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  1. Reports in Sports Newspaper in Japan, via France, were after Kubo… According to Sponichi Liverpool in the Premier League is preparing an offer to acquire Japanese internationalTakefusa Kubo (2001) playing for Real Sociedad in La Liga. The offer would be €65 million for an annual salary of €15 million.
  2. She needs to come out swinging, she needs to highlight what an unsavoury prick Trump is.
  3. I would barely recognise her if she was sat next to me on the sofa now… not heard of her raping anybody though.
  4. I fundamentally don’t believe Will Spearman’s cousin is tweeting about transfers. I’m sure all that data / transfer team have to sign NDA’s.
  5. If the Democrats play this right, it could be a galvanising moment. A 2nd woman, a woman of colour, up against misogynist, a convicted rapist… he can’t be allowed to win again, think about your moral compass etc.
  6. Seem to remember some posters complaining we didn’t sign this guy last summer…
  7. Throwing fish cakes? There is no plaice in the game for that…
  8. Should have done it weeks ago.
  9. Yes. I paid for a blue tick and everything… …The Prince of Nigeria also wants me to find somebody to look after £2m & pay a hefty commission. If you just DM me your sort code and account number, we can sort it out.
  10. Hopefully him and Ederson both leave.
  11. When is it ever not? TBH, I’m Ok with things at the moment. New structure, new coach, half the squad away on internationals… for us especially, the summer was never going to be anything but a slow burn.
  12. I see all the standard Twitter-arti accounts are saying “big week”. Yawn.
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