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  1. dylstar

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Would've thought First Aid Kits would be more apt to give the wives and girlfriends of Evertonians especially after they have lost a game .
  2. dylstar

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Ahhhhhh......but can they repeat this performance on a cold rainy night in Qatar in November 2022 tho ...?
  3. dylstar

    Mohamed Salah

    Shaqiri's team isn't it ??????
  4. dylstar

    Mohamed Salah

    Scored direct from a corner today but took a knock later and left the pitch before the end in a 4_1 win. Hopefully just a precaution and that goal might give him confidence to rediscover his goalscoring form of last season.
  5. dylstar

    Liverpool 0 Man City 0 (Oct 7 2018)

    "If By Jovi were playing down the bottom of my garden, I'd draw the curtains ," Bill Shankly 1965.
  6. Any truth in the rumour one of The Giants has just headed Mahrez's penalty away from the Albert Dock?
  7. A moment of brilliance or a huge brainfart is going to decide this.
  8. dylstar

    Napoli (A) - 3 Oct 2018

    Somebody throw a cabbage at Klopp FFS
  9. dylstar

    Report: Milner keen for Leeds return

    Clickbait nonsense #fakenews....
  10. dylstar

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Bayern 2-0 down away to Hertha half time. It seems they haven't missed Grujic much then.
  11. dylstar

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 21-22 2018)

    Elsewhere, Huddersfield took the lead at Leicester when Jorgenson fired home fol.......... Fulham and Leicester played out an entertaining 1-1 draw at Craven Cottage........ Didn't know Leicester have 2 teams in the premier league now Dave ? Gotta be a first and i thought Everton did everything first .........
  12. dylstar

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    With a relegation get out clause inserted in i bet........ Nilsatisimoffwhenwegodownoptimum
  13. dylstar

    Chelsea (h) 26/09/2018 - Carabao Cup

    Typical you lot ....if the cup was named Caraban cup nobody would give a fuck apart from Ardja...but because it's the CarabaO cup you're all over it like a cheap suit at a wedding..hypocrites !!!!