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  1. KMD7

    Susanna Hoffs, Wendy James or Kim Wilde?

    Fucks sake. Repped
  2. KMD7

    Susanna Hoffs, Wendy James or Kim Wilde?

    Loved them all but Hoffs by a country mile
  3. KMD7

    Liverpool vs "Gooseberry"

    Fucks sake I feel like @TheDrowningMan after seeing this. NEGGED
  4. Fuck me you'd swear Traore was the love child of Maradona and Messi the way BT are wanking over him. Bizarre
  5. KMD7

    Adama Traore

    Decent squad option for us
  6. Fab coming on steadied us
  7. This. Commentary was a joke
  8. Close from Wolves. Fab would have stopped it anyway
  9. Macca giving Traore motm on Bt. Fucking whopper
  10. Fab's been great since he came on