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  1. True. I've read the Times article as well now and there was this paragraph in it. All very depressing. Millions are being spent on legal fees to fight this case. One senior club source says the Premier League’s legal bill has more than quadrupled in the past year, from about £5million to north of £20million. They also point to the fact that since February the Premier League’s own legal department has been forced to shift its focus to this claim when it is also trying to prepare for the hearing into City’s 115 charges. “This is clearly a tactic,” the source said.
  2. Football really is finished if a sufficient number of clubs actually agree with this. Newcastle will as it would effectively ensure that the future of English football becomes an arms race between them and City. Chelsea possibly. Maybe Everton out of sheer stupidity. I can't imagine why anyone else would, but then again the thinking of so many people involved in football these days just completely baffles me. My hope is that this is an indication that City know they are absolutely screwed with these 115 charges and that this is their last desperate roll of the dice to avoid facing the consequences.
  3. That tyranny of the majority line has got to be just about the most self-entitled thing I've ever heard. These arrogant cunts should be relegated so far down the football pyramid that Bury become their new main rivals.
  4. I thought Sky's coverage of our game and the Klopp presentation afterwards was good today. I'd been expecting endless updates and talk about what was going on in the title race and our game being treated as an afterthought, but they correctly seemed to realize that anyone who actually cared about the title race would be watching the City game and kept updates brief.
  5. A bit like us, Villa just seem to have been running on empty in recent weeks. Injuries and a congested fixture schedule seem to have just left them with nothing in the tank. The most frustrating thing was that our bench looked so much stronger and should have got us over the line. I've seen people on here saying we lost control after making the 4 substitutions, but it seemed to me like we did actually finally gain a semblance of control after bringing the fresh legs on. Other than the first 10 minutes I thought we'd looked all over the place for much of the game prior to the substitutions despite the scoreline. The first goal just seemed so unnecessary and completely self inflicted. Suddenly their players and crowd were lifted and a game that had been drifting towards a straightforward win became a contest again. The equalizer just seemed to sum up how things have been going for us in terms of luck recently, although to be fair we did benefit from an absolute gift from their keeper for our first goal and the sort of wastefulness at the other end that our own forwards would have been proud of so it's hard to feel too aggrieved about it. 10 games without a clean sheet is pretty shocking for a team 3rd in the table. As wasteful as the forwards have been in recent weeks, it must be putting them under real pressure knowing that they need to score at least twice every single game for us to win. The league is generally currently so poor outside the top couple of teams that it's possible to still make top 4 just by generally outscoring teams more often than not, but if we can't rediscover how to keep clean sheets next year then that really will be the ceiling for us. The main thing we needed to do during this poor run was just really focus on getting the basics right defensively and building from there, but instead every game has just seen more needless errors. The contrast to Arsenal's defensive record is pretty stark. Even if they're not at their best, like yesterday, they can feel confident that they can shut out the opposition and it then only requires one moment to go their way at the other end to take the points.
  6. Shit performance but the points were in the bag because of their missed chances. All we had to do was avoid doing anything utterly stupid, but that seems to be beyond these players now. The equalizer was a complete fluke, but it shouldn't have even been a factor. We'd got away with various other fuck ups at the back - pretty much every chance they had came from our mistakes - and instead just decided to give them another to let them into the game. The break for the equalizer also could have easily been stopped near the halfway line with a tactical foul, but game management and decision making of this team is genuinely appalling most of the time now. With the exception of maybe Balotelli, I don't think I've ever seen a striker at this level so braindead in terms of the runs he makes than Nunez. It was so easy to just time that run properly and put the game to bed (I suppose it was at least an improvement that he didn't just smack it straight at the keeper, although no doubt he would have done if he'd been onside). Mo looked better against Spurs but was back to looking like someone who had won a competition to play for Liverpool tonight. No idea how he even stayed on for the whole game. Maybe Klopp just wants a quiet final week and couldn't be arsed with dealing with another childish strop if he substituted him. This has been some finish to a season. This team have rapidly gone from a team to believe in to the most infuriating Liverpool team I have ever seen. Soft at the back and wasteful as hell up front. I'll be glad to see the back of them when the season ends, but I have zero faith in them bouncing back next year at present. That's not even a knock on the new manager. It's starting to feel like this club is pretty much back to where it was when Klopp joined us now. He turned doubters into believers, but unfortunately I feel very much like I've reverted to being a doubter again now.
  7. I've not seen any replays of it since, but it definitely looked like the keeper was out of his area at the time and the only question was what part of his body he stopped it with. If he used his hands then it was a clear sending off. I don't think it was even reviewed as the ref blew the fulltime whistle seconds later. It didn't have any bearing on the result, but it doesn't excuse just ignoring it as it seemed very unlikely the keeper didn't use his hands at all when making that save. Whether he used his hands or not, it really doesn't excuse Nunez not scoring again there. It's sad that I've just come to expect him to miss in situations like that now.
  8. Really good for an hour. Shame it was marred by the final half hour when they reverted to piss weak defending at the back and the forwards either missing sitters or needlessly getting caught offside. Elliot the clear MOTM.
  9. If the ref had decided it was a foul then fair enough, but in no way was that an incident VAR should have been intervening in. The lack of consistency in how it's used is genuinely infuriating.
  10. It really took some going to throw that game away against a completely disinterested team after going 2-1 up. The defence seems to concede under the slightest bit of pressure. They never got organized again after Alisson flapped at that cross. Every game recently we've had opposition players throwing themselves in the way of what look like certain goals for us and making great blocks. At the other end we're just leaving players completely unmarked in the box with no one even close enough to make the chances difficult. The second half was miles better, but again all you can do is ask why it always needs to wait until the second half - and usually going a goal down - for it to happen. If they'd started the game with that attitude then they'd have won comfortably. The finishing was generally terrible yet again. Just players either missing the target or hitting shots tamely straight at the keeper. Even the 2 goals we scored involved a shot the keeper should have saved and an own goal which deflected off about 3 of their players. There were plenty of opportunities to get a third goal to wrap it up after it went to 2-1. It was so predictable that if we didn't get it that we would end up paying the price as defensively we seem to be completely incapable of digging in and seeing a game out. Elliot's shot hitting the bar at the end pretty much just sums up how things have been going for the last few weeks. When things are going well those go in. Taylor was as shit as ever. Why is he blowing his whistle there before Gakpo puts it in? It clearly wasn't a freekick. The look of sheer relief on his face was genuinely comical in the first half when he realized it was offside when there was a penalty incident so blatant he couldn't possibly not give it. But it's clutching at straws blaming the ref today. Our players are far more to blame. They threw away 2 more points because they can't get the basics right at either end of the pitch and because they seem to be completely incapable of starting games properly. Hiring a decent psychologist might be more important than who they hire as the new manager. I can't imagine there will be wholesale squad changes. Like it or not, most of these players will be back next year, and someone has to try and get to the bottom of how the hell a team everyone was praising for their mentality has completely shit the bed game when it mattered most.
  11. Pathetic again. I had low expectations for today and they've somehow managed to fail to even reach them. It will be a really impressive achievement to lose to a team who for 40 odd minutes looked like they just wanted the game to be over so they could get on with the rest of their weekend. I feel stupid for ever having belief in this team. What a bunch of completely gutless cowardly losers.
  12. It's in danger of becoming as depressing as Gerrard's farewell tour.
  13. I've desperately wanted to get on board the Nunez train. I hear how passionately some fans talk about him and I've really wanted to be a fellow believer, but the sheer number of terrible misses has just made it impossible to do so. I think him smashing the ball straight at Pickford tonight when he had all the time in the world and the entire goal to aim at was the moment when the train just entirely derailed for me. Enough is enough. Some of the misses this season have been genuinely staggering.
  14. No point bemoaning the decisions that went against us any more. If this team had held a bigger lead they'd have just had a bigger collapse. Complete and utter pretenders in the end.
  15. I thought he should have saved the first one although there were far worse culprits on that goal.
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