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  1. Simbo

    Leicester (H) 30/01/19

    Doesn’t bode well for the run in. Team and crowd were incredibly nervous.
  2. Looking for 2 (would also take 1) for West Ham away. Can anyone help?
  3. Simbo

    Alisson Becker

  4. Simbo


  5. Jurgen’s cock, na na na na na Jurgen’s cock, na na na na na
  6. Simbo

    Liverpool 5 Roma 2 (Apr 24 2018)

    I felt very strange after the game. I knew I should be buzzing but I felt very flat and disheartened. The tie should have been done and dusted but we’ve given them a sniff and I’m a little nervous about next week.
  7. Simbo

    Hello everyone!

    Fuck off, Code.
  8. Simbo

    Chelsea away spares

    Sound advice. Thanks.
  9. Simbo

    Chelsea away spares

    A long shot, I know, but my 8 year old son is desperate to get to a Liverpool game so thought I’d ask if anyone has 2 spares for Chelsea away. If anyone could help me out I would be eternally grateful.
  10. Simbo

    city at home

    To get the juices flowing.... https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1qua2z
  11. From AS match report in Spain: it was done with pure football against Mourinho’s troglodyte model, in which so much money has been invested so that De Gea can hoof a long ball towards Fellaini and Lukaku. Sevilla won and so did football”. From Marca: The general opinion of this team that was once respectable and no longer is has plummeted. It’s an unattractive, fearful team, rich in resources but lamentable in its play,” he added. “Mourinho is starting to look like a washed-up rock star, one of those guys that goes around holiday hotels for pensioners playing old hits on an organ with the base and the percussion playing on a tape recorder.”
  12. Was literally just coming on to say exactly the same thing.
  13. Simbo

    Loris Karius

    Where on Twitter are you seeing this?