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  1. JustTosh

    Man Utd (H) Premier League - 19/1/20

    OK. Flip side of that is: Resting key players he'll have an excuse. Fielding a top team and still loosing isn't the best PR is it? Man or mouse Ole? Let's just wait and see.
  2. JustTosh

    Man Utd (H) Premier League - 19/1/20

    Will be interesting to see how obsessed they are with us. To rest players like Rashford would make sense. Why risk him being seriously injured in a match you'll loose anyway? If they play this like it was the eternal cup final I'd be surprised. Even a hobbit, even a gollum, even a sperm of a gollum, should be able to understand this is a lost match, a match where you can rest players.
  3. Same rule apply for all transfers. Player has to pass all 3 requirements. 1. Skills? Better than we already have: OK, check 2. Age? Under 25-26 y.o.: OK, check 3. Attitude? Mentality monster working 100% for the team.: FAIL. Result: No transfer On this website there's also a fourth requirement: Hairstyle? Definately FAIL
  4. Relegation battle, "The clash of Gollums", to take place on May 9th, in the shire, north west in Middle Earth. I hear they call it the "Precious Derby"
  5. JustTosh

    Everton (H) FA Cup - 05/01/2020 - 16:01

    Adrian and Jones having a post match hug
  6. Why not make it a tournament for clubs who're not playing CL or EL football, period! Price is a place in next year's EL. The matches could be played on the same dates as the European fixtures. Would solve a lot of problems.
  7. I agree but I'll stop commenting that anymore. Why spoil the joy for those who feels differently?
  8. Just expressing my feelings mate. Hope you're a bit more enthusiastic than I am.
  9. Don't want to take anything from anybody. To me football is feelings. This feels like a shit trophy won in a shit tournament for a shit organization with shit refs in a shit country. Just grab that trophy and get your asses back home lads. Happy we won it as going there without winning would be absolutely pointless. Let's put this trophy in our cabinet and never mind this stupid tournament again.
  10. That's actually quite funny. Unless they meant it without irony, which would also be quite funny.
  11. It puzzles me. If Evertonians or others say VAR benefits us more than others, they're actually saying referees are more likely to make wrong decisions go agianst LFC than any other club in the country. Is that what they really mean?
  12. From wikipedia, FA cup 1999-2000: "The title holders Manchester United, withdrew from the 1999–2000 competition due to their participation in the 2000 FIFA Club World Championship in South America, to take place in early 2000,[1] thus becoming the first FA Cup winners not to defend their title." No comments needed
  13. JustTosh

    Watford (H) Premier League - 14/12/19

    Not once in the history of the premier league, that is all 30 years without winning, have it taken us longer to keep a clean sheet at home.. Funny old game indeed.
  14. JustTosh

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 7-9 2019)

    What a nice report. Big Dunk and Ole at the wheel, top notch guys both of them apparently. How enlightening it is to know. Brings back memories of other genuinely nice people. Remember Peter Scudamore who unselfishly increased the TV-rights market to our benefit, and all we could do in return was to give him a 50M £ farewell gift. Still no complaints from the gentleman. What a guy. And Sir Alex. Remember how he used to invite our manager to a glass of red wine after beating us at Old Trafford. His fiercest rivals, right into his own home! Brings a tear to my eye. So many top blokes go around unnoticed. Keep up the good work Dave.
  15. JustTosh

    Takumi Minamino

    Good call Dave. You were spot on in your report, not alone though. Discussed the match with mates on Tuesday. Tikamo impressed us all. I haven't called a player "my boy" since Coutinho's debut. Transfers seldomly exites me much, but signing Minamino gives me a buzz. I'll call him my boy even if you claim first rights on a player you don't think we need. ;-) Prior to this signing I silently hoped we could sign Son from Spurs, but who needs a son when you already have a boy.