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  1. Well I get by, but I’m nowhere near your level of intelligence obviously, goes without saying
  2. Definitely. Enjoys its trappings though.
  3. I think that’s believed to be a backronym.
  4. Also reminds me of Robert Culp
  5. No time for him personally, just endless anti Westernism, see also Pilger. Not a popular opinion I accept but opinions an all that.
  6. He’s the Don no doubt but he seriously needs to call it a day. I love the man but his voice is shot to pieces
  7. Nobody is worse than Jenas, nobody
  8. It’s an art in itself and Kane is positively Van Gogh
  9. Hardly surprising. He’s Championship level. If that
  10. How is Foden still on the pitch
  11. Should never be there in the first place
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