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  1. Bruce Spanner

    Beautiful faces

    This is ‘Instagram star’ Natalie. Even these pictures don’t fully do her justice, she’s the physical embodiment of ‘perfection’. She’s Natalie 007 on Instagram, where she wears very few clothes, very often.
  2. Bruce Spanner

    Donald Trump

    For both. It’s a man with dementia being shouted at by a sociopathic lunatic who has hijacked democracy for his own ends. There’s not much to be celebrating here. I just hope Biden can get a word in and make the orange fella look ridiculous.
  3. Bruce Spanner

    Donald Trump

    It’s going to be a car crash, isn’t it? Genuinely thinking about developing a cough and calling in sick and pulling an all nighter.
  4. Bruce Spanner

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    "Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'” - Isaac Asimov,1980
  5. Bruce Spanner

    The BBC

    Yeah, he’s starting with Times Talk or whatever the fuck Murdocks new bile spewer is called.
  6. Bruce Spanner

    Other football - 2020/21

    I saw one nil and didn’t bother to check again cause assumed it’d be normal service... What the fuck happened???
  7. Bruce Spanner

    Cancel Culture

    Yeah, but Mull of Kintyre was a nationalistic anthem if ever I’d heard one.
  8. Bruce Spanner

    Boris Johnson

    Oh noooos, the man on the internet say bad things about me! No idea where this has come from, less so care. Have a great Sunday and don’t let the internet bother you too much.
  9. Bruce Spanner

    Is it time to start to question what's really happening?

    This is fucking awful. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2020/sep/26/pm-offers-top-media-body-jobs-to-critics-of-bbc-say-reports Along with Harding being given the keys to the NHS to dismantle, Dom leading the fight to remove protective data rights from citizens, more civil service resignations, covid spiralling without a clear or appropriate plan, the EU, again, saying the UK isn’t even trying to negotiate, spy’s being able to circumvent the law in pursuit of ‘justice’ and a bill trying to be pushed through parliament which would give Gove/Cummings Caligula like powers it’s been a good week for cunts trying to dismantle our societal framework. When do the riots start?
  10. Bruce Spanner

    Cancel Culture

    They just love writing ‘receiving significant funds from former Tory donors’ it’s the easy way of saying ‘these cunts really hate the forrin’s, poofs, muslamics, blokes in frocks pretending to be women and uppity wimmins with ideas beyond the kitchen, so much so even the Tories won’t take their cash anymore for fear of embarrassment. A vote for them is a vote for what we all really, really want’
  11. Bruce Spanner

    Boris Johnson

    No, it’s not, it’s just as volatile. Just like the regions that have been/are still being bombed by the USA. Nothing has really changed apart from they are punishing nations with crippling sanctions. They were not great, he, or the people writing the words he’s barley able to read from a teleprompter, is/are a fucking liability and existentially dangerous to the world Why is this not an issue? You are allowed to say one was bad (them), but the other abhorrent (Trump), unless you don’t believe he is?
  12. Bruce Spanner

    Boris Johnson

    Literally nothing has changed with Korea. Can I claim a promotion because I claim I’m good and everyone tells everybody else I am, but there’s no verifiable evidence. No. Clinton ‘thirst for war’? Fucking hell you’ll be taking about nonces getting pizza next.
  13. Bruce Spanner

    Boris Johnson

    Its bollocks because it doesn’t fit you minute interpretation of the world. Read the rest. Trump is a fucking disaster, we must agree on that? It’s false equivalency to compare the rest as he’s in a category of one. The others are problematic, yes, but don’t absolve one because of the failings of others.