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  1. Can’t wait for Dave’s match report on this game
  2. I was genuinely worried about him checking on if it was a pen. I was convinced he'd give it to them all the Everton players kicked off big time over the challenge.
  3. I’d go with the same front 3 as tonight. Salah doesn’t look right at the moment having him as an option to come on if we need is sound
  4. Hahaha I prefer this front 3
  5. When you finish second with 97 points and losing only 1 league game all season it starts from the very first game of the season. That’s how high City have raised the bar to win the league.
  6. This exactly. We went to Old Trafford and played the occasion and were fucking shite aside from the ref not giving us a free we shit the bed there.
  7. Yep. Massive boost having him back fit now after losing Fabinio for so long
  8. Mark M

    Managerial sack race

    Both Arsenal Fans and Man Utd fans have been fast tracked into modern football. They've both been spoiled for such a long time under Wenger and Fergie and they don't know whats happening at the clubs now and who's to blame. Both Clubs are being run badly from the top and hiring managers that don't cover the cracks of the squads they have.
  9. Mark M

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Negged for Diet Coke
  10. Love a win obviously but I think we could really do with a clean sheet, it seems like ages since we last had one
  11. Salah was shite in the first half
  12. No chance I'll forget how he celebrated at Anfield after giving City the title by beating us in 13/14. The big bus parking cunt.
  13. Felt like such another massive win today. I miss us keeping clean sheets
  14. Good point also Poch was doing it by spending fuck all. I’ve seen a lot of talk about levy is a shrewd business man spurs are on the verge of losing a few high profile players for free with their contracts running down. It’ll be interesting to see if they give that bus parking prick loads of money to spend.