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  1. Furmedge

    Playstation 5

    There's been a few reports of Argos over selling it and loads being cancelled. Currys too. I managed to get one from Amazon and all looks good at the moment in terms of fulfilment. I think when bundles start being released you'll see the availability of the standalone console becoming more readily available as people will cancel their current orders for a more competitive bundle option if they can get hold of them.
  2. Furmedge

    Pandora's Box Arcade

    I've seen a few sellers that do advertise save states.
  3. Furmedge

    Pandora's Box Arcade

    The box is legal, the downloads are a grey area..... There are providers that pre-load the box for you and have direct 3k games, and some other sellers give you access to an online catalogue of a further 10k which you can download 500 of. I've seen a few videos online, and have an app myself that runs through my firestick. Bladdered 1942, Sensible Soccer and Wrestlefest during lockdown.
  4. Furmedge

    Pandora's Box Arcade

    I've got an app downloaded to my fire stick which has access to thousands of roms I download and use a PS4 controller and works well. But this looks more arcade like and my lad would love it, especially with 3k games already pre-loaded.
  5. Furmedge

    Pandora's Box Arcade

    Does anybody have one of these? Thinking of getting my 8 year old* the tabletop version for his birthday but prices range between £120 and £180 depending on the model. Most hold between 2500-3000 games but can't find much online with regards to reviews. He loves playing retro games and has the SNES reissue and Master System already. *I mean, it's for his birthday but I'm going to bladder it working from home the next few months.
  6. Furmedge


    Sorry to hear your news, Stig.
  7. Furmedge

    Adidas Trainers

    I've already got the blue and orange colourway in the Gazelle so won't be buying them, but I'm a huge fan of the Jeans. I've got four pairs of them off the top of my head; Blue, red stripes Charcoal, grey stripes Grey, red stripes Navy, sky blue stripes Excellent trainer once you get through the initial discomfort and they soften.
  8. Furmedge

    Playstation 5

    Had mine hacked last month. Cheeky bastards downloaded 2 games within 10 minutes of me getting a notification. Phoned Sony and they refunded one and put credit on my account for the other for some reason. Said there had been two new PS4's linked to my account the previous day. They managed to download the games using PayPal as the wallet. I've cancelled PayPal as a payment source now so hopefully that puts an end to it.
  9. Furmedge

    Burglar bastards

    Couple of cunts were trying houses and cars on my ma's street a few nights back. My brother lives just round the corner from her and caught them on his camera trying his front door. My mum said they rang her bell around 3am probably hoping she made their job easier for them and rush her if she opened up. The Merc on the drive and the showhome exterior probably had them thinking the risk was worth it whoever lives there. She's in her 60's and weighs about 8 stone, so they'd have had a field day taking whatever they wanted.
  10. Furmedge


    Not yet. Getting a few quotes together, but prices seem reasonable.
  11. Furmedge


    I watched that again the other month. I remember being blown away by the CGI when I was a kid. Christ, its aged terribly.
  12. Furmedge


    Anyone got a decent system they can recommend or a company who do a decent supply and fit? Twats near ours have been going round and trying cars and house doors over the past few months and now becoming a regular thing. Mine and my brothers house have the Ring doorbells and he recorded two lads this morning at 3am snooping round his front garden. They even rang my ma's doorbell at 2.30am round the corner probably in the hope someone would open the door and they could storm in. Need something a bit more robust than the Ring, happy to pay a few hundred quid.
  13. Furmedge

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    He's fucking barmy on there. Slagging FSG for dropping a "super successful Peter Moore", yet only a couple of months ago he was calling Moore an idiot and enabler of FSG not investing. Man has about 6 different personalities.
  14. Furmedge

    Family Strife

    I've never met my father in law either, and my wife has never made the effort to contact him after he walked out on his family when she was 10. He never even attended his own mothers funeral. I hope he's seen our wedding photos and pictures of our kids somehow because that's the closest he'll ever get. Well the day has finally arrived, sort of. Had a phone call from my mother in law asking if we'd seen Granada Reports today. Turns out my father in law was on; https://www.itv.com/news/granada/2020-08-01/councillor-suspended-after-social-media-outburst-blaming-illegal-immigrants-and-nhs-for-new-local-lockdown Sent my wife's head west when she looked him up. She had no idea what he was up to but the fact he's a massive twat on top of being a Tory justifies us never having to have met previously. The funny thing is, my wife is a huge socialist, adores Jeremy Corbyn and despises everything the Tories stand for. We managed to locate his Facebook profile. Amongst all the Nigel Farage love in, there's some interesting parts of his life. Seems he preferred to stick around for his last family after abandoning his first. Seeing the look of disbelief and obvious hurt in the missus' face (she's not laid eyes on him for 30 years) I'd love to ruin his life.
  15. Furmedge

    The ‘Everyone has... except me’ Thread

    Dave, can we rename this thread Pop Tarts? Cheers.