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  1. lifetime fan

    Famous People who look like other Famous People

    Any time someone mentions Barclay I think of the time Rasher went after him on twitter and can’t stop laughing.
  2. lifetime fan

    Categories Draft

    Reckon it’s either German national team.
  3. Did the medals and ‘Champions League Final Madrid 2019’ banners give it away?
  4. lifetime fan


    I spent the best part of 20 years either living on or shopping on the road with the most independent businesses in the UK. You wouldn’t always get the very cheapest prices but you would still get bargains, you had speciality shops you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the city/region and the area had a great feel to it. People appreciate it, support it and want to protect and save it. There were even riots when Tesco were allowed to open an extra store on Gloucester Rd. If you don’t use small, local, independent businesses then you can’t complain when there aren’t any left.
  5. lifetime fan


    There has to be a limit though. At what point does a quid cheaper/a day earlier justify using them over a less cuntish company?
  6. lifetime fan

    UEFA Cup/Europa League Draft Final

    Is it too late to change my pick?
  7. lifetime fan

    Categories Draft

    You need a bit of that.
  8. lifetime fan


    But sports fucking direct?
  9. lifetime fan

    Categories Draft

    Fair enough. Ruled out a couple of sly picks I was hoping for.
  10. lifetime fan

    Categories Draft

    Can a pick have made their debut for a different club/country before 1990 to which you’re selecting them? e.g. Player A made his debut for another club in 1988 but made his Portsmouth debut in 1992?
  11. Hansen rated Thompson better than Lawrenson.
  12. lifetime fan


    Jairz is gonna be after you.
  13. lifetime fan

    Lessons In Reality The Hard Way

    About 6/7 years old, I was ignoring my ol fella who kept telling me to not run in flipflops with my hands in my pockets. He still brings it up to this day, usually followed by 'you never have fucking listened'.
  14. lifetime fan

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    @Fowlers God?