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  1. So now Man City and Arsenal go all out for the league. Way to go guys.
  2. It’s more likely to have a negative impact on their energy. Winning the treble once surprisingly doesn’t necessarily mean they will do it again.
  3. Huge result for the plucky 6 time winners against the mighty no mark bed shitters.
  4. You need to stop acting like Man City not winning the CL is more important than us winning the league. As do the quims that agree with you. And calling them City.
  5. I agree. I’d enjoy watching them all sad but you must be mad to want Arsenal and Man City knocked out at this point.
  6. I didn’t hear that. I thought they were playing behind closed doors.
  7. Last time a Man City coach was in the MEN headlines so much Barry Bennel was up in court.
  8. We certainly are entitled. I feel like a knob for being so pissed off on Sunday. We played ok second half but seemed to choke a bit. I think we can go through tomorrow and turn this blip around. The leagues not over.
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