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  1. StevieMax

    Anatomy of a picture - by John Brennan

    Such a focused team - all for one; one for all!
  2. StevieMax

    Liverpool 0 Inter Milan 1 (Mar 8 2022)

    I am really surprised that no one has mentioned how much the wind affected the match. It was quite strong and swirled about as well. It definitely affected how LFC went forward and helped Inter's scampering defence. I found it ironic that LFC's best 15 minutes going forward ended with Inter's "worldie" goal.
  3. StevieMax

    Liverpool 2 Norwich City 1 (Mar 2 2022)

    As well as Harvey played in the second half, I thought that Curtis pretty much bossed the first half and gave the team an extra dimension going forward. MOTM for me, even though he only played 45. I agree that the crowd was very quiet for most of the game - I thought that I was back watching a behind closed door COVID game.
  4. StevieMax

    Liverpool 3 Brentford 0 (Jan 16 2022)

    I thought that Curtis played more positively in the second half. Not everything that he tried came off, but he did run at the defence and had a few defenders turning which made space for Robbo & Jota at times.
  5. StevieMax

    Liverpool 4 Shrewsbury 1 (Jan 9 2022)

    Good report, Dave. Spot on about Curtis - I think that Klopp gave him a bit of pep talk with about 20 to go as he was clearly getting fed up. You didn't mention Frauendorf coming on and putting in a couple of meaty tackles as the game petered out. Repped for mentioning Hakeem the Dream.
  6. "Clear and Obvious Error"
  7. StevieMax

    Tottenham Hotspur 2 Liverpool 2 (Dec 19 2021)

    Really honest match report. Kane knows he should have been sent off - watch his hands to his head reaction when he gets up after the challenge on Robbo. Kavanagh on VAR was totally incompetent. One thing that was not commented on was the Spurs player that knocked Robbo to the ground after his red card incident - surely that was violent/serious foul play.
  8. StevieMax

    Premier League Round Up (Nov 27 - Dec 2 2021)

    Great round up of a load of games, Dave. I agree with you about Graham Potter - Brighton are always well organised. He might be the 4th best manager in the PL (he's better than Brendan & Gollum, anyway). Bonus nostalgia point for the old orange balls for winter footie matches analysis.
  9. StevieMax

    Everton 1 Liverpool 4 (Dec 1 2021)

    Great report, Dave. Once again the referee has kept the opposition in the game - Liverpool had 69% possession and managed to concede 67% of the fouls.
  10. StevieMax

    Everton 1 Liverpool 4 (Dec 1 2021)

    Is it Big Dunc, then?
  11. StevieMax

    Liverpool 2 Porto 0 (Nov 24 2021)

    Is it just me - don't the team's warm-up tops make them look like they should be on a chain gang with Cool Hand Luke?
  12. StevieMax

    Liverpool 2 Brighton 2 (Oct 30 2021)

    Lallana (when fit) was always a very effective & smart presser for LFC. Not only did Brighton manage to pass through and around the midfield at will, they also did what all away teams set out to do by taking the crowd out of the match. You could even hear Brighton chanting "is this The Emirates?" late in the second half.
  13. StevieMax

    Atletico Madrid 2 Liverpool 3 (Oct 19 2021)

    Firmino coming on? Don't you mean Fabinho? You've only gone and mixed up the F-ing Brazilians!
  14. StevieMax

    Atletico Madrid 2 Liverpool 3 (Oct 19 2021)

    Good report on a game that was a struggle at times, Dave, but you missed out Simeone refusing Klopp's hand at the end - probably the most shithouse thing he did.
  15. The Kop Kids with Neco & Curtis was brilliant. The 9 year olds Josh & Carter (Scouse Messi) were so natural.