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  1. Fowlers God

    Roast Dinners

    Yeah shared with the Mrs, hour in between courses sat in the pub having a few drinks.
  2. Fowlers God

    Roast Dinners

    Maybe the picture doesn’t do it justice but none of that was frozen. All home made. And the taste is the best thing, was a solid 9/10. Also had this to start.
  3. Fowlers God

    Roast Dinners

    Went to the Bell Inn @Studham yesterday. Most St probably the nicest roast I’ve ever had. 4 meats too.
  4. Fowlers God

    Abducted in plain sight.

    I had to pause it at that point and just go “what the actual fuck are we watching” to the Mrs
  5. Fowlers God

    Abducted in plain sight.

    Fuck Me! Anyone else watched this on Netflix yet? Seriously some dark, dark shit
  6. Fowlers God

    Happy Safer Internet Day 2019

    Fuck off.
  7. Fowlers God

    TLW Deathpool 2019

    Apologies. I do have some late entries in my inbox to add which I will do tomorrow. Been hectic at work lately but have cleared my afternoon diary to update the dead pool. It’s in my calendar after my conf call at 1515 and before my monthly construction update at 1600. It will be done
  8. Fowlers God

    Leicester (H) 30/01/19

    Stream please
  9. I’m not having how this hasn’t been negged
  10. Fowlers God

    Go Sober for Mind

  11. Fowlers God

    Horse racing

    Doncaster 3:15 0 0 Seven
  12. Fowlers God

    Horse racing

    Just checked. Brilliant result
  13. Fowlers God

    Horse racing

    7/2 on 365. Just lumped a £10 on
  14. Fowlers God


  15. Fowlers God


    And we pay towards your disability CT so we sort of deserve it