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  1. stringvest

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Maybe he works for British Gas. Rico?
  2. stringvest

    James Milner; £165,000 P/W

    He’s a great player, and certainly our best midfielder this season by some distance
  3. I’m hoping it’s ok now after you enabled the ability to switch the fuckers off. I’ll check later to ensure I’m not getting any biscuit and bean updates
  4. As I said. Switch the fucker off. Please.
  5. I'm getting hundreds of emails and it's doing my fucking swede in. I cannot disable it
  6. stringvest

    Mark Lawrenson

    And more agile
  7. stringvest

    Mark Lawrenson

    He was quicker, could read the game better, was less likely to give the ball away, was a better tackler, more comfortable on the ball, and a better header. Apart from all that...
  8. stringvest

    Taxidermy Thread

    Jesus Christ those pictures have just made me laugh out loud in a packed office. Fuck off Mook.
  9. stringvest

    Sex Addiction

  10. stringvest

    Mark Lawrenson

    Agree. Better than Jocky in my view.
  11. stringvest

    Macbook Pro

    I’ve got a late 2017 one and it’s really good. I bought a cheap 32 inch screen from currys to use when doing music stuff and that works really well too
  12. stringvest


    That’s like the choirboy who got his knob tangled up with the bell rope. The priest came in and tolled him off