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  1. stringvest


    sad news. Interesting and singular chap, was Bill.
  2. everything that's wrong with this forum, this vote. You fucking sideboard Stig
  3. stringvest


    On second thoughts, go for it big guy
  4. stringvest


    I’ll take that in the spirit in which it was intended. Bastard.
  5. stringvest


    I'm running out of leeches
  6. stringvest


    The paramedic treating my sd did say that conditions in the local hospitals were 'grim'
  7. stringvest


    Thanks mate - she's on the mend I think.
  8. stringvest


    you've got a bit of hay fever you massive wimp. Edit: If you die now I'm going to look an even bigger cunt than usual, so please don't.
  9. stringvest


    My soon-to-be-stepdaughter has it. I called 999 a couple of nights ago as she could not breathe, couldn't stand or even sit up. 2 hours later, no ambulance, her breathing normalised, so I cancelled the ambulance. Following day, she was again struggling to breathe, so got a phone appointment with her GP who immediately phoned for paramedics. I carried her downstairs to the porch (the paramedics won't come into the house) where they confirmed she has coronavirus; she was examined for blood/oxygen levels as well as all the usual stuff. She's slightly asthmatic, so she's been prescribed steroids to minimise pneumonia symptoms as well as all the other stuff. Her mum and I both feeling fine, but I'm in the at risk group as I'm over 120 with mild asthma. If I'm going to get it, I've already got it.
  10. stringvest


  11. stringvest

    Your top 5 favourite American sitcoms of all time?

    or the Beverley Hillbillies
  12. stringvest

    Your top 5 favourite American sitcoms of all time?

    Larry Sanders Curb Mash early Simpsons Modern Family
  13. stringvest


    Sorry to hear this J. Pretty desperate times for those in the travel industry. I heard yesterday the news that the venue for my wedding on the 5th April was closed and the booking was cancelled. Inevitable, but the fact that they have canned it is actually a sliver of good news in a sea of shite as it means at least I can claim on insurance.
  14. stringvest


    There are calls for Richard Keys to be shaved from head to foot as he has been identified as the hairy harbinger of horrible hailments.
  15. stringvest


    it was a she, and she is far more likely to use arctic fox fur. Might actually be cheaper as well.