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  1. The premier League and UEFA are compilicit in all of this. Don't waste your time thinking anything will come of this. It's why Madrid, Barca and Juve are determined to get the super league going with a set of rules that the clubs themselves can police. I imagine the Haaland and Mbappe transfers will only embolden these clubs to move sooner. They are already being left behind. Anyway, proud of the performance in the league, it's needs to be close to perfect to best them and we fell just short. Looking back on it Afcon fucked Mo up. I would be worried about next week, team is running on fumes now.
  2. KevieG

    Other Football 2021/22

    Realistically, I don't think we could have made up the goal difference. Two draws were always likely to be needed. So this is ok. One last job for Stevie and Phil.
  3. KevieG

    James Milner

    36. Came on and improved midfield straight away. What a signing. What a man.
  4. I think it's far to say that Guardiola has figured out how to play us. The last few games they've been well in control of it, unlike a few years ago when we were able to blitz and unsettle them. Whether that's because they play 6 midfielders now, or because ours are not as dynamic as they were I don't know. But Jurgen needs to figure this one out because it's hard to see us turning them over the way the recent games seem to take shape. Can he counter the packed controlling midfield. Easier said than done obviously as they are an exceptional team.
  5. They say it evens out but city have gotten a decent points swing on bullshit var calls. We are due something back.
  6. KevieG

    Other Football 2021/22

    Hargreaves saying they need proper football people like Scholes and Wio to get involved. They really are lost.
  7. Diaz is a player. I was worried about Lamptey today but Diaz had him on the backfoot all day.
  8. Outstanding team performance. All of a sudden the squad looks excellent. There was a level of technique in the front 6 that ended the game that we haven't seen in a long time.
  9. Someone should do a compilation of these motd clowns saying the opposite thing every second week around these penalty challenges. I remember Shearer of all people justifying that Calvert Lewin one a few years back.
  10. That's the type of pen that sterling and Kane get every single time and no one says a word. So fuck carragher
  11. KevieG

    Diogo Jota

    He's quality coming in off the left.