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  1. manwiththestick

    Pre-season 21/22 & season ahead views.

    Whole heartedly agree, on this performance alone I won't set foot in Anfield again until Klopp is fired.
  2. Green and gold scarves on reserve again. *until they're out of contention for the big stuff and then the peaceful protests start.
  3. manwiththestick

    Ghost Towns Around The World.

    I was about 12/13 when they moved everyone out of the houses to demolish them and i lived nearby so spent a good lot of time mooching through the empty estate.
  4. manwiththestick

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    God, they're such dickheads.
  5. manwiththestick

    The world of a woman.

    Will the store CCTV show you getting out of your car rubbing the back of your neck?
  6. manwiththestick

    I am addicted to The Shield

    Stayed out of this thread for years as I have been meaning to watch the show and didn't want spoilers. Started watching a couple of months back and finished the last three episodes last night. Wow. I echo what most have said about the pace of the episodes makes it addictive viewing. Also, yes some of the acting is not great from some second level characters (Corrine) and third level (Cassidy) but it makes up for it with Walton Goggins, who i already loved watching in Justified, but also liked the Dutch and Claudette relationship throughout the series. Will I watch it again? Probably at some point, might give it a year or two though. I am going to rewatch The Wire next though.
  7. manwiththestick

    The world of a woman.

    I'm not sure he wants her disappeared mate.
  8. manwiththestick

    10's Movie - Shoot Out - The Big Short vs Parasite

    Not about though is it, people on here are voting their preference, not some RT reviewer. Almost every voting round you see countless posters saying I'm voting for these film because they haven't seen the others, which may well be far better films. I would have voted for The Big Short purely on the fact that I liked it and have not yet seen Parasite, maybe Parasite is the better film I'm not going to vote based on RT or IMDB ratings say. In the end the final outcome is usually the most popular.
  9. manwiththestick

    Marcus Rashford

    Along with the great work all the MP's are doing they should report their personal wealth but also all the second home grants, travel and hospitality expenses they declare.
  10. manwiththestick

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I forgot Fabain Delph was an actual footballer.
  11. manwiththestick

    Marcus Rashford

    I'd be made up if this happens, every game utd play and the opposition fans stand clapping and chanting his name.
  12. manwiththestick

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    It's mad that I have not seen anything on Facebook, no reds taking the piss with jokes and memes and blues back under a rock. Could just imagine if it was one of our players, they'd be out in force. Pricks.
  13. manwiththestick

    The weather

    I dunno, I could see myself just getting more hot and sweaty if I had a Sykes. For 30 seconds.
  14. manwiththestick

    The weather

    Sitting in my spare room working is no fun, the fan i have is just blowing hot air. Not even looking out the window at ladies walking by on the way to the nearby gym is helping today.