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  1. Byrnie

    Any interest in a new boxing prediction league?

    Crawford KO Garcia KO Figueroa Pts Allen KO Chisora KO Cordina KO Kelly KO
  2. Byrnie

    Alisson Becker

    De Gea makes a lot of blunders. I don't think he's the shot-stopping machine of two years ago. Alisson is miles better than him in every department, in my humble opinion.
  3. Byrnie

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    It's brilliant being in with a chance of a double, but I can't wait until the end of May. It's putting years on me.
  4. Byrnie


    I've really got the bug for running now. I signed up to a load of races and it's paying off. My first 5k at a Parkrun was 32:20, two weeks back I ran a 5k race. I raced just my 2nd 10k race last night and got in at 51:02, over 5 mins quicker than my first one in January. I feel like I have loads of room for improvement too. I've lost over a stone since since last July, but would like to lose another stone. Feeling good!
  5. Byrnie

    Bloody Sunday Trial

    Murdering scum.
  6. Byrnie

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Possibly the best player in the world at the moment, not just best centre back.
  7. Byrnie

    Virgil Van Dijk

    He's possibly the best player in the world at the moment.
  8. Byrnie

    Any interest in a new boxing prediction league?

    Spence - KO Tanaka - Points
  9. Byrnie

    The world of a woman.

    Didn't know about this until now. Congrats mate. Hope the new job works out for you. What a feeling it is leaving a job you don't like!
  10. Byrnie

    Watford (H) 27/2/19

    Great win. Great performance, we played like we were really enjoying ourselves. Big Div put in a great shift. VVD, Fabinho, Trent and Mane were imperious. Only a matter of time before Salah starts banging them in for fun again.
  11. Byrnie

    Man Utd (A) Sun 24/2/19

    Unlike his math, which is fantastic.
  12. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    It'll be interesting to see how tonight's results affect the prediction league standings.
  13. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    Stiverne put the hard work in in KFC for this fight.
  14. Byrnie

    Man Utd (A) Sun 24/2/19

    We are well capable of going there and doing a number on them. Let's go there, start fast and play our stuff. We'll have a very good starting 11 on the pitch and a bench with two or 3 decent players on it for the first time in a while.
  15. Byrnie


    The amount of cheating in online gaming is what makes me play online less and less. What's the point? The skill element has/is being completely removed.