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  1. It’s fucking mental. They’re dirty, guilty, cheating rats and they’re the ones claiming they’ve been hard done to. No humility no nothing. Hold your hands up… we did wrong, we actually got off extremely lightly with 10 points. But not these mental twats. I’ll never forgive Brighton for not flushing these turds last season, the useless, smelling themselves, seagull shagging, cunts.
  2. Every single thing about them since the points deduction has just made me hate them even more. The stupid cunts.
  3. I’d be fuming if you didn’t.
  4. We need to bin it off just to cheer @Mook up.
  5. This upstanding forum was built upon people posting while inebriated. Don’t even think about quitting what has made this forum the place it is.
  6. Yeah, I get it, he was miles off, but he's come back onside when he connects with the ball, I just think it's shite as he's not really got an advantage by being offside initially.
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