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  1. My midday meal, yes. What's with the vibes, man? You having a tough day?
  2. Can the working class not like nice things, or should they just accept their lot?
  3. https://www.kitchensanctuary.com/creamy-tomato-risotto-crispy-garlic-crumbs/ Stick a few lumps of mozzarella in just before serving and you’re golden. I’ll also be using garlic bread as a spoon…
  4. If these aren’t having PTSD flashbacks ten year hence about the absolute shellacking they received I’d sack the board.
  5. Some counterbalance, and objective facts, which go against the algorithm created nonsense that’s being spouted… Imagine using evidence, doubt it’ll ever catch on.
  6. The babyface has to win clean, them’s the rules. Night one, something happens where Johnson is made to feel like junior partner, wholesale revolt, Reigns has to come out night two on his own, with no back up/cheating and Rhodes wins clean.
  7. We’ve got the greatest managerial team in the world, Tim Steidten, Sebastian Parrilla, Alberto Encinas & Xabi Alonso oh oh oh… Catchy, right?
  8. What about Mona Seraji, the Iranian snowboarder?
  9. You know who is really good with searches on here. @Strontium Maybe ask him to have a gander?
  10. Thought it might be a bit quiet in here today, guess not. Excellent stuff.
  11. 'Do you think he'll enjoy his time in Madrid, Mikel?'
  12. The Flair thing is very odd. It's like no one on production had ever seen or heard Flair and just said 'Act like a nobhead'.
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