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  1. The Guest

    Everton (H) Premier League - 4/12/19 - 20:15

    Their manager is absolutely clueless. Their backline was so high for the whole first half. They were just asking to get pummelled. We should have played the ball in behind even more than we did. Mane is just a sensational footballer. He’s probably the best in the league now.
  2. The Guest

    Everton (H) Premier League - 4/12/19 - 20:15

    They’re all big games these days!
  3. The Guest

    Everton (H) Premier League - 4/12/19 - 20:15

    It’s the internet I’m just calling people out for being thick. It’s hardly crime or the century. I’m going the game later anyway so I’m more moaning about the Boxing Day games which will be a day ruined because you know most pubs won’t be showing the footy.
  4. The Guest

    Everton (H) Premier League - 4/12/19 - 20:15

    It’s almost as if my whole post was about having a grievance about paying for extra subscriptions that were previously in the one. It’s like you try to do outdo yourself with even more stupidity every time you post.
  5. The Guest

    Everton (H) Premier League - 4/12/19 - 20:15

    You’re easily the most dense cunt on here and that’s saying something. I’m not happy that I have had to pay for two subscriptions if I want to watch all of the weeks live footy for every week that everyone previously got in the same package before the premier league started cutting it up. For years we seen various channels take over the mini package that BT currently have now. They ran at a loss and either ended up folding or didn’t renew the package because there’s no money to be made from it. The fan got ripped off though because they had to pay for it. BT will not be making money for what they pay for now and I expect it to go the same way for them. The only reason they’ve lasted this long is because they’re such a big company. Being happy that there’s now a third package because of some stupid outlook that it’s competition for sky is beyond thick.
  6. The Guest

    Everton (H) Premier League - 4/12/19 - 20:15

    I can’t believe how thick some people are. We were getting these games in the BT “package” last year but now you’ve got to pay another subscription to view them and some people are happy about it. Fucking hilarious. Bringing up natural monopolies because you think it makes you sound clever when you’re missing the point a 10 year old child could understand. They’re going to keep chopping up the league into these packages to see how far they can push the consumer. Personally I think this is how the bubble will pop in the end. People will get sick of it and not pay for any at some point rather than pay for one or two. The money will go down and the clubs will kick up a stink and that will be the beginning of paying to watch your own clubs games. To keep the premier league popular they have to keep it competitive and the only way to do that is keep the money relatively even between clubs. That won’t happen if clubs are making money per viewer. It’s another example of the market failing and requiring intervention before the game eats itself.
  7. The Guest

    Picking at the relegation carcass

    Grealish or Madison wouldn’t fit into the current system we use. I like both of them but I hope we don’t sign either of them. I’d be shocked if we were in for them even if their prices were cheap which they won’t be.
  8. The Guest

    Man City - the new bitters?

    The “interview” they’ve got running on sky sports news is comical. The fraud in charge would give the tories a run for their money on how many words you can speak without actually saying anything. He literally talks like a gangster who’s been given some PR training. Why on earth would anyone let alone a private equity firm, who are notorious for being frugal and wanting a return on their investments, purchase a tenth of that company for more than double what United are worth. They don’t make money. Their only real revenue is TV and prize money which doesn’t come anywhere near covering the costs they are putting through the books never mind the total actual costs which they are hiding who god only knows the total.
  9. Mourinho has hit the panic button. The longer you are out of football the harder it is to get back in. He’s clearly had no interest from the bigger clubs since everyone seems to have realised he’s finished as a manager and is a complete arse hole. Spurs are the top of the pile of clubs just below the big clubs. The fans will get behind it to begin with because he can talk about trophies he won 10 years ago. Whether Levy gives him 500m to spend or nothing is irrelevant really. When it all comes crashing down, which it definitely will and sooner than people think, the excuse will be he wasn’t backed enough he should have been given more money than he was. He will be moaning when the January window shuts. It’s an absolute guarantee.
  10. The whole situation is hilarious. It was a catch 22 really. They’re fucked whatever they do because most of their best players over the good period they’ve had over 3/4 years have turned to shit. Some are getting old and are leaving, they’ve got the elephant in the room that is Kane and Alli has completely lost whatever he had. Going into this season Pochettino was fucked from the off and I think he knew it. Kane seemingly has to play every game when fit. It means the team can’t press and it’s all downhill from there. They’ve got their new stadium and they seem to think that’s going to attract players. Money and success is what attracts players and they don’t offer either. They’ve let that squad stagnate despite hitting gold with 4/5 players. They didn’t win anything and it’s hard to rebuild from that. It’s going to cost them Man Utd levels of spending to turn it around and I just don’t see it happening. It’s great because I fucking hate them and their knobhead fans. The talk of Mourinho is probably the funniest thing about it all. It’s shows he’s getting desperate. None of the big clubs have shown any interest because he’s toxic, his football is shite and his tactics are outdated. He’s past it and everyone knows it. He doesn’t stand a chance with money any more so god knows how bad he will do without it. It’s a recipe for some absolute comedy moments I think so I hope to god it happens.
  11. The Guest

    Alisson Becker

    You’ve got to find something to argue about and it’s difficult when we are pasting everyone.
  12. The Guest

    Alisson Becker

    Reina didn’t play the ball out anywhere near to what Alisson does or experience the type of difficulty he does either. Reina was renowned for having good distribution at the time but that tended to be because he was very quick and accurate at throwing the ball mainly and hitting long balls. It suited our tactics because we were a negative team that tried to hit sides on the break. Football has changed massively since Reina’s peak with the latest thing being that goalies at the top clubs have to be able to pass like midfielders. I honestly don’t know how you can watch Alisson and think he isn’t streets ahead on the floor compared to any keepers of previous generations never mind just Reina. Him and Ederson are in a different planet to every keeper now with their feet and most average keepers are above what the top keepers used to be like and it’s down to the type of football most teams want to play.
  13. The Guest

    Alisson Becker

    Are you drunk?
  14. The Guest

    Alisson Becker

    I think keepers have tended to run out of steam for us and had some terrible years before being replaced and it tarnishes people’s memories of how good they were. Reina completely tailed off in his final years although people were in complete denial but he was fantastic for 3-4 years. Dudek was actually really good as well for a season or so. Alisson has basically been flawless whilst also being far better on the floor than any of them but it has only been a year. If he went on to have 2-3 poor seasons I think the argument between him and Reina would be quite close.
  15. The Guest

    Alisson Becker

    Everything just sticks to him. When you see them hands open up you just know he’s hoovering it up. Top class signing and probably the best keeper I’ve seen play for us.