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  1. Scott_M

    Rate the last film you watched...

    I thought Snowpiercer was crap as well. Remember seeing it bigged up in Empire & Total Film a few times. Saw it advertised on Netflix, checked it IMDB & was really looking forward to it. Don't think I lasted 30 mins.
  2. Scott_M

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Dolemite Is My Name - 6/10. The best bit about the film is Wesley Snipes, he’s hilarious. Apart from him, it’s kind of mildly amusing in places.
  3. Scott_M

    Scenes- Alex Woo has opened a chippy

    Bondobust in Leeds is great.
  4. Scott_M

    Rage Against The Machine

    Hope they do a couple of UK shows. The current political climate feels right for them to headline Glastonbury but I assume they’ll probably just doing Leeds & Reading. Would be great for them to release some new stuff. Prophets Of Rage did some Ok stuff but it certainly missed De La Rocha’s delivery. Also assume My Chemical Romance will play Leeds & Reading, which is significantly less cool.
  5. I was going to take a photo but I was so disappointed by it, I didn’t bother. I’m not a bean fan & would have left them anyway, but half plate of beans was excessive.
  6. We stopped at Lichfield on the way to Villa yesterday to watch the Egg Chasing. I got a breakfast, which was: 1 sausage 1 bacon 1 fried egg 1 hash brown 1/2 a tomato Half a plate of beans. I was very disappointed.
  7. One of the few breads not made with soya flour, which living with somebody with a soya allergy, is handy.
  8. There will be no trips to Marbs after all them carbs.
  9. They also look like some McCain’s frozen ones. Disappointed they weren’t home made.
  10. Scott_M

    Rate the last film you watched...

    I’ve a bit of time on Thursday, I was thinking about going to go to see this. If what happens in the first few minutes is true (and I assume it is), then I’m not going to bother.
  11. Scott_M

    Star Wars

    Am I right in thinking the show isn’t about Boba Fett?
  12. Scott_M

    Kanye West's Madness

    Kanye West is clearly off his rocker. I read bits of that Zane Lowe interview. West also confirmed he was likely to run for President in 2024 as well. What an absolute tit. Has he spent all Mark Zuckerburg’s money yet?
  13. Barca need to realise they need to replace Suarez with Ricky Lambert first.
  14. Scott_M

    [NSFW] The All New Celebrity T*ts Out Thread

    Although incredibly pretty, I always had the impression she was a bit tubby in comparison to say, Taylor Swift. Those pictures are ace though. Shows what a weight loss aide crack can be.