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  1. StevieMax

    Bournemouth 0 Liverpool 4 (Dec 8 2018)

    Good report, Dave.
  2. StevieMax

    Burnley 1 Liverpool 3 (Dec 5 2018)

    Good report, Dave. I suppose a wet windy Wednesday @ Burnley is as close as we can get to a wet Tuesday at Stoke/WBA/Bolton (or anyone else managed by Pulis or Allardyce) these days - so it was a good solid performance to come from behind.
  3. StevieMax

    PSG 2 Liverpool 1 (Nov 28 2018)

    It doesn't help that Shaqiri is the only midfielder that gets beyond the forwards.
  4. StevieMax

    Premier League Round Up (Nov 10-11 2018)

    Repped for the mirror story :-) Re: Wolves kit perhaps you've got a better TV picture now you've moved
  5. StevieMax

    Arsenal 1 Liverpool 1 (Nov 3 2018)

    Do you remember when the offside law was more straightforward to undertstand?
  6. StevieMax

    Liverpool 4 Cardiff City 1 (Oct 27 2018)

    But you have to remember that this is the same lino who did not think it was a Cardiff pass back to the keeper in the 1st half!
  7. Just loved the Jimmy Hill story - I remember him pulling that stroke, but forgot that it was Sunderland that went down.
  8. StevieMax

    Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2 (Sep 26 2018)

    From the BBC post Spurs round up: Were referee Michael Oliver and his officials right? Here is the guidance from the Premier League Match Centre: Sadio Mane is in an offside position as James Milner crosses the ball into the penalty area. The ball deflects off Firmino and Toby Alderweireld into the net. Mane, still in an offside position, clearly attempts to play the ball and impacts the goalkeeper’s decision making and ability to make a save. Just saying........
  9. StevieMax

    Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2 (Sep 26 2018)

    Good spot - Dave will predictably blame it on predictive text (or just re-write it)
  10. StevieMax

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 1-2 2018)

    Ron who sat behind me in the olde Main Stand used to have a go at Heskey in the warm up!
  11. StevieMax

    Hall of Fame - Class of 2018

    Hunt was so good a player he managed to keep Jimmy Greaves out of the World Cup winning team.
  12. StevieMax

    Hall of Fame - Class of 2018

    Hunt Hughes Keegan Hansen
  13. StevieMax

    Hall of Fame - Class of 2018

    And arguably became a better player after he left - European Footballer of the year, England captain in Euros & World Cup
  14. I see that Dejan's shove made Harry roll at least twice - so I guess that Neymar would have ended up in the back the net if hit the same way.