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  1. stringvest

    Shrewsbury (A) Fa Cup 26/1/2020 - 17:00

    I love going to the FA Cup final. The last one I went to I watched Wigan beat City.
  2. stringvest

    Shrewsbury (A) Fa Cup 26/1/2020 - 17:00

    wwe're always shit when we get too much time to coach them. Let them all piss off on holiday and come back refreshed.
  3. stringvest

    Shrewsbury (A) Fa Cup 26/1/2020 - 17:00

    At 2-0 up, we played for the draw. I smell a rat.
  4. stringvest

    Susanna Hoffs, Wendy James or Kim Wilde?

    Negged. Roland Rivron was fucking hilarious.
  5. stringvest

    Pie lids

    Always always ask before ordering a pie in a restaurant. Because there's nothing more fucking irritating than this. In life.
  6. stringvest


    Al's joke on fb - Just hired a limousine for the weekend. Paid £500, turns out I just get the car and no driver. All that money and nothing to chauffeur it.
  7. stringvest

    The Ailment thread

    fucking hell Ben I've only just read that front to back. You are a fucking brilliant chap. Just keep some tampons with you at all times. If only to hand out to Stig occasionally.
  8. He's still a selfish petulant brat. He's not coming here. It would be as bad as having Coutinho back.
  9. stringvest

    War with Iran is it imminent

    The oil thing is less important than it was as the US is far less dependent on imported oil than it was 10 years ago. these days it's more about the US industrial complex exploiting Iran in other ways, the US military industrial complex needing to sell more missiles, and the US government maintaining control of its dumb and sedated people.
  10. stringvest

    Spurs (A) Premier League 11/1/2020 - 17:30

    There is a theory amongst some of our more paranoid supporters that the rest of the country is wanting Liverpool not to win the league. It's just not true. I'm sure that lots of them think it would be hilarious if we managed to lose it from this position, just as we would if it was another team in the position we're in. I'm not going to get celebratory until it's ours.
  11. stringvest

    Spurs (A) Premier League 11/1/2020 - 17:30

    and how's the cheese?