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  1. Fowlers God

    Things that go against equality for women

    I’d say the men’s wear area in any department store
  2. Fowlers God

    Go Sober for Mind

    9 months Sober Today. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dan-jones40 thanks
  3. Fowlers God

    The GF Film Draft - Take 2

    Was going to play but
  4. Fowlers God

    TSOP- Peoples Vote

    Yeah, Yeah, I know it could possibly be deemed as Foo**all on the GF with that Thread Title but it’s not. Im sure most of you Beautiful people know that there is a Peoples Vote March in London on the 20th October. (This isn’t a tread about the wrongs or rights of the march) but is any of you lovely people planning on going? Do you fancy a meet if you do?
  5. Fowlers God

    Rate the last album you listened to

    Damien Rice - O Absolutely magnificent song writer. A solid 8/10
  6. Fowlers God

    Family Fortunes - answers required

    1) Name a recreational activity traditionally done in hot weather Sunbathing 2) Name something people are often chased by in movies cars 3) Name something people buy to show they’re successful cars 4) Name something you would hate to find under your bed your brother 5) Name something you wouldn’t want to happen while giving a speech shit yourself 6) Name a nocturnal animal owl 7) Name something you might eat with a hamburger cheese 8) Name a liquid in your kitchen that you hope no-one accidentally drinks bleach 9) Name a type of gun that doesn’t shoot bullets my love gun 10) Name a place where people have to use coins arcade
  7. Fowlers God

    The world of a woman.

    I’m staying out of this one
  8. Fowlers God

    Sick of being Fat

    I’ve lost 3stone due to not drinking and the stress of my marriage breaking down. If you want to lose weight I’d suggest you do either one of these
  9. Fowlers God

    These Hipster Beards

    No sorry. Don’t trust myself with trimming. I let my Barber do it for me every month when he cuts my hair
  10. Fowlers God

    Go Sober for Mind

    I remember when I first even contemplated doing this. It took me a whole year for the thought to even become a word. And once I announced my sobriety I never thought I would have had the year that I have had to date. Wow, it’s been a challenge, wow has it been painful, wow, wow, wow! But today marks 8 months Sober in memory of Jamie. So far I have Raised a magnificent total of £1,378. I know there are many of you who haven’t donated yet because you were waiting for a milestone or you were waiting on me completing the year, I urge you guys. Do it now! Keep me going, make a difference in somebody else’s lives through your donation to Mind. I’ll do the hard work. Please read the link below and donate generously if you can! https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dan-jones40
  11. Fowlers God

    The Ailment thread

    That’s a lie. You just offered me sex 3 times at HT via text tonight.
  12. Fowlers God

    The Ailment thread

    Fucking hurts today
  13. Fowlers God

    The Ailment thread

    Just had Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy to remove my Gallbladder. 2 weeks off work min
  14. Fowlers God

    Divorce - pros & cons?

    100%. I remember how much her sister told me how much she hated her for what she did, how much she still wants me in her life as she loves me, still wants me at her wedding, still wants to spend time with me. Havent seen her in 6 months now she’s off out with her and her new fella every weekend. You are doing a great job Col! And for someone that doesn’t have kids you haven’t had to be continually nice. Choose to be that better man
  15. Fowlers God

    The world of a woman.

    Went to Thorpe Park yesterday, there’s a ride there called Swarm. The back drop to the ride is that there was a bad plane accident and you end up crashing through a billboard on the rollercoaster etc. It’s all done up to look like a crash site. Ambulances, helicopters etc etc. Anyway the ride details about opening times, height, safety announcements etc was done up like a police incident witness poster. As we start to queue for the ride, she grabs me and says ”I thought Thorpe Park would be safe, look something bad has happened here and they need witnesses “ Me: oh fuck off