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  1. I must be tired, at first I thought your username was Victor Smegma.
  2. No-one here is grassing you up mate.
  3. Visually, Zone of Interest often reminded me of Wes Anderson, especially those tracking shots in the garden and in the house. Some of the fades and cuts too, outrageous juxtapositions between beauty and horror (much of which is thankfully left to the imagination). Thankfully there is more than just a 12 foot wall topped with razor wire which separated us from them. 9/10
  4. Last Temptation of Christ is in my top 10 of all time. Harvey Keitel's finest ever performance imo.
  5. One Life True story of Nicholas Winston who dedicated his life to the rescue of Jewish children from the clutches of the Nazis. Anthony Hopkins is stellar and Lena Olin (despite my reservations about her casting) excellent. 8.5/10 for the film, 10/10 for the story. Heartbreaking and wonderful.
  6. Agreed. Excellent film but shamefully self-indulgent, at least 45 minutes too long. Didn't think it was an especially good performance by DiCaprio either, his constant facial gurn only serving to get on my tits. Cracking actor though, with a stellar body of work.
  7. Just having my breakfast now, at 15:17, see the Foodie thread for that. Tea time, might order something in.
  8. I have two recurring dreams, had them for years. The first is where I can sit on the carpet of the house I grew up in, on my arse, legs stretched out, my arms pointing straight down with the palms of my hands barely touching the warm fuzzy wool of the carpet. If I concentrate really hard I can levitate to around a foot from the floor and then slowly move around like a hovercraft, both inside and then outside. It's a beautiful sunny day and I'm happy. The second recurring dream is altogether more frustrating and unsettling. It concerns me standing on the bend of Sydenham Road, just down from The Greensides pub, staring over the road to what I feel is my "dream house".(In reality it's a house which isn't there and just doesn't exist but this is a dream, so the rules go out the window) Anyway, I cross the road to walk into the small curved driveway, the porch and doorway are made from a reddish wood, and I enter the home to be greeted by a butler (who looks a lot like the barman from The Shining), he greets me and takes my coat, welcoming me as the new owner of the property. The butler promptly vanishes. The lobby is concealed and not well lit so I continue into the property, walking straight ahead and come to a swanky modern kitchen with a small swish bathroom and dressing room off to the left. Continuing on through the next door and the house opens up into the main living area; a jaw dropping open plan room with another large modern kitchen space to the left, a sunken fire pit in the middle, and a huge expensive curved sofa to the right. On the sofa are a load of my friends (none of whom I recognise), they're all watching sport on a massive wall hung, wide screen telly, drinking beer and eating crisps, having fun. The opposite wall though is a mammoth floor to ceiling sliding glass door(s), leading directly out onto a warm sandy windswept beach. I feel like this beach is east coast USA, the ocean is 70 meters further back but the sound is soothing and the whole scene refreshing and wholesome. I open the doors and walk down onto the beach, the sand is warm, there are some children playing and some families there, I walk mostly unnoticed before heading back inside. I slide the huge glass door closed behind me and drown out the sound of the ocean and the laughs of the children, my friends greet me but one of them spills a beer on the sofa. This mildly irritates me but I say nothing and venture further into the home, walking in a clockwise direction. I start to feel that time is against me and I come across 4 bedrooms, in varying stages of disrepair and neglect. One is a smallish grey room, dimly lit with a cheap wooden chair, there's cobwebs and dust. Moving onward, I walk through a door and I'm back at the entrance hall. My coat is there, and a hat, I pick them up and leave, staring over my shoulder at the (now) familiar leafy shrubbery, small curved gravelly drive and red wood front facade. I feel frustrated, possibly unhappy, it's my home but I feel out of place somehow, and yet there's always this yearning to return there. Most perplexing.
  9. Coincidentally, I've just started this (4 episodes in) and I'm enjoying it so far. Gentle with some laugh out loud moments.
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