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  1. TheBitch

    The New Cricket Thread

    That's superb fielding from Udana with 2 run outs off his own bowling.
  2. TheBitch

    Opposite sex deal breakers

    "I've never done that before" "Of course you haven't love, of course you haven't"
  3. TheBitch

    The New Cricket Thread

    Finch to get 200 here.
  4. TheBitch

    The Official Golf Thread

    Fucking hate Fowler. I hate his hair and I hate his eyebrows. Get in the bunker.
  5. TheBitch

    The New Cricket Thread

    Who's this commentating with Nass? She could be the next ex-Mrs TheBitch.
  6. TheBitch

    The New Cricket Thread

    This shall hereby be known as the unbearable summer.
  7. TheBitch

    The New Cricket Thread

    Looking forward to that KP: Story of a genius. I'm probably in the minority here in that I loved him. Sensational cricketer. And a bit of a cunt too. But as we all know, you need a bit of that.
  8. TheBitch

    Donald Trump

    What a truly stupid cunt.
  9. TheBitch

    Classic British Foods

    The only thing they got right was the beans on the breakfast.
  10. TheBitch

    Cover at Left-Back

    I honestly don’t mind dusting my boots off to play second fiddle to Robbo.
  11. TheBitch

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    N.. Yeah he was.
  12. TheBitch

    Div or Dom?

  13. TheBitch

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Stupid cunts.