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  1. Furmedge

    Famous people you've met.

    Had a pint with Eric Bristow.
  2. Furmedge

    Famous people you've met.

    Never actually met him but was witness to Stan Boardman being carried outside by bouncers for trying to start a fight with a lad who was sat on the next table to me in a pub.
  3. Furmedge

    Excel Geeks.

    Is this data dump coming from an internal source or external provider? Sounds like something SQL is perfect for if from an internal system. I went on a 2 day SQL course and was able to pull out Oscar winners and movies by year, actor and director on a whim, but then I went back to the office and it was a fuck load more difficult when using it for real work. Rather than go on another course we employed somebody else to do it. *dusts hands*
  4. Furmedge


    https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/announcements/434026-reds-legends-part-of-legacy-beyond-football-plans-for-melwood A new partnership between North West housing and regeneration group Torus, the Fowler-Carragher Academy, swim! and Beth Tweddle Gymnastics has secured the future of Melwood's iconic training facilities building. Since taking ownership of Melwood from Liverpool Football Club in August 2019, Torus has developed ambitious plans for a landmark mixed-use housing scheme, delivering affordable, sustainable, multi-generational living and enduring community connections. With the team at Torus busy re-imagining Melwood as a lasting asset for the community, every effort was made to ensure the existing world-class facilities were retained, and opened up to the public for the first time. Torus’ chief executive, Steve Coffey, said: “Melwood is an iconic site – for West Derby, for Liverpool and for Torus. “We called our community consultation ‘a legacy beyond football’ to underline our vision for a landmark housing-led scheme. Retaining a strong sporting connection was always high on our list of priorities.” The partnership announced today with a host of sporting legends gives the training facilities building a new lease of life. The Fowler-Carragher Academy – the brainchild of Reds icons Robbie Fowler and Jamie Carragher – will take on operational responsibility for the existing building, which will host a college unlocking a range of brand-new training and educational opportunities for youngsters across the Liverpool City Region. Swim! and Beth Tweddle Gymnastics – each with a focus on engaging children in activity at grassroots level and led by GB Olympians Steve Parry and Beth Tweddle respectively – will launch a sporting hub from the facility. Offering both swimming and gymnastics programmes, the hub will give local children aged 0+ the opportunity to try a new sport, make new friends and have fun. “Partnering with Torus to kick off the new chapter in Melwood’s history was a natural fit for the Fowler-Carragher Academy and our mission to give local kids and young people opportunities to aspire and succeed,” said Carragher and Fowler, whose professional careers were nurtured and shaped at Melwood. “We are extremely excited to provide the unique offer of a fantastic education alongside a professional football programme backed by sport science experts. “Melwood will provide the opportunity of extending our offer and creating a beacon of national excellence, which we set out to create in 2015.” Tweddle said: “I know Melwood’s sporting heritage occupies a strong place in Liverpool’s heart, which is why we jumped at the chance to be involved in this project, providing gymnastics and swimming for the local community in a world-class facility. “We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to be active and, through this new facility, we will be able to do just that.” Torus is also working with the Professional Footballers’ Association to explore options including supported housing at Melwood for ex-footballers with dementia and other care needs. PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor, on behalf of the PFA Charity, said: “We are pleased to support this project in principle, with particular regard to looking after those of our former members in need. We hope Melwood could become a national blueprint for such supported housing projects.” Coffey added: “We’re incredibly excited to begin this journey with Fowler-Carragher Academy, swim!, Beth Tweddle Gymnastics and the PFA. “By working together to both honour the site’s past and re-imagine its future, Melwood will become an exemplar of how a housing-led scheme can meet multiple local needs and unlock sustainable positive change for communities.”
  5. Furmedge

    I am man: hear me roar!!!

    Fixed the bath taps today. Turned water off from mains, unscrewed grub screws, lifted the taps, took cartridges to one, two, three, four DIY stores for correct ones. Chewed the fat with an old boy who used to be a plumber, using phrases like "just needed a nudge to get the bastards out" when discussing spanner use to a nod of approval, took new parts home, fitted, water back on and tested. Then took a video and shared it with everyone I know. £12 all in. Pretty much a qualified tradesman now.
  6. Furmedge

    Glenn Roeder

    Always seemed a decent man and already some nice words spoken about him since the announcement of his passing. Took some dogs abuse from a section of West Ham fans after his original diagnosis when he had to temporarily leave his post and they went on to be relegated.
  7. Furmedge

    Nintendo Switch

    The 9 year old had me watching the announcements on You Tube last night at 10pm. Usual guff with the odd Mario/Zelda game thrown in, until they announced the retro pack with 1943, Ghosts & Goblins, Street Fighter 2 and Commando. Picking that fucker up the moment it's released.
  8. Furmedge

    OK, I’ll do it then.

    Belated wishes to you, D. Can't believe I've wasted my 7000th post wishing you a happy birthday. Twat x Pint?
  9. Furmedge

    Booze Free Booze 0%

    I like my lager, usually imported ones but I also drink alcohol free lager, for good reason. My daughter wakes up regularly through the night so one of us has to get up with her and sometimes go out in the car for an early morning drive, so alcohol free lager it is when I fancy a few of them. Budweiser is fucking rank for starters, as is Becks Blue. The Bavaria 0% is okay, but believe it or not the Stella 0% is lovely. £2.50 for four bottles in Asda and it goes down well if enjoying the taste and not being arsed about getting pissed is your game, rare as it is for some people. Heineken is okay but doesn't taste too much like lager and is sweet, and I'd give the Birra Moretti a go but at £1 a bottle I keep swerving it. The Erdinger one is another favourite and is described on the bottle as an isotonic drink. Gets to your thirst, fast. But 0% spirits? Don't see the appeal. May as well have a glass of 7up if you're going down that road.
  10. Furmedge

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Thinking you've got a couple of months before the new financial year to devise a new tool for work only for the director of the company booking a meeting in for this Thursday morning for an 'update and see where you're up to so far'. Currently at the *checks notes........* fucking not a thing stage.
  11. Furmedge

    Kate Upton NSFW

    She's absolutely smashing.
  12. Furmedge

    Small pleasures?

    If I could do that I wouldn't have bought an elephant.
  13. Furmedge

    Small pleasures?

    Yeah, I love doing that.