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  1. Bruce Spanner

    Goodnight Sweet Prince (Hades)

    Brendan & Hades trading barbs on SCM. I always thought this place was the last refuge for the unwanted, marginalised, misunderstood cunts. Pretty sure there’s a version of Momo on there as well... Thats one less site to visit, shame.
  2. I’ve only just noticed the inherent flaw in this thread... I’m an idiot.
  3. Modest Mouse at The Ritz in Manchester. The day was doomed before it’d even began. Biggest fuck head mate and I went for a couple ‘quiet’ ones the night before. Well, you know how this plays out...full on shitfest and a bed time around 4/5am. We are woken by other fuck head mate at ten(ish) in the morning because, genuinely no idea, he was lonely perhaps. We stand in the kitchen recanting tales of last night debauchary when fuckhead one reaches in to his pocket to find about two grams of dickhead dust, the origin of this is one of several mysteries about the day. We have breakfast bumps. Emboldened by Columbia’s second best export we decide that Pinot Grigio is the best mouthwash we’re likely to find. 15 hours, two cities, a Gary or two in Lancaster and a fist fight later we’re awoken by a taxi driver in Huddersfield demanding £150 as we quite clearly stated ‘take me to that fucking tree in Huddersfield, near the town centre, fuck the cost’ Only memory I have of the gig is speaking to a hot woman, genuinely no idea if she was or not, and the realisation on her face that this was fucking pointless as I came back from the bar with eight pints, for two people. Glorious days.
  4. Bruce Spanner

    [NSFW] The All New Celebrity T*ts Out Thread

    Fred the Wearherman set the camera to auto as he chased their spawn around the garden...
  5. Bruce Spanner

    Faith and Religion

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, or some other pithy nonsense...
  6. Bruce Spanner

    Faith and Religion

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, or some other pithy monsense...
  7. Bruce Spanner

    Faith and Religion

    You now couple creationism and Evolutionary Theory in Religious Education, usually at Y9 and then as part of the GCSE specification. It’s a lesson at most and I’ve never know it to be taught or treated seriously, but it’s in there, sadly.
  8. Bruce Spanner

    Faith and Religion

    It already is elective. The parents are required by law to provided an alternative provision, so very, very few actually follow this up.
  9. Bruce Spanner

    Faith and Religion

    Creationism is taught in the UK already in all schools that do RE. It’s part of the curriculum.
  10. Bruce Spanner

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    You know what I had this weekend, no you don’t do you you daft cunts? Sausage (proper good uns), fried egg, a strong cheddar and mustard - Dijon as it’s my small protest about the impending Brexit clusterfuck - on toast. Fuck it was sublime! Treat youseselves on the weekend.
  11. Bruce Spanner


    Apples, onions & potato's, in their raw state, all taste the same, it's only the smell/spray which alters the 'taste' of them.
  12. Bruce Spanner

    Bayern Munich (A) Champions League 13/3/19

    We’re smashing these Kraut fucks (0-1 og Neuer 98th minute. Possession 89%-11%. Shots on target 36-0. Exg 7-0)
  13. Bruce Spanner

    Music Continuation Thread - Redux

    https://youtu.be/p_tcyQbfRo8 I’m sure you can figure it out.
  14. Bruce Spanner

    Places to eat around Liverpool

    Roski. Get a booking for lunch, really reasonable and exceptional. You will not regret it.
  15. Bruce Spanner

    Best possible threesome

    Just really don’t get how, or why, people find Gomez attractive? She looks like and, and from what I’ve seen, which is admittedly very little, acts like a child. Shes as sexless as Malibu Stacy.