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  1. janmolby

    Alisson Becker

    I fucking love them!
  2. janmolby

    Andrew Robertson

    My MOM yesterday, great goal and made a vital interception/clearance when it was still 1-0. Quality
  3. janmolby

    Nintendo Switch

    I reckon the new BOTW will end up being released on both this gen Switch and the next gen version. Like they did with the original.
  4. janmolby

    Odeon Cinema tickets

    No worries, I only ever go to the switch Island one now. And parking's a pain for L1
  5. janmolby

    Odeon Cinema tickets

    I've got 5 odeon cinema tickets here from Groupon that expire at the end of the month. Anyone want them? I bought the wrong ones as they are not valid at the LUXE venues (Switch Island) and won't have time to use them as the kids are back in school. If you have them please put them to use before they expire. Valid at the following cinemas: ODEON Andover, ODEON Ayr, ODEON Banbury, ODEON Basingstoke, ODEON Bath, ODEON Beckenham, ODEON Belfast, ODEON Birmingham New Street, ODEON Blackpool, ODEON Bournemouth, ODEON Bracknell, ODEON Braehead, ODEON Bridgend, ODEON Brighton, ODEON Bristol, ODEON Camden, ODEON Cardiff, ODEON Chatham, ODEON Chelmsford, ODEON Colchester, ODEON Covent Garden, ODEON Coventry, ODEON Crewe, ODEON Dorchester, ODEON Dudley, ODEON Dunfermline, ODEON Edinburgh Fort Kinnaird, ODEON Edinburgh Lothian Rd, ODEON Exeter, ODEON Greenwich, ODEON Guildford, ODEON Harrogate, ODEON Hastings, ODEON Hatfield, ODEON Hereford, ODEON Huddersfield, ODEON Kettering, ODEON Kilmarnock, ODEON Kingston, ODEON Lincoln, ODEON Liverpool One, ODEON Llanelli, ODEON Loughborough, ODEON Manchester Great Northern, ODEON Mansfield, ODEON Metrocentre, ODEON Milton Keynes Stadium, ODEON Newark, ODEON Newcastle East, ODEON Northwich Barons Quay, ODEON Norwich, ODEON Oldham, ODEON Orpington, ODEON Oxford George St, ODEON Oxford Magdalen St, ODEON Port Solent, ODEON Preston, ODEON Putney, ODEON Richmond, ODEON Rochdale, ODEON Salisbury, ODEON South Woodford, ODEON Southampton, ODEON Southend, ODEON Stoke, ODEON Streatham, ODEON Surrey Quays, ODEON Swadlincote, ODEON Swansea, ODEON Taunton, ODEON Tottenham Ct Rd, ODEON Trafford Centre, ODEON Trowbridge, ODEON Tunbridge Wells, ODEON Uxbridge, ODEON West Bromwich, ODEON Weston Super Mare, ODEON Wimbledon, ODEON Worcester, ODEON Wrexham Eagles Meadow
  6. janmolby

    Sadio Mane

    Made up for him, well done Sadio.
  7. janmolby

    The New IPTV Thread

    Thanks for your help with this guys. Rock solid so far. I spoke to the fella, recommended a firestick over the apps built into the tvs.
  8. janmolby

    The New IPTV Thread

    Right chaps, new firestick on it's way. Will you PM some details and I can take it from there. Thanks for you help..
  9. janmolby

    The New IPTV Thread

    I've got a spare firestick somewhere. I currently use an IPTV feed on our lg in one room and a Samsung in another, using smartiptv app. It's a bit hit and miss and was after a second feed from someone else. There isn't many apps available on the Phillips set but you can side load stuff, so don't see why it wouldn't run smartiptv or nanomid? Is it a case of uploading an m3u playlist to the devices Mac address on the firestick, TV app? Is that how it works?
  10. janmolby

    The New IPTV Thread

    @Captain Turdseye Turdsey, after something to replace my current crappy IPTV service. Got a Philips TV running android, anything suitable that can run from one of the TV apps? Thanks
  11. janmolby

    The BBC

    Defund the Ev
  12. janmolby

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    He's the leader of the pack
  13. People throwing the towel in because we are three points off the top at Christmas. Helmets
  14. There's a Arguing over ex Managers Forum for this you know!
  15. janmolby

    Best apps for driving?

    Another vote for Waze here. Its a great app. It's very accurate with the speed limits I find. You can see it change first hand when moving from one speed zone to another.. You can set it to warn you when exceeding the limit by a specific amount/percentage I think.