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  1. No way Vance allows his wife to have social media. I bet he has locks on the pantry to stop her snacking and getting chubby.
  2. How dare you. It’s Leicester KFC he works at. Put some respect on his name.
  3. Wait? What? Edit: Sadly, it seems to be false. But has still gained a lot of traction….
  4. I’m sure all of the campaigning organisations and authors of studies, who say that lifting the cap is the single, most effective way to make a huge difference, will benefit from your expertise.
  5. Probably the first and only time the phrase ‘IDS heroically remained on the field of battle’ will ever be used….
  6. Who are these impudent fools? Just because they campaign on this very subject…
  7. https://www.miragenews.com/uk-pledges-3b-military-aid-to-ukraine-foreign-1227391/
  8. Well this was enjoyable.
  9. Had to go and check that this was the genuine Tom, and not some poster who’d changed his name.
  10. No. It’s actually honouring a Tory promise to pay them £3b a year so Labour were under no such obligation.
  11. Prepare for epic levels of shithousery from the Republicans.
  12. Pretty sure she didn’t campaign on £3b s year to Ukraine either, but that was found pretty quickly.
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