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  1. Skidfingers McGonical


    To be fair I’d stand with a load of Toff Twats to watch their faces during Napalm Death and Wu-Tang.
  2. Skidfingers McGonical

    Intellectual Dark Web

    How fucking dare you. You need to show hate and disagree with EVERYTHING HE SAYS. EVERYTHING.
  3. Skidfingers McGonical

    Intellectual Dark Web

    Sounds like a few on here.
  4. Skidfingers McGonical

    Israel - A Rant

    Riley’s a dickhead.
  5. Skidfingers McGonical


    It’s good. Real good.
  6. Skidfingers McGonical

    Pictures you've taken that you think are cool

    A few from a walk I took the other Sunday. I like to walk around from ours up to Woolton then into Childwall Woods before every cunt and his dog gets up.
  7. Skidfingers McGonical

    Best comedy sketch

    I can never find it, but the scene in ‘Bad News’ where Colin is signing the contract and Vim Fuego walks in the background and wellies a chair. Absolutely creases me every time.
  8. Skidfingers McGonical

    Keir Starmer

    Didn’t she get called out for being a fraud? Those like her, are all self proclaimed political commentators/analysts. When reality they are all chancers.
  9. Skidfingers McGonical

    Keir Starmer

    Don’t we need to change the thread title to “Should Stermer remain as the Labour Leader?”
  10. Skidfingers McGonical


    This would help
  11. Skidfingers McGonical


    @Carvalho Diablo
  12. Skidfingers McGonical

    Johnny Depp

    https://www.thewrap.com/johnny-depp-is-being-blackmailed-by-amber-heard-heres-how-i-know-guest-column/ The great Doug Stanhope’s column that she tried to sue him for. It’s better when you can hear his voice reading the article.
  13. Skidfingers McGonical

    Jodie Comer

    Didn’t an old forumite have a one night stand with Tanya Tate?
  14. Skidfingers McGonical

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Me of my farts would blow that off.
  15. Skidfingers McGonical

    Happy Birthday Stringers

    Happy birthday fella.