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  1. Mark M

    Mohamed Salah

    Glad Salah got an award. Bale should have won the best goal award and Salah should have been in the best 11.
  2. Fuck that’s a huge blow for us. Fingers crossed he’s not out for too long
  3. Mark M

    Alisson Becker

    You seem to have a lot of hate for our new keeper who’s clearly improved us in the short time he’s been here. are you in the Karius fan club or something?
  4. Mark M

    Mohamed Salah

    He's going to destroy a team really soon and I can it being Southampton at the weekend.
  5. Mark M

    PSG(h) Champions League Match thread

    Hahahahhaa take that you French cunts
  6. Mark M

    Spurs vs Liverpool, Sat 15, 12:30

    5 wins out of 5 fucking get in. It would be sweet if one of Chelsea or Either Manc teams dropped points over the weekend.
  7. Mark M

    Spurs vs Liverpool, Sat 15, 12:30

    They can fuck off with a shout for a pen after the one they got at anfield last season we should be allowed take a hatchet to their strikers and get away with it.
  8. Mark M

    Spurs vs Liverpool, Sat 15, 12:30

    Seeing this game out really well
  9. Mark M

    Roy Keane

    I'm pretty sure being from Cork doesn't count as being Irish either.
  10. Mark M

    Roy Keane

    Great player would have made a huge difference for us if we’d gotten him instead of the mancs. He’s an absolute bellend of epic proportions though. He never seems to come across like he actually like football either in his interviews or punditry on TV.
  11. Mark M

    Grassroots football

    could you DM me some of the coaching podcasts you listen too ?Cheers
  12. Mark M

    Grassroots football

    I’m involved in coaching my sons team under 9s have & been involved since the academy with 4 & 5 year olds. I enjoy it it’s hard work and a lot of commitment & patience needed but very rewarding. The problem a lot of local clubs have is not having enough volunteers to help take teams.
  13. Mark M

    Adidas Trainers

    love those
  14. Mark M

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 1-2 2018)

    Yep thought that was brilliant.