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  1. corro

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Aye me too. Fucking shame.
  2. corro

    Man City - the new bitters?

    I do not see Haaland doing that well in a Guardiola set up. He’s gonna bored shitless watching the boring cunts go from side to side. De Bruyne apart I don’t see them getting the ball to him.
  3. corro

    Other Football 2021/22

    What you doing calling 16 year olds you don’t even know. Now then now then now then.
  4. I’d be happy to take a 1 goal lead from tonight. We’ve played better away from home throughout the competition. We’ll beat them at their place. Fucking hope so anyway.
  5. Doctor fun and Charlie. From two dogs. Used to drink in the Alys. Used to get a hard time off the local blues. Passed now. Remember being in a working men’s club in Cardiff before the Birmingham league cup final. He was trying to get a laugh out of some kids. They were terrified. Their dad had to tell him to fuck off. He was ok.
  6. corro

    The Official Cricket Thread

    This is without doubt the worst England cricket team I’ve ever seen. They have nothing. Piss poor captain though a decent batsman. Disinterested top player in Stokes. Spinners who everyone knows can’t take wickets. Useless batting line up. Gonna get a fucking good pasting from whoever they play.
  7. corro

    Six Nations 2022

    The finest show of genuine sportsmanship I’ve ever seen. I was choked watching that.
  8. corro

    Trent Alexander Arnold

    You’re right of course but he struggled early on against City with Foden giving him a hard time. Joe for me.
  9. corro

    Other Football 2021/22

    That’s the blue brides off to the spare bedroom. Gum shield in and the latest body armour PJ,s sorted for a peaceful nights kip.
  10. corro

    Thiago Alcantara

    Without a doubt. I love watching a great footballer whoever he plays for. Watching a player as good as him playing for us is as you said. Some team we have here.
  11. corro

    Everton or Newcastle?

    Fuck them. I have family and close friends who follow the cunts. They’re the main reason Id be made up to see them drop. I’ve seen us win the lot. I’d enjoy that just as much., it would shut the cunts up forever
  12. corro

    Celebrity Reds Fans

    Aye true enough. The gentrification of Prescot continues unabated. Shakespeares on route. Fucks sake if they manage that anything’s possible. By the way I’m 2 dogs.
  13. corro

    Celebrity Reds Fans

    They’ve spouted shite like this for years. Fucking idiots. I remember when Brian Snagg, a decent amateur boxer who ran the Fusilier pub in Prescot. He was a big blue who used to steward at the shithole. I asked him if both teams were on live at the same time who would you have on in the boozer. The red shite without a doubt he said. I’m here to make a living. I know I’ll fill the place. Not a fucking dogs chance with the toffs. We fucking dwarf them cunts and they know it.
  14. corro

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I haven’t really give a fuck how they were getting on with their last two managers as they were both good guys I’ve always respected. Lampard is a perfect match for them. Him being a utter cunt. It won’t be long before he orchestrates an opportunity to have a pop.