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  1. TheBitch


    Great insult.
  2. TheBitch


    400 people at a wedding in East London. Did the stupid fuckers really think this would go unnoticed?
  3. TheBitch


    That 15+ is a joke isn't it? It comes to something when I genuinely don't know if that is real or not. Edit: Holy fuck it's real. I'm done. Just fuck off.
  4. TheBitch

    Do you have your own space

    @RedKnight Lets see a pic of your Coors neon.
  5. TheBitch


    I’ve only been to one, that was with Kenton Cool and he was almost in tears talking about the death of a Chinese man that had been left but there was no way of getting him down. I can’t remember the exact story but he was possibly still alive when they found him. Some great names there though, Champ.
  6. TheBitch


    Yeah he was intense, I thought on one of the old interviews when he was talking about friends he’d lost that he was almost dead behind the eyes.
  7. TheBitch


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000hp3m The legend of Hamish MacInnes is on BBC iPlayer if any real mountain nerds fancy wasting an hour and 20 mins. Known as the fox of Glencoe, he lead an extraordinary life and there's some cracking old footage and stories including his design of safety and rescue gear that's still in use now and also telling how he was mis-diagnosed with dementia and locked up in a mental ward with nobody listening to his protests when he had a urinary infection. Pretty sad how such a legend who saved countless lives was thrown on the scrapheap for a time.
  8. Bin Bobby. Slap the money on the table for Gini's new contract, play him further forward. You don't even need to thank me, Jurgen, you can have that one for free.
  9. TheBitch

    Liverpool 0 Manchester United 0 (Jan 17 2021)

    As abhorrent as that match was, it still didn't prepare me for this, and I audibly gasped when I read it. "So currently I don't blame anyone for expressing their frustrations however they can (just don't be tagging players in when you do, coz that makes you a cunt)." I was fully expecting @rb14 or @Paul to have pulled you up on it already. What have you become Dave?
  10. TheBitch

    Music Tournament Winners - The FINAL

    Would have voted for these too.
  11. TheBitch

    How hot is your house ?

    I had an energy bill for December and it told me I’d used £115 worth of energy. I don’t know how that compares but it seemed a lot to me. I direct debit £35 a month. Furloughed Mrs TheBitch has been told to layer up. She consequently told me to piss off and turned the heating up I think.
  12. TheBitch


    Second wave?
  13. TheBitch

    Static Caravans

    You’ll get back ache and neck ache and be sick to death of screaming kids and scalls within a fortnight. Get a beer fridge and a dog though.