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  1. Anubis

    Cancel Culture

    Finally, an admission from Bruce...
  2. Anubis

    Prince Philip...

    Julia has been upsetting her normal fan base.
  3. Anubis

    Prince Philip...

    Daily Express appear to have missed out a birth here. Now who have they missed....
  4. Cheeky fucking cunts after all the Villa timewasting. Was just thinking that. Should be 5 no more Hang on to this, you Midlands, inbred, sister-shagging, morherhuaband. It’s all you’ve got.
  5. Can I just mention that I love watching Mings sink to the floor in despair. Lovely sight.
  6. Fuck the PL. Fuck that cat nonce, Wollie Otkins. Fuck Ross Barkley. Fuck Jack Grealish. Fuck Trezuget’s left leg. Fuck Ross Barkley. Fuck the cheating cunts at Shitley Park. Fuck Tyrone Ming’s wrist. Fuck Ross Barkley. Fuck John Terry. Fuck that little girl Traore. Fuck Ross Barkley. Fuck Gareth Southgate. Fuck Dean Smith and his gang of timewasting shitweasels. And finally, fuck that Blueshite cunt, Ross Barkley.
  7. Nice time wasting from Trent.
  8. Let’s see how they rule it out.
  9. Just amputate his fucking leg.
  10. Comes back on the pitch wasting time? Book the cunt. That’s how you stop them.
  11. Timewasting cunts. If it’s wrist he can walk off.
  12. Smash this Everton prick when he comes on.