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  1. The Guest

    Naby Keita

    The whole situation with him is just weird. In just the last couple of pages you can see people coming up with all sorts of reasons for him not really doing it and I don’t think any of them are right. I could probably count the amount of times he’s tried to dribble past players in the whole time he’s been here on one hand. He’s probably had less than 10 shots as well. I don’t get this view that he’s trying to do what he did in the Bundesliga and is trying to dribble past too many players because it’s just not a reality. The next one “he needs to pass it quicker” has got some elements of truth to it but I don’t think in the manner it was suggested. He plays first time easy passes a lot of the time in the opposition half. I don’t have a lot of problem with that but we aren’t going to unlock defences with him doing that if he’s doing it every single time and it’s surely not what we signed him for. He can get caught dawdling on the ball in our half sometimes and it looks so amateurish because as much shit as our midfielders take they’re very professional in that position and it almost never happens when it’s anyone else so it really sticks out for me. Personally I think his main problem and Klopp will almost definitely be thinking it is that the number 8 positions for us need to be disciplined. They need to cover the full backs when they go forward and they also can’t be the players to lose the ball because that’s our biggest danger of conceding. He doesn’t really compare in style to any of the other number 8’s in the squad which should obviously be a good thing but when he plays I think he puts the whole game plan out of kilter. It might be one of the reasons he makes those first time easy passes because he doesn’t want to risk possession but it almost definitely reduces his whole game. I’m in the camp that I don’t think it will work out here because he’s going to need time and a lot of games and he’s not going to get that because of the abundance of players we have in his position and the amount of games we are winning with those players playing there.
  2. The Guest

    Season Ticket Amnesty

    I can understand why people do this. I’ve got mates who do the same and I benefit from it myself when I get to go but really it’s wrong for me. Most people who I know who go the game every week are either fellas like my dad who’ve had their season ticket for decades or lads my age or younger going on other people’s season tickets. It’s pretty much a closed shop unless you know the right people.
  3. The Guest

    Season Ticket Amnesty

    You would run the risk of losing that season ticket then Rog. I think it’s easy to have a go at them over this one with the view above. In reality though when you think about it they would be paying an excess to the tout which doesn’t go to the club and also generally you’d have to know the tout in the first place. I doubt the club would make as much as a tout would out of reselling and I think the PR would be a nightmare. It would be a lot fairer if the club was reselling it. I get my dads season ticket about 3/4 times a year and would have no qualms letting them know it. The season ticket hogging situation at Anfield now is beyond a joke and they should have addressed it years ago.
  4. The Guest

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    I spent the first couple of months worrying he was going to get fed up with all the cryarsing about signings and people leaving the ground with about 10 mins to go and jack it in. It’s madness that he come here when you look at the state we were in. Try not to worry about when he leaves. It seems obvious it’s going to be at the end of his current contract but it doesn’t matter. Just enjoy every second of him being here because I doubt we will see anything like him again.
  5. The Guest

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    I can’t see any of the front 3 leaving while Klopp is here. If they’ve got any sense, which they clearly have, they will look at how Coutinho was treated and how nearly every player who heads to Real is treated. We will win another European Cup while Klopp is here as well and the players will be thinking that. We are at a point where we are so good that the fringe players are happy to just be a part of it. I can’t see there being many big changes.
  6. Neville was talking absolute shite before like he does a lot of the time when it comes to United. Souness was correct to pull him but he didn’t really get into the specifics. Neville loves pushing this view that they’ve hired completely different managers with completely different ideas. In reality hiring somebody like Mourinho after Van Gaal is pretty similar. They’re both negative managers who play percentage football and get the players playing like robots, unable to express themselves. Moyes is similar to that as well although obviously a lot less successful. He says that giving these managers 200m each is a recipe for disaster. A completely mental statement to begin with really which he then follows that up by saying Ole needs to make sure he gets his 200m to spend. He further then muddled it up by listing the signings they’ve made which he reckons came to 150m but took off the 75m for Lukaku and says with all the wages they’ve saved had a net spend of 40m The problem United have got is that they’ve got all these clueless bellends in the media and I’m guessing behind the scenes telling Woodward what to do. Hiring Moyes was beyond comical. Van Gaal was equally stupid as it was never a long term solution and he’d been so long out of the top of the game. The Mourinho hiring/situation was blindingly obvious to anybody but they were getting desperate at that point. The spending on all these over the hill players paying them silly wages to show everyone what a big club they are is just the way they roll. The one consistent thing with all of these decisions is that Neville agreed and backed them all. He’s now slagging Woodward off saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Why didn’t you raise this point any time he was making these decisions then? For me they’re just screwed as long as Klopp and Guardiola are here. They need to get a one of these genuine young talented managers and give him time. The problem they’ve got is that every year we get better and win things the more pressure gets put on the manager they hire and when they’ve clearly made the wrong decision in the first place they don’t stand a chance.
  7. The Guest

    Man City - the new bitters?

    I couldn’t give a flying fuck to be honest. All this amateur hour and pants down stuff is laughable. The club will do things underhand like every other club and if we weren’t we would be getting left behind. The fact the Van Dijk stuff is still getting thrown at the club now even after he’s signed for us and pretty much been the reason we’ve been to two champions league finals and won one of them really shows how thick some people are. Southampton had Van Dijk on a 5 year deal and didn’t want to sell. They wanted to keep him for a few years push for the Europe/champions league and sell him with a couple of years on his contract knowing the market was getting bigger and bigger. They played the tap up card because Liverpool had played a blinder convincing the best centre back in world football to sign for them despite being off the pace in the league and not looking like CL contenders and other clubs being interested and being capable of offering more money. We played such a blinder with Van Dijk that he didn’t go looking elsewhere, sat on his hands and waited for us to come back in. At the most we will get a fine and if at worst it’s given us some competitive advantage over the biggest cheats in football at best it might have told us how much they were willing to pay for Van Dijk or some other targets. Look where we are it clearly hasn’t fucking harmed us.
  8. Gomez just needs games. He’s still really young for a centre back. He’s done a lot of good in that half but just looked rusty. I’d like to see us take all the forwards off at 60 odd mins.
  9. Fab is running the show here.
  10. What a fantastic goal that was.
  11. They suit Big Virg massively.
  12. The front 3 are absolutely flying now. Everything just seems in sync again.
  13. They haven’t been told that. At the World Cup they were told that. In the prem they’ve been told to flag if they think it’s offside and the ref will let the attack play out and blow his whistle at the end of it just like it happened last night. I think it’s to try to stop the linesman not flagging for stuff and leaving it to VAR because if a goal isn’t scored then it doesn’t get pulled back and it’s not fair on the team who should have had a free kick. Its why they were saying on sky last night the refs have been on at the clubs/players to ignore the flag and play to the whistle. The excuse about to De Gea was comical when they replayed it. The linesman’s flag only actually went up when Aubameyang was about to kick the ball. He only looked at the linesman when the ball was already past him.
  14. The Guest

    MK Dons (A) Rumbelows Cup 25/9/19

    Thought it was alright. Everyone had their nervy/rusty moments. Brewster had a much better second half. We’ve all seen these nights go wrong a lot more often than they’ve went right. When you compare that to previous games it was miles better. The young lads looked very comfortable playing against men which is a good sign. I think it’s also an easy banana skin for the senior players. I don’t really understand the whinging about Ox either he hit the post and basically set up a goal for Jones if he had been on his toes. Plenty of people were ready to laugh at Lovren after that early cock up but Gomez did something similar himself later in the game. It was a very professional performance all things considered
  15. The Guest

    Nike deal

    I don’t mind the white bit on the socks. It’s only 6 games in but I think we are going to look back fondly on this season and it will always be the season with those socks.