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  1. lifetime fan

    I am addicted to The Shield

    Watching Sons of Anarchy at the moment - lots of overlaps with actors.
  2. lifetime fan

    Happy Birthday Rico

    Happy Birthday pink tits. Xx
  3. lifetime fan

    Top 10 Football Books

    It’s a great read.
  4. lifetime fan

    Top 10 most annoying famous people

    Sara fucking Cox. Cunt.
  5. lifetime fan

    Do you agree with euthanasia?

  6. lifetime fan


    The format became far too formulaic but there were some amazing scenes.
  7. lifetime fan

    THE Sopranos thread

    The Wire The Sopranos The Shield The West Wing. The four greatest telly series ever.
  8. lifetime fan

    Line of Duty

    “Bent bastard”.
  9. lifetime fan

    What Constitutes Your Perfect Roast Dinner

    Now that’s a roast potato...
  10. lifetime fan

    Line of Duty

    It’s not perfect but it’s a damn sight better than the vast majority of British made telly.