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  1. corro

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The DVD bit is funny and bang on by the way as I remember a lot of blues claiming they played us off the park. God bless our poor demented neighbours.
  2. corro

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    I seemed to remember the buzz from getting the capital of culture kick starting everything to where we are now. Not all that great for the old school mooching about in a rough as fuck town centre looking for a late afternoon drink maybe in the bronte, the Seymour, or the curzon. Happy days
  3. corro

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Watched Parasite last night. Great movie.
  4. corro


    Can’t argue with that. Been bang at it from the off.
  5. i don’t know if this has been posted but fuck it. Timeless
  6. corro


    They, as in Cummings, have set out to dismantle it anyway. Chaos theory shite and all that goes with it.
  7. corro


    The magic money tree turned up. That’s small change compared to the amount they’ve ploughed into private companies during this. Only difference being they won’t have to pay a penny back. Joe public has that covered.
  8. I love that version. Just him and his piano. What a talent.
  9. Fair old pre season when you weigh it up. We played top sides better than our league has to offer. We played well today. We will go close again.
  10. corro

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Bit harsh on the lad there. Allison apart no one stood out in the final. He scored a great goal to settle it.what more could be do. He done very well covering for Bobby at the end, never let anyone down so fair fucks to him.
  11. Ha I knew some bored cunt would pick up on that. Fucks sake. In bold too.
  12. Just watched the Scorsese rolling thunder documentary on Netflix. Fucking excellent. We
  13. Divock 2-0. The relief watching that come up on flash score. I find it too much watching our big games. My nerves are totally shredded. Have that you gang of shithouse cunts sharpening pencils ready to rip into the serial loser Klopp. He is the finest manager in the world.
  14. corro

    FSG and Ayre can f**k right off

    I never knew Dortmund sacked him. I thought he wrapped it after 6 years similar to his stint at Mainz