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  1. That used to be the case didn’t it? I remember being told that as a kid and my step mum told me off for doing it about 10 years ago when I was swigging cold water from the bathroom sink tap because I was too hungover to go downstairs
  2. Don’t start digging now mate. It’s too late for all that. ”God, imagine if”. You’re fooling nobody.
  3. You’re now facebook’s prime suspect with that Freudian slip, you human trafficking piece of shit.
  4. This is something I hope we see as a difference under Slot - some onus on midfield creativity rather than just metronomic water carriers.
  5. I think it was a pen in the modern rules, as that diving in front of the ball is an applauded tactic now. If that had happened to Mo though, he’d have been booked for fouling the defender
  6. I fucking love George Sephton. And Alan Hansen. They both came to my primary school at different times - Alan was presenting our new football kit in assembly and George gave a talk on Heysel, Hillsborough and all things Liverpool FC from his time with them. Pair of indisputable Liverpool legends. Get well soon Jockey
  7. Yeah, that makes sense. Wouldn’t count on that with England either - was looking at that group before and they could be unstuck. They’re fucking shite
  8. Is it 4? I thought 3, but that wouldn’t make sense I suppose. Now that you’ve laid it out like that, it does seem doable if they can squeeze a 1-0. I thought the goals would fuck them. Although the top 3 currently could all draw and even win
  9. It’s a shame that first result now, as they’ve left themselves in a tight spot, where even if they win 2-0 tonight, they probably won’t even qualify in the highest placed 3rd team league. Looking forward to flower of Scotland and I’ll be cheering Robbo and the rest on. Some of their players are so bad though - that McKenna who came on for Tierney the other day…good Lord
  10. All jokes aside - that looks bad. I’d be upset at receiving that if I’d bought it out. You do get those that look shite and taste great though, but that I doubt is one of them. The eggs are fucked, the toast is both burnt and raw and not optimal breakfast bread, and the sausage and mushrooms look uncooked. The knife and fork are too slender for adult usage post the 1970s and what the fuck is that floating in your tea?
  11. Haha - what are the odds?! Have to say, that second one is just as much, if not more, on the guy on the bike. Car pulls into middle lane and puts hazards on - crack on regardless.
  12. I hear you mate. Would have been a really guilt fuelled wank then
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