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  1. Skidfingers McGonical

    What's the most depressing song ever ?

    Absolutely love this. First time I watched the video was after a night out and I was off my face after a few Gary’s. Sat in darkness smoking a fat rolled one with this on the telly was mesmerising. Fraser could sing your shopping list and you’d be hard not to have lump in your throat. A Polly Jean classic. Some brilliant songs mentioned in this thread. I’d like to add this one.
  2. Skidfingers McGonical

    The Mandalorian

    Love Ahsoka Tano. She is one of my favourite characters in the Star Wars universe. Was very sceptical about wether they could bring her to life. Can’t argue with anything about Dawson’s performance as her. Even the holding of the lightsabers was bang on. And as Jules pointed out about that name shout, it certainly made me sit up and take notice. That would be an amazing appearance if it happens.
  3. It’s a heartbreaking tale. Winds me up how Clive can sit there and basque in the glory while she’s sadly no longer with us. He has a lot to answer for in my opinion.
  4. Skidfingers McGonical

    War with Iran is it imminent

    So what's the timescale for imminent these days? Been what, 12 years since this thread started?
  5. I think you are doing them a disservice, she's just a shouty twat.
  6. Skidfingers McGonical

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    This is where I am at. It all boiled over for me at the last election. While I am not fully behind Starmer, I can see how he's trying make things better and manage this mess he has inherited the best he can. Corbyn, while I understand what his intentions were when he released that statement, he dug a hole for himself and should have just kept quiet. He left Starmer with no choice. How that was done, well we shall see if was done right or not. Corbyn was fucked after Brexit, I believe his initial stance on accepting the result was the right thing to do (even though I wanted to Remain). It was a democratic decision and he wished to respect it. Regardless of wether he was a remainer or a leaver, it doesn't matter, he looked to have respected the will of those that voted to Leave. If he had been allowed to stick to that, I believe he would have been PM now. How he would have handled the pandemic is anyone's guess, but I imagine the people would have been looked after first and foremost, then SME's then the big corporations (it's a guess, nothing more) I do not believe that he is anti-semitic, and I also believe he should be taking those cunts Riley and Oberman et al to court, and anyone else who labels him as such and sue fuck out of them. I also reckon he should walk away from being an MP too.
  7. Is that Graham Linehan reacting after he's been banned off twitter
  8. Bobby gets a rough deal in all of this when he only really liked to have a bevvie and smoke a spliff. She was bang in to cocaine. It even covers it in "Whitney:Can I Be Me" The biggest culprit in all of this is Clive Davies. Working her like a dog.
  9. While the above is all true, is not too early to consider her "Greatest Of All Time"? There are a few artists who have been put in this who have a small back catalogue compared to the others in the gorup and haven't set a standard like their experienced peers i.e St Vincent and Bat For Lashes. (Good artists by the way)
  10. Skidfingers McGonical

    What is the best David Bowie album of all time ?

    Where is Young Americans?
  11. Skidfingers McGonical

    Greatest Female Artist - 1st Round - Norah Jones vs Missy Elliot

    Another fucking shit show.
  12. Skidfingers McGonical


  13. Skidfingers McGonical

    Greatest Female Artist - 1st Round - Bjork vs Joni Mitchell

    Bjork all day for me. Medula is a work of art.
  14. Skidfingers McGonical

    Greatest Female Artist - 1st Round - Norah Jones vs Missy Elliot

    If Jones wins this it's a fucking traversty.