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  1. StevieMax

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 5-6 2019)

    Still, it could be worse, he could be Danny Murphy who put Choudhury’s foul on Mo down to tiredness, even though the fucker had only come on the field five minutes earlier. I think that you missed the point that Danny was making there, Dave. He meant that Mo must have been getting tired for Choudhury to even get close enough to clatter him.
  2. StevieMax

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 5-6 2019)

    Onto Sunday now, and what a great day that was. Unless you follow a Manchester team of course. I work in an office in Stockport and I don't think that I heard any talk about football until Wednesday - and then it was some guy trying to get rid of 2 tickets for Utd v LFC (I kid you not). Whilst me and a couple of Reds I know were walking around permanently smiling. I knew that Wolves would do okay - I even kept Coady in my Fantasy Team.
  3. StevieMax

    Liverpool 2 Leicester City 1 (Oct 5 2019)

    And he generally kept his mouth shut after he saw Bobby's pearly whites!!
  4. StevieMax

    Liverpool 2 Leicester City 1 (Oct 5 2019)

    This was partly due to Salah not "going down easy" and party due to the useless liner in front of the Main Stand. I don't know why he even bothered carrying a flag as he didn't seem to use it (unless it was to keep the flies off him)
  5. StevieMax

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 29 - Oct 1 2019)

    I think that Everton were actually dazzled by Citeh's new away kit for the first 20 minutes - it was a bit day-glo!
  6. StevieMax

    Liverpool 4 Salzburg 3 (Oct 2 2019)

    Is it me, or has Gini been a bit so-so of late? Hence the midfield not functioning as well as it should - I'd like to see Milner in the starting XI tomorrow.
  7. StevieMax

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 29 - Oct 1 2019)

    I have to agree with you on Pickford - Lloris is also one of the more overrated 'keepers as well. Ederson's neck tattoo makes it look like someone has ripped off his second head (which may well be true).
  8. StevieMax

    Liverpool 4 Salzburg 3 (Oct 2 2019)

    Salzburg's manager Jesse Marsch is the first manager from the USA to manage in the Champions League and is tipped as a future USA National manager: https://www.si.com/soccer/2019/10/02/jesse-marsch-rb-salzburg-liverpool-champions-league
  9. The funny thing is though nobody gives a fuck about it. And why should they? It’s not like we hacked into their system. The daft bastards didn’t follow the first law of business. When an employee leaves for a rival, you make sure you change all your passwords and disable all their log in privileges. We don’t know exactly what went on here but if it had been a hacking then they wouldn’t have just accepted a settlement, because that’s really serious and it’s the kind of thing you get heavily sanctioned for. This just looks like City being careless. Let be fair, if you’re a scout that has moved to a new job and you log in to your account and you still have access to everything from your old club, of course you’re going to have a look. It would be weird not to. Here’s the thing though, when you look at the players we actually signed that year then we either took no notice of who they wanted, or they should be fucking paying us for the shite they inadvertently recommended. Too right - what got to me was the fact that The Times made it a Sports section Front Page issue with a further two pages inside before making the throwaway comment that it was a common data base used by clubs all over Europe - implicitly saying that it wasn't a hack (the initial headline) at all, but someone using a login/password that hadn't been cancelled when that person left City.
  10. I see that St Erling has now come out in support of Silva.
  11. StevieMax

    MK Dons 0 Liverpool 2 (Sep 25 2019)

    That's a well made point - but I'd say Fleetwood are better than MK Dons - they spent a fair bit in the summer (for League 1) and have mad Joey Barton as manager.
  12. StevieMax

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 20-22 2019)

    Repped for the Federer - O'Sullivan analogy!! As for the Biff comment.............
  13. StevieMax

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 20-22 2019)

    Going back to the Arsenal game - for me it's a Villa penalty. It's a goal bound shot which Sokratis makes no attempt to get his arm out of the way of, despite it travelling 8 metres to hit him. The winning goal was dubious as well as Arsenal had 1 or 2 (1.5?) in the wall at the freekick and that was a rule change this season.
  14. StevieMax

    Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2 (Sep 22 2019)

    The space that Firmino had for his goal it looked like David Luiz hadn't left Chelsea's defence.
  15. StevieMax

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 14-16 2019)

    By the by Tammy Abraham (real name Kevin) was always going to get some games this season. He's the main reason Villa got into the Premiership (25 goals in 37 last season) so he was bound to be given a chance - and he's probably exceeded all expectations.