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    The Pre-Season Thread

    Grabara is also carrying an injury he got in the Euro Under-21s. Emergency US visa for dual-threat Dan Atherton.
  2. alles ist gut


    Favourite dessert Branston Pickle
  3. alles ist gut

    Report: Klopp blocks loan moves for Ryan Kent

    He's gone, get over it.
  4. alles ist gut

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Sounds more like Andy Gray, to be honest
  5. alles ist gut

    Tranmere (A) Friendly, 11/7/19

    One of those players is eligible for this years Youth Cup The other one is 2 months older than Joe Gomez
  6. alles ist gut

    Tranmere (A) Friendly, 11/7/19

    Not legally, no.
  7. alles ist gut

    Tranmere (A) Friendly, 11/7/19

    1st half :- Mignolet; Clyne, Phillips, Gomez, Larouci, Milner, Kent, Wilson, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lallana, Brewster. 2nd half :- Jaros; Hoever, Matip, Johnston, Lewis, Fabinho, Jones, Woodburn, Duncan, Glatzel, Origi
  8. alles ist gut

    Report: Villa favourites to sign Harry Wilson

    He’s gone, get over it.
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    Youth Team/Cup

  10. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

  11. alles ist gut

    Caretaker manager for one year in 22/23?

    Yes! Woo in charge at last! EDIT: If Dave lets him out of the basement, obviously.
  12. alles ist gut

    Leaning On Things At Melwood

    Purps has lost a lost of weight there
  13. alles ist gut

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    To be fair, nobody looks their best on CCTV
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    New Jersey Monarchy : the new girl on Countdown
  15. alles ist gut


    Guitar enthusiasts, are you normal?
  16. alles ist gut

    2018/19 Season Report Card - James Milner

    Almost certainly already doing laps of Melwood
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    Don’t be changing the Topic
  18. alles ist gut


    What’s In Your Wallet? Boris Johnson
  19. alles ist gut

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Angling for a move away there.
  20. alles ist gut

    Brendan Rodgers Thread

    We WERE warned about Johnson.
  21. alles ist gut

    Most satisfying league win 18/19.

    Good question. Probably Arsenal, for the way we reacted to going behind.
  22. alles ist gut

    Report: McCarthy open to Liverpool move

    He’s not an upgrade on Mignolet.
  23. alles ist gut

    Would you take Coutinho Back?

    We’ve got van Dijk for that now.