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  1. It seems we have some hot Cunt vs Cunt action as Jason Cundy (or should that be Cunty) has expressed his dislike for Everton fans on Talksport, sparking all-out social media war.
  2. A little late night supper for you, https://www.semafor.com/article/02/16/2024/777s-cfo-resigns-with-everton-bid-pending The chief financial officer of 777 Partners, the cash-strapped investment firm trying to salvage its high-profile deal for the Everton soccer club, has resigned, people familiar with the matter said. Damien Alfalla joined 777 two years after it launched in 2015 and helped keep its cash-burning, dealmaking operation afloat. In recent months, 777 had been unable to produce audited financial reports, missing payroll, and borrowing heavily from its deal partners, Semafor has reported. An internal memo, sent yesterday by 777’s managing partners, said Alfalla would be replaced by Brett Kaufman, who had been running his own CFO outsourcing and consulting firm, according to his LinkedIn profile. It comes as 777, which amassed a global portfolio of sports teams, insurance operations, airlines, and other businesses, is trying to pull off its splashiest deal yet. In September, it agreed to buy Everton, the venerable Premier League club that has been losing money at a clip. It’s been waiting for league approval and, in the meantime, floating the team with tens of millions of dollars of loans. 777 has been trying to sell assets to keep Everton afloat and make good on existing commitments to portfolio companies, Semafor has reported. Alfalla couldn’t be immediately reached for comment. LIZ’S VIEW The four months I’ve spent digging into 777 show an organization operating right at, and occasionally, beyond the limits of normal corporate finance. Requests for funds are ignored until portfolio companies are on the brink of insolvency. Creditors have seized assets, citing unpaid bills. Fresh scrutiny from Bermudan authorities has reportedly cut off access to hundreds of millions of dollars sitting inside 777’s insurance operations on the island. In one instance, the firm failed to fundemployees’ pension contributions — a serious error that suggests bad internal processes, a desperate need for cash, or both. All of which is to say that Alfalla, working the till, has had a tough job. His replacement by an outsider could complicate 777’s ability to keep its money machine spinning.
  3. So, is this because the jets weren’t checked, or is it because he’s blown the whistle on people the government have allowed in and out of the country without scrutiny.
  4. I reckon there is a forumite in this picture. Out yourself.
  5. Hey SasaS, get on it. $18. Two of these for $6. Throw in a seamstress sowing them on for say $10-$20 tops, and for less than $50 you’ve got yourself a pair of Trump Specials. $499 my arse.
  6. Also, Blackpool may be heading for a by-election. Just call a GE already.
  7. I’m curious as to what the difference is between the SNPs motion to demand an immediate ceasefire as opposed to the Labour amendment adding the word humanitarian? Dows the latter mean bombing can resume after a short pause for a food drop, as opposed to a permanent ceasefire?
  8. Oh you’re going to be smashing furniture up soon…. Ha ha ha ha ha.
  9. You’ve picked a fight you can’t win here, PST. Gnasher is like the T1000. Never eats. Never sleeps. Never tires. Never stops coming.
  10. Cracker from Angie’s Liverpool on Twitter. The old toll booth at the Mersey Tunnel.
  11. Just realised the new series has landed. Haven’t read any posts above - just scrolled past them- so to avoid any early spoilers. Really looking forward to this.
  12. True Detective S4 - 7.5 Vlad rages/10. Enjoyed it but still not up to the standard of the first series, which was superlative television.
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