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  1. lifetime fan

    Keir Starmer

    To be fair iirc the libs didn’t want AV ‘a miserable little compromise’, they wanted PR. But the tories wouldn’t let them have a vote on PR so they jumped into bed with them and propped them up anyway.
  2. lifetime fan

    Boris Johnson

    I have. And believe me you don’t.
  3. lifetime fan

    Bruce fucking Springsteen

    Fingers crossed!
  4. lifetime fan

    Bruce fucking Springsteen

    No U.K. dates?
  5. lifetime fan

    The world of a woman.

  6. lifetime fan

    Boris Johnson

  7. lifetime fan

    Rate your local chippy

    Really not worth the money. The battered sausage was shite too.
  8. lifetime fan

    Rate your local chippy

    This is the best chippy in Plymouth apparently, they’ve won loads of awards. Not fucking cheap though. She had a small cod and chips which was £8.95. A large is £10.20!
  9. Not being able to read the WiFi password off the back of a router. You have to take a photo of it on your phone and enlarge it to be able to read it.
  10. lifetime fan

    Thiago Alcantara

    The only problem would be if he ended up rupturing his achilles in the final. Hopefully he hasn't got a small tear and it was just a knock to it.
  11. lifetime fan

    Biggest knobhead journalist

    Look at the timeline of him changing his opinions on this. It first started when his beloved West Ham got a free stadium and he thought they were going to become a CL club. His son then went to work for City and his column got even more ridiculous.
  12. lifetime fan

    Biggest knobhead journalist

    Read somewhere (possibly on here) his son works for City in their media/PR department. If so you can definitely see him accepting brown envelopes to write some of the shit he's been coming out with.
  13. lifetime fan

    Nike deal

    I'd just be a 'fat cunt' size.
  14. lifetime fan

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    He's been a massive disappointment of a signing. Although he's been a lot better the second half of the season it's obviously a very low bar. It's such a shame as those youtube videos of him when in Germany looked excellent.