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  1. JustTosh

    Darwin Nunez - Thoughts?

    Remember being unimpressed when we bought a Chesea flop. Then a benchwarmer from Woves, not impressed. Some unknown guy from Colombia next, hmmm. I'm not sure about Darwin either - must be absolutely brilliant
  2. JustTosh

    Darwin Nunez - Thoughts?

    Never underestimate Manchester Untied. Remember how they acted swiftly and ran off with Maguire from right under our noses. If it’s something they really want, they’ll get it.
  3. JustTosh

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    For the start of last season we had VDijk, Matip, Gomez, Rhys Williams and N Philips, the two latter had proved they could do a job for us. We still spended on Konate. Probably because he's a very special talent and was available. We'll do that again. If someone we really want can be added to our squad we'll do it. It won't matter if it's not what we need short term.
  4. JustTosh

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    It's the way thngs work isn't it: Player becomes a big star at Anfield Ego inflates Could be all time Anfield legend Decides he's worth more than that Leaves Flops Regrets Rinse and repeat. Sadio and Mo next in line ...
  5. JustTosh

    Fuck UEFA And Fuck The French Lying Cunts

    How is it even possible repeatedly to f*** up the simple task of letting 80k people into a stadium? Every other week we let 60k people in at Anfield. I realize it’s more difficult with 20K more people who’re not regulars at the location, but how difficult could it be, really? I’m sure 50% of us could organize this smoothly and securely. UEFA just can’t do it. UEFA must be the current world record holders of incompetence.
  6. JustTosh

    Mohamed Salah

    The old band, Bobby, Sadio and Mo has served us well. Now there's a new band in town (Luis, Diego, Darwin). Mo was brilliant before the Afcon, a shadow of himself after. 18 PL goals this season. We can live with him being replaced.
  7. Before Ronaldo: +5 from 3 matches After Ronaldo: -5 from the next 35
  8. JustTosh

    Fantasy Football 2021-22 £10 league

    I'm in next season. Tried it for the first time this season, a lot of fun. Ended with 2331 p
  9. You're doing a tremedous job Trumo. I really appreciatye your eftorts. As for the final my only concern is the spaces left behind by TAA and Keita not covering. If Thiago's not avaiable I'd be tempted to start with a midfield 3 of Hendo, Fab and Harvey/Curtiis instead of Keita, Maybe even consider Milner.
  10. You'll get 1/7 odds on MCity as champions, suggesting we'l have around 10% chance. Even if you say City will win 99 of 100 matchaes like that, I'll still hope this is the odd one they don't. To me there's no need for logic, just a small glimmer of hope. And there is hope, nothing's done til it's done.
  11. Would be perfect to have them in the 3rd tier European comp. Hope they win it. Will they put the trophy in their museum cabinet? Or would that be too embarassing? I bet ten Hag would like to be out of Europen games all together and have more time to rebuild. It's not going to happen is it? It's either Europa League or the European Papa John's trophy.
  12. Had a look into the crystal ball: Comfortable, not spectacular 2-0 win at Anfield. 3 mins left of match at Emptyhad, City leading 1-0. Then as our players prepare for their round of honor – explosion! Coutinho equalizes, 1-1 at their place. FA officials getting busy tying red ribbons around the replica trophy. Fuck being realistic, I’m allowed to dream.
  13. Great report Dave. Re penalty shoot outs. It’s always been like this: A player misses his shot, everybody in the team goes “oh no, he missed!” and rushes to comfort the poor lad. ”It could’ve been me, we’re in this together” etc. When Mane missed it didn’t feel like that at all. Everybody in the team seemed to react with ”oh no, we missed!”. There’s actually a big difference between the two. It feels like penalty shoot outs are just normal routine for us now. We’ll score as many as we’d do in training. I don’t fear them anymore.
  14. Not EL, EC please. Then they go on and win the European Papa John Trophy and can brag about having a trophy we don't have in our cabinet. I'm a soft and kind guy who think they deserve that after all the misery these last 10 years.
  15. JustTosh

    Other Football 2021/22

    Good thing is we'll know before the Soton game. It's easy really. A. City wins againt West Ham: Rotate and concentrate on the CL final later B. A draw: Forget GD, just win as easy as we can C. West Ham wins: All out attack, blitz from the start and give 6-0 or better a try.