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  1. I think it’s still going to be difficult to finish. If West Ham or Villa etc look like they’re going down. What’s to stop them saying we are self quarantining half the squad after a suspected case and demanding not to fulfil their fixtures? I think the financial penalties at the moment of not finishing the league seem to have shocked all the clubs into thinking we need to finish it but it’s going to be really interesting to see what happens if clubs get creative or worse actually get an outbreak.
  2. There’s absolutely no chance city are playing that game against us. If it looks like the fixtures are going to get played then half their squad will mysteriously need to be self quarantined. They’re the biggest small time cunts in the league. There will be enough self serving clubs who will take this as an opportunity to screw us over never mind the ones in and out of the relegation zone who will try to take advantage of the situation.
  3. If it gets cancelled and they decide to fuck us over and not award us with the win then we award ourselves. We write 19 on the wall and we go from there. Simple as.
  4. The Guest

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    It does feel like we aren’t signing Werner. If we were I think he’d be silent in the press. The fact he’s talking so much suggests we aren’t in discussions with him and he’s trying to talk the transfer up by getting up our arse and then threatening to go elsewhere. As daft as it sounds, with having the record in the league we have, it does look like we need a bit of a refresh particularly in the front line and Werner looks the right fit and the right money.
  5. Thought we were brilliant. Every single player apart from the goalkeeper was at it. Considering how shit we’ve been for months it was good to see us play like we can again. The ball didn’t end up in the net enough because the players aren’t sharp because of the real lack of chances in games recently. We got fucked over because our keeper was beyond shite. He was a nervous wreck all night. As soon as the first goal went in for them the whole team look shell shocked like they were having flashbacks to Karius or something. The wind completely went out of the team. Klopp needed to change it there and then. Mane was dead on his feet as was Henderson. Henderson has to stop Morata getting back on his right foot there but he’s too knackered to make the right decision and that point it’s game over. It’s a shame really because your team isn’t this good forever so you want to bag as many big trophies as possible when they are.
  6. I think it’s a good job so many clubs have still got things to play for. If City were out of the Champions league I wouldn’t be surprised to see them invent some bullshit saying they had to self isolate the players to stop fixtures to stop the league from continuing. The same for United. It’s becoming more and more likely the league won’t get finished. I wouldn’t be surprised if we haven’t sealed the title by that point then they wouldn’t give us it but the positions at that point would dictate the money and European positions. If that happens I want the club to write 19 on the wall. We don’t need the premier league or the other clubs recognising us as winners.
  7. I think it’s impossible to split Mane, Salah, Van Dijk and Alisson. They each took us up a level after signing and made it possible to sign the next one but equally benefitted from the subsequent signing themselves.
  8. The Guest

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I honestly don’t think they did think anything deep down. They know we aren’t one of the lottery clubs or United where money always tells in the end and we will win eventually. Losing that European Cuo final must have been ecstasy for them because they would have been thinking we will just crumble and fall away like we’ve done so many times over the years. They could wank themselves off that Klopp was a fraud. That our peak under Klopp was a loss in the biggest final of all. Coming back the next year and winning it was just never going to happen. Just imagine how ill they must have felt after the Barca game. Doing the same the thing in the league just pulls the rug from under them. They’ve literally got nothing to cling to anymore now. It doesn’t just go for Everton either it goes for all these Tory Sun loving small time cunt clubs throughout the league.
  9. Not wanting to defend those imbeciles but I don’t think anyone drops the N bomb I think somebody is shouting Lingard and he then shouts it as well but that stupid road man southern/manc accent makes it sound like he does. There would have been an instant reaction by someone in that crowd if he had done.
  10. He had a good first half. Completely went out of the game for the second and was poor when he had it. He doesn’t look phased or out of his depth though which is a good sign.
  11. The Guest

    Chelsea (A) FA Cup. 3/3/2020 - 19:75

    It felt like we were trying to get back to basics. We were pressing a lot more than we have been. Chelsea either passed through it or went long. Van Dijk and Gomez won a lot of balls but the midfield didn’t pick up the second ball. We had spells where I thought we will score here which is more than can be said for Watford. I honestly don’t know how Klopp is going to fix it at the moment because it feels like we are in free fall and there’s no obvious answer. This “we’ve been figured out” stuff is nonsense though. We’ve been playing against packed defences for years under Klopp. People forget so quickly but we’ve had a few periods like this where it seems we are running out of ideas. Klopp tends to just keep doing the same thing until it starts working again. Bournemouth is the biggest game in years. I think the leagues won crowd which is about 95% of the fan base to be fair might wake up if we lose that one.
  12. The Guest

    Chelsea (A) FA Cup. 3/3/2020 - 19:75

    The only thing I’m arsed about is the league. Just don’t throw it away. We aren’t banging Bournemouth. I’d take a 1-0 right now.,
  13. The Guest

    Watford 3 Liverpool 0 (Feb 29 2020)

    The Lovren stuff should be it’s own article for ESPN or something as it needs to reach a wider audience. There’s a load of good points in there that I don’t think people even bother to consider. He’s probably the most mentally strong player we have in the team alongside Henderson.
  14. The Guest

    Watford 3 Liverpool 0 (Feb 29 2020)

    I think there’s a lot more on that Bournemouth game than people realise. It’s an irrational fear but we are Liverpool fans. We are so far ahead but the run of league games after that is Palace, Everton then City. If by some miracle or freak sending off/injury Bournemouth beat us at Anfield things will start getting very nervy in those games. These are not normal times and the cheats are capable of winning 11 on the bounce.
  15. Even if you take all the stats out of it I think Salah’s general all round play is brilliant and has got better in his time here. He’s passing the ball a lot more in and around the box now but people are still moaning, probably based off that particularly greedy period he had. If he’s on his left foot and in the box or has got one man to beat people need to shut the fuck up and let him get a shot off. Those moments were he’s got no chance on his right or 4 players to beat and him still trying it just don’t happen any more. His goal record speaks for itself and unlike some other clubs where they have players with good goal records he’s actually winning us trophies with it and not hampering the team. We’d be absolute crazy to let him go and I think he’d be crazy to leave.