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  1. Scott_M

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Out of contract in 2022 & has allegedly told them he’s not resigning. So I’d assume, it’s they sell this summer or lose on a free next summer.
  2. Scott_M

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I expect Konaté to be announced like Fabinho - more or less immediately after the season has finished. RBL have 3 games left & finish weekend of 22nd May as well.
  3. Scott_M

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    How reputable is The Parisien? Assuming it’s not a rehash, not the first time I’ve seen this story. You can guess where I’m going next...
  4. Scott_M

    Man Utd Fans

    At least Chelsea seem genuinely wound up by the ESL.
  5. Scott_M

    Super League Poll

    Also a joke. They are looking at getting 21k for the FA Cup Final.
  6. Scott_M

    Man Utd Fans

    Yeah, just saw that and came back to post. Tossers.
  7. Scott_M

    Man Utd Fans

    Re-arranged for 13th May. Their Leicester game must have been re-arranged as it was meant to be on the 12th.
  8. Scott_M

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Yawn. Likewise it works both ways. If you come here to chat, what I think is complete shit, prepare to deal with objections.
  9. Scott_M

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Now see, this is what I’m talking about . 1) “Supporting this club is one tiny fraction of my life, I don't obsess over it, its not the be all and end all”. Well, you seem to complain about FSG enough in here so why don’t you use your time constructively instead? 2) I just want the fucking manager CONSISTENTLY backed. Everybody wants that. Some of us are willing to understand why we might not be able spend as much currently. I fundamentally struggle to see the difficulty in understanding this. You were sounding off for weeks last year we hadn’t improved the squad and then we signed Thiago and Jota and you fucked off until we needed a new centre back to continue moaning where you left off. Queue the inaccurate Origi comment now. But no, you don’t obsess over it? 3) Our manager has worked wonders with what he has been given and it seemingly feels like all that effort has been wasted, we will see next season if the damage is longer term Winning the Champions League, Super Cup, CWC and Premiership is wasted effort? 4) Theres nothing remotely difficult to understand about that. And you can guarantee most of those on here who don't like FSG probably hold the same values. Do something about it then. 5) Now fuck off you absolute tart. Hilarious. X.
  10. Scott_M

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I don't take it personally, I actually think most of the stuff is laughable. I get some won't change their mind no matter what, some of the claims about FSG are just unsubstantiated rubbish - see the above post from Dockers Strike as an example of the sheer stupidness of it. I went at lengths last summer to state I'm not an FSG fanboy and I will have criticise when I feel there is something to criticise. I'm not meaning to come across as a Super Fan or whatever. That point was originally made when Beef Stroganoff accused me of being some know-nothing 18 year old whose never been to Anfield, which I set him straight on. I'm incredibly lucky to have been to as many games as I have. I find the "Super Fan" an odd insult to be honest because I'm sure many are very envious of how fortunate I've been. I was rightly picked up on, on Sunday for a comment I made. It was drink induced and I did apologise for it. The points I'm trying to make on the protests etc (although inarticulately!) is if some are that unhappy with FSG, they have a platform now to show the world what they think of them. I absolutely deplore how the mancs went about it on Sunday, but at they made themselves heard. What is the point in coming on here, sounding off in virtually every thread, trotting out the same old boring claims and then not backing it up? I'm no Arthur Scargill, but when I feel strongly about something, I try to get my point across for change, whether that e-mailing Deutsche Bank, going to a G&H march, the ticket walk out or sending Peter Moores a tweet on the Furlough. I'm not stupid enough to think I single handedly changed the above, of course not, but unity is strength and all that and I have the balls to put my money where my mouth is.
  11. Scott_M

    Nike deal

    If anybody is interested. https://m.dhgate.com/product/18-19-thailand-soccer-jersey-patches-and/416973513.html?invitorid=jYv2aqbb&shareToken=2931004AF5E64F13C03DCA2716452969EE31A21B748E820A0D0996D1F5C16AE84C77564392517175DE4D4D290ED488277CC3B53FD2C9AEE5
  12. Scott_M

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    People like to make claims and comments in here but don’t like being challenged to back it up. I’m a member of SOS, I might give it a go. Queue another hilarious joke about me doing it so I can nosh Henry or another equally hilarious zinger.
  13. Scott_M

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Your very good at spouting off but taking no action. Why don’t you join SOS and apply?