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  1. KMD7

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Fucking Usher
  2. KMD7

    Racism in football - is there a problem?

    He's obviously a bad racist. Fuck him
  3. KMD7


    Fucking can't wait for this.
  4. KMD7

    The Weakness of The Working Class

    Rico might be a cunt but he's a sexy fucker, I've seen his jogging pics on here.
  5. KMD7

    Have a rant thread

    Can also be pronounced as Kweeva. Freaks my nut out to this day
  6. Tbh I thought he should have saved the pen
  7. Salah did a daft cross field pass that they intercepted and from there got their second goal. Well pissed off at him for that. As for the match itself, we played well enough and could have got a draw. We'll still get out of the group.
  8. KMD7

    Other Football - 2019/20

    That sounds like something someone that shagged Stig would say