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  1. stringvest

    'Pointless' or 'The Chase'

    and yet Shakin Stevens still steady as a rock. Piss taking bastard.
  2. stringvest

    Would you take Coutinho Back?

    I think his dubious commitment, negative presence in the dressing room, work ethic, his tendency to allow his head to go down, and his lack of pace probably don’t endear him to Klopp.
  3. stringvest

    Irritating celebrity fans

    that's obviously a clarion call
  4. stringvest

    It’s Zeke’s birthday, mothafuckers.

    ...And happy birthday again Al.
  5. stringvest

    It’s Zeke’s birthday, mothafuckers.

    Cheeky get. I was drinking Sambuca when you were missing school. One of my mates caught fire after a night on the black Sambucas
  6. stringvest

    Elvis Costello

    To be fair, they both were pantomime dames.
  7. stringvest

    Elvis Costello

    The one thing you learn about musicians. No matter how anti-establishment, how edgy, how punky, how radical, when it comes down to it they’re all just fucking pantomime dames doing a turn.
  8. stringvest

    Adam Lallana

    Tremendous news.
  9. stringvest

    Donald Trump

    Marina Hyde in the Guardian the other day referred to Boris Johnson as a 'fly-tipped sofa' which I thought was very amusing.
  10. stringvest

    James Milner; £165,000 P/W

    It was interesting to hear Klopp last night said that it was Milner's team talks in the dressing room this season that turned us into winners - he said without them, we would not have won. I'm full of admiration for James Milner.
  11. stringvest

    Missing (posters) in Action

    Well, we can spell it and can define it. That’s obviously as good as it gets.
  12. stringvest

    Missing (posters) in Action

    I think the main difference is he didn't have a screaming hissy fit in the manner of an entitled 14 year old. John just left the site. Anyway, stop taking everything so personally you gossamer skinned whelk. I'm sure I was one of the arseholes he was fed up of, but I will somehow come to terms with it.
  13. stringvest

    Missing (posters) in Action

    John’s a smashing bloke. Just got fed up of the arseholes on here.