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  1. Carvalho Diablo

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    I've just finished The Wire and agree that it's a bit overrated. Still really enjoyable though. Watched The Sopranos. Started the other 2 but they both bored me rigid I'm afraid. I thought The Wire was pretty consistent. Perhaps season 2 wasn't quite as good as the others but I thought the show still had some legs and it was ended prematurely, there were defo another couple of seasons waiting to get out.
  2. Carvalho Diablo

    Small pleasures?

    A warm cup of coffee on a cold winter's morning.
  3. Carvalho Diablo

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Which is better, The Shield or The Wire?
  4. Carvalho Diablo

    Greatest Movie Franchise Tournament?

    "Movie franchises". Fuck. Ing. Hell.
  5. Carvalho Diablo

    Poverty in the UK

    I'm sorry but every time I scan the GF home page and see this thread title, I can't be the only one who hears John Lydon snarl, "Right now!"
  6. Carvalho Diablo

    Must have kitchen appliances...

    I love apples but I can never swallow the skins of any fruit, so I've got an apple peeler. Cost about a £10er and it pissed all over a knife.
  7. Carvalho Diablo

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Just watched the first 4 episodes of the new The Stand and found myself quite enjoying it. It's not without its flaws though; the casting is poor, the dialogue poor, the acting fucking awful in places, also they shouldn't have fucked with the the time line and just left it linear. And Flagg is less scary than Tom Cullen.
  8. Carvalho Diablo

    NFL Discussion and Fantasy League thread

    Booooooooooom Go Browns
  9. Carvalho Diablo

    NFL Discussion and Fantasy League thread

    Looking good but the D has to stiffen up. Pound the rock, give it to Chubby. Best rb in the league.
  10. Carvalho Diablo

    Should the vaccine be compulsory?

    This. Additionally I wouldn't even waste the money or the vaccine on these thick as fuck covid deniers / flat earther arseholes.
  11. Carvalho Diablo

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Finished The Wire yesterday. Really enjoyed it but I didn't think it was quite as good as some of you make out. Still really enjoyable though. 7.5/10 for the whole lot.
  12. Carvalho Diablo

    Giving up the booze

    I honestly can't remember the last time I had an alcoholic drink. Presently I'm taking anti coagulant medication for a further couple of weeks and I'm not allowed to drink whilst I'm taking them. Before that were those few weeks I had in hospital with covid. Before that were a couple of weeks (at least) were I honestly can't remember having even a pint or a can. It hasn't been difficult at all tbh. I've got about 30 bottles of wine in the wine rack, 10 feet from where I'm writing this, 3 and a half bottles of Zubrowka in the freezer, some Jack Daniels, a bottle of rum and about 60 cans of lager and assorted beers. Come to think about it, I'm fucking gasping for a can right about now!
  13. Carvalho Diablo

    Villa (A) - FA Cup - 8/1/2021 - 19:45

    How long til Keown calls us child abusers?
  14. Carvalho Diablo

    Villa (A) - FA Cup - 8/1/2021 - 19:45

    Let's have 8