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  1. JustTosh

    VAR Thoughts?

    Absolutely right. Instead of complaining our players should learn and adapt. No need for Mane to take that shot, just touch the ball , run after it and wait for the contact - Pen!
  2. JustTosh

    Liverpool 0 Manchester United 0 (Jan 17 2021)

    It should be if we stormed through their high press line. Sadly it only takles one "Gini pass" (read backward pass) to make sure their players get back in line and behind the ball.
  3. JustTosh

    Liverpool 0 Manchester United 0 (Jan 17 2021)

    The fun has gone, so has the smiles. Kloppo looks like a grumpy old man on the sidelines only to come out and tell everyone how great we played after the match. If we're that great there's no need to change anything is it? So happy to hear we're now in a fight for fourth place.
  4. We're very slow in the buildup. Decision making is poor and our attackers seem to be totally tuned off. IMO this game was very poor from both teams. Yet Klopp says we played a good game, especially 1st half. A worry?
  5. If the ref's can't get it right and VAR doesn't intervene we'll just have to adapt. When others practice going down in the box, we must do the same. The question is not IF you go down, it's HOW you do it. Salah and Mane just isn't very good at it. M Utd players are. Maybe they practice it in training? Deceiving the ref is an art form. It's play acting. Timing is essential. If you feel contact you can fall too quickly or too late. And you must learn how to fall over making it look like a pen. Too theatrical and you won’t get it. Not theatrical enough you won’t get it. I hate cheating, but if Clttenburg says it’s something we need to learn and refs/VAR continue to tell us the same through the decisions they make, well we’ll just have to “follow orders” and adapt.
  6. JustTosh

    Thiago Alcantara

    Talking about bans and Suarez. Where's the 8 match ban for Cavani after yelling "Negro" at someone? Tom
  7. A. Win 6-1 - ole stays. or B. Draw 0-0 - Pochettino takes over. It's about where they (and MCity) end after 38 matches that matter. No-brainer for me. I really hope MU wins the manc derby
  8. JustTosh

    Fans back in stadiums

    I guess I come from a time where people grew up a bit faster. But if 14 and 15 year olds can't go alone to a football match anymore there's something severly wrong with the way we bring up kids these days. Let the kids go, they'd love it
  9. JustTosh

    Fans back in stadiums

    I’ve cancelled my prescription to watch footie. I do watch our games though. Somehow , and purely accidently of course, I kind of stumbled over an internet site sending our matches for free. Very nice of them to do that. Last time at halftime they even told me there was this beautiful bird not far from where I live who wanted to have sex with me. And if that wasn’t enough someone else came along and offered me something to enlarge my dick (although I wonder a little how they could know I need a bigger dick). I reckon things would not be back to normal before next season.
  10. JustTosh

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Chess board?
  11. JustTosh

    Fans back in stadiums

    There are ways to impose the vaccine on people you know. When it comes it'll be important that we all chip in and take it with a few exceptions for medical reasons. No room for free riders.
  12. JustTosh

    US Election 2020 Thread

    I've never had very high regard for Moscow Mitch, but this exceeds my expectations. Disloyal and a coward yes, but not that stupid. When the spoilt baby leaves I guess it’s him who’ll be the top GOP. Why haven’t his advisors stopped him? He probably got rid of all his advisors and replaced them with yes men only looking for the right moment to wag their tales. Suits my agenda just fine.
  13. JustTosh

    US Election 2020 Thread

    In a bizarre way the GOP rejection fits Biden’s agenda perfectly. There’s a very important election in Georgia early January. Winning that far exceeds the problems laid in front of them by Trump/McDonnell. If they could brand the right wing GOP’s as irresponsible and working against the interest of America, that could well be what’s needed to win control of the senate. And the two GOP candidates are both extreme right wing Trumpists.
  14. JustTosh

    Donald Trump

    I agree with you regarding McDonnell. I’ve found it baffling and was also worried that only 4 GOP senators have had the decency to accept Biden as the winner. The passive support for the Trump’s lies from McDonnell and almost 50 GOP senators is indeed staggering. However strange, that’s exactly what we want! The truth will be there for everyone to see in the coming weeks. Biden will be president ant the shortcomings and cowardness of the established GOP leaders will be revealed. Although Trump’s unheard of “transition shut out”, supported by GOP and McDonnell may be a security risk and prevent a smooth transition, there’s one thing more important to Biden and his folks. That is the Senate election in Georgia due early January. The two GOP’ candidates are both die hard Trumpists, so much they even attack their own people. Apparantly they want Georgia's Republican secretary of state, Brad Raffensperge removed as he doesn’t support the stolen election allegations. If the democrats are going to have any chance of overcoming the voters who’re in the ”Biden for president – but let the senate stay red” bracket, they’re going to need all the help they can get. GOP senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are unknowingly doing exactly that. Maybe, just maybe, senate majority is within reach.
  15. JustTosh

    Donald Trump

    When (or if) the Electoral College elects Biden as president on Dec 14th I expect even the cowards of the GOP will ackowledge his victory leavingt DT alone if he continues to rebel. The worry, slight worry I'll add, is if DT and his yes-men could disrupt this and not appoint Biden as president on Dec 14th. I don't think they'll be able to, but I'm not 100% confident. The situation now ticks all the boxes of an autocratic attempt of coup d'etat.