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  1. Are very bizarre tweet...
  2. We’ll just have to focus on getting 104 points and winning every home game from here on in.
  3. Scott_M

    Nike deal

    Somebody has beaten us to it. Given Klopp is our coach, we should be all over a cap deal with New Era.
  4. Scott_M

    Star Wars

    Jesus Christ. https://cosmicbook.news/disney-resetting-star-wars-erasing-last-jedi
  5. Scott_M

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Not sure I’ve seen this mentioned anywhere, but this was announced the other day.
  6. Scott_M

    Nike deal

    I don’t understand the link between LFC on the back top and Liverpool supporters from outside the city?
  7. Scott_M


    As opposed to what your son implemented.
  8. Scott_M


    Although I suppose these do show an improving situation. I suppose the main question on the infections is the demographics of those infected (health, age, ethnicity etc) and those who test positive, them making sure they are isolating so not to spread the virus.
  9. Scott_M


    This is England hospitals only. When you see this, we’re probably on course for consistently < 50 deaths per day now, almost exclusively people > 60 with underlying health issues. You obviously think it’s safe enough to go about your daily routine now. However, when you see that we’re still recording 150-200 deaths per day, I do wonder where they are all coming from. The other home nations are posting minimal figures, so is it still care homes keeping the numbers up? Or is it something else?
  10. Scott_M

    Other Football - 2019/20

    4-0 Newcastle. Another whacking to the goal difference for Bournemouth.
  11. Scott_M

    Other Football - 2019/20

    3-0 Newcastle. The Human Eyebrow scored.
  12. Scott_M

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Bournemouth are making Newcastle look like peak 2012 Barcelona.