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  1. Here we go... The conversation about The EU is starting and the language is very positive.
  2. Basically, the tories are shit. Higher taxes, worse services, decimated productivity. This is why we all are, and feel, worse off.
  3. Starmer Vs Robinson, complete none event. Though I'd forgotten how much Robinson loves himself, and the sound of his own voice. Now hammer Farage for not having the balls to sit down with Robinson, hit the cross court to the weak backhand.
  4. I saw Foo Fighters at The Royal Court in 97 and thought I was going to die in was that packed.
  5. Laura Trott is going full conspiratorial in the press conference. Some marvellous cognitive dissonance from the utterly stoopid clown.
  6. Gotta a few things mixed up there, Big Fella. First, are there good Racists? Second, Labour voters don’t tend to be liberal, they have the Lib Dem’s for that, it’s kinda in the name. Third, liberalism famously is anti racism and about everyone’s personal freedoms. Fourth, the Labour manifesto is far, far from extreme, if anything it’s all rather dull. Fifth, while liberal extremists exist they tend to be in an extreme position about the very things you appear to be rallying against. Apart from that, yeah, spot on.
  7. If only. I’m actually furious with my sister in law as she promised my daughter she’d gotten two tickets for one of the Wembley gigs. Turns out she’d taken a promise off a random as confirmation and now I’m picking up the pieces of a really sad seven year old and wondering if I should sell a spleen and use the money on a resale site…
  8. They're the ones to take votes off, especially in Scotland & Wales, the Tories are irrelevant there.
  9. On ITV now, same line up as the BBC one from last week, pretty much the same ground being covered as well...
  10. @Scott_M, mate, can you charge your phone, it's giving me anxiety.
  11. Latest YouGov poll. Lab: 37% (-1) Reform: 19% (+2) Con: 18% (nc) Lib Dem: 14% (-1) Green: 7 (-1) SNP: 3 (+1) Plaid: 1 (nc) Other: 2 (+1) Or, Labour 37% - The Conform Party 37%... With a large amount of 'undecided' still not factored in polling. That's why complacency can't kick in.
  12. Even if the polling is off they will have such a dearth of talent to draw on, align that with less exposure being the opposition/3rd party it is really going to fuck them up. Really is existential. Lovely stuff.
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