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  1. Scott_M


    Local lockdown in Leeds from tonight. Reading the guidelines it just means I can’t go to or have people to my house but as long as I’m spending money, I can continue doing as-is. What’s the fucking point?
  2. Scott_M


    iPhone 6 was released in 2014.
  3. Scott_M


    Has anybody downloaded the app then?
  4. Scott_M

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Unfortunately, as much of a complete legend he is, I think it’s best for both parties to go their separate ways. I’ll certainly contribute to the Crowd Fund for his statue.
  5. Scott_M

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    ITS FUCKING ON !!! ITS FUCKING OFF !!! Doesn't say in that screenshot but he’s chosen Real Madrid.
  6. Scott_M

    Nike deal

  7. Scott_M

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Why would anybody get a tattoo of Odd Job?
  8. Scott_M

    Other football - 2020/21

    When I read the above, I picked up on Mac straight away but for Reynolds my first thought was Dennis, Frank & Dee were getting in on the act as well.
  9. Scott_M

    Other football - 2020/21

    Little Arms hands Fleetwood a lifeline with another mistake.
  10. Scott_M

    Nike deal

    For £12.53 on DHgate, even I wouldn’t buy it.
  11. Scott_M

    Nike deal

    9 months. Oh, you meant the shirt. I ordered it on 4th Sept, so just over 3 weeks.
  12. Scott_M

    Nike deal

    Unfortunately there is an issue with this. It’s defintely not a large. More a medium at best. Fuming. I’ve contacted the seller for a refund. Anyhoo, would any of the more slender males on the FF like it? £15.
  13. Scott_M

    Nike deal

    I wondered why it seemed to take so long to get through customs.
  14. Scott_M

    Nike deal

    SoccerJersey999. https://m.dhgate.com/store/20770939?invitorid=jYv2aqbb