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  1. Played with a real purpose and intensity started by Milner lamping benzema in the first few minutes. Milners been excellent. Really unlucky not to score. if only we played like this last week.
  2. Just can't see us keeping a clean with when Alisson is having a poor run of form and Kabak and Phillips are nowhere near the level for this stage of the champions league.
  3. Mark M

    VAR Thoughts?

    I was silly enough to think this would help Refs make the right decision in games - so you wouldn’t have games getting decided by a bad ref call in real time. They are making a dogs dinner of it though & it’s really showing up what a poor understanding of the game they have. I’d say they are afraid of their lives that we don’t get to hear them microphoned up and talking live showing how they come to their decisions cause I’d say the uproar would be huge. The big killer though is not being able to celebrate goals anymore with these offside calls. it won’t be long before they lose a lot of fans altogether if they don’t sort it out.
  4. Mark M

    Trent Alexander-Arnold

    This. Seems like we never have enough shots from just outside the box
  5. Seems like an age since we scored a belter from distance. A Gerrard finish if ever I was one.
  6. NOW TIME WASTE! Like those cunts did
  7. Thought VAR would tell the ref to give a pen against Trent there
  8. Mark M

    Other football - 2020/21

    Looks worse in slow motion. He’s played the ball no intention of doing the player. yellow card was the right call. feels to me like VAR feel they have to influence games by disallowing goals or giving red cards.
  9. Finding it hard to have an interest now in a 'top 4 battle' after that poxy performance against Madrid. You'd have thought the players would want to right the wrongs of getting stuffed 7-2 by Villa this season - its more likely we'll drop points and our lads will start liking Instagram posts the Villa players put up after as thats how we roll now.
  10. Mark M

    Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1 (Apr 6 2021)

    One other thing that irritated me last night apart from all the obvious getting battered etc. Both Jota and Mane played like they were on a skating rink the amount of times both slipped and lost their footing was very frustrating.
  11. Mark M

    Naby Keita

    With the lack of football and the fact he's been back training for weeks now its inexcusable how he strolled around the pitch yesterday. Fabino and Gini were also shite put they at least tried to put a shift in. Keita was literally strolling for parts of that first half. I've seen a lot of Keita fanboys on social media turning on Klopp now to defend this waster. Really strange how some fans will blindly back a player like that given he's done fuck all for us in 3 years.
  12. Mark M

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    It’s a fair point if Matip didn’t get injured vs Spurs I don’t think we’d have got anyone in the January window. It came across like a corner shop haggling for better pricing rather than being ‘able to compete with anyone in the market’ FSG TM
  13. I thought we’d run all over Madrid have more legs and tempo and run their CBs all over the shop. Madrid were excellent dominated and controlled the midfield really well and kept us at arms length
  14. I think Robbo like Gini have been run into the ground. we’ll lose Gini for nothing in the summer which is a joke. Robbo will play every minute for Scotland and get no break which he needs
  15. Mark M

    Naby Keita

    Most signings Klopps made have worked out brilliantly. Keita and Karius will go down as the bad signings