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  1. TheBitch

    The BBC

  2. TheBitch

    Make your own AI-generated art

    Bay Lifts
  3. TheBitch

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    Made up I sold my bitcoin at £47k and made a tidy profit. If only I’d sold all my others at the top of their game too.
  4. TheBitch


    The latest gem from my tin foil hat wearing friend is that Omicron Delta is an anagram of… *drum roll* Media control. *gasp*
  5. That was the intention in all honesty, it worked well and I’m a bit disappointed to be coming out of my drunken stupor and having to face the general public once again.
  6. TheBitch


    14 Peaks on Netflix has some superb footage. Well worth a watch.
  7. TheBitch

    Boris Johnson

    Oh yeah I expect nothing less, bad troll though, if this forum has taught me anything it’s to appreciate a real good WUM.
  8. TheBitch

    Boris Johnson

    About as funny as a dose.
  9. I’ve finished a Brewdog, Beerhawk and Beer 52 calendar already. I’ve ordered 2 more. I just can’t remember if I’ve already posted about it in here.
  10. TheBitch


    Yeah I feel fine mate. Just wondered if we had special powers that meant we wouldn’t need the jab any time soon.
  11. TheBitch


    PCR test positive last Monday.
  12. TheBitch


    Is it worth getting the booster if you’ve had the AIDS? Aren’t I now naturally immune for a bit.
  13. TheBitch

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Proper pisses me off that ITV+1 is further down the channel list than ITV2+1, it makes zero sense.
  14. Rog’ if you want to employ me as your personal masseur I’m available. I’ve been told by numerous people I’ve got magic fingers.