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  1. And why was his finger bulbous and throbbing?
  2. ET is sound but all the kids in it are annoying little cunts, especially those BMX nonces. No offence ET lad, but I found myself rooting for the shadowy scientist mob.
  3. A bit of brunch time experimentation... sour dough fried bread, spicy mexican rice, peas, spicy scrambled eggs. A vegetarian's dream.
  4. Songs, movies and art which reminds you of departed loved ones and friends. Just heard The Sranglers' Golden Brown for the first time in ages. Good bless you Shane Towers.
  5. All Legacy benefit payment systems working. Probs because they all still use DOS.
  6. This is interesting. Mr Drone's footage, go to the 8:30 mark...any ideas?
  7. I've messaged her on the 'gram, volunteering to be her mixed doubles luge partner.
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