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  1. The Guest

    Liverpool 0 Bayern Munich 0 (Feb 19 2019)

    Hendo was great but Fabinho was the star man for me. Such a good all round technical footballer. Great to see Naby put in a good performance in a difficult game as well. His overhead was completely mental but he was unlucky a couple of those shots got blocked as I reckon they were flying in. Thought we were unlucky overall. If we play like that again in the second leg we will go through.
  2. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    It’s going to be interesting to see isn’t it. The Labour vote seem to be fully on to that type of politics these days. You can’t be all things to all people. After Blair and the 2010 Lib Dem’s leading with left wing policies in their manifesto only to enable the tories you would think that type of politics wouldn’t stand a chance again. The thing that this party have got in common is that they are all economically right wing. The votes labour would lose due to Corbyn being a socialist and putting forward a socialist manifesto he would lose to the tories anyway. From this you would expect their votes to come from the Lib Dem’s and the tories but it remains to be seen. I expect they will target the labour vote though and go for that tactic of promising things like reduced tuition fees. Essentially their minimum objective is to stop a socialist govt which shows up what a disgrace it was that these cunts were actually representing the Labour Party. The problem for them is that it isn’t 2010 and they aren’t going to get that swing of young people they got from New Labours decade of right wing views and policies.
  3. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    The whole of it is my opinion, obviously. My point which I think you still don’t get on the general election was that you can’t force May or the tories to have one. If they want one then obviously they will get one because that’s what labour want as well. If they don’t want one then this new group would not back a vote of no confidence to trigger an election because it would see them ousted from parliament. This is even though it would likely lead to a softer Brexit than the tories are pushing for. The reason for that is the chance there would be a labour government.
  4. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I don’t think either party will be voting for a 12 month extension. I think a 3 month might happen but even then we will end up in the same situation as with May in power and the tories all falling into line. I’ve got no idea what you’re second paragraph is on about. It sounds like you’ve got mixed up with what a vote of no confidence is. If the tories fancied an election they would have called it by now. Their plan is clearly to run the clock down to force parliament to choose between her deal and no deal. The only way to change the options is to get her out with a GE and the only way to do that is to win a vote of no confidence. As I said there’s no way these snakes would go for that because it would be political suicide even if it did benefit the country.
  5. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Is everyone going to carry on pretending that the Labour defectors aren’t right wing because they voted remain?
  6. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    The only way of getting a “softer Brexit” is with the tories out of power. Otherwise we are going out with a no deal or May’s deal. The only way to get the tories out of power is with a general election. There is absolutely no chance of this new group of gobshites voting a no confidence in May to trigger one because they wouldn’t win a single seat.
  7. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Did I say that you said Labour pledged to keep us in? You decided to use the vague “hard Brexit” term which means different things to different people. It’s why I specifically told you what labours policy was and that people knew exactly what they were voting for which funnily enough is what Corbyn is trying to stick to. You are living in a fantasy land on Brexit. If Labour got behind a second referendum the tories would call a general election within the hour, be sitting on a fat majority within 6 weeks and doing whatever they wanted for the following 5 years. I think members setting the policy is a great idea because it’s better than men in suits behind the scenes telling the electorate what they want which conveniently seems benefit the elite every single fucking time after they’ve got in power on some airy fairy manifesto. The manifesto labour put together last time was fantastic along with the campaign itself. With these fucking lizards leaving the party and/or being selected I think a win is more likely. You’re one of these people who go on about trashing the worst Tory govt ever but what does that actually mean? They’ve got a majority with the DUP that are terrified of a socialist govt and they constantly shit themselves before votes and change policy due to Labour. They’ve also inflicted the biggest defeat on a govt in nearly a century. If we crash out of the EU on a no deal it will be on the tories and you can absolutely guarantee a labour win in the next election as it will be crisis time.
  8. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    You would think that wouldn’t you. They mustn’t be able to change the settings at the factory.
  9. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    What are you on about? At the last election Labour campaigned saying they would take us out of the single market and end freedom of movement. They’ve stood up to the tories to try and stop a no deal but at the end of the day they’re powerless if Theresa May wants to run the clock down. You also talk as if the electorate are the policy makers that should not be restricted by the members of a political party? It’s fucking comical. You are surely not that thick. The policy of both party’s has been dictated by elite men in suits behind the scenes for a long time. If the electorate made the policy we wouldn’t be sitting here with a mess of a rail service, PFI in the NHS, ridiculous tuition fees, privatised water etc the list is fucking endless. What I want is the Labour Party to offer alternatives to right wing choices. The way to do that is to take the control away from the elite men in suits. Get those policies in a manifesto and try to get them voted in. If the electorate votes the other way then they can live with the choice they’ve made until the next election but it can’t be blamed on the left because it’s not the left wing option. What loads of liberal types seem to want is labour to basically do what the tories do but do it with a smile or bankrupt the country by paying for things it can’t afford because they won’t put the taxes up
  10. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    It’s probably why you’re still parroting the same nonsense that’s been debunked in this thread countless times.
  11. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    The way our democracy is set up at the moment it is the only way to make them accountable. If the members can’t make them accountable then they can get away with doing whatever they want which is exactly what’s been happening for years. The elite that control both the party’s have basically got a factory producing these fucking suits. If the electorate lashed out and votes one of them out it doesn’t matter the other side win with one they prepared earlier. The ousted suit gets a job in some think tank or on the board of some company that probably has public contracts and is replaced by some ready made suit that’s come straight off the production line. The faces might change but the policies never change. Reselection and deselection should absolutely be part and parcel of being an MP. We only have two credible party’s so you generally have to pick one of those and if you’re bothered enough about politics you should be able to join that party and have your say on whether they should be the candidate or not. If there’s enough of you in your electorate who think that way then you should be able to replace them with someone more suitable. I don’t think anybody expects their MP to completely mirror their views and I doubt there would be deselections over minor issues. Your answer seems to be that there’s loads of people who aren’t labour members so we should just let the MPs do what they want and the only time we can make them accountable is every 5 years when we’ve got a choice of them or a Tory. You need to wake up because it’s not working.
  12. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    It’s just so short sighted go any non-right wing intelligent person to want Corbyn out. The idea that Labour need some sort of Alastair Campbell type cunt in the background that will sort it all the PR is absolute fantasy land. The reason Blair and Campbell and all them other cunts got in power and stayed in power is because of Murdoch and the media and the fact they were right wing. They worked with Murdoch and the right wing press to bully the centre and left wing MP’s to bring all the privatisation and deregulation in. They weren’t controlling the media and the PR it was the other way around. It all comes down to policy. If you put forward left wing policies then it’s going to be detrimental to the elite and they’re not going to like it. It doesn’t matter who it is they’re going to be smeared endlessly. What’s your other option then? Go with a new Tony Blair and you will get in power? Who’s to say that would work now or even guarantee a win. The elite got greedy and slaughtered Brown and Miliband. What makes it even worse is that it’s meant an even further rightwing Conservative party. This idea that you’re better off going with a centrist (in reality an economically right wing person) as leader of the left wing choice has been catastrophic for the country. When the rightwing economics failed and has also left thousands of young people on the scrap heap with tens of thousands of student debt (that eventually will have to be paid off by future generations through taxation anyway) in low paid jobs the electorate had nowhere to go. At first they fell for the yellow tories lies about abolishing tuition fees and offering more left choice than labour and subsequently voted in a majority tory govt when that never happened. Without a genuine leftwing option the left will get blamed for right wing policy which then leads to the tories getting in and implementing even further right wing policies. If this shit carries on I don’t expect an NHS when I’m eventually old enough to need it. Whinge as much as you want about Corbyn or what the electorate and media think about Corbyn but the most important thing he is doing is democratising the party. Making policiticians actually accountable is the only way forward. If labour can make their MP’s accountable by showing they can’t just sit there in safe seats doing whatever they want because they will get voted in again anyway then it will turn voters back on and it will have even more people joining the party because they can then actually have an opinion that matters.
  13. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    There’s more chance of them splitting the Tory vote. This new party is just another version of Tory. God knows what they think will separate them from the Lib Dem’s. The Guardian and Independent won’t be happy with these 7 and will be calling it selfish because they think it will damage the people’s vote campaign. That’s literally the only reason they will be being critical.
  14. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    The whole thing is hilarious. Positively it shows that mandatory reselection is almost definitely going to happen. They wouldn’t be leaving if they didn’t think they were going to get kicked out at some point soon. They’re all too arsed about how much money they’re making themselves. It’s why you won’t get one single Tory leaving their party to join them despite how much they say they love the EU. There’s no chance of them getting deselected there and once they are they know that’s the end of the gravy train. There will be no more tv appearances then and no columns in the telegraph. It will be interesting to see how much coverage these lizards get after the next election though when they’ve got zero MP’s.