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  1. The Guest

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    He’s got an Israeli passport which allows him in the country for 6 months at a time but he still hasn’t turned up. Not really anything to do with my point though.
  2. The Guest

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    To be fair he was class when he came on. I’d have him starting every game in this form. I thought it was the Bobby sub that shifted the flow of the game into our favour though. We were playing the percentages in the first half and not giving them anything easy but we were under the cosh. That all changed with him coming on at half time and the ball started sticking up front more.
  3. The Guest

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    It’s comical. They were originally saying the ground would cost under 300m and had got corrupt fat joe to agree that the city council loan them it. I don’t reckon that would have ever got finalised anyway but they now accept that it will cost 500m which in reality means it will be even more in the end. There would have been even more public pushback had they tried to get Anderson to go back and convince everyone it was a good idea to loan them double the original amount he said. Due to that they started putting press releases out about getting funding from somewhere else. It would be a massive risk for anyone to loan Everton that money which is why it’s all gone quiet. It’s the same reason why there was such a public kick off about the council loaning them it. There’s no guarantee they could pay it back. As we’ve seen with other football clubs they’re not as easy as it seems to sell for the loaner to get its money back. Moshiri isn’t doing this for shits and giggles. He’s in it to make money and he probably thinks if they build a stadium it would increase the value and he could sell his share before it all goes tits up. Any financier would be able to see straight through it. Meanwhile they just keep quiet and let it roll on so we are then subjected to fluff pieces like the one in the echo above. Nobody is telling anybody anything so everyone just assumes it’s all going to plan. The plan though was originally that the government would pay for the stadium off the back of getting the commonwealth games. It feels like they haven’t come out and talked it down since then because it would be a PR disaster. If they keep this as a dream then they should still sell plenty of season tickets off the back of the fantasy future stadium.
  4. The Guest

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Absolute fantasy land.
  5. The Guest

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    There’s a clip doing the rounds of someone viewing the crowd when Sterling’s goal goes in to the point it gets overturned. Honestly it sums the fucking embarrassment that club is perfectly. They don’t look that arsed that they’ve just scored a last minute winner. Every ground will have these weapons that instantly get their phone out but there is just something different about the people in the clip. It’s like they’re not even fans They’ve filled the ground with plastic flags, played artificial crowd noise into the stadium, you wouldn’t put it past them actually paying/incentivising people to go to the game. I would love to see how many times this season they’ve had tickets on sale on the day of a game to suddenly find that they’ve just “sold out” a few hours before kick off. They must have spent the past week handing out thousands to all the corporate sponsors offering them all sorts to get their employees to fill the ground. The whole thing is a sham to try to get around FFP. Chelsea are the same but on a smaller scale. I read the other day about Abramovich not using the corporate box he’s paid for at Stamford Bridge. Why the fuck is the owner of the club having to pay for a corporate box? To artificially increase the revenue into the club obviously. It makes you think if they’re doing that what sort of other ridiculous shenanigans must be going on at these two clubs to massage the accounts.
  6. The Guest

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Makes it all the sweeter that it was that little fucking cunt as well. fuck off you fucking bald fraud cunt with you’re financially doped club
  7. The Guest

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

  8. The Guest

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    Hendo Fucking nutmegging people. What the fuck is going on?
  9. The Guest

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    Hendo is the man lately isn’t he.
  10. The Guest

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    What a goal. Trent has been fucking top draw of late. Mo didn’t even break stride there.
  11. The Guest

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    We are playing this the right way. I know everyone probably wants us to just keep the ball and dominate but it’s just not that easy doing that away from home to sides like this. We are just clearing our lines, not taking any risks and making them work for any chance. It’s a classic professional away performance.
  12. The Guest

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    Matip has been class.
  13. Another dead locking breaking goal following in a Salah shot which will be credited as an assist. Brilliant these stats aren’t they. Lolz.