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  1. You’ve started early today, Baz. Fuck it I might crack one open myself.
  2. TheBitch

    THE Sopranos thread

    You're just showing off now, I'm lucky if she gets to 8pm, but when she's on 6-2 I'm starting her earlier. On the flip side of this she is actively using "Oh marone!" in everyday life, which makes me immensely proud.
  3. TheBitch


    Would have been good to have him back for the pandemic. Unless he walks among us...
  4. TheBitch


    Next slide please.
  5. Fuckin’ Womble is tempting me to go on to the Vocation website and spend money on things I need but don’t need. I also like the look of that Vocation glass.
  6. Oh man. Probably the worst thing I’ve ever done not making that happen.
  7. TheBitch

    Hi - long time reader. New sign up

    Fuck off Momo.
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    Gone but not forgotten.
  9. TheBitch

    Britney Spears

    Went with an ex ex ex or something, to watch her in Manc on the Oops I did it again, tour. I have nothing else to add, other than, would. Obvs.
  10. Yeah that’s the one I’m looking forward to the most. My go-to beer of late has been Divide and Conquer.
  11. TheBitch

    Who is our greatest ever Captain?

    Stevie was captain for nearly as long as Chelsea have been a football club.
  12. TheBitch


    Hell of an achievement because 30% of people trying summit die in “good” conditions.
  13. TheBitch

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Right on cue Another tragedy befalls them... In the alehouse now. Like Quote Reply Report Reactions:Toast and Alanbileysfeathercut It’s bullshit like this that makes me think Covid hasn’t gone far enough. Everton fans still point scoring over people’s deaths; just fuck off.
  14. TheBitch

    Joel Matip

    We need to do it right.
  15. TheBitch

    Spurs (A) 28/1/21 - Premier League - 20:00

    Just dug out my Copa Mundial. I’m 6’5, pretty slow, have gained a little pot belly after piling on a few pandemic pounds through excessive alcohol consumption and also chocolate consumption at Christmas, but needs must at the minute. If I get within 6ft of Antonio at the weekend I could take him out at the thigh if need be.
  16. TheBitch

    Do we have any accountants on here?

    Dreadful business this, everyone who's anyone knows that it's baylifts.
  17. TheBitch


    What’s the verdict, @Baresi I’ve got a Sonos Playbase and 2 Sonos 1’s in the living room. A Sonos 5 in the conservatory. They’re all superb products.
  18. TheBitch


    This landed on the doormat this morning, a man can dream that one day we will be allowed out of the house again. I was planning on climbing all of Scotland’s Munro’s as a bit of a life challenge, there’s 282 of them and my plan was to save all the very best ones as something to look forward to, but last year has taught me that that’s a fucking wank idea, life is too short and absolutely anything could happen and I could be dead or have lost the use of my legs and I’d have to look at pictures of the likes of Liathac, so I’m gonna do all the best ones first and maybe do them over and again up different routes. Fuck doing some boring ones for the sake of completing a list. Fuck you in the face 2020 and fuck you in the face 2021 so far too and fuck you in the face too Boris Johnson you incompetent wanker.
  19. The ones I’ve had so far would be good in the summer. I used it to really like loads on the Beer52 site but I’ve had most of the NEIPA’s and they use the same brewery’s all the time. Might try another site for a change.
  20. TheBitch

    Who is your favourite serial killer, and why?

    Without wanting to get into the death pelanty argument, the cunt was on death row for 23 years until he carked it. If anyone deserved to be sent on his way early it was this cunt.