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  1. lifetime fan


    The cheese popcorn in Dubai is like crack.
  2. lifetime fan


    Not fat enough to look like me.
  3. lifetime fan


    You don't have any.
  4. lifetime fan


    You should. Just don't claim to be a clinician.
  5. lifetime fan


    There is nothing wrong with referencing self help guides, it can be helpful to a lot of people and signposting these for others who may not know where to find them can be very helpful. Copying and pasting large chunks of text from universally and freely available resources and trying to pass it off as your own less so. Of course your background and lack of professional qualifications will come into it when you pretend to be something you are not! That is what is unethical and dangerous.
  6. lifetime fan


    I am not and have never claimed to be an expert. What I have done is spoken about my experiences and given my opinions. Exactly as I have said you should. Only you have tried to label me an expert, no one else. Certainly not me. Sir Stephen Bubb is an expert. I'm not. Neither are you! But seeing as you brought up the Panorama programme maybe you would you like to try and show your expertise again? You know, when you tried to make out you knew what you were talking about without the slightest fucking idea.
  7. lifetime fan


    I’ve never claimed to be something I’m not, that’s the fucking point. As I've said from the very beginning you should share your experiences, thoughts and opinions. What you shouldn’t do is pretend to be a clinician when you’re not.
  8. lifetime fan


    That’s easily diagnosed. You have a thing for fat cunts in a pink polo shirt.
  9. lifetime fan


    The only title you have is Mrs/Mr. That’s my entire point! Please do share your experiences, thoughts and opinions. Don’t fucking pretend to be a clinician.
  10. lifetime fan


    Both. Obviously.
  11. lifetime fan


    No. That isn’t what I’m saying and your posts show why you failed your counselling course. Because you don’t fucking listen.
  12. lifetime fan


    No, that’s not what I’m saying and I’ve made that very clear! Everyone should be able to to share their fears, anxieties, experiences of depression and MH on here. What shouldn’t happen is when people are already low in mood, feel very vulnerable and yet are still willing to open up...a poster deliberately mislead them, make out he's something he’s not and pretend to be a clinician. Its completely unethical and frankly dangerous.
  13. lifetime fan


    Of course the text you’ve been C&P on here and trying to pass off as your own is widely available. That’s my point! You don't have a clinical qualification to discuss, stop pretending you do. Anyone can share experiences and thoughts on MH and depression, it should be encouraged. What you can’t do is lead people on and try to make out you’re something you’re very obviously not.
  14. lifetime fan


    I don’t need to send you a PM. I’ve called you out and made my issue with you very clear. Pretending to be something you're not is childish and can be fucking dangerous.