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  1. stringvest

    GB News

    Brillo Sad
  2. stringvest

    Thiago Alcantara

    'flipping the triangle' sounds so sexy it's more of a description than a euphemism on the downside 'double pivot system' sounds like the blurb in an advert for an artificial leg. That's Ardja for you though
  3. stringvest

    Norwich 0 Liverpool 3 (Sep 21 2021)

    good read - thanks Dave
  4. stringvest

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I'm rubbing my hands at the thought
  5. stringvest

    Energy Prices

    you don't know what you're talking about. 1. SMETS will cost far more than 1.4bn. 2. SMETS will save the consumer billions, as it will save the industry the need for unnecessary spend on capacity. 3. SMETS1 delivered the functionality it was designed to deliver. 4. 'SMETS is at the behest of energy companies'. That would provide genuine belly-laughs amongst a significant proportion of the energy industry. Seriously, you need to accept that Rico and I understand this aspect of the industry in a way that you could not do. That's not a personal slight, it's just a fact.
  6. The Amsterdam Arena has a dual carriageway running under it
  7. Ox needs to summon up the wildebeest in him. He's playing so far within himself it's almost medical.
  8. stringvest

    Boris Johnson

    she was the closest he's ever been to actually shagging himself. It was the high watermark (or spunkstain) of his romantic career.
  9. looking forward to this. Good to see queef between the sticks, and a few more young shavers getting a chance
  10. stringvest

    Energy Prices

    I suspect I am in a far better position to know the facts on such matters.
  11. stringvest

    Energy Prices

    sure is. Speak to Rico, he has a garage full of them.
  12. stringvest

    Energy Prices

    Currently there are well over 5 million SMETS1 meters on DCC's ecosystem. These meters - despite the unique technical challenges that each meter type presents - are interoperable; in other words they will retain smart functionality after a change of supplier. Full switching capability, i.e. the ability to switch within one hour rather than 20-odd days, will go live over the course of three releases in 2022. SMETS is absolutely not at the behest of the utility companies.
  13. stringvest

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    I'd down that bathwater in one.
  14. stringvest

    Energy Prices

    Stringers has just come off another challenging call with BEIS on the precise nature of some of the opportunities presented by my suppliers ;)