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  1. JustTosh

    West Ham 1 Liverpool (Feb 4 2019)

    Great report. You do have a way of putting my thoughts and feelings into words. I do think you’re wrong about one thing though. Don’t think the crowd will be overly nervous on Saturday, the crowd will be angry. Or at least be angry if we don’t see aggression and fight within the first ten minutes. Kloppo often encourages the crowd’s support. To hell with that. Now it’s time for the fuckers out here to earn their living and for us to tell’em!
  2. JustTosh

    Positive Thinking

    Another positive. If the way I feel is a reflection of what the Kop feels, and the Kop feeling is reflected in the players. Next time they won’t be nervous, they’ll be angry and hungry for revenge.
  3. Fu**ing hell Kloppo, get a grip! Sort out your team! Don’t invent new excuses. You’ve got a job to do, get at it!
  4. JustTosh

    Positive Thinking

    Positives? Good thing we didn’t get a lucky equalizer at the end, as that would surely mean we’d continue with this shit. Hopefully the points lost is a massive rocket up the ass for Kloppo and his lads. Hopefully we’ll see fireworks coming out between his shiny teeth next game. We need a big win now.
  5. JustTosh

    West Ham (A) 4/2/19 - Match Thread

    Sorry, not having that. West Ham best XI could be a handful. With 10 injuries this was far from it. This was the team that Wimbledon easily scored 4 against the other night. They were wide open at the back, Dons saw it. We couldn’t.
  6. JustTosh

    Positive Thinking

    Aye, here we are with problems at the top of the league
  7. JustTosh

    West Ham (A) 4/2/19 - Match Thread

    A draw against a descent Leicester team is forgivable. Not winning against one of the poorest West Ham teams ever seen is not. They were wide open at the flanks, yet we persisted with trying to play through the middle. Always making the wrong choice and-/or making a poor pass. Defensively we were a joke. This is as bad as it gets. Everyone, bar Mane, looks to be shaking. Can’t handle the pressure. Even Kloppo has lost his smile. Big, huge, turnaround is necessary. Bournemouth at home should be a routine win. It’s far from it now.
  8. JustTosh

    Liverpool 1 Leicester 1 (Jan 30 2019)

    Definitely and that’s the saddest part. Had the name on the shirt spelled Henderson or Milner rather than Keita, I believe he would’ve given it.
  9. JustTosh

    Naby Keita

    Agree. When a player is struggling I’m looking for improvement. It’s never going to be “Eureka! Suddenly world class”. It’s about hard work and improving step by step. He was better yesterday, hopefully he can improve from that base the next time. The problem is we need to field our strongest XI in every single remaining match this season. We can’t afford any sacrifice to bed him in. He’ll need to improve beyond expectations if he’s going to have an impact on our chances to grab the holy grail.
  10. JustTosh

    Leicester (H) 30/01/19

    See the bookies have us as 4/9 favorites to win it with Man City at 13/8. They basically see it as twice as likely we win it rather than MCity, which is probably statistically about right.
  11. JustTosh

    VAR Thoughts?

    Surely he's just saying that to protect a former colleague. If he really means that, he should go and see a doctor. It's either something with his eyes or he'd reached an alarming level of senility. Not a pen, when seen from all angles? Give me a break. I do think Atkinson would've got it right with VAR.
  12. JustTosh

    VAR Thoughts?

    I don't care if the reason is the games are too fast nowadays or the PL Refs are just incompetent, but it’s gone too far now. When key decisions rate sinks below 50% they might as well toss a coin. The worst thing, however, is that the refs seem to be highly influenced by media crap, singling out certain players and-/or teams as villains. I’m not any longer in support of VAR, I now love VAR, I worship VAR. Thank god it’s coming next season.
  13. JustTosh

    Leicester (H) 30/01/19

    Atkinson was a joke last night. I assume he’d read all the accusations about Mo diving and come to the conclusion he’d not be fooled into giving him or any of his African teammates a wrong pen. So he sticks to that even when his eyes can see a blatant pen. Worst thing is: If it had been Milner instead of Keita, he’d probably give it. All the diving accusations against Mo are wrong. Only one pen given can be seen as soft (after the papers had stories about how few pens we’ve got). With incompetence like that, VAR can’t come quick enough. VAR would probably benefit us more than anyone.
  14. JustTosh

    Leicester (H) 30/01/19

    Pep on putting pressure on Liverpool 2 days ago: “All we can do is win our games and they will feel that Manchester City is always there. It’s all we can do!” Some pressure indeed. Actually I’m a bit concerned we might drop points tonight due to lack of pressure. Either way it’ll be a blow for them. We win and they’ll be 7 points behind. If we slip, they’ll be fuming they couldn’t take advantage.
  15. JustTosh

    Liverpool 4 Crystal Palace 3 (Jan 19 2019)

    I’m not particularly anxious about our defense. Their goal no. 1 came as a result of our pressing and a clinical counter attack. High pressure has given us many chances in the season, but it's a price. We paid the price yesterday. No. 2 should probably have been canceled due to illegal blocking. But this happens. No way he gets a free header without the block though. Their last came when everyone breathed relief after Mane had put the game to bed. Unprofessional to lower the guard, but I’m confident it’ll be a one off.