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    Rosie Webster Tribute Thread

    I'm having a cry-wank too.
  2. Yeah the bacon was streaky shite. No, that's how they came, I wasn't impressed. Bad isn't it. Your ma gave me an 11. Looking back I've scored too high giving them 6, some guy was white as a ghost in there and had about 5 people around him flapping thinking he was gonna pass out, I was thinking man the fuck up you shitbag, I had enough brandy to sink a warship last night and I'm just getting on with things. Snowflake generation and all that, so that activity addled my mind while scoring. REVISED SCORE: 3.7/10
  3. Love Thy Neighbour. Hatton Garden. Liverpool. £8.95 but 20% off because I stayed next door at Sleep, eat, love. I didnt order but the idiot i was with ordered poached eggs, I would have gone for fried, they were however very well done. The picture shown shows 2 pieces of black pudding, I took 1 off her plate as she didn’t want it. It was average if I’m honest, 6/10 the breakfast didn’t include a brew either.
  4. TheBitch

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    Pics or GTFO.
  5. TheBitch

    Man City - the new bitters?

    It is bollocks them having to play their rearranged game during their winter break, the FA once again showing utter incompetence. But also fuck them, the fucking cunts.
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    Who has postponed it?
  7. TheBitch


    I’ve probably had that accusation levelled at me before.
  8. No I am not. Rachel is my favourite.
  9. You keep be(an)ing on the wrong side of history Rem.
  10. TheBitch

    Man City - the new bitters?

    I don’t expect the money to be pumped into City to stop flowing in any time soon. It’s a PR stunt and an advertising vehicle for a corrupt, backward state. If Baldiola fucks off we’ll win everything in sight as he’s the glue holding that house of cards together at the minute.
  11. TheBitch

    What have you achieved today?

    Just disconnected a 415v motor because the gearbox it’s attached to has failed and the oil has come right through the windings of the motor and out through the terminal box. Other than that it’s sound.
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    Same same.
  13. TheBitch


    It’s a mission to get there, about 15 hours from Thailand. I didn’t think anywhere could be 15 hours past Thailand.
  14. TheBitch


    I'm going to Thailand, Singapore, Paupa New Guinea, Solomon Islands, back to Singapore, KL, Bali and back to Thailand, over a 6 week period from 10th March. RIP me.
  15. TheBitch

    Favourite TV Gameshow

    You Bet! "Tonight we have Kevin from Towcester who's going to tell us his challenge now" "I can name every single car make, model and engine size from 1967 just by looking at the nearside tail light" Or something ridiculous like Xena from Carlise is going to drive her hovercraft over a 7 mile course popping 25 balloons using a homemade spike made from birch attached to the rear of her hovercraft. Saturday nights at my nan's were ace.
  16. TheBitch

    Francesco Totti

    We need a Serie A guy.