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  1. Reds4Life

    Other Football 2021/22

    Sorry about above, tried to delete something and it wouldn't let me. PSG just cost me £20k the absolute shit cunts. 12 leg multi all got up except those surrender monkeys.
  2. Reds4Life

    FAO stevebaby

    God forgive me. I had been making mental notes for the last week to remember the great man and got too fucking caught up in my own world to pay my respects. My lads won a tournament on the weekend Steve. I've taken your advice and tried to make things happen. I'm bringing them to Europe in September / October. They are playing PSV, Utrecht, Bruges, Genk and then coming to England to play some pretty big games too. I'm working for Liverpool FC academy here now too, almost as if you have given the universe a nudge for me. I'll be home in October to spread your ashes that I've held onto and would love to meet some of the forumites I've interacted with for years. Rest easy comrade, keep biting those tiles and shine on you crazy diamond. YNWA ever Kev
  3. Whoever it is make sure he speaks to the Austrian studs guy or the Schnithouse cunt as he is known as
  4. Reds4Life

    Other Football 2021/22

    I coached the lad who scored the Aussies second for a couple of years when he was 14/15. I said back then that the kid is an exceptional talent. Has an extremely low centre of gravity, quick, creative, uses both feet, natural finisher but he left Sydney FC to join the oil twats at Melbourne City (Man City owned) this season. Was definitely man of the match in the Grand final here and is only 19. I think he has a real chance of playing at a high level
  5. Reds4Life

    Euro 2020(21)

    You could not make this fucking shit up. I thought I heard it the first time but listened to it again. Right at the very end someone yells out "You scouse bastards." Brilliant.
  6. Reds4Life

    Glasgow Celtic.

    My favourite was when his interpreter got booked after VAR ruled a goal out.
  7. Reds4Life

    Glasgow Celtic.

    Ange could be a very astute signing for Celtic. When he was coach of the Brisbane Roar they were undefeated for the the best part of two seasons, playing some of the best football ever in the A-League (no real mean feat I know) He is very attack minded, his team principles are all about possession with purpose, fast paced counter attacks and quick, intelligent movement from the front 4 or 5 and he was trying to implement a 3-2-4-1 system for the national team. He went to Japan and has evolved his methods and philosophy further where he has won the title as well playing that style of football. He is a massive red and when you watch his teams you can see that pass and move style of the 80s which he fell in love with. I have been lucky to know him through some people I work with in football. He is an extremely deep thinker, a student of the game and I am curious to see if his methods can translate into the Scottish game. If he is given the time then Celtic will play a very attractive style of football in the next couple of seasons.
  8. Reds4Life

    US Election 2020 Thread

    The American version of Absolutely Fabulous looks a bit underwhelming.
  9. Reds4Life

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Guess we'll see if it is the taking part that matters
  10. Reds4Life

    Nike deal

    That was my second kit after the red Hitachi one that Tony posted before. Think it was made after the 86 double... That one and the white away one that year were boss. I hated the white one though after the League Cup Final when Rushie scored and we actually lost, thought it was a jinx shirt after that. Fuck you Charlie Nicholas.
  11. Reds4Life

    Thiago Alcantara

    Can imagine VAR and offside interpretation destroying his career...
  12. Reds4Life

    Other football - 2020/21

    Maybe they should have got HHH to send him a video message after the one he sent to Declan Rice wanting him to stay.
  13. Reds4Life

    Nike deal

    What the fuck is tell us never?? Could make an ad like this.... "A wise man once said...." Cue Shanks with his "bastion of invincibility" quote. All these dickheads had to do then was cycle through goals / saves that won us shit (Kenny, Kennedy, Rush etc), great banners, fans celebrating at the time in various cities with the commentary at the time saying: Liverpool are the League Champions, Liverpool European Champions, Liverpool World champions while you see cascading captain's lifting shit time after time to the here and now... Finish again with Shanks quote LFC Bastion of Invincibility "Champions of Everything" To the Anfield crowd taking over the Champions, Champions, Champions chant. End ad Nike. Do one Edit... Fuck... Just checked online and someone did a good one of these 3 years ago... pretty fucking good idea though!