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  1. chrisbonnie


    always convinced Tinhead was a raging homo. Not that there's anything wrong with that mind, but he's defo gay.
  2. chrisbonnie

    Napoli (H) Champions League 27/11/19 - 8pm

    some harsh comments on Gomez, i thought he had a decent game to be fair.
  3. Defenders "shielding" the ball out of play for a goal kick. Yet if you do it in the middle of the pitch it's clearly obstruction. Silly fucking rule
  4. chrisbonnie

    The Mandalorian

    where are you lads watchig this? i have one of those kodi boxes but cant for the life of me find an episode of this? oh wait, i see the link now, good man Dynamite
  5. chrisbonnie

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    That'll play into our hands. A siege mentality. Worked wonders for Mourinhos Chelsea I remember. Back to the booing. I think Southgate had a stinker here. He had two options. Two real options. 1) he brushes it under the carpet, says fuck all and drops sterling saying he had a little injury. 2) blasts sterling and sends him home from camp completely for this round of games. Instead he pussy footed and admitted something happened but didn't really punish someone for the incident. Its the equivalent of saying to your mate. "wait and you hear what happened last night" but then saying "ah no, I wont bother"
  6. chrisbonnie

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    It doesn't seem to be anything new with the London/England fans. I was racing an article earlier and Graeme le saux was going on about how the Wembley fans would boo utd players because they had probably scored against their club team the week before. It's pathetic really isn't it. Grown ups acting like idiotic children
  7. chrisbonnie

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    can we send Van Dijk round to the Etihad to give Sterling and any other City meff a slap across the face? Lets be honest, no one is stepping up to that big bastard.
  8. chrisbonnie

    City (H) Premier League - 10/11/19 - 16:30

    What was the story? I never heard that before. But he comes across as a proper Quim
  9. chrisbonnie

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Arsenal really do need to sack that Emery fella. He's an absolute imposter. Isn't there rumours they're looking at Steven Gerrard. He could do worse than cutting his teeth with that lot
  10. chrisbonnie

    The Ailment thread

    Go to a physio and get moulded orthotics for your shoes. I had foot and knee issues and they've improved massively since I got orthotics. I couldnt be without them to be honest.
  11. chrisbonnie

    VAR shit show 19/20

    No, he did, it the system did. At the first look when they did the horizontal lines firmino was onside, he then reset it and added that slanted red line to MAKE firmino offside, its pretty damning really. Fair play to Kamara, he's called Atkinson out on it and said he blatantly changed it to not give a goal. I don't for one minute think we should have the decision overruled by the way. But we should be given a full description of why Atkinson decided to do what he did.
  12. chrisbonnie

    VAR shit show 19/20

    Yesterday I generally didn't have an issue with the decision. It was tight, but I presumed the var thing was trustworthy. But I've just seen a clip from goals on Sunday with Kris Camara where he calls out Atkinson for cheating and manipulating the lines to not give the goal. Even that little red line was clearly not straight. Which I never noticed yesterday if im honest. Shouldn't the club campaign to have that decision looked into, especially at who made the decision to.
  13. chrisbonnie

    Boxing 2019

    But he got the ko, so who gives a fuck. Canelo is the man!