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  1. Furmedge

    Anyone Gluten Free

    My daughter is. Mixed in with autism and her inability to experiment with food you can imagine how bland her diet is. Gluten free cereal is alright, but she has to take her own lunch to school to ensure no cross contamination. This is usually cucumber, grapes, lettuce, ham, plain crisps and a gluten free biscuit (£1.40 for 8 bourbon biscuits!) She won't eat half of the lunch but she'll pick at it all. Evening meals are usually anything from chips, waffles, plain white rice, sausages, gluten free fish fingers (£3 for 10), gluten free cheese pizza (£4), gluten free nuggets. Sweets she'll only go for Haribo and she loved smarties before her coeliac diagnosis. Was close to ecstatic tears the other night when I found Aldi do gluten free sweets called Choc'ums which are blag smarties, peanut m&m's and crispy m&m's and they only charge 79p for a big bag. Her eyes lit up when I gave her a bowl of the smarties, she's not eaten anything like that for over a year. Fucking hard. She can't eat party food if she's ever invited to one because it's laced with gluten and she can't understand why she's not allowed the food. She can't even have McDonald's because the nuggets and fish goujons have gluten in and the same oil is used for the chips so cross contaminates. Her class went on a school trip and they made my daughter sit there with a mcflurry while all the other kids had Happy Meals. Could have burst into tears when they told me. Don't get me started on the cost of gluten free food. Robbing twats. You can get bread on prescription. About 12 loaves a month. Can really see a 6 year old going through three Warby's a week, can't you? We just buy a loaf a week and give it to school who insist on making her toast with it. She never eats it.
  2. Furmedge

    Sick of being Fat

    Done keto for a month, dropped 13 lbs. Wife turned 40 over weekend, put 8lbs back on just looking at cake. And eating it. Had a curry as well but apart from that nothing out of ordinary. Pain in the arse.
  3. Furmedge

    Peep Show

    If you've got Sky Q you can download the entire catalogue ad free.
  4. Was surprised how low the prices are, but when you come to make the purchase it shoots up. Extra 25 cents per can and 96 cents per bottle as deposit which you can return for a refund (postage paid for by you), then €6 per tray for packaging, then noticed the €24 delivery. Be decent for a large order though.
  5. Here's what I managed to get. I'll be scoring each one out of 10 with the lowest score I imagine around 9.7.
  6. Ship and Mitre are doing 20 bottles (500ml) for £50 delivered. Picked up a German mix (you can specify your own beers) and had some dropped off yesterday. Hofbrau, Erdinger and Paulaner were staple choices of mine and asked the fella to throw some recommended beers in which he has. Going to open a few over the weekend and save some for a certain celebration in a couple of weeks.
  7. Furmedge

    Smart Homes

    We've got smart technology in the home. We've got Echo's in pretty much every room (3 x bedrooms, living room and kitchen) and use them to turn on lights, plugs, change temperature of the radiators via the Hive thermostat which we can do through an app anyway and turn on and change disco lights in my daughters room (she has additonal needs and is obsessed with lights!) We've also got a camera doorbell which is great for when you're out and acts as a deterrent of a night when the local scallies are trying car doors. We're selling up soon and hoping the prospective buyers haven't a clue about how it works and think it's a niche selling point. We'll obviously take all the smart bulbs with us.
  8. Furmedge

    Walking apps

    Been getting into my walking during the Covid-19, spending my hours exercise taking a stroll and think when the lockdown is lifted I'll get into my walking/hiking. I've downloaded MapMyWalk but wondering if any other, better, apps of a similar ilk out there? I've got my Samsung watch to record heart rate but the Samsung Health app is shite for anything else.
  9. Furmedge


    My wife who is running an NHS department about to go onto the frontline. She's leaving behind her hunk of a husband and two kids, one who has autism and is struggling with the change of routine BADLY, to help those who need it most. She cried last night. Partly because of what she is facing in work and putting people into departments where they're open to the virus, and partly because we decided to pull our daughter out of school despite having a health care plan and craves routine. I went the school yesterday with her and she recoiled in fear when seeing the teachers in face masks and plastic gloves. Is it the right decision? Who fucking knows, we're in uncharted territory here.
  10. Furmedge

    Spotify on Samsung Smart TV

    Oh hello..........
  11. Furmedge

    Spotify on Samsung Smart TV

    What model is it? I've got the Spotify app on my Samsung telly. I know there's a way to hide apps so it could be a case of googling how to see them.
  12. Furmedge

    Getting Old

    Felt old today. My knee keeps locking and can't put any weight on it, then it's sound for an hour and happens again. I've been full of wind and had to have a nap to get through it, and my chest has been hurting a little. All I can think though is that I want a chippy tonight and if it kills me off then I've had a good run. I haven't like, but I really want a chippy tea.
  13. Furmedge

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy Carvalho Diablo

    I saw on Twitter today it was your birthday and then I noted how old you've turned. I thought to myself, "Good for him getting to grips with social media at that age." There's a compliment mixed in there somewhere. Fucked if I know where though.
  14. Furmedge

    Happy Birthday Mal

    Happy birthday, Mal.