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    Mark Lawrenson

    He seems to have a low tolerance of bullshitters. Definitely overly critical of people but that tells me that Wright must be incredibly sound. Got to respect him for going back to his boyhood club. Got away with a lot on the pitch from being England's best player.
  2. Well spotted about Mata. In my head, I just think of Moyes signing Fellaini.
  3. Agree with all that Boss, except Ronaldo isn't the second best player of all time - undoubtedly the 2nd best player of the last 12-14 years and a true great but not above Diego, Pele, Di Steffano etc. I would probably say he is a candidate for the greatest 11 C team. You're spot on though about everything else. The Glazers have pumped serious money into that team. The only manager that wasn't really backed by them was Moyes, who is a superior manager to that gobshite they currently have. That's their mistake I suppose but every time they are about to pull the trigger, the little gnome goes an a top class winning run. It's actually priceless. Jesus, hopefully he doesn't pull out one of his mad results on Sunday.
  4. Ronnie Whelan

    Mark Lawrenson

    I like Ian Wright. In fact, I don't think there are many in football that don't like the man. Roy Keane seems to be great mates with him and Keane said himself he doesn't have many friends in football. How could you not like Wrighty basically. Shearer was a great player but I think he is a snide fucker as a pundit. A nastier version of Gary Linekar.
  5. Ronnie Whelan

    Watford (A) - Sat 16th Oct 2021 (12:30pm)

    People go on about us having a small squad relative to City, Chelsea and United, but Harvey Elliott, Curtis Jones, Kev and the Greek are all excellent talents. All have a very high ceiling especially Elliott.
  6. Ronnie Whelan

    Mark Lawrenson

    Lawro played the gobshite on bbc, but there was no malice to him. In some ways, his biggest crime was a great player becoming a clown to the younger generations. He seems like a decent bloke and he loves us. In an era of snide like Shearer and Rio, pompous knobheads like Jenas and utter idiots like Joe Cole, he was the annoying but likeable uncle. Lawro will probably be eclipsed in our greatest eleven by Virgil, but in an era of outstanding centre halves, he was a candidate for a world eleven. Him and Hansen were possibly the greatest pairing I've seen. Maybe Nesta and Cannavaro might shade it but could go either way. They were beautiful together. Delighted to see Matip getting some love above. A phenomenal player.
  7. Ronnie Whelan

    Man City - the new bitters?

    I see Trevor Sinclair reckons that the Newcastle takeover is concerning because of their human rights abuses and the other chairmen should be concerned. Thank God for the wholesome City owners.
  8. Ronnie Whelan

    Liverpool All Time 11 - Centre Backs

    Agree with that. Virgil has pipped him for me. What a player though. I think the fact that he became a bit of a fool on the BBC has made people forget what a phenomenal player he was.
  9. Ronnie Whelan

    Greatest Away Trips

    Brilliant away that one. From my memory Cheltenham was on so we ended up in Manc land early watching the racing. It was pretty electric around Manchester that day. There was a lot of our lads in their end from what I heard and in the pub we were watching the racing, I saw a few lads I recognised. Keep the head down job though and stay in your little area. The barmaid sussed us and winked at us saying we didn't have too far to travel. About two hours before kick off, they started with their chants - in fairness no different to us - the one that got me was "have you ever seen Liverpool win the league". Didn't hear any of their nasty ditties to be fair. Absolute whoppers. The state of some of those books.
  10. Ronnie Whelan

    Greatest Away Trips

    Absolutely evil place was Leeds back then. Leeds and Middlesboro were the two most horrible places in the league. I remember this Cockney lad I got to know on holidays gave me a lend of one of those stupid hooligan books. He was sound but reckoned it was top class literature. I finished it in a night and found it funny as fuck. Think they were West Ham and were making out that their motley crew of fifty lads were taking over places like Leeds and Middlesboro. My abiding memory of those places is giving it serious toes but I suppose that doesn't sell books.
  11. Ronnie Whelan

    Liverpool All-Time 11 - Left Back

    Kennedy for me. Maybe in time, Robbo will surpass hin.
  12. Ronnie Whelan

    Geordie Arabia

    You both could be right, but certainly among the lads I know, none would support a takeover like that. Having said that, I do think Jurgen and his brilliant team have kept the wolves at bay. For all my own criticism of FSG, I can see they have done more good than bad. They are actually perfect owners for a fair system, but thanks to the Premier League, Uefa and Fifa that will never happen. They are hard nosed business people who will probably sell us if they get a sense that it isn't tenable for their investment. Make no mistake, unless the Premier League end up getting a 5th or 6th spot Cl spot, it looks like it will be tense to get Champions League every year. Newcastle will be a huge presence in the coming years competiting for titles and Arsenal will eventually get their shit together. I don't really see FSG here if that's the case. I don't like them at all, but their style of business savvy should be the model that all clubs have to follow.
  13. Ronnie Whelan

    Your All Time Non Liverpool XI

    While you may be right, I just don't see how those four players would not still be among the best players today. The human race hasn't evolved that much in 20 years. The great teams and players of yesteryear played in awful conditions(certainly here) so just imagine then on today's pitches. Another thing is that all of them were street footballers with skills that most modern players don't remotely have. I always remember that George Best story about being at a coaching camp in America with teenagers. All the kids were all over him and were condescending and mocking of this obese middle aged fella who was also coaching. Turns out that middle aged bloke was Puskas. Best clocked it and got Puskas to do a few things with the ball. The kids were mesmerised. Great athletes and sportspeople can always adopt.
  14. Ronnie Whelan

    Geordie Arabia

    While I can somewhat understand the Geordies for being so desparate for success that they would welcome a bunch of scumbags that would make the Taliban look like the Salvation Army, I can't believe that they would go this far. We go on about being a unique city and stuff like this proves it. I genuinely doubt that more than 10% of Liverpool fans would welcome being taken over by the Saudis. Everton fans would be a much higher percentage, but even still, nothing like the Geordies. Shit likes this just proves how broken the country is.
  15. Ronnie Whelan

    Geordie Arabia

    What does carra, neville and the good guys in Sky make of this?
  16. Ronnie Whelan

    Your All Time Non Liverpool XI

    He said he'll meet you at the Burger King at the train station. He said it'll be a quick chat because he wants to meet the great Duncan Ferguson, who is revered by the Brazil 1970 team.
  17. Ronnie Whelan

    Your All Time Non Liverpool XI

    Carlos Alberto wants a words. He's at the KFC on County Road.
  18. Went for Rinus Michels. Having said that Clough was a genius. Plenty of great names there. Ferguson was a managerial genius. What he did with Aberdeen and then what he did with the Mancs was incredible. It makes the fact they have a complete gobshite now in Ole all the more funny.
  19. Ronaldo still has it. He's an all time great that rightly or wrongly will be talked about in 50, 60...years time. Problem is he's 37. Problem is he's there to be their saviour and he won't take being rested for games. Ferguson would have held his respect enough to be able to do that - a brilliant manager who essentially gave a very talented kid the platform to become the second best player of his generation. How does he view Ole? I suspect he views him as a bloke who was a very decent squad player in a brilliant era for United who is in over his head managing them. I suspect while he might like him as a person, he isn't going to view him as a competent professional that he would listen to like a Mourinho, Ancelloti or Ferguson. For me, Cavani is still one of the best players in the world. Essentially, they have probably negated a lot of what he brings to the party to make a vanity signing. Hopefully, Cavani says fuck this and heads to the continent or returns to Uruguay.
  20. Nearly all of the greats mention Di Stefano as the greatest player of all time including Diego and Pele. Some great players on that list, but are you seriously telling me that the players on that list bar Di Stefano are better than Pele? Not having a go here. You're opinion is as valid as mine, but Pele is far superior to most of the players you mentioned. Eusebio and Puskas would be in the running for a greatest 11, but probably fall short. Batistuta was a good shout. Wonderful player, but again he's the level below Pele. The others on the list were unquestionably world class and outstanding players but not having they were better than Pele.
  21. Agree with all that. Brazilian Ronaldo, Van Basten and Gerd Muller are three of the greatest players of all time but for me the level below Pele. Lots of debates that could go either way like Zidane vs Platini in a greatest eleven, but Pele is one of the first names on the team sheet imo.
  22. Yeah he was some manager. Think peak Clough was better though. Bob was the best of the lot though.
  23. You gotta lot balls kid coming in here and saying that. A lot of balls. P.S I agree.