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  1. TheBitch


    Fuck you. Bought three.
  2. TheBitch


    Stewart Lee's take on Nuttall creased me. Well worth 9 mins of your time.
  3. TheBitch

    Christmas Decorations

    As soon as KMD7 posts he's getting negged for repping this.
  4. TheBitch


    £5.65 ebay Maybe Noam would hate me buying off ebay???? I will find out. I will also look proper clever in work reading this. Might buy some glasses specifically for it.
  5. TheBitch


    Nah, I'm good with hard work, being the massive intellect that I am, I'll breeze through it.
  6. TheBitch

    Serious things you shouldn't laugh at

    I thought that, tbh. I just wanted clarification. It's a very Caribbean beer served in a white can with a red stripe.
  7. TheBitch


    Looks/sounds like hard going, it's not available on one of those disgusting horrible download sites that I sometimes check, but, because you've recommended it, I will get on it. Is it hard work?
  8. TheBitch


    90 today/yesterday apparently. One of the worlds greatest lintellectuals/inguistics apparently. Other than the links in this thread, can anyone point me in the direction of his good/greatest work for me to peruse.
  9. Agree with Stronts here, anyone serving food on a shovel should be whacked in the face with said shovel.
  10. TheBitch

    Middle Class Generalisation Thread

    I'm in a bad place right now. Would.
  11. TheBitch

    Date thread

    I was expecting more/better from you, to be honest. 4/10
  12. TheBitch

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    You only lose when you sell... (I'm £78,000 down)
  13. TheBitch

    Serious things you shouldn't laugh at

    "The haunting tribute was complete with a can of lager and tears on its face." Struggling to make out what lager it was?