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  1. joe_fishfish

    Other football - 2020/21

    Even when they're shit their deal with the devil is still in place. Just once I'd like to see them play against a decent side in a match where the ref clearly just fucking hates them and doesn't give them a thing. They'd probably end up sacking Solskjaer at half time.
  2. I have a sneaking suspicion that Curtis Jones realises that quite often.
  3. joe_fishfish

    Sadio Mane

    Mane has one thing over Barnes, durability. Can't remember the last time he missed a game for us due to injury.
  4. joe_fishfish

    Chelsea (A) 20/9/20 - Premier League

    We were great then, Thiago looked superb apart from the pen, but fucking hell how bad is Jorginho? Should probably retire after that. Robertson left him flat on his face at one point, don't even need to talk about the penalty.
  5. joe_fishfish

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Thiago could play Keita's role in the team better than Keita imo. And i say that as someone who rates Keita highly. Outside of the perennial loanees like Wilson and Grujic the only midfielder I think we'll be getting rid of is Shaqiri, and even then, it will take a decent offer. This season is so compressed that we will need to rotate more than usual. Next summer is when we'll see more of a rebuild, imo.
  6. joe_fishfish

    Philippe Coutinho

    Shootinho is pretty good.
  7. joe_fishfish

    Thiago Alcantara

    Should be a decent addition, if he can get into the side.
  8. joe_fishfish

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Don't think we should be in for another forward who will be off to the ACoN with Mane and Salah.
  9. joe_fishfish

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    They will. But when has that ever stopped them?
  10. joe_fishfish

    What's gone wrong defensively? 

    I'm concerned about a few things based on yesterday. First of all, if we're going to play a high line, it has to actually be a line. Too many times Gomez had pushed forward to follow an opponent into midfield and left a big gap next to Van Dijk for someone to run into. That's fine if it's a plan and the full backs are prepared to tuck in to cover, but it wasn't and they didn't. On the occasions Leeds built up out wide instead Gomez would do the opposite and drop two or three yards deeper than Van Dijk, playing people onside who should have been off. Their third goal saw this happening, Gomez is inside our penalty area while Van Dijk is on the edge, and that gave the Leeds player a ton of leeway to time his run. Second the midfield and Trent at the moment do not seem to work hard enough when their press is beaten. Keita is the absolute worst offender for this and has been throughout his time at Liverpool, I actually rate him very highly and want to see him be a bigger part of this side but fucking hell he does himself no favours at all with his lack of effort running back towards his own goal. Henderson and Trent didn't look fit yesterday so can be excused but it needs to improve a lot very quickly if we don't want to come unstuck against Chelsea.
  11. joe_fishfish

    Your 2020/21 Whipping Boy

    Steve McManaman. I blame him for everything.
  12. joe_fishfish

    Leeds (H) Premier League - 12/09/20 - 17:30

    Got to admit i was on the verge of going full hysterical fanny until Rodrigo decided to give us a pen.
  13. joe_fishfish

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Imagine signing anyone.
  14. joe_fishfish

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    If White has a great season with Brighton they will be asking for Van Dijk level money. If he has a shit season, we wouldn't want him anyway. Only way we get him is through a release clause or in a few years if he goes on a free. But we all knew this anyway didn't we.
  15. joe_fishfish

    Liverpool FC: The 30-Year Wait

    Disagree on Houllier eventually leading us to the league, for me he was never astute enough a first team coach for that, but he has to be given full credit for dragging the club into the 21st century. We never really had a technical director / director of football type role under Moores but he would have been perfect for that, it's what he did with the French FA to great success as well.