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  1. I reckon they would say Friends or something equally ridiculous. Perhaps in future years they will vote for the Trump presidency but that will depend on future ratings as it's still running.
  2. Reds4Life


    Obviously this virus will decimate places like Africa due to the townships, lack of medical supplies etc. The one place which may surpass all countries in the next couple of days is the United States. Nearly twice as many new cases than Italy, no complete lockdown measures in place, severe shortage of hospital facilities to accommodate the population and their health care payment system will massively impact numbers, especially amongst the lower classes. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ for anyone interested in graphs and further info. The Chinese now reporting new cases as Chinese nationals return home. New arrivals are being shipped straight to quarantine hotels for 2-3 weeks with strict body temperature checks enforced. Stay safe everyone. Hope Gordon (PB) doesn't have his Berlin fight training too impacted.
  3. Probably doing it to save giving another fridge magnet out
  4. Reds4Life

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Didn't know Brian May supported Lecce
  5. Reds4Life

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Hendo also on his knees praising the crowd to add to the summing up of the club.
  6. Reds4Life

    FAO stevebaby

    Still haven't forgiven you... Only kidding man. Just been reading back through this thread again. Fuck me what a guy Ste Gandy was. God is a manager here in Australia now. One of my good mates was helping Babbel at Western Sydney Wanderers. He got me tickets just above the dugout so I could be close to God when they played Brisbane. I gave him a bit of a shout and a thanks. Got a bit emotional reading back through it all. You sort of relive moments with this sort of stuff. Started replaying shit in my head we spoke about and I look now with what I'm doing and hope I have kept my word I gave to the man. Forever in my heart Gandhiji. Bite those tiles comrade. Shine on you crazy diamond. Kev
  7. Reds4Life


    I'm Spartacus
  8. Reds4Life


  9. Reds4Life


    Shine on you crazy diamond. Keep biting those tiles Comrade.
  10. Reds4Life


  11. If I should stay I will only be in your way So I'll go but I know I'll think of you every step of the wayyyy.... And Iiiiiiii will always love youuuuu
  12. Reds4Life

    Boris Johnson

    Boris will be feverishly painting his magical mystery tour bus at number 10 tonight to add to his collection. The world has entered a very dangerous time with the sabre rattling over Iran with Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber in charge. A clusterfuck of monumental proportions being foisted upon the world. If this is the depopulation agenda of the elite being played out then they have the best two candidates in Trump and Johnson to carry it out.
  13. Reds4Life

    Enzo Valentim - Welcome to Liverpool

    Yeah but is he a 3 Stacks stud or not? Until then I'm not believing
  14. Reds4Life

    Bradford (A) Friendly 14/7/19

    I like the way big game James picks out the whopper standing up in the bottom left corner as a target to hit. Couldn't have positioned himself any better
  15. Reds4Life

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    Luis.. Luis.. Luis.. Are you definitely sure you know where this Cavern is. Remember I said I bagsy being John