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  1. If I should stay I will only be in your way So I'll go but I know I'll think of you every step of the wayyyy.... And Iiiiiiii will always love youuuuu
  2. Reds4Life

    Boris Johnson

    Boris will be feverishly painting his magical mystery tour bus at number 10 tonight to add to his collection. The world has entered a very dangerous time with the sabre rattling over Iran with Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber in charge. A clusterfuck of monumental proportions being foisted upon the world. If this is the depopulation agenda of the elite being played out then they have the best two candidates in Trump and Johnson to carry it out.
  3. Reds4Life

    Enzo Valentim - Welcome to Liverpool

    Yeah but is he a 3 Stacks stud or not? Until then I'm not believing
  4. Reds4Life

    Bradford (A) Friendly 14/7/19

    I like the way big game James picks out the whopper standing up in the bottom left corner as a target to hit. Couldn't have positioned himself any better
  5. Reds4Life

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    Luis.. Luis.. Luis.. Are you definitely sure you know where this Cavern is. Remember I said I bagsy being John
  6. Oooohh oh oh oh ooohh We are the 6th maybe 5th most valuable brand in the world
  7. That Dembele miss last week became the difference. Allison choosing to stay back on that corner added with his performance tonight has proven crucial. Tale of two corners
  8. I said to my family earlier this week that this was going to be another St Etienne. I also said that this week is what LFC is all about. Semi final of a European Cup against Barcelona and playing for the title on the last day of the season. We've never done anything the easy way but the belief in this set of players is down to Kloppo. The man just gets the best out of players. I've watched the goals a million times as I'm sure you all have. But the last one, the corner. I think it is actually a deliberate set play. To have the balls to try it at that stage of the game shows just what a talent TAA is. Our players all stayed outside the box drawing defenders out to man mark except for Origi. TAA fakes to leave it and Shaqiri walks over which Barcelona then switch off. Watch Shaqiri looking at the big Div and then Trent doubles back and plays it in. Fucking brilliant. I know there are clichés about us and sometimes it can feel a little cringeworthy but this does mean more. I don't know what it is but I love it. VID-20190507-WA0004.mp4
  9. Reds4Life

    Cobra Kai

    Ahem... flixtor.to/watch/tv/4322410/cobra-kai These arseholes really need to be fully investigated... I mean every single episode of season 1 & 2 all here??! What the fuck do they think this is?
  10. Reds4Life

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I was at that game in the Annie Rd end and can tell you that the mood before the game was one of camaraderie between us and Blackburn fans. Outside we were all together singing songs. Ferguson had been battering the papers all week saying we would lay down for Blackburn blah blah fucking blah. Evo was saying we were going out to win every game as Liverpool always do (basically fuck off you whisky nosed cunt) Blackburn didn't enamour themselves with the fans by making us attack the Kop first half. Shearer scored for them first. Not long after he scored West Ham went ahead against United so regardless of our result Blackburn were champions. Second half we were just knocking the ball about really. Blackburn seemed content for us to have it without doing much pressing but then Digger scored. 1-1 and around about then United equalised so it was pretty tense around the ground. Again the game seemed to go into a lull but then Babb played a bad ball back to Calamity and they nicked in and won it.. The ball was heading in but John Scales cleared it off the line. Shearer missed a chance he was putting away all year smashing it over. Deep into injury time Batty kicked fuck out of McManaman about 30 yards out. I was right in line with the ball that Redknapp was hitting thinking he is going to score here. He actually moved the ball a couple of yards to his right (a la Souness used to do) and only fucking bent it into the top corner! The ground erupted for us scoring as you would expect but for the next 1-2 minutes was a bit strange as we were still hoping it was 1-1 in the other game. Next thing the Blackburn fans start screaming and we knew that United had drawn. Kenny came onto the pitch and Colin Hendry ran over to him. I remember us all staying in the ground singing "Are you watching Manchester??" and clapping the champions as they did a lap of honour. They got in front of the Kop who were all clapping and then they started singing "We beat the champions". Must have stayed in the ground for a good hour after the game. Great atmosphere. Brilliant that we won and was in United's hands but they couldn't do it. Shows we always look to win a game regardless of what that result means.
  11. Reds4Life

    The McCanns...

    Inspector Flex
  12. Reds4Life

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Should have bought him two years ago..
  13. Reds4Life

    Liam Neeson

    The past is rarely what we would have it. The future yet to be known. Embrace the present, and strike all else from concern.