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  1. TheBitch

    VAR Thoughts?

    It’s the sole reason I don’t watch football anymore. In years gone by I’d move heaven and earth to watch our matches. I watched Barca beat us 3-0 on a boat in the middle of the Similan islands using a phone and a dodgy box. I’d bin jobs off in work and tell people to wait so I could watch us draw with Fulham. Now I genuinely don’t know who we’re playing. I come on here (not to be fucked at) and read the match reports and have a mooch around the FF but mainly stick to the GF. I just can’t invest my time and energy in something that isn’t fit for purpose and is pretty much rigging games however the people on the end of an etch-a-sketch want the games to be rigged. Tl;dr It’s fucking shit and I hate it and I’ve voted with my feet.
  2. I feel this. I’d gladly take death right now the way my body is. Growing old isn’t for me.
  3. TheBitch

    Prince Philip...

    Once got 18 hole in 1’s while riding a unicorn.
  4. TheBitch

    Birds (the animals)

    I genuinely don’t think he’s your dad. It’s just a robin.
  5. TheBitch

    The world of a woman.

    My hatred of Loose Women knows no bounds.
  6. TheBitch

    First ever post ?

    Mine was in reference to Steven Gerrard and his love of Phil Collins and the DJ saga. I got accused of being Momo and have never returned to the badlands of the FF since.
  7. TheBitch


    Welcome back TK.
  8. TheBitch

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    That’s a pool table, mate.
  9. TheBitch


    Completely blown my mind this.
  10. I’m cancelling my Beer52 so might give this a go for a bit.
  11. I knew you were gonna say Tesco. I’m on a self imposed Tesco ban after they tried to kill my dad* *His wagon went over a flyover on the A55 and he landed on the roundabout at St Asaph during a cold spell one winter. The store in Holyhead specifically said not to send any drivers out but the cunts sent him out anyway. I digress...
  12. I was a fan of it too, Rem. 20% off a 6 pack when you add code FRESHESTROUNDTRIP