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  1. RIP big Jack. Gave me some memories as a kid that will last a lifetime.
  2. Byrnie

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Absolutely brilliant mate. Love it!!
  3. Byrnie

    Other Football - 2019/20

    That's not sad at all, mate. Don't be afraid to post a pic for us.
  4. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

  5. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    On a bit of a downer with the boxing with Kinahan's involvement. Totally ruining my interest in it coming back.
  6. Cryuff by a million miles.
  7. Byrnie

    New York. What to do there?

    I was there in January. Fucking loved it. Sad news to hear. A legend of the sport and his city.
  8. Byrnie

    TLW Partner's 11

    Haha she didn't specify. Just said they were her 3 up top. Maybe I was not listening properly!!
  9. Byrnie

    TLW Partner's 11

    My missus likes the footy. She went 3-4-3. She didn't like being put under pressure picking it so she picked it quick. She doesn't like Messi or Ronaldo. She's 31 so Rush and Maradona are not picks I expected. Buffon Kompany Van Dijk Agger Gerrard David Silva Alonso Barnes Rush Salah Maradona Manager: Klopp
  10. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    That was a massacre
  11. Byrnie

    Missing (posters) in Action

    He's grand is LoT. Been having boxing discussions with him and Paddy Berger on fb recently.
  12. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    You couldn't outpoint him by k.o in Vegas.
  13. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    Agree with every single word. I said the same to the lads in our boxing group chat last night, albeit a much, much shorter version.
  14. Byrnie

    Boxing 2020

    A fully fit and focused BJS would have a chance against Canelo at 160 (with fair judges). I'm not sure about 168 though. I think he's a middleweight who is clearly too lazy so moved up. I think it will be a close enough fight if Saunders can do the 12. If not, he's in big trouble in the championship rounds.