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  1. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I think we should have more referendums. I’d be happy to have another vote on leaving the EU. Nobody should be scared of increased democracy. What we live in now is not democracy. We have a two party system whereby the only realistic candidates to form a government are from those party’s and the candidates for those positions are selected by men in suits behind the scenes. It means nobody has any accountability. If you’re specifically right or left how are you meant to impact politics by voting if you don’t agree with the candidate in your constituency if it’s a safe seat even if they’re supposedly on the same side as you? It’s why mandatory reselection with completely open entry for labour members to run would revolutionise politics because there would be direct accountability. More referendums would engage people more in politics and let people see the impact their decisions make. For decades now both party’s have just done pretty much exactly what the other would have done had they got in power. All anyone talks about in regards to leaving the EU is how bad the economy is going to be when we leave as if nobody was saying this before the vote. Lots of people just don’t believe it or are happy to take the hit to regain control of the borders. The media shitstorm about it all every week since the vote won’t have changed the minds of those voters. It’s just my opinion but I think if there was another vote tomorrow leave would win by a bigger margin. The problem for me is that it’s not Labours job to offer a new referendum. They would tank votes if they did and anyone on the left should see that which would mean we wouldn’t get a referendum anyway.
  2. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Len McCluskey was spot on in what he was saying. If Labour back any sort of second referendum or vote with the option of staying in the EU then all those voters who came back from UKIP will disappear to the tories. Labour will never get anywhere near power with all those votes going away and the Tories just do what they want anyway. The Blairite’s in the party aren’t daft and will know this. As per they’re obviously happier with a Tory Government than a Corbyn led Labour. You can come up with your own conclusions on why that is. Personally I’d rather be out of the EU with a Corbyn led Labour government then in the EU with a Tory government. In reality that’s not even the options. The options are those two governments but we are leaving the EU regardless. If you want to play games over a second referendum all that it’s going to lead to is the worst case scenario.
  3. He’s talking out of his arse, again. We’ve won our first 6 games in the league and just beat PSG. We’ve got the record breaking goal scorer in our team and we’ve signed a far better keeper than we had and now have Van Dijk for the full season. Of course we “can” win the league. Whether we do or not will depend on a whole host of things but that’s not what he’s saying. He’s literally saying we haven’t got what it takes because the side doesn’t have the same midfield players as it did 10 years ago and they didn’t win the league either. If he was to say he thinks city will win it as they are better because of the manager/players/squad I think everyone would just say yeah fair enough. As has been said above he’s just playing to the bitter jealously of his two previous clubs.
  4. The Guest

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I don’t know how you can get wound up by it. That’s his intention. Whether he actually genuinely believes the shite that he’s written there or not is irrelevant. He’s writing it because he knows there will be reds reading it. We’ve all met people/blues like him. Just be happy in the knowledge what he comes out with is utter nonsense and he probably lives a pretty sad life.
  5. The Guest

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    The fella’s a fucking legend.
  6. The Guest

    Alisson Becker

    I think at most you could say you were unsure because we haven’t seen him put under sustained pressure yet or make any world class match winning saves you wouldn’t expect him to make. To say he’s been bordering on poor is mental. The main thing that’s stood out for me is that he’s a big cunt who isn’t scared to come out and catch it when he knows he should. The defence seem a lot calmer as well but it’s difficult to say if any of that is down to him.
  7. The Guest

    Andrew Robertson

    I’d struggle to name a better crosser of the ball from open play. It’s fucking outrageous.
  8. The Guest

    Mohamed Salah

    Try taking your top off and putting it back on. Might stop you from getting so rattled you clueless cunt.
  9. The Guest

    Mohamed Salah

    Did he take his top off and put it back on last season as well Brendan?
  10. The Guest

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    He has those annoying lazy moments but I think they just stand out so much because of how much the rest of the team work. He’s almost certainly “back” though. He was running at people, riding challenges and taking fouls. He’s been scared of his own shadow pretty much since Klopp arrived so it was great to see him take on the physical side of the game again. It’s no surprise to me to see Klopp talking about him being in the best shape he’s seen him. Other than those lazy moments he was doing the right things off the ball. The front 3 tend to switch position a lot when they try to press to cover each other. My biggest fear with Sturridge is that he won’t like going wide. If he’s not going to go chasing around like them then at least he needs to cover them and get in position and he was doing that last night. His interview was great as well.
  11. The Guest

    Mohamed Salah

    He’s not playing that much different from the start of last year. He looked quite tentative in front of goal then as well. As someone mentioned it’s likely Klopp will just keep playing him until he finds his form and I don’t think anyone will have any problem with that. We are winning games and he’s still doing his job defensively and pressing. The effort is clearly there. He’s still getting plenty of chances as well and he certainly doesn’t look any slower.
  12. The Guest

    Mohamed Salah

    Worse than thinking Klopp and Liverpool’s medical team would play and continue playing Salah for 6 games in the form he’s in if there was any chance of his injury from the Champions League final effecting him? You’re fucking batshit Brendan. It’s probably working around all those Murdoch drones all day. They should have got you on the medical team years ago. “Right Salah take your top off and put it back on for me, yeah? Looks fine to me what are you moaning about?”
  13. The Guest

    Mohamed Salah

    I must have missed those five other games that he played topless. No worries Bren.
  14. The Guest

    Mohamed Salah

    The other 5 games of top level men’s football didn’t do it for you. He takes his fucking top off and put its back on and that’s it, you’re convinced. Absolutely fucking clueless.
  15. The Guest

    Andrew Robertson

    He’s the best left back in world football. Don’t @ me.