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  1. dylstar

    Watford 0 Liverpool 5 (Oct 16 2021)

    Quick point on that, just look at Danny Rose again as NETO blows by him like he isn’t even there... That Neto kid has really got in your head since he celebrated that 'goal' Dave .
  2. Aye , might get a retrospective ban for that...
  3. dylstar

    RIP Sir Roger

    Is your ma the blonde with her head in her hands , front row behind the Home dugout Tone ???
  4. dylstar

    Winter of discontent

    a HGV driver is for life, not just for Christmas
  5. dylstar

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 18-19 2021)

    I want to see him scoring again but it’s quite conceivable he’s never going to be the same after what WE went through . Didn't know you had a head injury before Dave ??? Did you head the crossbar instead of the ball or something funnier knowing you ? I'm sure you'll enlighten us.......
  6. Switch the hair dryer off Dave .
  7. dylstar

    Mohamed Salah

    Mo Salah at 3am this morning. #awlive [ig]