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  1. Scott_M

    VAR Thoughts?

    I agree but there will be some dick bag's who'll still try and say Firmino was offside at Villa or Salah at Brighton etc. IMO, a tolerance is a better solution. It definitely proves a player is offside, rather than proving them onside. I do agree a referee could request his own replays.
  2. Scott_M

    VAR Thoughts?

    He gave a goal before VAR got involved. The issue was the lack of communication on why VAR had decided what it decided.
  3. Scott_M

    VAR Thoughts?

    See my point about the officials being shite. "Clear and obvious". And to be fair, it is getting a little better. At least some referee's are ignoring when they don't agree with the review.
  4. Scott_M

    VAR Thoughts?

    I’m still in favour of it but for me there are 2 key parts of it... 1) To many rules are trying to be shoehorned into being black or white - see handball. 2) Similarly offside. Nobody likes these millimetre calls, make an area of tolerance so there is no doubt when a player is outside the parameter, they are offside. 3) Probably the key part - the VAR process relies on an official telling another official to review. The issue is the quality of our officials are garbage. I blame Mike Riley for standards slipping - and they were never great to begin with. He was a snivelling little shit as a referee and he’s a snivelling little shit now.
  5. Scott_M

    Ozan Kabak

    I'm not liking how he's been done by passes behind him & having no idea where his man is - Barnes at Leicester, Richarlson's goal & a couple of times last night, luckily McBurnie is utter shite because somebody else better would have been working Adrian. I get that he's come into a difficult position etc etc etc but having an appreciation of the ball and his man at all times is a pretty fundamental attribute for a defender. If he's up against Djibril Werner (or Timo Cisse - you pick) on Thursday, I'll be concerned.
  6. Scott_M

    VAR Thoughts?

    This is when MOTD stopped it.
  7. Scott_M

    Other football - 2020/21

    I don’t know if that sarcasm or not but I’ve spotted an issue with your post.
  8. Scott_M

    Other football - 2020/21

    If I was Nuno Espirito, I’d be asking for a refund.
  9. Scott_M

    Other football - 2020/21

    Has it been determined if the ball crossed the line before the 2nd whistle yet? ie with an etcha-sketch graph that they are so keen on to penalise players on for the smallest of margins.
  10. Scott_M

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Well, who knows what Davies will be like. He might actually be reasonable squad player, he might be there make up the UK numbers. IMO, Gomez and Matip actually contribute and play well when available, so I’m willing to give them more of a chance to prove themselves. However, you can only count them as 1 player (at best) because they are both out half the time. If we sign just 1 centre back and we get an injury or two, we could quite easily be down to A player + Davies, which is practically where we are now. We might only sign one, but as we’ve both said, we’re just spitballing here, my preference is two for the above reasons and I don’t think it’s an unrealistic expectation. IMO, losing Gini for an adequate replacement and losing Shaqiri, Origi & Mininamo for an adequate replacement isn’t a rebuild - its natural squad attrition. Appreciate you might feel different.
  11. Scott_M

    VAR Thoughts?

    I agree. If the ball has crossed the line before he blew the whistle, I bet VAR then says there was an offside player in the keepers line of sight (despite that being clearly bollocks). I said in the “Other Football” thread that I think it’s one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen and I genuinely mean that. The only explanation is he fucked up, there is absolutely no other option.
  12. Scott_M

    VAR Thoughts?

    Sorry, my bad, yes Mason. Moss is another incompetent old, fat, bald cunt, hence the confusion! I’d suggest Mason blew without checking everybody was set, saw it was going on and tried to stop the goal by blowing again. I doubt the FA or whoever will give any insight, the only person who knows is Mason as he’ll never admit to the fuck up, or be allowed to admit to it.
  13. Scott_M

    VAR Thoughts?

    If Moss blew the whistle before it went it, sorry, but it's got to be disallowed. If it had gone in before the 2nd blow, then thats a different matter - and there absolutely needs to be some line drawing to determine that. I cannot say from the naked eye either way. I'm leaning towards it was over the line but yet to hit the back of the net, buts thats only my instinct but that would still make it a goal. I did say "if it hadn't crossed the line" in my last post. So, yeah, sorry, VAR still has a question to answer, if it had crossed the line. If it hadn't crossed the line, it's 100% on Mason. If he'd surveyed the situation properly the first time, there is no need for the 2nd blow. Also, it was Luiz who scored the quick free kick for Chelsea.
  14. Scott_M

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I'd be happy for 3 nothing players to leave and 2 players who'd challenge for the first team from day 1 to come in, yes. Also, Elliot is back as back up. So I'm releasing 4 players and bringing in 3, 1 of who is last choice - not unlike Minamino or Origi. Bold players are new signings. Obviously who knows if they will sign, but we've been heavily linked with all of them so lets just use them as examples (Ox and Milner used is different positions due to their versatility)... Alisson, Kelleher. TAA, Williams, Milner. Robbo, Tsmiskas, Milner. VVD, Gomez, Matip, Davies, Konate, White. Hendo, Fabinho, Thiago, Jones, Milner, Ox, Neuhaus. Salah, Mane, Firmino, Jota, Elliot, Ox, Raphinnia. ...that gives us >2 options per position. Minamino, Keita and Shaq have really offered nothing for 2 years. We're letting 3 players go (2 of which have had substantial injury problems) who don't contribute anyway, and are replacing them with younger, hungrier and (hopefully) fitter players, who lets face it, at worse, could only contribute the same.
  15. True but you can't do much able his knee cap falling out in training, having his leg broken at Burnley or being made to play on for the England u21's with an ALC. IMO, somebody like Keita who has these permanent niggles, is far more annoying than Gomez. Plus, Gomez is normally pretty good when he plays.