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Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2 (Sep 22 2019)

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Report by
Dave Usher


That was really tough. We were hanging on and we didn’t play particularly well, but this is probably one of the three or four most difficult fixtures on the calendar and we’ve come away with three points. Psychologically that’s huge, especially given that City had won 8-0 the day before.


Given how dominant both us and City are now, there are only a handful of fixtures you look at and think “that could be a tough one”. Chelsea away is right up there and City will have been hoping that we slipped up in this one. For us to come through it - especially given how hairy it was in the last half an hour - feels like a real hurdle we’ve overcome.


Imagine if we’d drawn or lost this game after City had won 8-0. It would have cancelled out the buzz from last weekend when they lost at Norwich and we went five points clear. City bounced back and sent a message, and we went and won at Chelsea to let them know they can shove their message up their financial doping arse.


Much had been made about our recent record away at fellow top six clubs, but these are the toughest games any team has. You’re not going to be taking maximum points from trips to the best teams in the country. The key to success is winning the games you’re supposed to win. Away games at the top six do not really come into that category.


We can’t “expect” to win at Chelsea, so the fact we have done puts us ahead of the curve. Just as the fact City lost at Norwich puts them behind it. Both teams are so far ahead of everyone else that there are only a handful of games that they shouldn’t “expect” to win. Both games against each other, Spurs away, Chelsea away and probably Leicester away are games where a draw would probably be seen as acceptable. Every other game is one that both ourselves and City ‘should’ win. So far we’re doing that and they aren’t, which is why currently we lead by five points.


So winning away at Chelsea is great, not least because it came after such a tough away fixture in midweek. Even if we’d won in Naples this would have been tough, but coming off a loss in such disappointing circumstances, to go to Chelsea and win is a terrific achievement from the lads.



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I'd add the red Mancs and the Ev to the tough away game list

I know they're both shit but they raise their game so much when they play us... it's their Cup Final, bless their little cotton socks

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Great roundup.


Would point out that our in game management was poor though, in no small part due to the awful substitutions we made and the real lack of quality we had to cover for Mane's injury and Salah poor performance.


We should and could have closed up shop but kept trying to hit them in the counter with high full backs and Salah not tracking back, even though it was clearly not happening for us.

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Agree on how huge a win this was. We don't win there often. 


Our records at Everton (too many draws) and Man Utd recently mean they are up there as tough aways for us too. If we can with at both this season it will be massive. 


That free kick competition you mentioned was a bit shit. Gomez's free kicks were all floaters, Trent goes for whip and pace every time.


He's fucking excellent. Hopefully he bags a few this season.

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