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  1. I’ll guarantee there’s a correlation of people who say joint top and people who don’t have beans on a breakfast.
  2. I’m so sick of the bums up front for us that I would start him today. Yeah I’m a knee jerk dickhead like that, but it’s Crystal Palace at home.
  3. The first time I’ve ever used the haha rep. That is amazing.
  4. Well that was a tidy little day… Not feeling being in work right now though.
  5. Just like Emre Can, his hair is massively overrated.
  6. Fair play to anyone thinking we win any more trophies this year, we’ve been winging it for months and these last 2 results have done it for me. We’ll finish 3rd in the league and that’s a massive improvement on last season but fairytales don’t happen, lads , we know that from previous campaigns, and they especially don’t happen with performances like the last two. Absolute fucking shite. We’ll be 3rd and that’s where we belong.
  7. I disagree that you disagree about the crowd. On the stream I was watching all you could hear was our fans, until that first goal of theirs after half time they weren’t interested, we gifted them that goal and they were right in it and it spurred them on to get the second; the fucking cunts. I knew you’d be straight on Quansah’s back though.
  8. I’ll be honest with you, I’m reading it in stages because it’s pissing me off so much going through it all again. I haven’t taken it well.
  9. I mean, I kind of get it, but these are professional footballers, I don’t know how you fuck that up. It’s absolutely fucking infuriating.
  10. I’d deffo give Dave a pass on not putting out a match report as it’d just get me riled up all over again having to think about that shitfest.
  11. At 2-1 yesterday he’s on the sideline tearing into players for numerous reasons, he should be doing that at 0-1 when we’re throwing away chance after gilt edged chance. We’re not ruthless enough at the club, from top to bottom.
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