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  1. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    There were a lot of close rounds for the first 6/7. But the 117-111 is an absolute joke.
  2. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    Spot on. Smith couldn't deal with it.
  3. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    9-3 for me. Smith was horrendous. Ryder gave it everything. Fair play to the lad.
  4. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    He has to clearly win these last two to have a chance.
  5. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    I've Ryder 3 up.
  6. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    It is. He should be taking a half step back and time him coming in. I've got it 3-3 after 6.
  7. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    I'd a feeling Smith would struggle to get himself up for this one. He's been poor so far.
  8. Byrnie

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    He got a lot after the 98 World Cup.
  9. Byrnie

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    Be interesting to see how it all pans out for Sterling at away grounds. If he got 20% of the abuse that Beckham or Suarez did he'll fold like a deck chair, if Anfield is anything to go by.
  10. It was harder to press City at home last year as they played a bit more conservative and more percentage football. They didn't try and play through the middle a lot. I think we found it hard to press them because they didn't take many chances. I reckon we'll see a bit more of that on Sunday, City will get it wide early to avoid losing the ball in dangerous areas.
  11. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    It was a battle of huge cunts in there last night.
  12. Spot on there Barry regarding Gerrard.
  13. Byrnie

    Boxing 2019

    I had Canelo behind at the stoppage. But what a finish.
  14. Byrnie

    Spurs (H) Premier League 27/10/19 - 16:30

    As usual, you are too emotional!
  15. Byrnie

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Agree. We'd make room for Aguero too.