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  1. mike23

    Newcastle 1 Liverpool 3 (Jul 26 2020)

    The dropped points against Burnley actually frustrated me far more than the Arsenal loss. We could easily have been about 5 or 6 goals up before they equalised, and then there was the non-penalty when their defender just completely wiped Robertson out near the end. But nice to finish with 2 more wins and the performances in both games were decent. I missed the first couple of minutes so didn't see the Newcastle goal, but agree that I can't remember them even having a shot on goal in the rest of the game. They stayed up comfortably enough and Steve Bruce has done a decent job with what he's had to work with, but from what I've seen of them this season they've looked like possibly the most tedious team in the whole league. You could make a case that if they'd tried to play more expansively against a team like Liverpool that they'd have risked a hammering, but they haven't seemed much more adventurous even when I've seen them play other midtable teams or sides battling relegation. It must have been a real chore for their supporters to watch them week in week out.
  2. mike23

    Premier League Round Up (Jun 23-25 2020)

    Was I alone in thinking Kepa would have actually saved the freekick if he'd just bothered to actually dive properly? Instead he just did a weird sort of flop with his arms at his side. Anyway, agree that he doesn't seem to be very good. Remarkable how little has been made of just how much they paid for him. He cost more than Alisson. They had to do something quickly because they lost Courtois right near the end of the transfer window, but I bet Athletic Bilbao couldn't believe their luck when Chelsea actually agreed to pay his release clause.
  3. The clubs near the bottom need to be careful. Whether they want to admit it or not, the tv and other contracts they get from being in the premier league are so lucrative entirely because of teams like us, United and Arsenal. They might see this as a get out of jail card to remain on the premier league gravy train for another season, but such short-term opportunism might lead to there not being a gravy train for much longer. The big clubs seem to all want to finish the season because they have the most to lose financially if it doesn't happen, and if they see the other teams going out of their way to deliberately hinder any chance of that happening then they're likely to remember that next time sorting out things like tv deals come up. Perhaps they'll decide that it's time to look at independent tv deals. What sort of money would Sky and BT be offering if a Premier league package only included options like Watford vs Bournemouth? This is of course if most clubs haven't gone bankrupt if they don't find a way resume. I still don't see how next season can happen if this one can't be concluded. Conditions aren't going to be any different by the end of the year, let alone this fabled August all the null and voiders seem to be dreaming of a new season starting in. It may be unpalatable to be talking of football resuming whilst all this is going on, but like it or not it is a business, and I don't see how making plans to try and rescue it is any different from what other businesses are doing at the moment.
  4. European games will be harder because of all the travelling between countries. Personally I'm starting to think it's going to be incredibly difficult to get a full league season in next year, though. None of the logistical problems they keep mentioning that may hinder finishing this season are just going to go away. There's plenty of talk about second and third waves of the virus and how lockdown and social distancing measures may be relaxed but then need to be tightened again at points. I think the leagues seriously need to look at alternatives to playing a full 38 game season next year regardless of when and if this season actually gets completed. Otherwise there's every chance that they'll just end up with 2 incomplete seasons.
  5. If Ajax and Alkmaar were level on points then surely the fairest way to decide it would have been a straight playoff between the two for the title. That could have taken place just before whenever the new season starts. How can abstaining votes be counted one way or the other for promotion and relegation? It sounds like the Dutch authorities really wanted to just effectively void the season (let's be honest, they're doing it in all but name) and did everything they could to make it happen. I feel sorry for the clubs who were having good seasons who missed out, just as I did with all the non-league teams. There have been some really braindead decisions made in football since this all started. Voiding any league at this point in the season is by far the most unjust thing any league at any level could do. The need to decide European places is an irrelevant pipe dream. There's no way the European competitions are going to go ahead as normal next season.
  6. Perhaps the fairest thing would be to just finish the season. Leave everything as it stands but no relegation - apart from West Ham. It's going to be hard enough to get a regular 20 team premier league season played next year, let alone one that would be expanded if they honoured promotions and had no relegation. I'm sure all their complaints about ending the season are from a purely humanitarian perspective and all they care about is the greater good, so in an act of pure altruism they'll be more than happy to make things a bit easier and give up their premier league place.
  7. Lots of logistical problems - none of which will just go away if they start a new season. On the basis of everything in that article, then we might as well just say, 'right, that's it then. No football at all until a vaccine is found.' Except that's not what all the pricks being quoted in that article want because there would only be about half a dozen clubs left who hadn't gone bankrupt by the time that happens. It's about time someone actually asked these people how exactly they envision a full season being played out around this virus when they dismiss every suggestion that is made to try and get 9 or 10 games played.
  8. Yeah, I keep thinking way too much is being made about the impact of out of contract players. The simple truth is that if any of these players were that important to these sides, they'd have long since extended their contracts or sold them before losing them for nothing. We all have different views, but I really don't understand the view of any Liverpool fan who wouldn't want the title being given to us if they didn't finish the season. We're an unprecedented 25 points clear with 9 games to play. We've waited 30 years for a league title. Even if the season isn't played to a conclusion that's the one issue that shouldn't even be up for debate when they're deciding how to finalise everything. It's everything else which would be the issue as I really couldn't see teams who are in the relegation zone only on goal difference accepting just being relegated.
  9. There's a line in that article about how curtailing this season will allow them to plan for ticket sales for next season. Are they honestly expecting big crowds to be allowed in football stadiums if they start in August?
  10. mike23

    Atletico Madrid 1 Liverpool 0 (Feb 18 2020)

    With the early freekick against Mo in the corner, the linesman was stood a few yards away and didn't give it. Whilst some of the other occasions the ref fell for blatant dives may have been excusable considering the extent of the theatrics, surely the ref should be going with the linesman in that instance. Hopefully we get a stronger referee in the second leg. It's hard to imagine they'll get away with even a fraction of the theatrics at Anfield.
  11. mike23

    Shewsbury Town 2 Liverpool 2 (Jan 26 2020)

    It's a tough one isn't it? And something that shouldn't have even been an issue but for some really unprofessional attitudes from the senior players involved yesterday. In seasons gone by and maybe even last season I'd have been so annoyed with them that I'd have wanted Klopp to tell them they'd lost their time off privilege and would be involved in the replay, but I'm just so proud of the whole first team squad this season that I'm feeling a bit more charitable towards them and willing to forgive them for one dodgy outing. Winning the FA Cup would be nice, but it's bottom of our list of priorities this season. Everyone in and around the first team squad might yet have a role to play and I wouldn't want to see anyone injured in the replay. I certainly don't think it would be fair to punish any of the other fringe players/those returning from injury by making them be involved if they'd already been promised a week off. It would be a shame for Shrewsbury if they missed out on a big gate receipt from the replay if there was either a poor attendance due to high ticket prices for what looks like being effectively an under 23 game, or because the club charges a heavily reduced ticket price. Maybe the club could organise a friendly with them for pre season and that would benefit them?
  12. Vardy must be excited at the prospect of facing them in a few weeks. Although the way things are going we might actually be better off with City doing something in that game. A draw would probably be ideal. Arsenal certainly have the forwards to cause them problems next week as well, but it's probably a bit much expecting anything from them these days. They'll probably score 1 or 2, but City will get 3 or 4 at the other end.
  13. mike23

    Liverpool 2 Brighton 1 (Nov 30 2019)

    Atkinson on VAR for Wednesday as well. Not only is he not being kept away from our games like he should be, but he seems to be involved in virtually every one of them in some way. We'd better hope VAR isn't needed for any marginal offside decisions on Wednesday, and we might as well forget about getting a penalty, as even if the on pitch ref gives it, Atkinson will find a reason to overturn it.
  14. I'd actually wiped the memory of that early Firmino effort out of my mind it was so bad. It was probably the first of many times where I was also screaming 'what the fuck was that?' at the telly. Ah well, at least we didn't lose and, as you mentioned, at least this game came early on in the season rather than during the run in like last year. The annoying thing is City will go there and make them look exactly like the bottom half shitbags they really are.
  15. mike23

    Liverpool 4 Salzburg 3 (Oct 2 2019)

    I thought the ref was really bad as well. There was an incident just before halftime that really irritated me. We won the ball back in their half and at first he seemed happy for play to go on despite their player going down, but then he suddenly seemed to change his mind when he realised how exposed it had left them. Just seemed like he panicked and went against his own conviction because he was worried how it might look for him if it led to a goal and replays showed there had been any contact on their player. There was no contact at all on their player. It seemed fairly inconsequential at the time, but a fourth goal at that point probably would have led to a completely different second half. Some of his other decisions were pretty bizarre and inconsistent as well (rightly booked Fabinho for a cynical challenge late on to stop a dangerous looking counter attack but had failed to book one of their players for doing virtually the same thing not long before). I actually quite liked their manager. He just seemed passionate and got a bit carried away at times because of it.