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  1. KMD7


    Cheers Vlad.
  2. KMD7


    Went to my chemist today and she still has a prescription for me on file for when i had an attack before. (Didn't avail of them then) am going in tomorrow to collect them.
  3. KMD7

    New Girl on Countdown

    Bring back Carol!
  4. KMD7

    Philippe Coutinho

    If Klopp is happy to have him back then that's good enough for me. Might be the difference next season in winning the title. He's still a little cunt though
  5. KMD7

    Best James Bond?

    Captain Scarlet 》》》 everyone He also has the greatest end credits to any programme ever. Always cracks me up
  6. KMD7


    Yeah, nobody makes me die my own death!
  7. KMD7


    Cheers mate. I'm due a full body check soon in relation to my kidneys so If anything is there they'll find it.
  8. KMD7

    Best James Bond?

    Depends on the context perhaps? I don't watch them like i used to so don't know enough to give a proper opinion on it. If the franchise was losing money then having a character change to revitalise it would make sense i suppose but otherwise I'd leave it be. That said I wouldn't say no to Naomi Rapace giving it a go. Love Naomi Rapace me
  9. KMD7


    Cheers mate. Not sure i can get to one in time before i go away on Wednesday but if it continues I'll definitely check it out. Yeah it's like having the worst whitey you can experience without the initial high is the closest i can compare it too, and even that doesnt do it justice
  10. KMD7

    Best James Bond?

    I think it is mate. For example Roger Moore's Bond had an fbi mate and the Dalton Bond film Licence to Kill was about him going rogue as a result of the same fbi mate and his wife being brutally injured/murdered by Robert Davi's villian
  11. KMD7


    Frightening mate. Hopefully it's a one off caused by a combinaion of the sudden head movement and the hay fever.