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  1. Curly

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    Nice one. Thanks mate. Yeah - I’m in it for the hopefully the boom and have accepted the bust!
  2. Curly

    Boxing 2022

  3. Did you ask for brown toast, or is it them that needs their windows putting through?
  4. Curly

    Russia v Ukraine

    Yeah, the sooner this ends, the better I suppose. I can’t believe it’s actually happening
  5. Curly

    Russia v Ukraine

    Me neither mate, but I’d imagine the pro Ukrainian support that is coursing through the nation currently may take a bit of a hit with those talks
  6. Curly

    Boxing 2022

    Looking forward to this
  7. Curly

    Russia v Ukraine

    Not for the Ukrainian soldiers and civilians who’ve died to protect their right to choose for themselves
  8. Curly

    Russia v Ukraine

    Russian Ambassador to Ireland - can’t work out if he’s landed himself a winner or a dud of a gig there. Can’t be much he’s got on day to day, surely?
  9. Curly

    Russia v Ukraine

    Do you all think he’s got the appetite to roll on into Latvia say, or will he take Ukraine and start issuing demands?
  10. The caf was out of the bag, some might say. Fucking nailed that. Absolute beauty. I’ll be dining out on that for quite some time, make no fucking mistake.
  11. Does Rico know you’ve got a dishwasher as well as a nice car?
  12. Curly

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    What are you doing with your xhv now mate? I’m holding what I bought way back last year. It doubled, crashed, hit its original number just before Christmas and has dropped back down again. I’ve written it off in my head now, but I was wondering if you still thought it had a chance of being that “pay the mortgage off” investment?