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  1. Carvalho Diablo

    Small pleasures?

    Was it a seat?
  2. Carvalho Diablo

    Big Events That Haven't Been Made Into Films

    The Darts world championiship. Ah Brissy is the battle between the two undisputed demi Gods of the sport, John Lowe (played by Matt Damon) and the eponymous hero Eric Bristow (played by Clint Eastwood) and a titanic struggle between good and evil to see which colossus of the sport will prevail. Sam Rockwell steals the show with his uncanny cameo as the young upstart and Brissy's then understudy, Phil The Power Taylor. Two men enter, only one man can leave victorious in this tale of innocence lost, cameraderie, triumph, tragedy, and the ultimate betrayal in sports most legendary ever rivalry. Mavis, get the beers in. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTYYYYYYY! at cinemas near you.
  3. Carvalho Diablo

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Might just give that a go myself.
  4. I watched him a few times last season and my opinion remains unchanged: Grujic is excellent on the ball, a tidy passer and a real goal threat, but without the ball is another matter. He often loses track of opposition midfielders, allowing them to run in behind unmarked. His concentration and reading of the game is suspect imo and questions are there as to whether he's simply too fucking lazy to put the effort in without the ball.
  5. Carvalho Diablo

    Philippe Coutinho

    He's an excellent player, a proven match winner and we'd be deluding ourselves to think he wouldn't at least improve the squad. I can understand why people might think "Fuck him" but wouldn't that be a case of cutting the nose off to spite the face? Especially if we can absolutely bend Barcelona right over in the process? 2 year loan, with significantly subsidised wages, with a view to a deal, but then fuck him off and collect our money from them anyway. It's the perfect storm.
  6. Carvalho Diablo


    Vertigo > Deadpool > It
  7. Carvalho Diablo

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Like him more than Kelleher tbh, the kid's got a chance.
  8. Carvalho Diablo

    Philippe Coutinho

    2 year loan with a view to an €88m deal, with Barca subbing 50% of his wages. Then in true Italian mingebag fashion say "Nah thanks, he's shit. Pay us our fuckin money."
  9. Carvalho Diablo

    Rank our midfielders

    A fuckin purse snatcher..
  10. Carvalho Diablo

    Stephen Darby

    Good luck to the lad. His sister in law is a total and utter cunt.
  11. Carvalho Diablo

    Klopp: We will see about left-back position

    Adam Lewis is gonna be a good one. He needs to play though at a decent level, a loan to one of the promoted sides would be ideal for him and us both imo.
  12. Carvalho Diablo

    Rank our midfielders

    Benny fuckin Blanco from the Bronx.
  13. Carvalho Diablo

    Adam Lallana

    Damned by faint praise indeed. Jorginho is dogshit.
  14. Carvalho Diablo

    Rank our midfielders

    Fab Keita Ox Gini Hendo Milner Lallana Coutinho
  15. Carvalho Diablo