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  1. lifetime fan

    Adidas Trainers

    Just bought a pair of Beckenbauer’s half price for £35.
  2. They played the Friday night and Saturday evening. Later that week the Happy Monday’s were in a ferry to Dublin and they had to turn it around they were so smashed and causing agro.
  3. We went on the Saturday and had Black Rebel Motorcycle Club too. Was a brilliant gig and a funny as fuck day out.
  4. lifetime fan

    Soft drinks

    Digger shagged his Ma too?
  5. lifetime fan

    International break draft, anyone fancy it?

    I’m not going to have the time to think about picks and working out points totals on 12 hour shifts so will give this one a miss.
  6. lifetime fan

    Good value family holidays for this summer

    Spent every summer here for 8/9 years. http://www.yeatheridge.co.uk/
  7. See her on James Martins Saturday Kitchen last week? Pissed as a fart 9 o’clock in the morning.
  8. lifetime fan


    The Apple Bar have it on as a special at times too.
  9. lifetime fan


    If you like a flat cider that’s like fucking rocket fuel get on Cheddar Valley.