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  1. Furmedge


    My wife who is running an NHS department about to go onto the frontline. She's leaving behind her hunk of a husband and two kids, one who has autism and is struggling with the change of routine BADLY, to help those who need it most. She cried last night. Partly because of what she is facing in work and putting people into departments where they're open to the virus, and partly because we decided to pull our daughter out of school despite having a health care plan and craves routine. I went the school yesterday with her and she recoiled in fear when seeing the teachers in face masks and plastic gloves. Is it the right decision? Who fucking knows, we're in uncharted territory here.
  2. Furmedge

    Spotify on Samsung Smart TV

    Oh hello..........
  3. Furmedge

    Spotify on Samsung Smart TV

    What model is it? I've got the Spotify app on my Samsung telly. I know there's a way to hide apps so it could be a case of googling how to see them.
  4. Furmedge

    Getting Old

    Felt old today. My knee keeps locking and can't put any weight on it, then it's sound for an hour and happens again. I've been full of wind and had to have a nap to get through it, and my chest has been hurting a little. All I can think though is that I want a chippy tonight and if it kills me off then I've had a good run. I haven't like, but I really want a chippy tea.
  5. Furmedge

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy Carvalho Diablo

    I saw on Twitter today it was your birthday and then I noted how old you've turned. I thought to myself, "Good for him getting to grips with social media at that age." There's a compliment mixed in there somewhere. Fucked if I know where though.
  6. Furmedge

    Happy Birthday Mal

    Happy birthday, Mal.
  7. Furmedge

    Beverly Hills Cop Vs Lethal Weapon

    Lethal Weapon. *leaves*
  8. Furmedge

    Affordable tablet and keyboard for writing

    I've got the 8" Samsung S2. Probably too small to concentrate for a decent length of time but the software is still slick for me. I got my lad the Samsung Tab A which is 10" and I was impressed with the speed of it, probably faster than mine if I'm honest and a fair bit cheaper. Think I got him it for £179 in Currys and he's swamped it full of apps and he's glued to YouTube on it. If it's just using it for documents it should do the trick.
  9. Furmedge

    Better Call Saul

    Could be something in that, they did it cryptically for Breaking Bad so seems plausible. There was a recent 10 year anniversary get together of BB cast and crew. Wouldn't surprise me if there was a scene done that ties it all together with Saul.
  10. Furmedge

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    New series due out on 5th Sept but they showed the first episode early in America on Fox's Netflix type thing. My IPTV has managed to pick it up so I'll be delving in tonight.
  11. Furmedge

    The shitness of modern football

    Chelsea loaned out another player this week, taking their total for the season to 40.
  12. Furmedge

    The world of a woman.

    She threw three spare bulbs out yesterday because they wouldn't work in the lamp. Lamp was switched off from the wall.
  13. Furmedge

    Upcoming Films

    Airplane is called Flying High in Australia. That, and California Man is known as Encino Man.
  14. Furmedge

    Andrew Robertson

    Just read the first couple of pages of this thread again. Thank fuck TLW isn't in charge of scouting.