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  1. Bruce Spanner

    What were you most wrong about with this team?

    Milner, I was so, so wrong! Guy is hard as fucking nails and sets the standard for those around him.
  2. Bruce Spanner

    Tottenham Hotspur (N) 1/6/19 Champions League Final

    Can admin do us a favour and block this chump until we’re celebrating? That’d be nice.
  3. Bruce Spanner

    What are your top 10 favourite songs?

    Ya ma seems happy enough with it.
  4. Bruce Spanner

    What are your top 10 favourite songs?

    If lists were colour, this would be beige... The first ten would be black, or an absence of colour.
  5. Bruce Spanner

    What are your top 10 favourite songs?

    Fascination Street (Extended Version) - The Cure. Dead Flag Blues - Godspeed, You Black Emperor. Stay Golden - Au Reviour Simone. Bankrupt On Selling - Modest Mouse. Invitation To The Blues - Tim Waits Avalanche - Leonard Cohen. Astral Weeks - Van Morrison. Rocket Queen - Guns & Roses. Sinnerman - Ms Simone. Moonlight Sonata - Some Deaf Bloke. Subject to constant change and mood.
  6. Bruce Spanner

    What are your top 10 favourite songs?

    Another one here, I have all 659 albums they released this week. No filler! They're playing London soon(ish) and can’t wait, I think they play The Paradiso the same week.
  7. Bruce Spanner

    Inspirational Women

    I have two 'heros' in life, the first is a contestant from faking it called Ed Devlin & the second is the great Mary Anning. For those who don't know of her, or her work. HERE
  8. Bruce Spanner

    Tribute Bands

    I have seen these and Ozric Tentacles on the same evening. I’d had a fist full of uppers and had no clue what was happening. It was a Thursday and I was a boy on entry, but a man on exit. My. Fucking. Word!
  9. Bruce Spanner

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    The wage bill argument is a bit of a red herring though, isn't it? Considering we'll be shifting £150 pw with sturidge, 50/60 for Moron, 25 for Calamity Karius, 60 for Ings & 70 for Clyne immediately. Then we have, potentially 100 for lovren, 60/70 Ming (Didn't he sign a new deal that increased this though?), Lallana at the fat end of 70. We then have all the 'youth' who will be off the books soon, who will be picking up 15/20 pw. That's a lot of wedge off the bill, with even the increases and bonus they'll earn for doing so well in Europe again this year, we're in rude financial health. That's without even thinking about fees we'll have incoming.
  10. Bruce Spanner

    Tribute Bands

    Went to see a Fleetwood Mac tribute act from Scotland called 'McFleetwood', much against my better judgement. Accidently won a meat raffle and angered the locals. Knew this wasn't my kinda vibe. Left.
  11. Bruce Spanner

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Local shop in Hackney sells two different types. The shop fucking stinks though, not sure the two are connected.
  12. Bruce Spanner

    Who will replace her? NSFT

    He’s a big fan of the ol’ wipe clean gear and being pissed on, his partner in the act isn’t so keen and he has to pay her to soften the blow of losing her dignity...allegedly.