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  1. "It’s a bit much when old Baldiola weighs in talking absolute bollocks as well though. “We don’t get enough credit wah wah wah” “Kevin De Bruyne should have been player of the year but you gave it to Salah wah wah wah”. “We won five trophies wah wah wah”. How does he not get this? When you spend what they spend, it’s expected that you’ll win everything. It’s only a story when you don’t." But it was significant that Baldiola didn't mention $terling in his argument - who was actually the football writer's Player of the Year. As we all know that he didn't get that 100% for footballing reasons. Which is why UEFA didn't even mention him in passing.....
  2. I was going with Jason McAteer (Trigger)
  3. StevieMax

    Liverpool 4 Norwich City 1 (Aug 9 2019)

    Good report, Dave. Short and sweet and to the point - did you edit out the paragraph where you worked out how Norwich got in behind so many times? For me there wasn't one overriding reason, just individuals switching off at key moments and relying on someone else to cover/bale them out. Plus Pukki's movement was pretty good all night and Norwich shifted the ball pretty quickly at times - as you say something other teams don't even try to do against us, especially at Anfield. Another factor in the low-key final quarter was the wind getting stronger and we were kicking right into it. All-in-all a very good start with room for improvement, a well-earned 3 points. PS Did anyone else notice that the Kop forgot to sing YNWA at the end?
  4. StevieMax

    Hall of Fame - Class of 2019

    In Chronological order: The Saint KK Terry Mac Carra
  5. Regarding Coutinho - has Dave been talking to Talksport? They seem certain that 4 clubs are interested now.
  6. I think that Hoever looked good again last night - if Jurgen thinks he's good enough he'll play him. Age won't be an issue - it wasn't with Trent.
  7. StevieMax

    Hall of Fame - Class of 2019

    Neal's on the ballot under false pretenses - he never won the FA Cup.
  8. StevieMax

    Hall of Fame - Class of 2019

    I'd have picked Ray Kennedy ahead of Terry Mac
  9. StevieMax

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    You did mean similes, didn't you?
  10. Another thing in Klopp's favour is that no one he wants is leaving/asking to leave - unlike Sane, Hazard, Trippier, Rose, Lukaku, Pogba (?)
  11. StevieMax

    Klopp: Lallana can adapt to new midfield role

    Klopp: Lallana can adapt to new midfield role - being healthy
  12. StevieMax

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Virgil Van Dijk

    Maybe, but the squeeze from Matip on the other side prevented Son getting a good swing with his left foot.
  13. StevieMax

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Mohamed Salah

    Was the .5 for the T-shirt against Barcelona at Anfield?
  14. StevieMax

    2018/19 Season Report Card - James Milner

    If the report had just said "Big Game James - 8/10" I'd have accepted that. Milner is what he is, week in week out, whatever the opposition. As Dave says he's good enough and consistent enough to have got more than the odd game in any of our teams in the 60s, 70s or 80s. PS No mention of his witty incursions on social media!