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  1. Carvalho Diablo

    Rate the last film you watched...

    The Night House Really good looking mystery, thriller, chiller. Thought the acting was pretty poor though and the story preposterous. 4/10 Nodi Fen Real Debrid Sorry @Duff Man
  2. Carvalho Diablo

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Old Henry Never even heard of this until reading Duff Man's review 2 hours ago, what a cracking film. Part Jesse James, part Unforgiven, Old Henry is a beautiful looking and sounding film with some excellent casting and acting. Loved the twist / reveal too. 8.5/10 Nodi Fen Real Debrid Thanks @Duff Man
  3. Carvalho Diablo

    Egg Yolk Shootout

  4. Carvalho Diablo

    Alec Baldwin - Murderer

    One dead, one injured? What is this Baldwin? Amateur hour? If this was Mr Eastwood then the body count would be into 5 figures by now.
  5. Carvalho Diablo

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Fancy a few of those, cheers mate.
  6. Carvalho Diablo

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Really enjoying Preacher. Currently watching season 2 episode 1 and I've laughed out loud several times. The story is complete bollocks, but that's just incidental. Cassidy is a great character and Ruth Negga who plays Tulip, is gorgeous.
  7. Carvalho Diablo

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Gini was an iron Man who was never injured. We miss that.
  8. Carvalho Diablo

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    I've many times must Sterling miss from 6 yards out before the penny drops??? I said when we sold him that the only regret I had was that it wasn't to Man United. Sterling is both fast and he stinks. So is diarrhea.
  9. Carvalho Diablo

    Would you welcome a Sterling return - Yes or No ?

    WOULD I FUCK. He's shit and he's a cunt. He's a fucking SHITCUNT.
  10. Carvalho Diablo

    The Streaming Services Thread

    I was round at my brother's last night and said to his missus that she'd like Only Murders In The Building, she goes "What service is that on? Netflix?". Ha, like I'd fucking know or care about trivialities like that. If it's out anywhere, on any platform, I've can watch it.
  11. Carvalho Diablo

    The Streaming Services Thread

    Kodi (or Nodi) plus Fen or Seren plus a Real Debrid subscription. Total cost £30 for the year and there's every TV show and movie you could wish for.
  12. Carvalho Diablo

    GF music review club

    I need to get my finger out and get my reviews done.
  13. Carvalho Diablo

    Geordie Arabia

    Big Nat Phillips would definitely be a shrewd signing.
  14. Carvalho Diablo

    Geordie Arabia

    My favourite memory of Bruce was when he was managing Birmingham in a Saturday lunch time kick off, he'd had his head kicked in the night before by 2 burglars and he was battered black and blue and bloated.
  15. Carvalho Diablo

    Geordie Arabia

    ...or else.