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  1. The Guest

    Roberto Firmino

    I think he’s found it difficult this season for whatever reason but so have the whole team. We’ve had to graft for the vast majority of results and haven’t looked as slick as in previous years. I honestly feel like they will play with less pressure next season because the first title is out of the way.
  2. He’s been fulfilling his side of the bargain since Salah arrived but Salah wasn’t doing his share. Mane had clearly started to think fuck it I’m going to shoot in the situations Salah doesn’t pass in as well and it was then harming the team two fold. Klopp had clearly sat down with both of them to sort it out. Salah then had one greedy moment and Mane flipped out which I think was a bit unfair on Mo because he hadn’t been doing it all game but it was a build up of frustration over a long period.
  3. It’s funny how this is the one time you don’t want to post any stats. Is it because Salah has far more shots at goal than Mane and plays less passes on average in a game than Sadio? This website has a detailed analysis comparing the two of them and it shows Mane plays more passes than Salah in a game, specifically into the box and has a far higher completion rate than Salah as well doing it. https://one-versus-one.com/en/compare-players/Mohamed-Salah-vs-Sadio-Mane Even if you just take this season alone where Salah has definitely stopped behaving like a complete pig, Mane’s passing stats are far better. If you go back further to last season and the season before you can see that Mane was passing the ball more and more and taking less and less shots despite being more clinical in his finishing. This completely backs up the opinion that Mane was getting sick of Salah not passing to him and started being more greedy himself. It’s led to a relatively fine balance between the two of them currently I think it would just be nice to see a few smiles when the goals go in but we can’t have everything. You tend to get tunnel vision on your opinions and you always have. You’ve nailed your colours to the mast with Salah and it’s no surprise to see you cherry picking some greedy moments from Mane in your mind to try and back your opinion up to yourself but it’s not the reality. Mane was clearly happy for Salah when he was bagging all of those goals in his debut season. You could see it from the celebrations. Those last few weeks of that season though when he was trying to break the record took its toll. The team we’re going out of their way to help Salah and he was even making some selfish bad decisions at the time which I think would have been easily forgiven. Salah continued being a greed the following season though which you can tell irked a few of the players specifically Mane. It’s clearly been ironed out now I think because you can tell by Salah’s play but pretending none of the stuff above happened is fantasy land. You tend not to like it when you get pulled on these things so I expect you to pull some meaningless stats or drop some quip about being stupid instead of addressing the points so I’m just going to leave it there.
  4. It’s nice to read that from Salah about Mane. He played an absolute worldie of a ball through to him at Palace but they still looked a bit stoney faced with each other after Mane slotted. It feels like Mane got sick of Mo’s greed a bit but Mo was completely oblivious and has been trying to make amends since his blow up. I think they will laugh their heads off at each other in a few years when they look back on it.
  5. The Guest

    Sadio Mane

    I was trying to make you feel bad you heartless bastard.
  6. The Guest

    Sadio Mane

    It was a joke. You seem to be overly rattled by anything I post lately. He came after me so I had a pop back which you obviously have an issue with. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Code is perfectly fine looking after himself. Sorry to break the fourth wall here but you are one of my favourite posters on the site. I know I have some opinions on things that people massively disagree with and I’ll back my own opinion all day but I honestly take it all in jest (other than the political stuff) and I assumed most did the other way.
  7. The Guest

    Sadio Mane

    I’m at the point now where I just post to wind you up.
  8. The Guest

    Sadio Mane

    The fact you got banned from the website because you chatted that much shite is amusing.
  9. The Guest

    Henderson: This title is for Stevie 

    The lad is now a living legend. You know the stuff he’s saying here isn’t just PR nonsense. He means every word. What a journey he’s been on.
  10. The Guest

    Sadio Mane

    Mane came here and basically carried us to the champions league which then brought in the better players. Without him coming here originally we may not have seen Salah or the players that followed so quickly. That equals the achievement of the 32 goal season from Salah for me and was more important for the club. Salah benefits from Mane in a way that Mane doesn’t benefit from Salah. Just use your eyes instead of a spreadsheet and you can see it every game. Salah will probably always score more goals than Mane and in part it’s because he’s more greedy. It doesn’t mean he’s a better player or is more important at all. Mane tends to score and create more important goals than Salah because he’s better at playing against deeper defences than him. They’ve also gone toe to toe in goals the past two seasons which funnily enough has coincided with Salah passing the ball more.
  11. The Guest

    Sadio Mane

    Mane has been better this season. You can pull as many stats out of your arse as you want. Just watch the game. Of course we struggle when Salah is out because he’s world class but we struggle just as much if not more when Mane isn’t there. He’s more two footed and tends to be the guy to break the deadlock in tough games whether it’s him scoring or getting wide and going to the byline to create the chance. Over the course of both their careers at Liverpool I don’t think there’s anything in it between them.
  12. I sort of agree with his guard of honour comments. It’s fucking cringe and is definitely forced. It’s amusing because the way they’ve acted and they’re now forced through their own PR bullshit to do it. The De Bruyne stuff is laughable. He’s technically the best midfielder in the league but “not fit to lace his boots”, I’m not having that. On Murphy himself I thought he was crap. One half decent performance every 5 or 6 games kept him in the side when you felt he’d done enough to get dropped. Lives off a couple of not even exceptional moments, not remembered for the quality but who they were against. He’s a crap pundit who always seems to find himself in the position against Liverpool as if to convince everyone he’s impartial. Knobhead.
  13. The Guest

    Keir Starmer

    Yet you’re still completely fucking clueless. Let me try and spell it out for you again. The people at the top of the Labour Party are ECONOMICALLY RIGHT WING. They don’t believe in increasing to taxes on higher earners and increasing government spending. They’re the same people that kept the same tax structure in 97 going forwards as the fucking thatcher government and told everyone that Corbyns manifesto was a disaster nobody would like. I couldn’t give a flying fuck how many meetings you’ve been to or how many arses you’ve licked to get where you are. The majority of members are left wing as are the majority of labour voters yet here we are with a vast majority of economically right wing MPs in the party. What I’m saying is not even controversial. It’s an accepted truth. Now with this new found knowledge you have go back and read my original post again.
  14. The Guest

    Keir Starmer

    Educate yourself you fucking buffoon.
  15. The Guest

    Keir Starmer

    This unfortunately is what the country is up against.