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  1. Simbo

    Mohamed Salah

    It doesn’t have to be about the money, to be about the money. But it is about the money.
  2. Simbo

    FA Cup draw

    If, by some miracle, anyone needs to shift a pair for Saturday please let me know. I’m desperate.
  3. Simbo

    FA Cup draw

    Well I didn’t win. Life can be boring sometimes. Oh well….TV it is.
  4. Simbo

    FA Cup draw

    The bastards didn’t get round to doing the draw last night and will do it ‘at some point over the weekend’. This is fucking killing me!
  5. Simbo

    FA Cup draw

    My son’s football team got given 2 tickets in the Liverpool end and they are having a draw tonight…..only 9 people are interested (£150 for the pair) and I got a couple of the other Dad’s to put their names in too which gives me 4 names out of the 9 in the hat. Pray for me!
  6. Simbo

    Beans on a fry up

    During my youth I would have beans on a roast. I miss those days. And don’t knock beans and gravy together. The gravy and bean juice infusion is glorious when mopped up with bread and butter.
  7. Simbo

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Surely the type of player Newcastle would be all over?!
  8. Simbo

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    If City are going to get Haaland I would absolutely love us to go for the dribble chinned twat, Kane. He’s got incredible vision and is a fantastic finisher. Can just imagine him dropping deep (similar to Firmino) and spraying balls left and right to Diaz, Mane or Salah. Sadly his age and price probably aren’t appealing to FSG.
  9. Simbo

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    aRdja…you haven’t suggested Graham Potter as someone to replace Jurgen have you?
  10. Konate has the worst heading technique I’ve ever seen in a professional footballer.
  11. What the fuck does Stewart Downing know?
  12. £11 at TruLeigh Scrumptious in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Usually comes with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms but seeing as they are food of the devil I declined. Do your worst, bitches.
  13. Simbo

    Welcome to Liverpool Luis Diaz

    Thought he had a poor first half. Couldn’t beat his man and was playing sloppy, short passes to Tsimikas down the left. Much improved in the 2nd half though. Great touch and finish for the goal and then showed real aggression in his press and tackling late in the game. Hopefully continues to have a positive impact in this title race.