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  1. Skidfingers McGonical

    Happy Birthday Remmie

  2. Skidfingers McGonical

    World Athletics Championships 2017.

    He had a stroke last year.
  3. Skidfingers McGonical

    Kevin Bridges

    Went to see Burr on his last tour. Brilliant.
  4. Skidfingers McGonical

    Kevin Bridges

    Yeah that’s angle I was going with. More seasoned than old school.
  5. Skidfingers McGonical

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I disagree. If you are putting a deal to leave to vote alongside an option to Remain it is still giving the leavers an option to choose what they want and the remainers an option to choose what they want.
  6. Skidfingers McGonical

    Kevin Bridges

    Old school stand up - Richard Pryor, Dave Allen, Steven Wright, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Eddie Izzard Recent - Bill Burr and Tom Segura.
  7. Skidfingers McGonical

    Kevin Bridges

    Who the fuck is this?
  8. Skidfingers McGonical

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    They are looking at doing the right thing under Corbyn and that’s acknowledge the ref result and trying to appease both sides to the best they can. That is the true democratic way of doing things, unlike the Lib Dem’s, Brexit Party and the Tories who are fucking off half of the electorate.
  9. Skidfingers McGonical

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Isn't all this Watson stuff all just a proposed motion put forward by Landsman and Momentum and not actually Corbyn? Momentum need to keep their fucking mouths shut, but Watson needs to get on the bus and start doing some fucking work instead of trying to divide the party further with the likes of that insufferable twat Phillips (who has gushed over Tory MP’s jumping ship because of their “principles”) Watson has been acting like a massive wanker the past year.
  10. Skidfingers McGonical

    The Weakness of The Working Class

    But he’s not talking about McDonalds, he’s taking about UberEats and Deliveroo as Maccies staff don’t todo any of the deliveries. EDIT: I see you've already responded to this Stronts.
  11. Skidfingers McGonical

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Stevie Nicks as the poster girl too.
  12. Skidfingers McGonical

    Lib Dems

    We aim to disperse power but once in power we will abuse that power by fucking off half an electorate who voted on something we didn’t agree with in the EU referendum.
  13. Skidfingers McGonical

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    They are policies I’d vote for. Tony for PM!
  14. Skidfingers McGonical

    Lib Dems

    Negged for the use of fucking ‘lol’
  15. Skidfingers McGonical

    Peaky Blinders

    He looks like Barry Chuckle in this series.