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  1. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    You couldn't outpoint him by k.o in Vegas.
  2. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    Agree with every single word. I said the same to the lads in our boxing group chat last night, albeit a much, much shorter version.
  3. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    A fully fit and focused BJS would have a chance against Canelo at 160 (with fair judges). I'm not sure about 168 though. I think he's a middleweight who is clearly too lazy so moved up. I think it will be a close enough fight if Saunders can do the 12. If not, he's in big trouble in the championship rounds.
  4. I was 5, about to turn 6. I just cannot fucking wait to see Hendo lift that league title.
  5. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    He beat the shit out of him, licked his blood & took his soul. Wilder will never be the same again.
  6. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    Same here. That's how I approach sport and music.
  7. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    Serious snap in his jab tonight. He gambled on changing absolutely everything. Trainer, diet, beefing up and his style. He deserves huge credit. He is so at home in a boxing ring. There is not much he can't do.
  8. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    A lot of great fighters say a lot of unacceptable things.
  9. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    Wilder won't want that again any time soon.
  10. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    Eddie Hearn will be throwing bags of coke in Fury's letterbox.
  11. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    Agree mate. Hope he gets the credit. Nobody will touch this version of Tyson Fury. Now that he's added punch power nobody has a hope.
  12. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    This is what you call an entrance!
  13. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    You've done it arseways, Captain.
  14. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    Wilder had more adjustments to make than Fury from the last bout. Fury constantly dipped under Wilder's right hand and Wilder could not do anything about it. If he could make Fury think twice about that, that would help. He doesn't feint enough for a man with such huge power.