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  1. I love how he rations that. You can hear the Kop going "here it cooooomes...!!!"
  2. Whoever it was on the podcast recently that expressed the hope that Man United would persist in not seeing how the likes of Tuchel would transform them should be feeling pretty smug right now. Then again, it seems blatantly obvious to all of us. This must be what it was like to people on the outside watching Liverpool supporters chundering on during the 90's about how the Boot Room philosophy would get Liverpool back to the top it just needed time any day now any day now...
  3. deiseach

    GB News

    The main reason it has flopped is because it's a new entry on an old medium. My Daily Express-reading father-in-law is the target for this kind of thing, but the only time he will switch away from ITV is for football. I can never get my head around how a programme that gets a couple of million viewers on BBC2 can soar to a multiple of that by switching to BBC1. Were the new viewers for the programme that made the switch completely incapable of finding the '2' on their remote? Obviously not, they will just watch whatever happens to be on their preferred station. The button for GB News might as well be located on the moon for all the effort its target demographic are going to put in to look for it. Another way of looking at it is how a publication like the Daily Express can still endure. Someone could put out a 'better' version of it but no-one would buy it because the demographic it is aimed at are set in their ways.
  4. deiseach

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    How will we be able to tell?
  5. deiseach

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    There's a shop opposite Picton Clock in Wavertree that's been unoccupied for years now. I seem to recall it was some manner of letting agency. Anyway, they've taken off all the frontage to reveal this: If I saw things in black and white I might have thought I was in Z-Cars.
  6. deiseach

    Golf thread / my new project

    I would have said 88 is pretty darn good then. Golf ain't a game of perfect and all that.
  7. deiseach

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    And will be in the Championship in five years I would add that the prospect of competing with the likes of Leicester, Spurs, Arsenal and Villa is fine with me, because the unspoken alternative - competing with Man City and Chelsea - is death for the club. Just ask Barcelona.
  8. deiseach

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Or Leicester, in the Championship in five years.
  9. Having failed to make a "clubs like Burnley, Watford, or Everton" comment in the most recent podcast - my wife burst out laughing at it while listening to the previous recording in the car - kudos for the Leon Osman reference. Good to see you've got your mojo back.
  10. deiseach

    Golf thread / my new project

    Whenever people post scores, are they net or gross?
  11. deiseach

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I had to laugh at this bit (otherwise you'd cry): I would suggest it would be better to pursue policies that lead to 'recognised pay scales' across the board such as, I don't know, a living wage? Instead, the solution is to shrink the labour pool. I look forward to the success of getting rid of those from eastern Europe to be followed up by getting rid of the Irish, then women. Shouldn't be too long before wages are infinite!
  12. deiseach

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I hate multiple choice questions.
  13. deiseach

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 28-29 2021)

    I'm getting lots of laughs out of Arsenal's misfortune. You know how you go on about bums who congratulate themselves despite having nothing to be self-congratulatory about, such as players ostentatiously celebrating goals against the B team of a Championship outfit? Well, Arsenal fans spent the best part of a decade revelling in how they had won the title more recently than Liverpool, hitching their wagon to the likes of Man City and Chelsea in a manner that would make a Bitter blush. Okay, that's overstating it. Either way, how's that working out for you now, lads?
  14. deiseach

    Golf thread / my new project

    What the truck driver saw: