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  1. JustTosh

    Wolves (A) Premier League - 15/3/21 - 20:00

    Our maximum this season is 73 points (if we win all the remaining games) 4th place the last 10 seasons has been (2010-2011 - 2019-2020): 68-69-73-79-70-66-76-75-66 Not much room for error if we're going to have any chance of ending 4th or better. Ome more M City win and they'll be out of reach (they currently have 71 p)
  2. JustTosh

    We can’t carry on like this.

    It's bizarre: Fact 1: Our last 8 home games: 0-2-6, 2 points. 2 goals scored. It's way behind what relegation teams get. Fact 2: Top scorer in the PL is: A Liverpool player!
  3. JustTosh

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    I think Kloppo’s style is very ambitious. We need all our players to work very hard and do their part. If everybody does and every single player sticks to the game plan, we’re almost unstoppable. But when one or two are out of form, or a new player doesn’t stick to the game plan 100% we’re equally poor. That counter pressing style is great when we force opposition out of options. Then we’ll win the ball high up the field and can immediately use the unbalance to our advantage. If one single player doesn’t do his job, there’ll be a way out for the opp and all we achieve is being more vulnerable with too few people back to defend. If we do succeed with the high pressure, and one player doesn’t commit himself to the immediate attack, but i.e. plays a back pass to keep things controlled, the risky high line was all for nothing. We’ve seen this from Kloppo before. When it works, his teams are the best in the world. When it doesn’t, clueless. In a way it’s either on or it’s not, nothing in between.
  4. JustTosh

    VAR Thoughts?

    Song: VAR! (clapping), what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!
  5. JustTosh

    VAR Thoughts?

    VAR thoughts? I know booing is something the KOP usually doesn't approve much of. But next season, or whenever Anfield is yet again packed, I'd like to see a huge BOOOOOO every time VAR interupts tha match, regardless of how and why. If VAR decision is to our advantage? I'd still want to hear a load Boooo. VAR ! = Boooooo!
  6. JustTosh

    I want my parade

    Sure do. A parade after winning the 7th CL The one from last year? Unless it's included in the CL parade, nah .. .water under the bridge now. At the current form we're heading for what could be the worst league season we've had for 60 years. Blue fans all over town woukld have the laugh of their lives.
  7. JustTosh

    Ozan Kabak

    You,re right. The question is should he be plunged into the nightmare situastion, when we probably have better options? Is it fair to the player himself?
  8. JustTosh

    VAR Thoughts?

    If you kick a ball against a wall, it bounces back. For a period of time there’s no air between the ball and the wall. How long time? I don’t know, but I’d expect it’ll be app 1/10 second from the ball hits the wall until it comes back off it. So, do you freeze the picture at the time it hits the wall or the time it bounces back off it? It could well be a yard difference if two players are moving in opposite directions. So it seems to me you could freeze the picture to suit your agenda. If the lines don’t prove your case, just freeze the picture a split second earlier or later, and voila! Kicking a ball is no different. If anything the ball is at the foot for a longer time than it is bouncing off a wall. When is the kick or the pass actually made?
  9. JustTosh

    Ozan Kabak

    I don’t hold Kabak responsible for the mistakes he’s making, they were likely to occur, and he’s doing his best. Right now, however, Nat Philips is our best defender and should be picked ahead of Kabak. Ideally Kabak should be given time, like Fabinho was when he came to us, to bed in and learn in training. Not that I’m that arsed. This season (CL apart) has gone. As far as I’m concerned what we do now is just preparing for the next season. With that in mind I’m all right with Kakak playing. It is after all the best way to learn.
  10. JustTosh

    VAR Thoughts?

    Funny thing is we've probably seen more wrong off side decisions this season than we did last season, despite the fact VAR suspposedly can't be wrong. BTW they look at millimeters on the pictures, but who's telling when to freeze that picture. They look at millimeters, but a picture frozen 1/00 of a second before or after would change the lines complelely. Who decides when to freeze the picture?
  11. JustTosh

    RB Leipzig (A) UCL - Tues 16th Feb 2021 at 20:00

    This is not the time for criticism. We needed this and it's something to build on. From 10-15 mins until we scored our second we were good I think. After 2-0 we were not very good. We were giving away way too many chances, were unable to punish their ultra offensive pressing game, and lost most of the 2nd balls. When we stopped them they took the ball back within seconds, a bit like our style actually. I think our players got complacent after the two victories against Spurs and West Ham. I feel they won't this time. Only discipline and hard work gets you over the line.
  12. JustTosh

    Melwood Auction

    Paying £400 to remove the Kirkby one is actually tempting. I'd dispose of the Melwood one to the nearest rubbish removal centre for free too.
  13. JustTosh

    Melwood Auction

    Be careful! You're favorite to be the highest bidder. You might actually end up withi t.
  14. City Football Group, the owner of Manchester City FC could never be the owner of neither us, ManU, Arsenal nor Spurs,. The current league leader, however, could've been Brimingham or Norwich. Or even Hull or Lincoln. Why? From Wikipedia: The company's flagship club is Manchester City F.C. in the English Premier League. It also owns stakes in clubs in the United States, Australia, India, Japan, Spain, Uruguay, China, Belgium and France. The company's original aim was to own a team on each continent, each with the identifier "City" in its name.[3] It's a joke really, a sad joke, but still a joke.