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  1. mike23

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    So there's been no negotiations between us and Bayern but the transfer fee is probably less than 50 million euros. Good to know we apparently have no say in what the transfer fee is.
  2. mike23

    Liverpool 3 Wolves 1 (May 22 2022)

    We'd definitely got in front when that misinformation about a Villa equalizer spread. Just one final cruel tease on an emotional rollercoaster of a day. Whoever started it, seriously why on earth would you start celebrating something like that unless you were absolutely certain Villa had scored? I haven't even seen anything about a disallowed Villa goal or even a near miss at the end so just baffling what started it. Agree how pitiful that was from Villa. So annoying when you see the efforts teams employ to try and disrupt us when we're starting to build up steam in games, yet with City they seem happy to just passively let them do whatever they want until they've scored however many goals they need. Same final day outcome as 3 years ago. Hopefully the way things subsequently pan out also end up being the same and we follow it with a Champions League triumph and a relentless march to the title next year. I'm glad our players have a lot more resilience than me though, as right now I'm just so weary of us narrowly missing out to this bunch of cheats.
  3. Good luck to him. So many big goals. The last minute goals against Everton and Wolves might have been the biggest if we'd ended up as champions either of those seasons, but as it is it would have to be his goals in helping to win the champions league a few years back. I doubt he'll get on the pitch next week, but if he does then maybe he'll sign off with one last big goal. Milan looks like a good move for him.
  4. I remember reading an article after they knocked City out saying that the Madrid players didn't believe they could cope with City's intense pressing after the first leg, and therefore couldn't believe their luck when City played completely differently in the 2nd leg. I think we need to try and stay true to our style despite the injury and fatigue issues. We're a potential matchup nightmare for them. Let them worry about us rather than the other way around.
  5. Can't get my head around any Liverpool fans going on neutral sites to say City are worthy champions. Some of them are probably old-fashioned supporters brought up with with the belief that it is right to be sporting and congratulate rivals who get the better of us. They probably did exactly the same thing with, say, Arsenal when they won the league at Anfield in 89. Normally I'd say it was a healthy attitude to have and much better than the hateful attitudes that have become predominant amongst modern supporters, but it neglects the fact that this City team are not the equivalent of rivals of old. They've not finished top on sporting merit. They've cheated their way to every league title they've ever won and should never be congratulated for anything. And some of those comments will be from people who are pretty much the fan equivalent of Carragher on commentary. They go out of their way to appear all balanced and reasonable, yet all they end up doing is still being called biased by other supporters whilst simultaneously pissing off other Liverpool fans.
  6. mike23

    Thiago Alcantara

    Not looking good. We've done well with injuries for most of the season, but they've finally started to catch up to us right at the end and to some of the most crucial players. Maybe it was inevitable with all the games coming thick and fast. Really need Fabinho back for Saturday but even then there's the concern that he often looks a bit leggy after being out for a few games. I think we're going to need the defence and the front 3 to be really at it to win (could we please have pre-January Mo back for this final game?)
  7. I think the only thing that softens the blow today is that we were never actually ahead when it mattered. I expected both teams to win comfortably before kickoff. When it was 0-2 in their game and 1-1 in ours I was starting to sense a real doomsday scenario where they lost and we failed to take advantage. That would have been far more gutting. And in truth we weren't looking much like scoring at that point. In fact, Wolves probably should have been ahead. Can't remember which of their players it was, but all they had to do was square it to Hwang for a simple tap in and they completely overhit the pass. By the time we scored City had already completed their comeback. It would have been far more gutting if we'd been cruising and City had been losing 0-2 and then come back. I saw a few people earlier say maybe City's comeback wouldn't have happened if they'd known we were winning. But we'll never know if that would have been true or not. City certainly would have been playing under the assumption that sooner or later we'd have gone in front. Then there was that one last fleeting bit of hope when parts of the crowd started celebrating after some misinformation about a Villa equalizer. Don't know how many people heard it in the ground or how long before it became apparent it wasn't true, but watching it at home the commentators debunked it before I even had chance to get my hopes up (and I'm just glad it wasn't Martin Tyler on commentary today as I'm sure he wouldn't have been able to hide his delight when delivering the news). Didn't a similar thing happen 3 years ago when the crowd all thought Brighton had gone 2-0 up against City, when in fact it was actually a City equalizer?
  8. The home game with City will always be a frustrating one as we had the lead until very late on. Still, 2 draws against them so it's not really what decided the title. We dropped 4 points against Spurs, but one of those included some disgraceful officiating and Spurs also had the quality to beat City twice. The 2 draws with Chelsea were pretty costly considering City beat them comfortably both times. For whatever reason they seemed to easily have the beating of Chelsea this season, whereas we didn't. Quite surprising considering Chelsea did so well against them in cup competitions at the end of last season. But when you get to 92 points it's hard to be too critical of any single games. In any other era this team would have won their 3rd title in 4 seasons with the points totals they've achieved.
  9. mike23

    Other Football 2021/22

    If it couldn't be Everton then probably better that it was Burnley being relegated than Leeds. At least Leeds can be entertaining to watch sometimes. Arsenal hammering Everton was probably the most predictable result of the day other than City winning. Current Arsenal are the kings of the meaningless win when they've already blown it, and current Everton are a team you just know would have been patting themselves on the back since clinching safety and would put in the bare minimum of effort in this game. No doubt Arsenal's players were celebrating every goal as though they'd just won the league. Annoying that West Ham couldn't win at Brighton after being a goal up. Could have condemned United to the ignominy of playing in the Europa Conference League for a season. Not really a surprise that United didn't seem to have much interest in ensuring they avoided that date themselves as they lost yet again.
  10. I'd rather City had just been the usual 2 goals up after 15 minutes than have that happen. Soul destroying to lose out in that way. Robbed of yet another title by those cheating cunts. Fuck Villa for such a pathetic collapse and fuck whichever prick was refereeing that game. I turned over when we went 3-1 up and saw a City player stay down for over a minute when 4 minutes of injury time had already been called, and then the ref blew up with Villa on the ball at 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Their chances of scoring were probably about 0.000001 percent at that point but it was still better than the complete zero percent chance it became because of an incompetent/bent official not adding on the proper amount of time. At least we won our game. Not a particularly good performance, but as we usually do we managed to find a way to win. Shame the City comeback had already taken away any joy the goals might bring at that point. Let's hope Thiago is okay for the Champions League final but it's not looking good on that front.
  11. mike23

    Premier League Round Up (May 14-19 2022)

    Frustrating evening. Saw the scores at halftime and thought at the very least it would be going down to the final day for Everton. Hopefully the promoted teams are better next season. Watford and Norwich have been so bad that Everton ultimately only had to avoid 1 available relegation place in the end. But this did feel like a golden opportunity to get rid of them. I genuinely think they'd have gone if Chelsea had even managed a draw at Goodison. They were so deflated going into that game after Burnley had scored 2 late goals at Watford the previous day, that I don't think they'd have recovered if momentum hadn't instantly swung back in their favour. United and Arsenal deserve their fair share of the blame for keeping them up, but for those 2 teams you could at least say that their performances at Goodison weren't exactly atypical in comparison to various other performances this year. Chelsea, on the other hand, would have won comfortably if they'd produced a performance that had even vaguely matched their general standards.
  12. mike23

    Other Football 2021/22

    Frustrating as Brentford were all over them. We'd still be hearing about it this time next year if we'd got a penalty as soft as that.
  13. mike23

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Guardiola seems intent for some reason on trying to spark some sort of feud with Klopp with all these weird little passive aggressive comments he keeps making. Problem for him is Klopp doesn't appear to have any interest at all in getting involved, which is starting to make Guardiola look like a right dick (or an even bigger dick than he already looked).
  14. mike23

    Other Football 2021/22

    I didn't agree with people who thought the defeat at Leicester in December was our costliest game of the season. I just saw it as one of those off days even really good teams endure occasionally and considered the draws with Brighton and Brentford to be more damaging because we had both of those games won. However, after watching that shambolic first half performance from them, it really is mystifying and infuriating that even on an off day we couldn't score against that defence.
  15. League: Alisson coming up for a corner in the final minute. FA Cup: Thiago 30 yard screamer. Champions League: Has to be Salah. He's been waiting 4 years for this rematch.