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  1. Anubis

    Euro 2020(21)

    Gets him his runner’s up medal.
  2. Anubis

    Euro 2020(21)

    What’s the Wales manager doing? Nobody puts Wee Joe in the corner.
  3. Anubis

    Euro 2020(21)

    Ward has had a good tournament so far.
  4. Anubis

    Euro 2020(21)

    Cometh the hour, cometh Ba… …oh.
  5. Anubis

    Euro 2020(21)

    At least Ampidu has a first in European Championship football. Ok, it’s an Everton type of first, but a first none the less.
  6. Anubis

    Euro 2020(21)

    Weeble puts the Swiss further ahead.
  7. Anubis

    Euro 2020(21)

    Shiut up Hartson, you tit. Late, over the ball, studs up, and into both lower shin and ankle.
  8. Anubis

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Why do I think this is likely to be true. Because it’s the Ev desperate to be a big club.
  9. Anubis

    Euro 2020(21)

    Just popped in again to say Morata is still shite.
  10. Anubis

    Euro 2020(21)

    Just popped in to say Morata is shite.
  11. Anubis

    Keir Starmer

    Explains England’s poor showing…,
  12. Anubis


    The latest variant is having some disturbing physical effects on people who haven’t been vaccinated. Don’t say you haven’t been warned, TK.
  13. Anubis

    Euro 2020(21)

    Southgate probably shouldn’t search his name on social media tonight.