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  1. joe_fishfish

    Crouch: Everything Xabi did was class

    Gerrard wanted Curbishley over Rafa.
  2. joe_fishfish

    Crouch: Everything Xabi did was class

    His performances in 08/09 especially were unbelievable. Amazing player. There was a stat going round then that more players got sent off for fouling Alonso than any other reason that season. He didn't just keep the ball well, he made players trying to press him look shit, and they'd end up getting frustrated and fouling him. He's one of the very few past players who would get into this current Liverpool side and i think Fabinho and Henderson are both pretty good.
  3. Agent chat to try and get a better deal off PSG.
  4. joe_fishfish

    Tory Liverpool fans

    Only with a lot more racism.
  5. If we have to play City at the Etihad behind closed doors... would anyone be able to tell the difference? That said I'd be surprised if the Premier League plays the full season. I reckon we've got two weeks before the shit properly hits the fan over here.
  6. joe_fishfish

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Has Alberto learned to run while he's been in Serie A? Probably the slowest player I've ever seen in a red shirt. Not saying he's shit or anything, he is obviously class, but he probably isn't the right sort of player for us right now.
  7. Fucking worst team in the world to go one nil down to. If they score first I think it'll be curtains for us, but I don't think they will.
  8. joe_fishfish

    Bournemouth (H) Premier League 7/3/2020 - 12:30

    Fabinho and Firmino are concerns, but I didn't think we were anywhere near as bad as against Watford. I don't know why we apparently lost a yard of pace the ability to pass accurately throughout the entire team midway through the season, but there were signs today of us getting it back together. There was fuck all against Watford and Chelsea so I'm taking that as a positive.
  9. joe_fishfish

    Hating our own players

    Forgot him. Unforgivable.
  10. joe_fishfish

    Naby Keita - Stick or Twist

    I think Sancho would be brilliant for us but i don't see him coming here if all of Mane, Salah, Firmino and Werner are here. Even if we sell every other option for the front three he'd still be one of five players for three positions, and arguably fifth choice. Idon't see him accepting that when he's playing week in week out at Dortmund and I don't see us paying so much money for a player who isn't playing every game. Would be interesting if he stayed at Dortmund for another year, and Real, Bayern and Barca continued to be "in transition" and were looking to take players off us. Although at that point they'd probably just go for Sancho himself.
  11. joe_fishfish

    Hating our own players

    "The Guvnor". Fucking hell. Imagine being in a dressing room with some lazy, past his best bellend sat there calling himself the fucking Guvnor. Can you believe he had the cheek to say he'd get into our current midfield the other day? He's a fucking joke.
  12. joe_fishfish

    Hating our own players

    I've never hated any Liverpool player just for being shit. If they genuinely give their best every time they play, and aren't up to it, then fair fucks. Emile Heskey was a prime example of that, for me. He wasn't very good. But he gave a proper effort every match and played wherever he was asked to. He had one great season for us and although he was a symbol of the club losing its way under Houllier in the later years I can't really hold it against him. The ones I can't fucking stand are the ones who: - Act like a cunt on the pitch (Diouf, Suarez now he's gone) - Make the same basic errors all the fucking time despite them being obvious and fixable (Mignolet, Moreno) - Gob off to the press about how fucking amazing you are and how you've turned a corner, then play like a wanker in the next match (Lovren, Ruddock) - Come in with a big reputation, clearly have some talent, and then do absolutely fuck all with it (Balotelli, Joe Cole) - Are unable to maintain a basic level of fitness (Cole again, Ruddock again) - Make up a shit nickname for themselves and act like they're the bigger than the club (Ince, Ruddock yet again) Think that about covers it. I know we have YNWA as an important part of the club's culture but I don't think it should apply to players who clearly take the piss out of every fan who watches them play.
  13. joe_fishfish

    Naby Keita - Stick or Twist

    I think we can do better.
  14. joe_fishfish

    Bournemouth (H) Premier League 7/3/2020 - 12:30

    I wanna see Milner in centre mid for this one, we have to do much better on the physical side of things.
  15. joe_fishfish

    Chelsea (A) FA Cup. 3/3/2020 - 19:75

    I'm furious with Fabinho on that goal. Disgraceful.