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  1. Fowlers God


    It’s the reason why I’ve not watched the new one
  2. Fowlers God

    Wimbledon 2019

    Shove ya Tory Sport up ya arse
  3. Fowlers God

    Happy Birthday Turdseye

    Hope the family treats you well. Other than that I hope a rain cloud follows you around all day! Have a shit one
  4. Fowlers God

    The world of a woman.

    Just explaining to The Mrs that I was helping my daughter complete her Y5 maths homework and that she needed a protractor and I was struggling to assist her with the equations. She laughed her and mocked me so hard that I didn’t know how to use a “protractor “ and then said who uses them anyway, we used to just scratch our crushes name on our arms and that was it. I said thats a compass you fucktard
  5. Fowlers God

    The world of a woman.

    Not just me then.
  6. Fowlers God

    The world of a woman.

    And she’s currently pregnant. How did you manage to maintain those links?
  7. Fowlers God

    Divorce - pros & cons?

    Update: I have currently been moved out for 1yr and 1 day. That means I have 1 year left until I can start divorce proceedings. Absolutely cannot wait. The kids seem settled in their their new lives. This is the hardest part, hearing them talk about “Andy this and Andy that” he might be good to them but seeing texts on my daughters phone from the ex about giving him father’s day presents is taking the biscuit. I’m glad they like him but his the reason (ok not fully) your parents are not together. Still to this day I’ve encouraged the relationship as he moved in the day I moved out etc. Im approx £500 a month worse off. Just with the cost of living and doing everything on my own. Leaves me about £30 a month to myself which is hard but I’ve still got my kids and that’s all that matters. Im 7 months into a new relationship with someone that absolutely blows my mind every day. I know it was the kids but looking back I can’t believe I was stuck in such a boring, unloving, sexless marriage for so long. So all in all things are fucking great.
  8. Fowlers God

    TLW Deathpool 2019

    Apologies, not been around for a while. Do I need to update anything?
  9. Fowlers God

    Aintree 2019

    Yeah, thanks mate
  10. Fowlers God

    Aintree 2019

    Wrong thread
  11. Fowlers God

    Aintree 2019

    I play Number 4 on a Sunday (because of Sami)
  12. Fowlers God

    Aintree 2019

    Luck 15 EW 2.25 Kateson 3.00 Clondaw Castle 3.40 Kilbricken Storm 4.20 Springtown Lake National Dounikos 6 Places 22’s Minelo Rocco 40’s
  13. Fowlers God

    Date thread

    Thanks pal. Hopefully I don’t have to grace the thread again.
  14. Fowlers God

    Date thread

    So I am currently 4 months in to my new relationship. I know I wouldn’t have been the person I am today but I think I’ve genuinely met the person I am meant to be with. Life is so amazing and I can’t believe that I was ok to settle for a marriage that wasn’t meant to be for so long. Dont get me wrong, not seeing my kids every day completely and utterly sucks. But I’ve never been happier. Theres still testing times times ahead of us, as she is yet to meet the kids so the time we spend together is ruled not only by her retail hours but by the custody of my kids too. I think we are slowly getting to a stage to introduce our relationship to the kids but we wanted to enjoy our time as a couple first. But yeah, enough of the soppy bollock shit. She’s great! I’m happy, she’s happy and so long mother fcukers