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  1. lifetime fan


    An Irishman abroad is usually worth a listen.
  2. lifetime fan


    Mea Culpa was a good listen initially, even if just to listen to Cohen take the piss out of trump. But he’s a fucking scumbag too and I hate the love for him just because he’s going after another cunt.
  3. lifetime fan

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    In Stig’s defence, and I hate defending that cunt, I reckon I’d rather eat a Richmond vegi sausage instead of one of their ‘meat’ ones.
  4. lifetime fan

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Why would Champ need to do that? it’s not like everyone doesn’t already know.
  5. lifetime fan

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Before I even start on the food the 1950’s wants their fucking plate back.
  6. lifetime fan


  7. lifetime fan


    Be a strong, independent woman ladies and don’t accept anything less than a serial killer that responds to your shitty pointless fucking texts. I worry about this world.
  8. lifetime fan


    Just had this on mine from an old colleague...
  9. lifetime fan


    But he’s ‘proud’ of his Nan and Grandad having the vaccine. Talk about jumping the fucking queue! What the fuck do they need the vaccine for when there’s hundreds of thousands of over 80’s still waiting, who aren’t living the life of fucking riley and have their butlers teated daily. They’re an absolute fucking disgrace and shame on us as a country. Cunts the lot of them.
  10. lifetime fan

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Be interesting to see if any of them work at the beeb.
  11. lifetime fan

    How hot is your house ?

    17 degrees and slippers is just about perfect.
  12. lifetime fan

    Things I can't do that seemingly everyone else can

    At 14 I used to labour on a mate of my dads who was a plasterer on weekends, this was back in the day when you mixed the plaster with an old bit of skirting board. Fuck me that was hard work, I was skinny as a rake with fuck off ‘wanking arms’ as Jeff called them. Watching them get a wall or ceiling as flat as a spirit level just by eye is incredible.