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  1. I was referring to his last 16 months. If that's some our best attacking football, then I'm Colin Pascoe.
  2. I'd keep Matip, Milner, Robertson, Gini, Jota and Mane well away from this. I suppose one thing to consider is how close Hendo and Thiago are. If they play Saturday, we can afford to put Gini and Milner in. We need to beat Brighton infinitely more than Atalanta.
  3. It's probably because we had to endure 16 months of abject football, not to mention 16 months of excruciating press conferences before he finally got the boot. Similar to Houllier's final season and a bit.
  4. m0e

    Curtis Jones - What are you?

    Sensational, you say? Can you name them? Even better, can you name any outside of the CL?
  5. m0e

    Andrew Robertson

    What a fucking hero.
  6. Was it true you took her to a Shrewsbury game for your anniversary? No chance I'd get married during the season... It was her birthday! And it was Shrewsbury reserves!!
  7. m0e

    Curtis Jones - What are you?

    He'll be ahead of Keita in the pecking order by January.
  8. m0e

    Diogo Jota

    You can add that Villa jabroni who they signed from Brentford. Going to be doing fuck all this time next season. Oh, and Ighalo too.
  9. He's in Dave's naughty corner this week.
  10. m0e

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Nor sure 8 get the question. I reckon Gini is best at #6. So is Fabinho. We also have Thiago and Henderson who are excellent there. Fabinho will play the entire season at center back now. If Gini leaves before next season, a new centre back comes in and Fabinho can go back into midfield.
  11. m0e

    James Milner is....

    Amazing player and puts those who said he didn't have it anymore to shame tonight. We're lucky to have him.
  12. m0e

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    His best position is that number 6, I reckon. Letting him goes frees us up to buy a centre back, to then move Fabinho back into midfield, I'd imagine.
  13. Keita started well. Leicester with proper shithouse tactics. The old launch it to Vardy and hope.
  14. Half our team out and we're still on a different level to the rest of the league. I love this squad.
  15. m0e

    Other football - 2020/21

    You saw it photoshopped? How did you manage that? Or are you saying it was the same profile pic as LinkedIn? If its the latter, I don't even know where to start with that. I don't particularly care about this, and certainly don't have anything against you, I just wanted to be sure you were sure. And I'm not.
  16. m0e

    Other football - 2020/21

    You said it was from Linkedin. The image posted is from Facebook 100%. So, thats already the first problem you have. Where is the original Facebook profile with Wembley?
  17. m0e

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    The fact he's wearing #17 is a giveaway.
  18. m0e

    Other football - 2020/21

    It was from Facebook and it was taken down once we got hold of it after the Derby. He had that United background there according to multiple sources. If you're not 100% sure you should perhaps make that clear when you post it.
  19. Is the Keita hope still based on that 1 season he had, in Germany, about 4 seasons ago now? He's never going to make it here.
  20. I'd never describe Barnes or Rush as leaders, and never saw anything in them to suggest I should.
  21. m0e

    Ray Clemence

    Anyone know why he left us for Spurs? I've heard it was to do with wanting a new challenge, and wanting to stake a claim for England number 1. Never really seen it confirmed anywhere.
  22. He was 100% getting questions asked of him. It won't take long to find the evidence on here.
  23. If Barnes lost 4-0 to Spurs at Wembley after that horrible January February period where we won 1 game out of 12 (if memory serves) , he'd have been under serious pressure from media and fans alike. Klopp and his methods were being seriously questioned at that time, and I was one of them. So were FSG and their clear reluctance to spend the money needed. None of that had anything to do with skin colour, though.