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  1. Code is undoubtedly one of the greatest talents Norway has ever produced but he’s not without his flaws. Stacksy has moments of brilliance but nobody has a higher opinion of Stacksy’s work than Stacksy and then there’s that gym instructor who #metoo’d him. Stig’s a nobhead but nobody has ever accused him of being talented tbf.
  2. Fuck, they sold the Chelsea Hotel? Where the fuck is Leonard Cohen gonna live?
  3. Riccardo Califiori sleeps with the displaced fishes of Bramley Moore Docks.
  4. Socialist with a hint of Tory is this fan base. Leave baldy alone he’s about to embark on the most stressful job he’ll ever have. Let him have his holiday you cunts.
  5. Varies from person to person. I’d imagine to a multimedia sports empire which is what these players are in their own right no money is ever enough. Take it to the shitness of modern football thread if you like but it won’t change the fact. He’s where he needs to be right now and he could be there 10 plus years, it’s not like he’s wasted his career.
  6. Not sure Mbappe see’s it like that tbf. He got paid a million a week to play for his boyhood club and now he gets a fuckload to play for his dream club and he’s still got years left in him. It’d be the same for Yoro. Gets to upgrade his entire life and stay in France for a few more years around his friends and his family and then gets to move to Madrid. The only way it backfires is if he turns to shit or gets a bad injury.
  7. £35m when you paid Ajax £85m for the woman abusing winger and £80m for slabhead is proper piss taking. Chelsea will be all over that no doubt, City probably should be too. I’d throw a bid in just for fumes sake.
  8. Yoro is also how Endo expresses his mantra that you only live once.
  9. Sometimes the talent makes the team and sometimes the team makes the talent. Better players than Coutinho have found this out after leaving Liverpool. Was great whilst it lasted and at least he brought us two better players.
  10. Kevin Lisbie scored a hattrick against us. In an ordinary world he’d be a £20m player all day long
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