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  1. The Guest

    Line of Duty

    Personally I think Graham is shite. He’s been dining out on This is England for about 10 years. He essentially does the same shit annoying mannerisms in everything he’s in and his accents are fucking crap. My opinion on his acting ability is also not effected by his S*n loving antics the fucking sellout cunt.
  2. The Guest

    Report: Reds set transfer fee for Origi

    He’s nowhere near good enough technically to be started for a Klopp side. There’s similarities between him and Benteke. The same as Benteke I doubt it’s an application issue. He will do well for a side like Wolves I imagine but I doubt he will ever score 15 league goals in a season.
  3. The Guest

    All time Prem 11 - 442

    You should have realised when you started wearing those suspenders.
  4. The Guest

    All time Prem 11 - 442

    Why would I take Xavi’s word for it? I reckon I’ve watched Scholes literally hundreds and hundreds more times than Xavi did. I have no idea if Xavi is thick as fuck either or the most intelligent footballer ever and neither do you. So many former pros talk so much shit I’d rather judge with my own eyes. The prime example of it is Gary Neville. This is a guy who played with him for his whole career and then sits there and says that it’s baffing that Scholes was never picked in the base of a midfield 3 for England with Gerrard and Lampard in front of him. It’s almost like he’s had a lobotomy. He retired for England probably about 8 years before even Ferguson thought about playing him there and that was because of the players they had around first the team they got away with it. This laughable myth started to develop getting towards the end of his career and it’s blown massively out of control since he retired. He didn’t get near the top midfielders in the premier league. He was basically another cog in Ferguson’s teams and one that had no inclination to leave so ended up staying there as midfield was always something Ferguson struggled to judge for his whole career. He was a very good player obviously but you see these comments more and more. “He was the complete midfielder, he ran the midfield, he never give the ball away, he didn’t waste possession on Hollywood passes” and it’s all complete bollocks. He came into the United team as a forward and over time started to get played in the midfield of the best attacking premier league team with very little defensive responsibility and was basically in the team because he was goalscorer. I wouldn’t say it was exactly like the position Lampard played for Chelsea where he has no defensively responsibility in most games but it wasn’t far off. He only dropped into the deep lying role really late on in his career and you now see people talk as if this is what he did in his whole career. He wasn’t trusted in the big game to play there either. He had to be carried by another ball winner or player to do his running. In every successful side he ever played in he was a minor part. It’s the reason he never picked up any individual awards and consistently why he was hardly ever selected in teams of the year. It seems to be the hipster thing to wax lyrical about what a great player he was but it’s a myth.
  5. The Guest

    All time Prem 11 - 442

    Scholes is laughably overrated and shouldn’t be anywhere near anyone’s 11.
  6. The Guest

    All time Prem 11 - 442

    Walker isn’t really a right back. It’s just the way the games gone that top teams can get away with playing him there. He’s got better at defending over the years but he’s still relatively shite at it and that’s comparing him to the full backs in the league now never mind the best the league has had to offer. I think Shearer’s twilight years have tainted people’s memories of him. The fella was a goal machine and one of the worlds best at his peak. Suarez’s last season was probably better than anything Shearer produced because he was doing ridiculous things and was a better dribbler so it tends to stand out more. Shearer’s best wasn’t that far away though and he was far more consistent.
  7. The Guest

    Naby Keita

    He’s been walking into our midfield all season with everyone fully fit. It makes absolutely zero sense playing him ahead of Shaqiri or Sturridge if we are replacing one of the front 3 who play 90% of games anyway. He isn’t going to learn how to play defensively by playing as one of or wingers who essentially stay high up the pitch the majority of the time. He may have played out wide for RB but I seriously doubt it will have been in the same manner out wide players play. He is clearly not a winger anyway and would hamper our style even more by playing there. If Klopp is going to play him it’s going to be in midfield unless he’s on the pitch with no subs left as a last resort.
  8. The Guest

    Sadio Mane

    How many of these posts are you going to get to saying the same thing? Every single club is in the same position. Every single club plays under fifa’s rules and those rules state players need to be released to their national teams and the players can be banned for playing for the clubs if their clubs refuse to release them or even if the players themselves refuse to play. I think it’s even mandatorily written in every single contract. The clubs know this when they decide to make every single signing. It’s part of the game and it’s not going to change so stop whining.
  9. The Guest

    Naby Keita

    You’re absolutely batshit if you think he’s going to start games in the front 3.
  10. The Guest

    The shitness of modern football

    Na the most tedious thing is definitely you. You tory cunt.
  11. The Guest

    The shitness of modern football

    I don’t know what’s more tedious. International football or people comparing football to other industries and working conditions.
  12. The Guest

    Spacing after commas and full stops.

    Just come over to the dark side. People in work will think you’re some sort of Jedi if you start doing it.
  13. The Guest

    Spacing after commas and full stops.

    Just so you don’t think I’m a complete crank Numero go and have a look on my profile again but of the post that you originally quoted saying this is the first one I’ve ever done it on. You will see that now has only one space after full stops as well. It looks like the website is on your side and is correcting it and actually gets rid of the second space when you look at posts through people’s profiles. If you click on the post itself it then has the double space in the post on the actual thread.
  14. The Guest

    Spacing after commas and full stops.

    Is it almost as bad as people using off when they mean of?