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  1. That’s an infuriating watch if anything. He meant so much to me that I just walk around the pitch when I need to run because I can’t be arsed. I’m crying because he’s leaving but in his final season I shit out of challenges and hid on the pitch which meant we conceded goals and dropped points. I’m going to do some fake crying now because my PR tells me it’s good for engagement so people will watch some Instagram reels of me. Absolute cunt can fuck right off.
  2. Let’s hope so. He can go and fuck up somebody else’s run in next year. I seriously doubt it though. I think we will get another year of him strutting around the pitch costing us goals left right centre before we see the back of him. The whole thing went on a bit too long. I think loads can’t be arsed with the 500 odd people from everyone’s families wandering around the pitch anymore. There hasn’t been a classic lap of honour from the whole team together for years. People just wanted to hear Klopp speak and do some fist pumps. The club probably knew that so put the awards before it. The problem then is that a lot of the people who would have stayed after he spoke also just wanted to leave at that point as well. I can understand wanting to celebrate all of the back room staff but they should have just brought them out together.
  3. We will be able to defend when we stop playing that cunt at right back every game. It will also help if our tactics aren’t to take stupid fucking risks playing idiotic passes around the back putting each other under unnecessary pressure when we are already winning the game.
  4. Van Dijk is absolutely done with him isn’t he. Fucking lazy braindead cunt.
  5. Watch it back when they replay it at half time. He wasn’t covering my anything. He had completely stopped. He’s in full on sulk “I’m not defending any more mode now”. He just wandering round as the ball is breaking to them at the edge of our box
  6. Players give the ball away. It’s not great and obviously he’s partly at fault. Game in game out though we’ve got a cunt in defence who thinks it’s acceptable to just start walking or even on this occasion just stop moving altogether. To the untrained eye he’s done his shithosue technique to a tee. He’s hidden himself as Quansah gets skinned. The reason Quansah gets beat though is because he’s trying to push the player to the outside but still has to cover both ways because mr lazy cunt has gone hiding again. He compensates and gets run completely around and that’s the goal right there.
  7. Trent again. Fucking stupid lazy braindead twat. Look at the fucking state of him.
  8. These are all old arguments but it completely destroyed the cohesiveness of the team which is why we ended not winning a single thing after he moved him further forward. Instead of having Gerrard creating from midfield with players ahead of him where he could play game changing passes and run from deep he was reduced to having only Torres in front of him with a crap forward who could only run on the right wing and a revolving door of players on the left. We literally had Roy of the Rovers and wasted his best years with a negative knobhead of a manager who was too obsessed with looking clever instead of winning games. He’d have sold Gerrard if he’d his way. I genuinely love it when these stories come out because there’s no hiding from it. He’s a complete dickhead.
  9. It’s just more confirmation of what an absolute raging bell end Benitez is. I find it baffling that so many people can’t see past the fluff. Had we not had Gerrard he would have been consigned to the bin a decade before he was. We had years of people crying to have the cunt back as manager. He should be kissing the ground Gerrard walks on but then that would flag up that he wasn’t the “tactical genius” so many people seem to make him out he is. Even Warnock had to throw it in to give credence to his opinion that he’s a complete wanker.
  10. They did show it again. I watched the match back when I got home last night. It was tight but he looks on side and that’s from angle making him look further forward than he actually is. Richarlison has been shite for years but he was really good when he come on. He was crying about social media himself only recently as well though. As if he hasn’t acted the cunt in nearly every game he plays and completely brought it all on himself. The difference with Nunez is that he’s not a cheating knobhead who tries to wind everyone up but has took shit regardless from the moment he arrived. It was only a matter of time before he snapped and did something like this. Nunez is 100% capable of producing the equivalent performance that Richarlison put in but he definitely needs to work on the timing of his runs. I would pretty much make it the only thing he trains outside of team training.
  11. I just think it’s so fucking obvious when you break it down. Trent actually stayed at right back about 90% of the time in possession for the first 60 odd minutes. Suddenly Salah is all over the ball running at the full back and gets a goal. There is space and multiple options every time someone has the ball. We get a second goal from Trent getting near enough to the byline. His attitude was a lot better as well and he actually sprinted back and defended on quite a few occasions. As the game went on he started going inside more and more. It coincided with Mac Allister and Endo going off but we started to fall to bits at that point. It’s just so irritating because this fucking tactic has pretty much cost us the title in my eyes. It should have been fucked off a long time ago but Klopp and Lijnders persistence with it was just raw Rafa style pigheadedness. Mac Allisters ball to Trent for the second goal was everything we’ve been missing for months.
  12. They were Klopps words not mine
  13. Everyone talking about 3rd place. We could genuinely finish 5th. We’ve got to play spurs and villa. We are 100% getting beat in both of those games. I can’t see us beating Wolves either. That VAR decision could end up being huge for us. Villa have got Brighton and Palace left so could easily win those 2. We could really do with Arsenal beating spurs tomorrow. The only saving grace really is that spurs fixtures are horrific.
  14. You don’t think that the test case of giving him the vice captaincy is an example of what would happen if you give him the actual captaincy? I’ve been on to him from early on but there’s surely no argument that his attitude has gotten even worse this year. Plenty of people who were convincing themselves he could actually defend and it was a big media over reaction are actually sick to death of him as well after this season. In what world can you give someone who behaves like this the captaincy. It’s not like he’s fucking zidane or something either. He can hit a great long pass. That’s basically it and we’ve still got people saying “build the side around him” which is absolutely insane.
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