line a bit faster, that foot speed is the issue for him to work on, but he's with most keepers even at prem level on that front. Still, the defending was an utter shit show and left him exposed. Ali probably would have conceded there too.


Main issue is we're still not really defending well enough. Teams can get at us. Kelleher is not a world class keeper, he's probably still sub mignolet level, but he's a good back up and shouldn't be the sole person carrying the can.

Kelleher is potentially very good, but I thought he was really poor on Sunday. 


I think part of it is a lack of game time and some part of it is a lack of belief in himself - big differnce being seen as the boss number two and then having to deal with the pressure of stepping into Ali's shoes in a title race season. I actually have sympathy for him in that sense because every little thing he does wrong is exaggerated "Ali would never do that" etc. A few months ago, it was "Queef is boss" but now the knives are sharpened because every game could decide a title.


My mate was a brilliant goalie. He reckons he has the tools to be really good, but he needs game time to develop. Part of that is having a shit game and dealing with that. We will learn a lot about him in the next two games - he has the tools and the raw talent but has he got he cajones? Sheffield United are shite but they will have seen that he was bullied in the box against Fulham. Let's see how he deals with their grocks before it's an issue and Carra and his great mate Manc Nev turn it into an even bigger issue before Palace and then even the non-religious are lighting candles for Ali's return shitting it about us playing lower mid table standard dross like United, let alone Arsenal. If he comes through it, we can really say he is potentially more than a boss number two.

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