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  1. Scott_M

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    I thought the last one was mildly amusing. I loved the original Boggs episode.
  2. Scott_M

    Date thread

    Is she into S&M and stuff? Sex in the air, She don't care, She love the smell of it, Sticks and stones may break her bones, but chains and whips excite her? Or does she love the way you lie and found love in a hopeless place?
  3. Scott_M

    Date thread

    Rhi Rhi looks like Dame Edna.
  4. Scott_M

    Nintendo Switch

    Pre-ordered the Pro version of FIFA, if only so I can get it a week today instead of a week Friday.
  5. Scott_M

    Worst Song of All Time

    I like Oasis but it’s far from their best song. Same with Roll With It. Especially considering some of the b-sides from that album.
  6. Scott_M

    Worst Song of All Time

    I’m in some play gym with my daughter at the moment & that “Somebody I Used To Know” is one. Dunno who sings it, some weird Frenchy and somebody who looks and sounds like Katy Perry but isn’t Katy Perry. Anyway, it’s fucking tripe.
  7. Scott_M


    Look at the state of beloved cracker Donald Trump. How do Asians feel about the North Korea leader? This is RACIST! I’ve never been so outraged.
  8. Scott_M

    Nintendo Switch

    Loving Mario Tennis online. Shame I’ll have to start paying for it soon.
  9. Scott_M


  10. Scott_M


    I’ve only seen what was on BBC earlier but to me, she’s acted like a dick head.
  11. Scott_M

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    I accidentally read ahead on it and read about the sex doll so ruined it for myself a bit. It was funny though. I’m paraphrasing but... “He totally bangs it, you can smell his cum it” “It’s not my cum, I washed it” “What did you wash it with?” “Bleach” “Why did you wash it with bleach?” “It not important....” ... bit hard me laughing hard.
  12. Scott_M

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 1-2 2018)

    The game Heskey came on as sub, didn't he then miss an absolute sitter in the last minute to equalise against them? Played through on the angle with just the keeper to beat and took a fresh air swing at it.