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  1. Skidfingers McGonical

    Line of Duty

    Anybody watch this last night? Thoughts?
  2. Skidfingers McGonical

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Wheres that from Boss?
  3. Skidfingers McGonical

    Star Wars

    Yeah Mook ya big sexist ya.
  4. Skidfingers McGonical

    Star Wars

    Having just seen the trailer I am intrigued by this. With Palpatine coming back (I’m guessing he is as he was at the panel yesterday) I’m not put off by it at all. That somersault jump over over what looks to be Ren’s ship is boss. How can you not get a woody on over that. I’ve slagged Last Jedi to death because of some of the absolute dog shit lines and the Liea ‘Angel’ scene, but I’ve been back to it at least 6 times with the boy and its not as bad as I first felt it was. The boy loved it, and that’s who it’s aimed at. Not a 40 year old fella who is trying to cling on to all things from his youth. It is still going to be better than what Lucas did with the prequels. And that is enough for me.
  5. Skidfingers McGonical

    Assange Arrested

    The Russians will break him free. Dot Cotton at the end Season 3 of Line Of Duty style.
  6. Skidfingers McGonical

    The McCanns...

    I work in a legal firm and every solicitor in there is a cunt. Patronising pricks who think they deserve some sort adulation everytime they walk in the office.
  7. Skidfingers McGonical

    Jill Dando murder re-trial begins

    The gorgeous Ezekiel if I’m not mistaken.
  8. Skidfingers McGonical

    Jill Dando murder re-trial begins

    “Have either of you fingered Jackie Collins?”
  9. Skidfingers McGonical

    Line of Duty

    Just before Dot was making her chilli she was living a small new build with her husband and young lad. It had a drive just big enough for one car. Skip forward a season and a half she’s back with her family (great news) but her house size has quadrupled and she could fit 4 arctic trucks on her drive? Bit fishy if you ask me.
  10. Skidfingers McGonical

    Line of Duty

    Too obvious to be Hastings. Kate’s house looks a bit fancy, considering she lived a in small new build in series 2/3.
  11. Skidfingers McGonical

    George Michael

    This is just a careless whisper.
  12. Skidfingers McGonical

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    I really can’t get excited about this at the moment.
  13. Skidfingers McGonical

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I’ve always disliked a large element the modern soldier’s attitude. This just adds to that dislike. Not all soldiers are cunts of course.
  14. Skidfingers McGonical

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    They confirmed it ages ago. Nothing new here.
  15. Skidfingers McGonical

    GF music review club

    Great review Zonks.