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  1. The competition between Andy and Trent to be the assist king is getting out of control. It's ridiculous and has to stop.
  2. JustTosh

    Thiago Alcantara

    Yes, if thew continue to work hard they may indeed reach the lofty heights of mediocrity.
  3. To have an ex player, a fan’s hero, as your manager could easily put you in a catch-22 situation. How do you get rid of your man if you believe he wasn’t the right man after all? It just makes things more difficult. Both Chelsea and ManU are staring at this problem. What I want is for Ole and Frank to do reasonably well, well enough to keep them in charge. This is surely something to think about for us as well when Stevie G comes knocking on our door in a few years when Kloppo retires.
  4. JustTosh

    "Luis Suarez - intentionally diabolical"

    Apparently Suarez is a shitbag. I struggle to understand why. Is it because he took the opportunity to follow his dream and sign for Barca? Is it because he was flirting with Arsenal the year before? Is it because people think he’s a racist after the Evra incident? Is it his stupid habit of biting people? Is it things he’s said about us after he left? I really don’t know. Nothing of the above is even close to be labeled a “shitbag” IMO. So I want him back then? Not sure about that. There are other things to consider. Is he still the hard working genius player he was when he left us? Would he accept to be paid at the same level as our current front 3? If he’s anywhere near the level he was when he left us, I’d bite my hand off to get him back, or better yet let Luis himself bite it off. I haven’t seen enough of him lately to know though. And he’d had to accept our wage policy. We don’t want our other stars to sulk about wages do we? In my opinion the Luis Suarez from the 13-14 season is the best player we ever had. Of course I’d want to see that again. But it may be too late for that.
  5. JustTosh

    Shit Goal Celebrations Through the Ages

    This one from Iceland ins't that bad. It's quite good actually:
  6. JustTosh

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    This is bad news for several reasons. Maybe American dandyboy Billy Hogan can fill his shoes? I won’t hold my breath. From now on am I supposed to support the Fenway Sports Group Sports Franchise Soccer Branch ? What’s next? George Septhon out – Organ in?
  7. JustTosh

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Terrible. Only Norwich worse off. No wonder we failed the way we did this season.
  8. JustTosh

    Pass The Red Sauce

    Gary Neville, his ma and a photographer for documentation
  9. JustTosh

    Pepe Reina

    Never had the pleasure to watch Tommy Lawrence. My rank of the keepers I've watched myself: 1. Allison 2. Clemence 3. Reina 4. Grobelaar 5. Dudek
  10. OK. They're favorites to be top 4, but they still need a result in the last match against Brendan's boys. If Leicester win the last match against them they'll probably be 5th. Dream scenario still on: Beaten in the FA cup, beaten in the EL, 5th in the PL, just enough to keep Ole at the wheel.
  11. Now that the records are all gone I don't care if we win or loose. The season is well and truly over for me. The Chelsea match is the first 20-21 presason match as far as I'm concerned. Hope to see Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliot playing. Would also like to see Minamino and Keita getting some time on the pitch. I obviously don't want to help Chelsea into the CL. Then again if it's on the expence of Man Utd I couldn't care less.
  12. JustTosh

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    The road until we'll see CL finals between Abu Dhabi FC and Quatar FC has been cut shorter by Covid-19. I expect teams who actually need to consider economical consequenses will stay low leaving the market open to the princes of the middle east and maybe a couple of Chinese fellas to sign whatever talent they might find without much competition. Maybe the December world cup in 2022 won't be just a disruption in the middle of the season, maybe we won't care anyway?
  13. JustTosh

    Arsenal (A) Premier League - 15/7/20 - 20:15

    I've been watching football for decades. Every now and then you create 30 chances against 1 or 2 and still manage to lose. It happens. In other circumstances this could've cost us the league. Thank whoever you believe in this time it didn't. We've had several matches this season when we've playde badly and still won. As irritating as such matches are I'm not going to sulk. The holly grail, the no 19, is ours. That's the main thing. No record to worry about. Just start pre season now. The next 2 matches are both just preparation for next year. Then we go again.
  14. 10/11/2019: 51 mins: Liverpool – Man City 3-0. Good match between two good teams. Could be 3-3 at that time but wasn’t. 02/07/2020: 45 mins: Man City – Liverpool 3-0. Good match between two good teams. Could be 3-3 at that time but wasn’t. We played well until they scored. You can’t keep missing chances against a team as good as Man City, eventually you’re going to pay the price. That’s it really. Shit happens.
  15. JustTosh

    Liverpool 4 Crystal Palace 0 (Jun 24 2020)

    In my younger days I was a goalie. When shots come in at you like this one you tend to react almost instinctively. When those two duck it's absolutely possible the keeper has a small reaction, his body more than his mind expects the shot to come in that corner. If you shift your weight onto the wrong foot you're done. Their keeper wasn't rooted to his line, but it could have been the reason for a slightly delayed reaction. I agree, it's smart.