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  1. Einch


    Ferguson’s coding getting the tried and trusted media treatment in the Telegraph. Looks like he will be offered up first then.
  2. Einch


    The link to the full text doesn’t work either.
  3. Einch

    House fixy-uppy shit

    As much as I loathe social media my wife found our kitchen supplier on Instagram. Worth checking it out.
  4. So the clubs owe the broadcasters upto £350m in any case apparently. So thats £17.5m each. I wonder that level of hit does for those clubs who are already struggling with current costs?
  5. Einch


    Some Monaco dwelling businessman has launched legal proceedings against the government against the lockdown.
  6. Take it down to London and use it WWE style on Johnson, Hancock et al.
  7. Einch

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    He’s another professional politician as far as I can tell. What use is he really?
  8. Einch


    Definitely not. More just me whiling away the time waiting for my daily list of DIY jobs from her indoors despite still working 12 hours a day Monday to Friday
  9. Einch


    I wish I could believe that. I think you underestimate the collective will of the civil service (at senior levels) and politicians of all stripes to cover their own arse. It is truly the only competency they have.
  10. Yet it was fine for City to pre-emptively try the same with CAS? Is the writer employed by City?
  11. Einch


    This is the Tory country. Thatcher has her dream come true as epic cuntery is on show for all to see
  12. Virgin you say? I know Branson isn’t involved anymore and yet the stench is strong.
  13. Einch


    Schools preparing to teach remotely. Wife is head of two schools. Half day Friday and tech training for kids then. Teachers training tomorrow. That is her schools. Could be all of England.