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  1. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    Very possible. You can never be too cynical when it comes to Hearn.
  2. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    Spencer Oliver said Ruiz would win in the lead up to the fight too.
  3. Byrnie

    Upcoming Games

    I'm not going to get my hopes up just yet. But it looks promising.
  4. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    Joshua was knocked out in sparring apparently. His dad wanted the fight called off so was blaming Hearn for the defeat. Joshua is as good as done. He got beaten up badly and quit.
  5. Byrnie

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Seen a video on FB of some lad climbing up and robbing the flag!
  6. Byrnie

    Glasgow Celtic.

    It's like going into a brothel with a grand in your pocket and come out to brag to your mates that you pulled.
  7. Byrnie

    Top 10 things you own or have owned

    Great thread! 1 - My car. I have a decent car and appreciate it a lot. My family never had a car so it's great to be able to give that luxury to my son. 2 - My house. Like others, I can't believe I have a house with more than 1 toilet. Crazy stuff! 3 - Sega Mega Drive. Hours and hours of fun with my mates and my brother. I love gaming. 4 - Rep of Ireland 1990 world cup shirt. I got a kit out of Primark in the lead up to the world cup that my folks bought me. The next day my uncle arrived up with the real thing. I'll never forget the excitement. 6 years of age and my life was complete. 5 - Handheld LCD racing car game. I had it when I was about 7 or 8. I never left it out of my hand, until I dropped it down the toilet. 6 - 1996 LFC cricket collar shirt with Fowler on the back. I needed an operation to remove it. 7 - My collection of signed boxing gloves. GGG, Barrera, La Motta, Cotto, Sergio Martinez, Roy Jones JR, Tyson Fury, Floyd Mayweather. 8 - Signed Robbie Fowler shirt (and book) 9 - Signed Kenny Dalglish book 10 - My music collection. Something I'll treasure until I die.
  8. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    Unbelievable fighter isn't he. So accurate and powerful. This Taylor fight is warming up nicely.
  9. Brilliant, mate. Nice one. I'd imagine you are fucking buzzing!
  10. Byrnie

    The season

    Yep. Win big ears first.
  11. I'm going by pure talent, not counting trophies and players I've seen enough of to form an opinion. I'm 34. Reina Babbel Hyypia VVD Robertson Mc Manaman Alonso Gerrard Suarez Fowler Salah
  12. Byrnie

    Any interest in a new boxing prediction league?

    Berchelt KO Dogboe Pts Hurd KO
  13. Byrnie

    Man City - the new bitters?

    What the manager and players have done in terms of getting points has been remarkable. Picking out certain results is very harsh, imo. You can't win every single game. We'd all have snapped hands in August for 91 points after 36 games.
  14. Byrnie

    Any interest in a new boxing prediction league?

    I missed most the weeks mate. Sorry about that.