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  1. Carvalho Diablo

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    He tells great stories but cannot write an ending. Mark these words.
  2. Carvalho Diablo

    GF music review club

    Review: Bananagun - The True Story of Bananagun Melbourne's finest? Let's find out... Bang Goes The Bongos starts the album with plenty of energy and percussion, immediately the production and mix sound ambitious but lacking in the sparkle and polish of a good masterer, a tad too compressed and "lifeless", typical of a young band on a budget. The vocal is very early 70"s and reminds me of British 3 piece Little Barrie, also keyed in on the nostalgia trip Austin Powers approves and so do I. The Master serves up more of the same, a busy hustle with that pigeon toed orange peel vibe. Dig that big dirty bass break, plenty of ambition here. Bananagun know exactly what they want. People Talk Too Much - love that busy Shaft intro, tons of percussion, I bet this was loads of fun to record. Nice guitars and brass but it's the bass that underpins it all, a joyful sounding record so far. The female vocal is really nice, prefer her to him tbh, I bet this is a lot of fun live, get those dancin' shoes on boy. Freak Machine is a touch slower, Little Barrie meets early Floyd sharing a reefer with Austin Powers. Bird Up! These guys do love their intros like. Filler. Out of Reach had the strongest vocal melody of any track so far and with its happy summery lilt, it's an obvious choice of single. Reminds me of that Peter, Bjorn and John tune Young Folks. Another track which'll be a lot of fun live in a small club. Love the sax. She Now - I'd like to hear more of the girl vocalist, the short bits of her sound really nice. Not digging this song but I do love that percussive shimmer. Perfect Stranger is more to my taste, more summery vibes and dreamy wistful vocals. Nice guitar on this. The vocal is low in the mix and the heavy reverb makes it quite difficult to make out the lyrics. Mushroom Bomb - Bananagun definitely have that throwback thing going on, I wonder if they walk around Melbourne in flares and platforms? Don't like the chorus but the guitar breaks are much better. Modern Day Problems comes in with of the most memorable vocal melodies on the entire album, guitars sound great again and another track which is super heavy on the percussion. Maybe my favourite song so far? Possibly. Bond vibes at the end? Nice... The album closed with Taking The Present For Granted, curious as this record is so firmly anchored some 50 odd years ago. Canny track, but in truth a lackluster finish. So then, wasn't expecting that! Melbourne 2020 conjurs Soho 1965. Not a pastiche, this album seems genuine and heartfelt, warm, full of promise and optimism. Whilst this debut album would certainly benefit from some more catchy songs and memorable hooks (and a better singer too imo), there's definitely enough on show to make me want to go back for more. The Story of Bananagun is a lot of fun. 7/10 Groovy baby.
  3. Carvalho Diablo

    The IPTV Thread

    The receipt for my sub was to a Mark Smetham.
  4. Carvalho Diablo

    The IPTV Thread

    Just had a look over there and the mentalist gypo illiterate cunt is now suggesting that those of us who've expired early can now pay him another £10 so he'll restate our service (but he'll add the £10 to our yearly subs)...and a ton of sycophantic arse licking stupid cunts are happy to pay the fucking random. My annual sub runs out at the end of October (or in 2 days time in all probability) and there's no way in hell that I'll renew with these imbeciles.
  5. Iron Maiden by an absolute landslide.
  6. Carvalho Diablo

    GF music review club

    Nice one, I've really been looking forward to listening to something new. Manky day outside, I'll be all over this in a minute.
  7. Hopefully fucking off and dying.
  8. Carvalho Diablo

    GF music review club

    I'm familiar with the Iron and Wine and Calexico stuff, my mate Dave is bang into them; pleasant, tasteful. Shepherd's Dog?
  9. Carvalho Diablo

    GF music review club

    In that case two days is being wildly optimistic...
  10. Carvalho Diablo

    GF music review club

    I'd give @ZonkoVille77 a day or two.
  11. Carvalho Diablo

    GF music review club

    Hey Howie, how did you hear about Madison Cunningham?
  12. Carvalho Diablo

    British Band Tournament - Round 1. Coldplay vs Motorhead

    It's a safe bet that Coldplay's noncey singer drives a Vauxhall Viva, not a Panzer tank.
  13. Carvalho Diablo

    GF music review club

    Sounds good mate.
  14. Carvalho Diablo

    GF music review club

    So who's left to review and who's next to choose?