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  1. TheBitch

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    More importantly what’s work bloo’s mood like at the minute.
  2. TheBitch

    Donald Trump

    I proper burst out laughing at the old dear shouting “child molestors love ‘em”.
  3. TheBitch

    How does your garden grow?

    What have you done and are you getting different birds or more of the usual?
  4. TheBitch

    Cake Cunt - Leave a Review

    Just nipped in expecting my name to be up in lights as the inaugural winner of TLW cake cunt champion of Dwayne The Rock and Champ has delayed the start. I can’t cope with this.
  5. TheBitch

    Cake Cunt - Leave a Review

    Fuck your biscuits off. Who’s won this wonderful piece of art?
  6. TheBitch

    Good/Bad Boxing Nicknames

    I always liked “The Hitman” Hatton.
  7. TheBitch

    Good/Bad Boxing Nicknames

    “One Punch” Jarv, is a particular favourite of mine.
  8. TheBitch

    How does your garden grow?

    Yeah I took the bucket off because I’d have been emptying every 2 minutes so had to rake all the shit up. It was hard work, and I filled the green bin easily I went over the lawn twice and cold probably go over it agin. Cunt moss.
  9. They’re gonna fucking win it aren’t they. That would be peak GF, the Morrissey loving dickwads.
  10. TheBitch

    Cake Cunt - Leave a Review

    Today’s events have made this thread even better.
  11. TheBitch

    Most out of date thing you've eaten

    Only last week I found two boxes of Asda’s “best” cookies that went out of date in Feb ‘19. Ate the lot and I’m not dead yet.
  12. TheBitch


    If only we were that lucky.
  13. TheBitch

    Boris Johnson

    I’ve been to Applecross. EOM.
  14. TheBitch

    Shit Goal Celebrations Through the Ages

    Any C Ronaldo celebration that was all me, me, me after a two yard tap in when his teammates had done all the graft. Cunt.
  15. TheBitch

    The weather

    Not sure if the sky was on fire or whether work was. Either way I couldn’t be arsed moving.
  16. TheBitch

    The weather

    Correct. I’ve got 6 days off from Friday. Cunt weather.
  17. TheBitch

    Police are cunts

    Looks like he had a NERF gun.