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  1. TheBitch


    The Skip has had it. You on the mend @dave u?
  2. 5 mins from my house that, I’ll put you a pint behind the bar.
  3. TheBitch

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    I got a couple of masks given to me by a Thai couple on a plane and also 1 by Thai police. Masks.
  4. TheBitch


    Got enough green in?
  5. I want @3 Stacks opinion on whether these pair are studs.
  6. TheBitch

    Cake Cunt - Leave a Review

    I want my cake cunt money back you cunt.
  7. TheBitch


    My mum and dad for getting me supplies in for when I get home including a load of ale.
  8. TheBitch


    I think so. They just take a reading of your forehead. I have had a cold for most of the fucking year and just can’t shift it. Anyway I was sat in Bangkok airport and had a little coughing fit and some grass blew me up, next thing I’m surrounded by the Thai police asking if I’ve got a face mask, all the while sweat is starting to pour off me and they hand me a couple more masks and tell me to put them on. Trust me, being surrounded by Thai police is not a nice experience.
  9. TheBitch


    Are you the police? I may have sampled some.
  10. TheBitch


    It’s all over for me lads. Temperature taken in 3 airports over the last 10 days. 35.5 35.6 35.8 i leave all my worldly goods to Battersea dogs home, and @Carradona RIP YNWA ETC
  11. TheBitch


    This is not how the internet works.
  12. They’ll give at least 4 weeks notice of games returning and as you say players will be on strict training regimes anyway. We’ll hit the ground running and win both games. Job done. Feet up lads.