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  1. Likely very true. Hopefully we’ve put our 3 month head start to good use.
  2. Gobshite. https://x.com/hayterstv/status/1760073844906401902?s=46&t=6Jyy6bBsb9DEdOzs-Rh38Q
  3. Not sure about that. After the March international break we won 9 league games, drew 2, (City & Spurs), won the FA Cup and got to the CL Final. Ultimately, we gave ourselves too much to make up in the league. I take the point on Thiago and Fabinho’s fitness in the CL Final, they weren’t the reason we didn’t win the game, we didn’t take our chances and they did. Hopefully not having players go deep in the AFCON helps this year.
  4. Winning the league at Woodison and sending them down, in a penultimate rearranged game is the stuff wet dreams are made of.
  5. Be all the random payments to dead agents and family members that does it.
  6. Disagree. No communication on the extra tickets and seeing Chelsea get extra tickets makes people think they have a chance - I know from friends in a similar position feel the same way. I’ve finally got a lass in the ticket office to tell me the extra was received last week and was put to the waiting list. I’m happier / less anxious now knowing where I stand, even if it isn’t the answer I wanted.
  7. They don’t need to be but you’d have thought they would be. If the extra allocation has been factored into the waiting list then fine, feels strange that only those who were successful in ballot waiting list were made aware of it.
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